Jimmy Thunder - Chris Byrd

1997-12-13 Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, United States

One thing about Byrd is that he's extremely intelligent not to mention fast.
Heavyweight version of Pernell Whitaker
Tasi Wilson
No power couldn't knock him out but then again it's hard to KO a Samoan
chris got the best 1-2 to the body and he was even throwing the hook off of it real boxing fans enjoy this
38:27 Gay-looking kiss on the chest by the ref Smoger lol
Youssouf Moussa
I hate watching Thunder get beat up.
Teina Toru
thunder does not have the staying power to finish...
Matthew Hambric
first chris byrd fight I ever watched this is great
Not including Jones, those commentators are haters of pure boxing skill.
You know, I'd typed up a somewhat reasonable response to this, and fortunately YouTube keeps a record of comment history. So I browsed your posting history, noticing at least 90% absurd and asinine garbage, and decided that you have absolutely no interest (or capability) of holding a reasonable conversation. Growing up really isn't a bad option.
The Heretical Acolyte of Yeshua HaMashiach
You don't know what the fuck you are talking about! Byrd became and stayed a champion after losing to ike. Byrd's career was pretty much over after he lost to wladimir in their second fight. Do a little more research next time.
Chris Byrd sayd that Jimmy Thunder was one of if not the hardest puncher he ever faced.
Looked fixed
roy jones' observation of who'd give byrd the most trouble as well as his opinion on byrd's chances against holyfield were spot on (wladimir klitschko for all intensive purposes carried out what lennox could have done to byrd if they ever fought)
Samoans have heads like fucking rocks, James took like 4or5 hard punches that would've knocked out any other man
his career was over???? he became heavyweight champ......lol
This fight was the beginning of the end of Jimmy Thunder. It's really a 90s version of The Rumble in the Jungle, with some striking similarities. Byrd rope-a-doped the heck out of Thunder, and took him out in the 9th round (of course Ali won in the eighth). Byrd's heavyweight career was essentially over after the Ibeabuchi loss and fighters saw he couldn't take a good punch. ANY fighter aspiring to be the heavyweight champion MUST be able to take punches.
Ryan Songalia
31:00 Roy Jones says: "Heated discussion here" to break the awkward silence haha
Wow Chris Byrd actually knocked someone out
My dad was the first to expose Jimmy Thunder but got robbed when he was stun in the last round, the reff stopped it...
Stupid commentators that cannot like a boxer if they don't lead with their head and have a monstrous punch. Boxers are no less brave(maybe they are more so) because they don't have a powerful punch on tap. Give me the sweet science warrior any day.
carlito boxing
whiterspoon vs donald would be another formidable upload!
carlito boxing
love this stuff, upload more chris byrd fights please
Thanks for the upload
well it was a joke. I know you were tryin g to be funny with your comment, but it didn't work keep trying though, being funny is tough
OMG I been looking for this fight for years . Thank you so much for putting this!!!
I used to watch these two with my cheap dad on usa tuesday night fights once this fight was announced my dad broke down and got HBO. I love Jimmy thinder and chris Byrd thanks once again
I have been searching for this fight forever I love you
kieran franey
Byrd is the boycott of boxing.
Dr. Banter
damnnnn you guys got scammed.. too late now lol. PURSE FIGHT! lol
Captain Commonsense
shooting star
sole uce se kaea kele a se, keiloa defence?
garrison 68
Thunder had problems with slick boxers, this was not as bad as Hunter but it was pretty bad.
Great flurry to end it by Chris Byrd.
Andy Fam
Byrd is so boring. Pretty much just bores fans while running and tiring out opponents
Albit Capinigro
What ever happened to Jimmy Thunder?
kieran franey
What are they talking about a boring fighter he is a great boxer.
Jimmy thunder was terrible to watch in his fights,, when he gets tired that is it he doesnt come back and fight with all he has , coz he does that from thd beginning , i was actually very surprised to even find this fight , theres no way i thought jimmy fought criss
rosario castillo castro
gran boxeador bird
tye burnham
not a fan of byrd or donald, i think tommy morrison ko both these guys
Nunya Biz
How can jimmy thunder be from down under when you just said he's from Aukland, New Zealand? 'Down under' is Aussie slang.