The Basics: Signs of Heat Exhaustion

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Out in the heat? Pushing through a workout? Be careful – you could get heat exhaustion. Here are the signs to look out for.

Had it during military exercise. Nobody gives a shit and told me to keep moving .... Almost died
Maddy Kenny
I had it at a memorial day assembly a few months ago. We were all standing outside, and all of a sudden i got really dizzy and everything hurt and i was nauseous. My vision turned green and yellow and was blurry. The sound was faded and i thought i would either pass out or puke, luckily none of those things happened. Afterward my friends said i looked as white as a ghost and asked if i was ok. I was physically but mentally i was terrified. It was the scariest thing to ever happen to me. It may not sound scary, but i honestly thought i was going to die. The nurse thought i was dehydrated and i might have been, which would list the symptoms not in the video. It was hot outside that day too.
sunscreen clogs pores in your skin, leading to you actually getting hotter. the same is true for any lotions as well as bug spray and hair spray. keep that in mind. also while sunglasses block uva and uvb rays, it does not block heat. glasses actually trap heat behind them, and they restrict air from cooling off at least 35% of your face.
Uma Chan
I've had it three times in my life. The second time was a combination of heat exhaustion and water intoxication. In order to keep hydrated I drank a lot of water problem was I didn't put in any of the salts I needed. The third time I wound up in the hospital and the doctor told me I couldn't handle the heat. It's to the point now that more than thirty minutes in ninety degree temperatures and I risk passing out.
Emilia Susnjar
I've had one during a field trip when i was like 5 years old on a very hot day, my vision was blurry and I saw different misplaced colours blurring my vision. I thought I was going to pass out since I was extremely nauseous so I tried to lie down on a bench but a teacher saw me and she gave me water. it was cray cray but terrifying.
Jason Voorhees
I had it yesterday i feel my heart suddenly stop or i say skip a beat then my arms and feet feels like theyre shaking and my head feels so bad i ger out in the road find a shade i take off my clothes and drink water i thought im gonna die ive rest for one hour now im afraid to go outside sgain because of this expirience because my work is in foeld riding a motorcycle im now afraid very scared now😭😭
Jason Voorhees
Please help is it a heat stroke ive expirience yesterday? Because its like a near death expirience to me ive rest for an hour then i got to my office they checked my bp its 130/80 i guess before that its higher because of what ive felt im very scared now😭😭
Fried Egg
I was doing a zipline today in 96 degree Louisiana heat, and I was on a 30+ ft tall platform, ready to get onto my next zipline. I felt like I was going to vomit, then I started seeing spots and I could barely hear anything. I seriously thought I was going to die! Be careful this Summer, everyone. 😊
Buckeyebrat 97
I had all but 2 signs during soccer practice today. It felt like I was going to faint at points. It was about 90-95 outside (fahrenheit)
Rin Little
Happened to me today. Felt like I couldn't breathe on my workout outside. went to Starbucks afterward felt nauseous and clammy. Ran to the bathroom to throw up, and my someone caught me as I started to faint. That shit was scary.
I had Heat Exhausted yesterday evening at work.. I drank 2 1/2 too 3 quarts water, seemed I was sweating out what I drank.. The last time this happened to me was in 1979 & 2015. After work I got me something to eat, that didn't stay long in my system, 1 hr later ,I had nauseous, What I ate I lost... Cool shower & bed time. Other signs of Heat Exhausted, is color of urine.... Please people becareful !
I had it at a park few years later had it again
I’ve had it at a party when I was 9...we were running around the house MULTIPLE TIMES while playing tag,climbing the tree,and more but suddenly I felt weak and sat down on a chair. My mother asked me what was wrong and I remember that I said “It’s to hot can I take this off” she said “no because you only have a flannel and a white tank top” but I didn’t care took it off and I began to feel nauseous and dizzy then I had a bad headache so my mom took me inside and I cooled down. That currently has been my only heat stroke moment
Aimee Hughes
I have something like this but when my body get too hot it collapse, so now when ever I am in school and had p.e I pass out because that's how my body cool down 😣😣
I just got heat exhaustion at work real bad the other day , I come from cold climate nz, and am now working in north Queensland Australia with 32.c+ heats. I worked all day in the sun til then couldn't do anymore, lay underneath a tree where I started vomiting. when I got back home symptoms worsened ten/fold . vomiting for 4 hours until nothing left bad cramps all over my body, feverish hot and cold, hard to breath, and very shallow breaths, tongue like a carpet. my partner made me go to hospital where they put me on a drip line .. also felt like I was  going to die. Never experienced anything like this in my life, I'm 27years young and reasonably fit.. Now I gotta go do it all again on Monday , please lord let me adapt .
I had this today while waiting to go on the rail train after the world series parade. These damn people made the crowd wait 45 minutes+ in the sun to get into an empty train to go home. Never going to a parade again.
•Csenge •
I had it In Disneyland
I really need some advice I have major heat problems especially at school it's like I have heat exhaustion everyday. And if I take my jumper off my shirt will be drenched in sweat. As soon as I put clothes on I'm too warm even in the cold I'm heavily sweating. I'm trying to find long term heat problems but I can't, does anyone know a condition similar to what I have. It may be that sweating disease (can't remember name) but I'm also always dizzy, nauseous and tired. I hate it and I need to find out what's wrong so I can't stop it
Jewel Taker
I was out working in my backyard and raking stuff up, I was lifitng weel barrow and shit , Doing very hard work, It was 105 that day so yeah. I wasnt wearing a hat and wasnt drinking water. Thought i could push through it since i was young and strong. Overtime, i was sweating majorly, started to feel weak as if i was real lazy and tired, Then i started feeling nauseous, I went inside and sat dowb in my AC. Felt like i was going to throw up and i did. Threw up in my bathroom sink. I drank cold water and everything. Stay hydrated guys, the heat can beat you up even for a 17 year old me.