Clean Bandit - I Miss You (feat. Julia Michaels) [Behind The Scenes]

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Life Science Facts
Julia Michaels, I like your personality and you look very attractive to me. I like your songs, especially this one.
Just For You
Cutie Julia❤❤❤
Collab with Dua Lipa pleasee!! 🙏🙏❤
Alciane Victoria
I loved this music 2°
Talent Manana
mmmm amazing.....i like you Julia
I don't know if grace says that because she misses Neil, I do too
Onii-Chan Music ✓
ღ Phoebe ღ
Damn that girl can hula hoop 💫
Haley Centeno
Clean Bandit - Disconnect (feat. Marina) [ Behind the Scenes oh wait....
Nice Song
Florencia Diaz Mercado
What happened to Grace? poor thing, she sounds sad
Anand A Nair
Cool stuff happening behind the scenes. :-)
Santosh Hamal
That humming and music can't be described ❤
amazing vidéos dz
Ariadna Tamar
Jack, Luke and Grace, I love you so much guys! I’ve been your biggest fan for 3 years but I miss Neil loads 💕 Love from Spain
Emanuel Giron
Like si eres latino 👍
Michael Andres Mendoza Sanchez
Omg clean bandit enserio this is my song favoryte. I love you clean bandit. Y tambien quiero a julia michaels . son mi mejor bandat y amo todas sus canciones 😘😘
Robert Gandy
Really interested in your process with bid etc,captivated from first view about 2 months ago,still my number 1 tune and vid,the drums,the voice,lyrics just wow,thanks heaps. Xxx
Suvash Nep
Julia michaels 😘
Alban E
Collab with Duaa Lipaaaaaaaaaaaaa🌹♥️😍
Seeing the behind the scenes just make me appreciate Julia Michaels and her music so much more, and Clean Bandit's. Well done guys. Keep making music.
Anas Showed
Ita Herdiani
Nice song 😍
kevin Luis
Woow Julia u are beautiful <3 I like your personality in this song n_n
Suvash Nep
God bless..
Fumo Fumoffu
Amazing collaboration, totally addicted to this song !!
La Mafer
Primercomentario spanis
Amazing song 🔥
saeed almuhairi
0:10 Why does Luke seem so depressed?
La Mafer
Dame un corazon porfi
Kid Fisher
I'm early yes
Keep putting out your unique and beautiful music. Keep going forward with the emotions and messages that have gotten you to where you are. Shape them and let them shape your voices, along with the voices featured in your songs. I continue to find inspiration from you all, and one of your songs in particular lead me to chose a different path in my own life. I Felt the urge to finally push myself, and it gave me an idea that expanded into a future, and every time I hear that song again I am reminded of why. Thank you for your dedication. Someday if I ever get the chance I will come to your concert and tell you all in person.
عاشق العراق
keko derneği
Nicee 😍😍
Gothic Maniac
YAaasss girl , #EARLYSQUAD
Armando PvZ
good :)
Nina Kyseľová
first OMGG
39th comment like 74
Aida Sheila Aprilia
work hard, work together
_Stxrry_Nxght _
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Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful
1:19 Dis-used? DIS-USED?! It's preserved you nit-whit!!!
Tom Amr
Love them!!
ItsMe Josiah
I love this music ♥
GaMeR Umut
#CleanBandit #I #Lové #You ♥♥♥
bobby ray
I like them to do other people videos
sahar afzali
Love you guys❤❤
Mark Badilla
Love you clean bandit
Miguel Ortega
Los amooooo !!
Marine Drut
8 likes pt'
Taylan Oficial
Huuuuu ainda bem que saio esse vídeo! Gosto de video assim.
Roy Meller
Cool Amazing 👍👏😚😍
Hanaka Ishimoto
Watching this after I heard the song on the radio
Vishakh Ps
Alonso Rodriguez
Like si es pro papu
Hola k ase :v
علي ميوزكلي
thats what i thought, they are working with big greensceen triangles
Softest Boi
One of my favourite songs last year
Edo Prasojo
So that's a green screen. Hmmm...
karim Benaouda
اتل ويناه واش هذا زين 😂😂😂😂
Esteban Esparza
Beautiful song Keep It Up awesome awesome loyal fan Steve
Cristian. Cilander
CB... Sus canciones son excelentes y me impresiona el cuidado que le ponen a sus videos... Son una combinación insuperables... Gracias por las imágenes!
Bijay Mahakim
They even wear RED UNDERWEAR for this video😂😂😂😂😂
Karina Gómez
es que hasta en el detrás de cámara posaron bellísimo.
King dons channel
Great video
I love you Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels !
Dinozauro XD
Dary Deiby 4D
Like if you like to listen to the music of Clean Bandit!
Antixx 77VEVO
Job well done
This video is very interesting and the finished product is AMAZING! Kudos to you all!
The Frienemy
00:15 Julia 😂😂😂😂
Ikmal Ikmal
love you Clean Bandit very awesome new video it was really impressive❤❤❤
อรไท เมฆฉาย
Julia Michaels your beawtiful
Indy Ziegler
The best song 2018 💝🎶
まめ mame
I got it!! the green triangle is so effected!
Neon Tyler
Wow what an aesthetic mind... its an Art ❤️👏🏻👏🏻
Sweet Pea
you guys please make this behind scene longer video please
Celso Seeger
Beautiful! Very very cool!
Alana Morais
Umas das melhores, sem dúvida 💙🔂
oji san
Julia Michaels ❤
ravindra barla
i like this sing miss you
ABBIE Quamina
😍😍😍😍 love Julia Michales
Sweet Pea
glad to see behind the scene I loving the video clip so much, great editing mate!
margarete carvalho
mui bien
Soul Eater
The best musica in the world, i love ur art cleant bandit.
Alfie Dean
I love you so much can you please make a new song
ritesh tongucha
i really love this song <3<3 lyrics and music killing me :'(
ironhide ironhide
3:03 car guy active BMW M4 and a land rover
I was gonna go to ur concert in SG but u couldn't do it so i was so SAD!!!!
Kriszta Nagy
I love clean bandit and julia
bangoura aminata
j'aime trop
Moktda yx
I love clean bandit just the best songs ever :D
Is it grace 36 years old? Any idea? I'm reading persons face, do am I correct?
MIMI tigress
this song is so underrated i swear
rochester paolucci
Amazing !
Deborah Ramplin
Love it x