Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

Music video by Busta Rhymes performing Why Stop Now. (C) 2012 Cash Money Records Inc.

Todo Copas
Busta Monster Is The best! The beast!!!
1:04 Wow ! How many Views hehehehehe
J.R. Beumel
Yeah, Chris Brown can have everything EXCEPT a clean criminal record.
You can have everything. . . . . . . . . . . . Except for Rihanna.
rex castrillo
I think Busta Rhymes is faster than Eminem
West A.
3:17 dudes gum fell outta his mouth
Tony Cactusfinne
3:18 look at the guy to the far left spitting his bubblegum out
Liberty Lemonz
This turns into comedy when you put it on x2 speed
Tommy Conners
Busta Rhymes raps like hes got 10 seconds to live.
Indigo Azai
Friend: ow could you like Pokemon so much? Me stating all of the reason why: 0:49
Michael Jackson
This folks is not mumble rap don't get it confuse
@3:17 Am I The Only One That Got Weak Af When He Spit His Gum Out?? 😂😂😂
Video Director: Chris, I want you to look and act particularly stupid during this video.
Trevor -The Mad Titan- Farrington
I'm probably like the only white guy watching this
mario chalmers
this sound like a Hakeem from Empire track🤔😹
4:22 why stop now
Busta been doing this since the the early 90s. I remember he was the man when it came to music videos. Ain't nothin change lol. Flip mode da greatest.
chris brown looks like he's getting an exorcism
Austin Mckinney
I love chris browns attempt at "dancing"
I bet this was Emperor Palpatine's favorite song...
wtf is Chirs Brown doing LOL
james danks
snoop dogg is the father of rap  eminem is the god of rap  busta rhymes is the king of rap
Ragnar Lothbrok
3:17 don't talk when your mouth is full :P
Ya Boy Jenkins
Wish it was on iTunes :(
the ultimate stuff
Who's listening in 2k18
Brandon Beryl
chris brown looks like the bastard child of spike from buffy and the day walker in this video.
Amanda Elliott
how the hell does he rap that fast?
Chris Koenig
I guess I'm the only one who didn't mind Chris Brown...?
Cable Vamp
Faster rapper ever dude
(3:16)his gum falls out!!!lmao!!
Anthony Crespo
Lmao. the guy on the left lost his gum when he said "Bong" at 3:18 lol must see its funny and the guy in the middle wants to bust out laughing so bad u can see it in his face lmfao
Still in my top 5 favorite songs of all time🔥🔥 Tell me this joint doesn't motivate the hell outta you?!! Busta is such a legend....not to mention the beat!! Got damnnnn!! I can even overlook a blonde Chris Brown for the sake of the illness of this song 💯😘👌🏼
Steven Everett
Chris Brown Didnt even have a Verse And He Murdered That Hook🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ben Ephla
Chris Brown can have anything, except a decent pair of sunglasses it would seem
This beat is so brutal
Sawyer Chisholm
wow im just wow speechless thats one fast rap busta
Vern Emcee
This song should have included one verse from tech n9ne, one verse from Childish Gambino and replace the woman beater on the hook with Nipsey Hussle. But seriously Chris Brown, like really dude? How you gonna be a role model for your kid you are teaching to rap if you makin tracks with a violent criminal who abuses women. You're better than that busta
Thumbs Up If You Think Tech N9ne And Twista Should've Been On This!
"I wanna slow it down...." That was all I got from BUSTA
any else notice the gum fly out of the guys mouth at 3:18
There is bass on this tune you won't hear on headphones no matter how much you spend
Mikey Cimaglia
I'd honestly like the video more if Chris Brown didn't look like a 5-9 year old having a tantrum...
Melvin Juniel
If Y'all only knew.
Ariel L
amazing anyone can talk so fast and coherently
chris looks like he has been alone for 10 years
busta rhymes speaks in capitale
peyton graf
People will see videos like this and still say that there's no type of satanic symbolism here. Do you think they put one day the poor will have nothing to eat for no reason? Are they really just being creative? The industry doesn't even have to say anything to those who see the true meanings of these videos and songs, people have been so brainwashed that the majority will criticize what the people who see reality for what it is have to say and make sure they do everything to shut them up. If you still think "having everything" is following in the path of Jesus then you need to wake up.
Busta! this is awesome!
This song makes me wanna fight...myself...
GamerX 123
Chris brown be twekin on something
change speed to x1,25. Thank me later
Ravi Freitas
1:03 Damn, Busta is really confident with them Youtube views lmao
marquez goins
fast rap time
Tony C
This is the song I sing when I go to the dollar store.
Crush Oliiver
algum "BR" ??
Italiano Accent
Lets be honest... Busta Rhymes is the Rap God, he is much faster than Em, for real
Edgardo Febus
Who's here in 2018 🔥
Nah mate bustas rhymes are no where near as smart as eminems it ain't about how fast you can rap. How can u even compare busta to em
Naturally Unbothered
Only Busta could turn himself into a blinged out Colossal. I ♡ him.
mohamed JAÇÕõÕ
Eminem still at the throne 2nd busta right simple vision
Ta possuído ? 1:33
Andra Gill
Who's listening to this in 2017
Tiger Da Kidd
Busta Rhymes is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xerzes HD
What if Eminem and busts rhymes had a rap battle, who do think would win?
lucien augustin
lol his gum fell out 3:18
emaster met
when he said shorty he ment the girl that saidbit was easy to spit but didnt nail it
Jasper K
Beat that Eminem, lol
Paulo Henrique Macena
2017 like
Martin S.
Wish Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot would come back to bring Hip Hop some Reality. Also, Ice Cube too.
Humorous DJ
Is Chris brown possessed
Ritmik DNA
If wanted to Busta  Ryhmes can say in one breath
Lel xD
Chris browns a weird dude.
Suga Bugado
Maxius Breaks
he sure as hell isnt gonna get rhianna.
Brittany Harris
still listening in 2016
Gols game
Jareth Armstrong
why does Chris brow have to just murder this song?
something something WOOOOO
You know it was 2011/2012 If Chris has his whole head blonde
let go and let God
Justin Keats
Chris Brown be looking like sisqo
Rico Suave
Chris brown looks like he's trying to turn into a super saiyan lol
Brandi Richter
gum just fell out of his mouth lol
Magnus Kaczmarczyk
Rafael Starks
he is a beast
Cable Vamp
They did not need Chris Brown
All Chris Brown does in this video is repeat the same two lines and krump like a fricking mad man, yet he gets half the credit while Busta Rhymes does all the hard work. That's just my opinion at least XD.
marquez goins
busta rhymes is the beast at rap
Pragalbh Mishra
15M views? Soooooooooo m*f*ing underrated 😡
Lari Marqs
Fckng beast
Latasha Davenport
Joshua Rich
0:48 My brain hurts now.
marquez goins
how does busta rhymes rap so fast
Alexandria Jones
I love this song,I wish I can rap like busta rhymes
2019 ??
I love how Chris Brown is all serious. And Busta is just hilarious and wild.
Adam Barker
2019 anyone?! 🔥🔥
OMG Busta raps like a god !!!