10 Ultimate Twitch Fails Caught Live On Stream

Here are 10 most embarrassing and crazy moments that were caught live on twitch. WATCH MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE HERE: 10 Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions on Live TV: />5 Biggest Mistakes on Live TV: />9 Video Game Addicts That Went Too Far: /> Visit our site: />Like us on Facebook: />Follow us on Twitter: /> Commentator: /> /> 10 Ultimate Twitch Fails Caught Live On Stream

What's the big deal with a purple massager...
That's why I don't donate money to anyone or any organization. Not that I'm cheap, it's because I'm cheap and paranoid.
That cat would have expired if that happened to me.
A Big Boy
That chick in the thumbnail did it on purpose, so technically it wasn't an accident.
Flizz h
Like of get killed by a clown jk im first
Maruf Ahmed
Who's watching with their eyes?
That bloody eyeball is out for Glenn Rhee
Brian M
streamers like the first one shouldn't just have their twitch channel closed but him and his gf shoulda been taken to federal court for fraud smh
Eli Tolentino
1 like = 1 death wish for Hillary Clinton
Helena I
so lea show her vag and gets ban for 1 month and the other girl simply had a vibrator under her bed and gets ban... how is this fair?
Has ZilianOP ever tried stand up comedy?
And THATS why I hate cats.
Dsp faked it for attention. His channel is slowly dying,and he's to lazy to get a real job. And he wasn't on twitch when it happened it was Youtube. Get ya facts right.
Sara Nicole
Who cares if she had a vibrator? A lot of women do. It's not like she showed it purposely.
cpaulin 135
stop scrolling through the comments and watch the video
Wasn't this already uploaded on this channel?
Look Up
plz like I have no friends 😥😥
Butt Chug
The funny thing is that lea isnt even sexy
People always target lea when was not even her V that must be the most awkwardly positioned V ever plus so what? Any female has one who would of thought :O It's like when people catch nip slips they get stupidly excited and blow it way out of proportion it's a nipple every single person has them
I have PlayStation camera hooked up to my PS4 and the masturbating dude lived my biggest worry about having the camera hooked up lmao that's my favorite one lol
Sami Sumon
wow this was ..... one of the cleanest video of Top Trending and the editing was super clean
the roblox artist on sketch
THE GIRL THAT BLED FROM HER EYE GAVE ME NIGHTMARES... I seriously feel bad for that lady -0-
Spider Man
But in all seriousness, you should give me some likes
Menace Creed
Love the dude who's actually ok with people seeing him fap. That's how you should play things off!
The cat thing is freaking scary oh my gosh
top 10 twitch fails yet you included a clip of the guy capping on stream which was on YouTube, not twitch
Даня Савчук
Fire? Let me try to put it out with a cardboard box -_-
Some kind of Entity
OH NO A FIRE!!! Don't worry.. I got some cardboard!!
roger piero
cats are demons in cat clothing.
Emma Dorado
We need a part 2!
wow those are some good ass viewers to call the police
Good thing that that neighbor was caught red handed!
Never getting a cat
This list has been made so many times before. Come on now
I 1 2 far Q
R.I.P vine 2013-2016 The saddest lost of 2016
Kiran Marshall
put kid fails back flip from elite fails on top trending.
Dr Bleach
Its my birthday today I would want a like but if not its ok , thanks if you did
I never heard of Twitch
The Real Canadian
1 like= help Because I lost my 12 arms in the Flame Wars
Ugh phan
I thought sara Kate was britteny for a sec
Mr. Amazing
"Wakey, wakey, hands off sneaky" Got it from ~My Name is Earl
Jorell Ryder
4:08 heh I am eating a Mr big right now. the chocolate bar! XD
Mikayla Burckhard
I only clicked on this video to try to figure out what "Twitch" was... Man im getting old!
I thought the mom and kid one was going end with a viewer calling the police for child abuse idk why
didn't a girl recently got caught masturbating on twitch like a month ago?
Rahman Auf
anyone know about the steamer who harass his girlfriend?
What about that guy from the clan SoS that botted in d3, he went to sleep while the bot was farming for him. he later got banned.
*Xiola Blue Staley*
EVERY girl has a personal messager. GET OVER IT! Btw.. LOVE the Henry Rallins face!
Karl Tilgar
wouldn't be Top Trending if there wouldn't be a clickbait thumbnail
SaphRetuks ING
What are the live streams called? Also, what's wrong with the one with the "I think" dildo? It's okay to be a virgin. :)
Mr Dolson
Hi top trending, I like your channel
Mike L'Angelo
God damn I watch KOGaming and DSP a lot and never knew that he fapped on stream xDDD
Danny Maiers
Last time I was early Glenn was still alive
She was so lucky she was wearing contact lens
Arlee Christian
Who cares that she had a vibrator? Shouldn't matter, it's her own business
Dark Gamersouls
well at least only polefail were fail not to shame
Ender Elements
I literally covered my eyes and took my headphones off when I saw the blood from her eye.
I actually felt the pain of the poor girl scratched by the demon cat! :'(
Is it just me or does this guy sound like NemRaps
a vibrator ! OMG ! ...could be a pocket lamp for all we care.
Cool Yang
Fuslie is hot.
F A P SESSION IN PROGRESS: come back later ...
Great Ulcer
Literally everything Phil does on stream is a fail
their new intro looks like someone bust a nut over their screen and then this channel appeared fits queit well i must say
swadey 2.0
Covering a fire with a cardboard box is always the best way to put it out.
Damn how do you bleed from your eye.. that must have been painful asf 😣
I'm waiting for twitch to fail just like Vine
Fremy Gonzales
Nem has the best voice. Period.
I'm gonna go and subscribe and donate to Leslie. Cya.
Neko Miku
ppl go watch Dongwizrd420 he's the best
Mike S
after this video went up i got another vid about one of my other subscriptions streaming...
Yoshihiro Mitsubishi* Fixed surname
I dont really understand, what was that purple thing lol!
so I herd u liek mudkipz
omg she showed her vag for 2 seconds omg she has a vibrator calm down ok,it's not that serious
Or just cut the video short top trending thanks eh
Jacob Sotirovski
You sound like Marcus from watch dogs 2
@4:05 see why did he had to break his own windows by being resistant. if he simply did as asked he could have talked his way out of it. the cop responds to a complaint and comes to investigate, he is not there to already assume he is guilty. but it doesn't exactly help towards your own case to be defiant like this.
BanjoVEVOTV_YT_Gaming Official
i don't a see the vibrator. are you hallucinating?
Professional Noob
3 people disliked this video 6 minutes before it was over
Joshua Lewis
Did anyone else realize that NemRaps was narrating
So overused clips..
I’ll P on yo grave bitch
remember when this channel was good
That was kind of a click bait title though
Defæltx tRøllær
It was all going good until I watched the last clip
Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey.
Cody H
is that nemraps narrating?? lol
XY Nurse
Absolutely why I refuse to ever have a cat.
Ethan Baker-Hayes
Is this Nemraps narrating?!?
Bruce Wayne
[Insert Cliche Comment here]
Dynamic Duelingduo
the truman show in real life. never thought id see it happen. im late. i just found out about this today. wonk wonk wonk
this narrator is every where on top 10 or 7 or almost anything else
Sarangable K-Pop
Aw no! I love Fuslie!!!
Haneen Elsemary
You know who is amazing first word
Omg It's q8
That's why I don't stream with face cam
Isent this nemraps who covered this?
RobdoB 601
big ole saucer nips lol
Wait a Minute, arent you NemRaps?