Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

Music video by Busta Rhymes performing Why Stop Now. (C) 2012 Cash Money Records Inc.

Tommy Conners
Busta Rhymes raps like hes got 10 seconds to live.
WA Outdoors
3:17 dudes gum fell outta his mouth
1:04 Wow ! How many Views hehehehehe
3:18 look at the guy to the far left spitting his bubblegum out
rex castrillo
I think Busta Rhymes is faster than Eminem
Rap Reviews
Chris brown: turn my f*cking beat up! X4 Producer: I did it the first time u said it
Michael Jackson
This folks is not mumble rap don't get it confuse
Indigo Azai
Friend: ow could you like Pokemon so much? Me stating all of the reason why: 0:49
@3:17 Am I The Only One That Got Weak Af When He Spit His Gum Out?? 😂😂😂
Todo Copas
Busta Monster Is The best! The beast!!!
You can have everything. . . . . . . . . . . . Except for Rihanna.
Liberty Lemonz
This turns into comedy when you put it on x2 speed
wtf is Chirs Brown doing LOL
I love how Chris Brown is all serious. And Busta is just hilarious and wild.
Busta Rhymes, Tech 9ne, Twista, Twisted Insane & Eminem be spitting that "Other-Worldly Speed" in they Raps lol.... them niggaz is ALIENS!!!!
Busta been doing this since the the early 90s. I remember he was the man when it came to music videos. Ain't nothin change lol. Flip mode da greatest.
Trevor -The Mad Titan- Farrington
I'm probably like the only white guy watching this
J.R. Beumel
Yeah, Chris Brown can have everything EXCEPT a clean criminal record.
mario chalmers
this sound like a Hakeem from Empire track🤔😹
allan planty
doctor: busta you got 20 seconds to live busta: 0:47
What if Eminem and busts rhymes had a rap battle, who do think would win?
:/ All I hear is digidigdigidigidigidigidigidigidigidigidigidigidigidigdigidiginigitidigidigidigidididi
Anthony Crespo
Lmao. the guy on the left lost his gum when he said "Bong" at 3:18 lol must see its funny and the guy in the middle wants to bust out laughing so bad u can see it in his face lmfao
Ragnar Lothbrok
3:17 don't talk when your mouth is full :P
Brandon Beryl
chris brown looks like the bastard child of spike from buffy and the day walker in this video.
(3:16)his gum falls out!!!lmao!!
Still in my top 5 favorite songs of all time🔥🔥 Tell me this joint doesn't motivate the hell outta you?!! Busta is such a legend....not to mention the beat!! Got damnnnn!! I can even overlook a blonde Chris Brown for the sake of the illness of this song 💯😘👌🏼
Ritmik DNA
If wanted to Busta  Ryhmes can say in one breath
Little Noah Williams Syndrome awareness
It is what it is It was what it was Not just because Not in it for the cheese wiz Never mix pleasure and biz I do what I does New York City feel the fizz The city of dreams everyone loves From Boro 2 Boro State 2 state Make it here take it there thorough On 2 the next slate A shelf full of dreams I pursue Gathered all the ingredients then began to bake If you truly truly only truly knew In time like wine temperature rising out the oven came the cake I do what I do for you you and you
Tonye Oki
JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!! This Buster Rhymes Guy ...is he really human? What a breathless unending tongue twisting fast set of rhymes. Whew!!! Nuff Respect mahn!
Faustino Zabala
si les gusta la musica electronica,,,como este tema,o los de martin garrix,o guetta,escuchen mi cancion GIZA,y si les gusta,suscribanse, no os arrepentireis ;)
Achyut sharma
Who's listening in 2k18
I bet this was Emperor Palpatine's favorite song...
"I wanna slow it down...." That was all I got from BUSTA
lucien augustin
lol his gum fell out 3:18
Melvin Juniel
If Y'all only knew.
Nicholas Crockett
he raps to fast how can I learn about that lyric shit? speed up?
Chris Koenig
I guess I'm the only one who didn't mind Chris Brown...?
Danilo Oliveira
Cb did so many flips, but the idiot editors did not put it in the clip
Andrew Maiyo
3:17 And I -oop 😂
Ravi Freitas
1:03 Damn, Busta is really confident with them Youtube views lmao
Moises Aaron Humar Donoso
upload this damn song to Spotify !!!!! Please
Moises Aaron Humar Donoso
upload this damn song to Spotify !!!!! Please
Little Noah Williams Syndrome awareness
Like a reflection Across an intersection No cruel intention Aware as I pay attention My minds resistance and hearts auto correction Everyone need love care understanding and affection Levitate and I meditate David dont hesitate interception In the clutch manifest as much aligned from the universal collection Life is a blessing If your into it or !n2!T I been addressing All the weight off my shoulders not stressing Past present and future in time manifesting In between the lines lie my truth verbs caressing Not trying to impress but if I have your attention now thumb wrestling
Ya Boy Jenkins
Wish it was on iTunes :(
Steven Everett
Chris Brown Didnt even have a Verse And He Murdered That Hook🔥🔥🔥🔥
romman buedy
Love it ledgendary Chris and BUSTARHYMES THANKK YOU 😘😘😘😘😘
Pragalbh Mishra
My phone slipped off at 0:48 !!!
chris looks like he has been alone for 10 years
emaster met
when he said shorty he ment the girl that saidbit was easy to spit but didnt nail it
This song makes me wanna fight...myself...
Edgardo Febus
Who's here in 2018 🔥
Austin Mckinney
I love chris browns attempt at "dancing"
Rizzy Rosetti
1:00 When you spit so much fire you become a bug..🔥🐜
Mashio Noda
Chris Brown needs an exorcism lol
This beat is so brutal
Crush Oliiver
algum "BR" ??
Jasper K
Beat that Eminem, lol
something something WOOOOO
Video Director: Chris, I want you to look and act particularly stupid during this video.
Rap so fast to the point where youtube couldn’t make captions for the video because the captions couldn’t keep up
father ji
Doctor - you have only 1 min life, your last words Busta - 0.47 - 1.47 xD 2019❤️
Lel xD
Chris browns a weird dude.
Aaaaa khifhewrofhwedguowdhkwrfitffifdejgddkjhdwotdhweweditedfweitdf. Yeah can u keep up with that
Rico Suave
Chris brown looks like he's trying to turn into a super saiyan lol
4:22 why stop now
Mom: Rufus, why do you hate school? Rufus: 0:48
Andra Gill
Who's listening to this in 2017
busta rhymes speaks in capitale
Jordan Harvey
3:19 fool drops chewing gum out his mouth
Adam Barker
2019 anyone?! 🔥🔥
let go and let God
Sawyer Chisholm
wow im just wow speechless thats one fast rap busta
Tony C
This is the song I sing when I go to the dollar store.
TreAna Byars
Christian Lovely
June 14, 2019 LET'S GO!!!!!!!!
shandi willams
looks like chris brown got a hold of some bad shit lol
General G
chris brown looks like he's getting an exorcism
The Ohm Betta Fish
0:48 My brain hurts now.
Mikey Cimaglia
I'd honestly like the video more if Chris Brown didn't look like a 5-9 year old having a tantrum...
There is bass on this tune you won't hear on headphones no matter how much you spend
Scot Free
this is one of the best rap performances OF ALL TIME
Ariel L
amazing anyone can talk so fast and coherently
Nathan Robert Dicker
speed up the song by 2.0. lol computer only
It sounds really good on 1.25x
Maxius Breaks
he sure as hell isnt gonna get rhianna.
any else notice the gum fly out of the guys mouth at 3:18
When its .75x it's low-key great
When its .5x it sounds low key great
Michael Doland
why is Chris Brown such a little tool
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STAIGHT ON !!! 2 WORDS. Clap and religion. The best are the best. DOT.
GamerX 123
Chris brown be twekin on something
sausage dong
try this at 2x speed ;)
Ben Ephla
Chris Brown can have anything, except a decent pair of sunglasses it would seem
I know people will disagree with me! but Personally I feel I prefer the Old Busta and The old Chris brown! Im not a fan of what the change in the music industry has made them to do 
anyone in 2k17?
BigtheShark Pro
Tiger Da Kidd
Busta Rhymes is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!