Dandelion by Tevin Campbell

dandelion a song by tevin campbell

Neo Neoza
The late Eddie Zondi always played this song in his show on MetroFM. The romantic repotiore
Pelonomi Mokgosi
Rest in Peace Eddie Makhosonke Zondi...
All things perfect
[Chorus:] Do you recall the time You captured this heart of mine Lying in a field full of dandelions You are my life You're my sunshine A beautiful flower Wild but yet divine So hard to find I'm glad I picked my lovely dandelion [Verse 1:] While I was lying in the autumn breeze I felt a brush against my skin So elegantly free So delicate was she And something deep within was calling out to me Where have you been? I've waited patiently I never thought you'd find your way Her voice so heavenly Dear God I can't believe An angel sent to me Don't ever go away [Repeat Chorus:] [Verse 2:] I picked a petal just to taste and see Oh, how sweet your love could really be Then all the honeybees would surely envy me Don't let this fantasy become a memory I'll be the rain that falls upon you Let me be your morning dew I'll be the breeze embracing you I'll be the sun that shines so brightly On the darker side of you Throughout the night I'll be your guiding light The star that's watching you [Repeat Chorus x2:] [Bridge:] Lovely Lovely is she Heaven sent Beauty far beyond what any eye can see And now my life is so complete And I believe you're the air I breathe The song I sing My everything [Repeat Chorus x2:] Do you remember you took my heart? And do you remember you took my soul? And I love you, baby Love you for it, baby
Dwayne Weekes
The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it. It's a masterpiece. You are amazing Tevin. Love like this is everything. It's life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Braxton Adams
I'm crazy about this song .... reminds me of so many memories !!! Zondi's ballads
Thembelihle Ramovha
RIP Eddie Zondi, this was one of his favorite songs n it brings back so many memories 😭😭
Nandipha mbhele
Ursula Moyi
i love this song I play it over and over on my Zondi cd...RIP Eddie Zondi
emmanuel hassam
"Do you remember you took my heart? And do you remember you took my soul? And I love you, baby Love you for it, baby"
Hanad Kullane
2018 and i still love this song! "i plucked a pebble just to taste and see, ohhh how sweat your love can really be, then all the honey bees will surely envy me, dont let this fantasy become a memory"
Bongani Peter Dube
Tevin you're the man. I have bee looking for this song for a long time. This song makes me fall in love with my wife all over again every time I hear it. Thanks
Leungo Rakola
Smangele Linda
I love this song ,but it hurting me sometimes I miss him ,his voice especially when he present the metro FM show .ncaaa RIP Nondaba we Wii always miss you
Buang Bontle
i cant be the only one who thought a woman was singing this....
Rex Tshabalala
aisha abbas
Tevin Cambell needs to come back!
Jackie Supernova
this song is everything!
lerato ngwenya
do you recall the time you capture this heart of mine ....that day you made love to me showed me stars and the moon daylight. this song will forever hunts me.
lydia tseke
so hurting am listening to Zondi's albums, may your soul rest peace, i will always remember your playlist.  Fusi Kutoane i miss you.
Maipelo Nfila
tell me why i only discovered this song today?? 😢 it's so beautiful. speaks to the soul ❤
Aaron Jordan
Produced by Love and Hip Hop's Stevie J...
Molefi Seobi
A simple thing such as a Dandelion can impose so much emotions to a person. the detailed description of a precious thing such as love in the relation of a simple flower
Jade Parmisser
God picked His dandelion.. R.I.P Nkuli <3 <3 You will forever be remembered! 
Lola Ruffin
this track on repeat, you would think it was a new song!!
percy mthembu
Mbuyi is my Dandelion! Love u bby
Janice Zeno
So beautiful...
Star J
The first time I heard this my heart melted, his voice is absolutely stunning and the lyrics are so meaningful I definitely love hearing this I never get tired of it. It’s so beautiful that it makes me emotional I can feel this
Faniswa Belem
This song reminds me of some one who play this song for me 11 years ago. 2006 Good Friday. Do you you remember you took my heart away from❤ you took my soul away from me and I love you bby. I'm still in❤ with this song from that day till today
Lola Ruffin
Wish I could see him in concert!!
ezenwa ikenna
I stayed awake many nights listening to this song. this is Life
Sophy Ditshwantshi
aaahh mara dis song is so beautiful...... and i love it
Janice Zeno
I remember the first song you sent to me when you found me...
Kitso Ntuli
Always reminds me of Eddie Zondi
kazuyo watanabe
Very very spiritual for you and I. I and I.
Heart Of Gold
One of the most beautiful songs. ❤💛🥀🌻
Sipho Mosia
i heard the song years back n i stll love it like its the first time i hear it
Zandi Oratile
2019 nd im only 19 but ths song just plays with my emotions
Keamogetswe Kamo
Yusuf Dambo
so lovely, always on this track none stop
Jeffrey Shibambo
The one of the best wedding song
Redge Burns
What happened to music like this? When will a time travel machine be invented? I have a past I need to go and live in :(
hloni modise
this song iis everything and more
Annette Jenkins
One of the prettiest songs I've ever heard!- Love Tevin!
emmanuel hassam
''I'll be the rain that falls upon you Let me be your morning dew I'll be the breeze embracing you I'll be the sun that shines so brightly On the darker side of you Throughout the night I'll be your guiding light The star that's watching you"
Andile Khumalo
Do you remember you took my heart do you remember you took my soul from me and I love you baby
Vicki K.
"Do you remember....."🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 favorite part
Will forever be dedicated to my beautiful wife... Till death do us part, and even that will just be temporarily...
When Lyrics Had Meaning and Meant Something, Wow Beautiful Song Writing ✍🏿🎼🎤
Tu_Rela Turèla
My wedding song
Linda McGregor
This song is beautiful touches every part of my soul
Cbongiseni Prince
Happy Birthday Eddie Zondi😢😢😢❤
this was uploaded a year after i was born.
Zizi Sipondo
BEEN looking for this song!!!
Kirsty Swt1
😂eye 💖'""💞 This song💕💕💕;)😘😘😘
Zipho Mthethwa
Everlasting song of all time
peppermint princess
WOW! Beautiful song, almost brought tears to my eyes. I love Dandelions!
vela maleke
It takes my breath away, it makes me to want the special man in my life. Beautiful song magnificent
percy mthembu
Mbuyi is my Dandelion! Love u bby
Gee Dud
I happen to pick such a beautiful Dandelion . Lyrically speaking..I can only use this song as actually portrayal. Expressioning what I sometimes can't convey. So beautifully. I remember.
Tinashe Pikasso
this is an eternal song,played it for wifey and we fell in love all over again
botho mokgopha
finally! bin looking for this song. thank you :)
Nombulelo Mnqosini
A very great song, perfect actually mmh a beautiful flower divine so hard to find such a massage # dandelion
Yaseen ally
can anything else sound this good
Maria Lekoa
Mary Moloro
miss my king George now. ohhww sweet love :-) . content feeling and it's music playing on my background
Tony T
Seriously underated.......cool 'n deadly.
Bogosi Dimpane
I once had my lovely DANDELION................HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES
Cripseybrook N
Modern day classic!
MIchael Grogan
I know dandalion are look like flower beautiful but are weed
Mangeh Clarisse
Beautiful flower melts my ♥
Ajaheen Trim
Love love love
Fikile Gumbi
still enjoying in 2015....
Felicity Pinda
November 2018 love Tevin Campbell xx
Maríe Antoinette
This song makes me sad for no reason. His voice is so beautiful
Legend Alonso
easily one of the best songs ever made
Tlale Tlholoe
My favourite song ish stl listening 2 it 2018.
Dawn Williams
Beautiful. . Perfect ..
Marie Long
Beautiful song...
Hudson C'zwe
Damn! This song hits me hard n makes me miss da woman in my future.Stil waiting 4 her patiently n hope she'll find her way.
i love this song...its so relaxing
Poppy Tshiololi
i am listening to this in 2013!!!!! love it, makes me feel like falling inlove
Ridj Forester
beautiful song
Lindokuhle Mabaso
This song makes me believe in love.
Marsha Drane
Love this beautiful song. God has truly gifted this young man!
Like if your still loving Tevin Cambell in 2013
This is my jam! I still love this song. Dedicated to my wife, lover and friend, M.W. I love you :-).
phelisa hans
too crazy abt ths song....i ts lyk he is singing 4 me..lv him to bits
Like if ya listening this in 2013!! sigh...tevin, oh how soothing and silky your voice is.
Angie Oliphant
Still CRAZZZZYYY good in '13!! :))))
its 2013 and im still jamming this!!!!!! now this was real R and B>>>>>>>
i used to play this CD over and over!
itonia firstnameonly
Beautiful song! love TC amazing vocal and talent
This was indeed one of the best R&B songs. Tevin has vocals that put the vast majority of todays so called "R&B" males to shame. Unfortunately, the black community failed to support him, but will readily support rapists, drug users, wife beaters etc. This song will forever be one of my favorites.
christina bedford
I want my future husband to sing this to me
This is ridiculously underrated. Honestly, one of the best rnb jams I've ever heard. I love it
Isaac Ramaphala
I listen to Bis(Canibus) to infinity,but this song got me "lying on a field of dandelions".
Zodwa Magangane
I just think about my men and have tears all the time I listen to this song
jr kambolistek
Like if ya still listining to this in 2012!