Baby Blues (2014) - Official DVD Trailer | Well Go USA

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lostinlove. 9795
1:54 - 1:55 is Jun of SEVENTEEN =)))))))
What Did I Just Watch?
Way to give away the ending. If you watching this trailer, stop it at 2:02, so you won't get a major spoiler.
Karlecia Lewis
what up
AllboutGrande Butera
You copied this from another YouTube dumbasss!!!
Sam The SugarPlum Child
Am I the only one who really wanted that doll?
Victor Frankenstein
why does this shit have this name? It is an insult to the original movie
Wendy Channel
Phim này tên j z ạ
Ameera Adrianne
I cant wait to see that movie !
Mellyna weavox valle
Y que le pasó al bebé