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See it in my Lovely World: Part 1 - />Part 2 - />Part 3 - />Part 4 - /> Welcome to a behind the scenes video where I show you how I designed my bingo hall. More behind the scenes -

Random Weirdo
I love these behind the scenes videos. They are strangely relaxing to watch
Frosty Features
Brilliant Stamps. - Love the BTS episodes.
Zelda The Vampire Cat // ZTVC // Zelda Roseblood
I feel old. Stamys Lovely World has changed so much over the years. #Stampy'sLovelyWorld
Justin Velez
I bet you are not reading this, but if you are then this is the best day ever. 😀
Ava loo_tube
Will you do anymore videos with SquidNuggett
Of course bingo is in America! 😹
The wonderful wonder
You should have made the stacks random colors ! So its really random
Hannah Vasby-Burnie
Less then 50 views?! Wow! I love the behind the scenes videos 'cause they are interesting. Keep up the good work Stampy!
Ask mumbo jumbo
Kiran Mistry
First like and comment love you stampy your IMPECEBAL AT MINECRAFT means you are better than master but keep it up matie ahaaa
Boingy Bunny
65 like
Erin Keiller
Watching this while practicing 'Amazing Grace' on my flute. Great background video!
you will never find out
You should do a behind the scenes for a Hit the target video
I prefer the behind the scenes of shops and other town buildings, since I enjoy building most in Minecraft :)
Strechy Boi
But I’m Canadian
TheOnly1Panda ThatCounts
I was the 101 like
Sophie Milich
Steven Christian
Stamps, you can make a randomiser by putting 2 pistons pushing a block and activating them at the same time
david The awesome
U should alternate colors on a stack so on one stack there could be a lot of colors
The concrete powder makes it look like candles on a cake
HamNotSolo S
They're not half slabs, Stampy! They're Block Babies! Yes, I have just been spam watching Ocean Den! No, I don't care what you think 💭 everybody else reading this!
gacha artic fox
Hi have a amazing day or night
Cody Ledger
Alida Pena
Stanley you should do fortnite
Kai Palphreyman
Mary Mcinerney
You cheat
Christian Larsen
Stampy, I heard that occasionally you can't think of any new minigames, but did you know that you can grab items that are sitting on the floor by fishing them with a fishing rod? With this, you could make a game similar to hungry hippos or something like it.(just a silly idea of mine)
Emma Lisa Ramsden
Nice vid stampy #Stampysquad
Any passer by will know if someone is playing because of the pillars of powder falling down :>
The Fornite Station
Stamps I'm a fan I've been watching since 2013 and I've used to love ur lovely world but then minecraft started to die and ur videos are just the same thing u always build so I got bored and I left but I believe in u that u can make solution I'm going to give u a tip how about u try multiplayer games like fortnite raft subnautica and more games and people can see ur minecraft videos to. Don't be scared to change change is a way of adaptation so I'm just saying WE ARE WITH U #we are with stamps
Dragon Warrior
Thanks for this I made a mistake and now fixed it thanks so much. What colours are the concrete you us. It's very hard building your whole world
I SAW A PART OF HIT THE TARGET'S FORT (or castle or whatever it is I forgot :P)
Gulvin M
Stampy PLEASE do a lovely world livestream where you and your friends just play bingo for a bit! I know that you're busy but if you have time, it'd be really cool! Molly
Yossy Yossi
I'm ashamed that you didn't just shove a pig in a box and make it randomly stand on pressure plates :)
Lily Boggs
I live in the U.S. and I'm pretty sure every single person in the U.S. Knows what Bingo is
Besides your skin all your content is original
its been years since i watched one of you videos, you were a big part of my child hood but now i am going into my teen years, but i am glad to see your still doing good
I LikePotatos
Hi stampy! Kinda early for once lol
Fluffy Puffy Toys
Stampy You are very awesome cat Let nobody change that Be who you want to be And spread your joyful glee
Hey stampy insead of item frames you can use signs with color names on them and under the sign there can be a lever or button on a lamp to show they got bingo and the the signs can be randomized so that the game wont lag.Or you can use a book to tell you what you colors are in order.
elena arts and gamming
I love your vids and i have a character based off of you basically it's just you but a girl :3
I guess you could say Stampy gives his STAMP of approval on bingo. 😄😄
Jason Chen
Just saying it’s called a monostable circuit 10:08
elena arts and gamming
Play bingo at the senior center with my mom and I am 8 :3
WhaleBoi 3000
Lol, of course Bingo is in America
Frida Esr
I'm not American, I'm British and I'm living in Austria!
Austin Mills
Violets are red, roses are blue, i think your nice and a good friend too
Aiden McGinnis
360th like
Lily Frogpad
Your voice sounds so much more relaxed in these videos and I love it <3
I’m building this in my world!
playing Roblox Games playing Roblox Games
im sure you wont pin this comment and this series is doing great
Natalia Karankowska
Early squad. Love you and your vids 💓 💓 💞 💞
Gamingwithbabybre bre
To be honest i don't care for the redstore bec I am good at redstore so I would love to be like you
PizzaEatingWolf Last name
7.6K views but 391 likes.....
Jennifer Snyder
I like bingo I am in America
only jabbing
Loved the video Can you accept my friend request on xbox and play a game of something with me some time
Fox Gaming 6000
Andie Sodini
I love your videos and I love bingo so I’m obviously gonna love this game
I’m canadian, I know how to do all this stuff
Austin Pence
These are some of my favorite types of videos!!
Slime Unicorn
Hey stamps! I love this mini-game 💕💕
Bilog Miranda
Whats the next minigame?
Danielle Ding
Love the Bingo Hall!
Lewis Does Stuff
36th comment
Lolita Garcia
We bacicly have the same every thing
Lightning McMater
Can I get likes for no reason
Snowy Leopard
Loving the behind the scenes videos!! 😁😀
Roblox Rocc
That's incredible
SuperPig 197
hi stamps
My name jef
Fake Sulfate
I like to think Stampy isn’t getting any older, but now that he’s playing bingo I ave to question my choices hahaha
playing Roblox Games playing Roblox Games
and one more question do videos with squid in your lovely world
Logan Cucuz
Great video!
MarioFan 09 AFK
It’s my birthday today and this Video is my birthday present Thank you stampy:))))))
Rey Pup
It has 6 comments now 12 likes 2 dislikes
LOLZ mr.rektboi
Doie Fuzzball
i live in canada
Man uploading in e3 I didn’t get a chance to watch till now
RoyDoesRandom :D
Plz read this
Sage Emmons
Play the battle cats
winner controll
we need Mumbo jumbo
Neno 203302
I wanna build ya bingo
Emma Van der Haegen
Danny D
why don't you add cobwebs were the powder drops so you don't have to clean it up afterwards, also you know where the new powder is on the next round.
Pathepig Oink
hi 18th comment!
Brother Hood-77
Cool im a bit early Keep up the good work Stampy
Sincere M
i a mthe 48 view
Its Euwan
Play fortnite Pls
Jenna Hupp
Your minecraft ideas are so unique and clever
JD Williams
“Stampyfying” the bingo? You always make me laugh😊
Ethan Weatherman
Bubba The One
Mintie Moo
Justin Velez
Wolf21 Pilots