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0:25 "the cleanest...the best" lol sry m8 but I think the cleanest dandelion doesnt grow right next to the ROAD :)))
Sara Stanton
I've heard that dandelions shouldn't be picked on the sides of roads or anywhere that has had a lot of pollution or has been sprayed. I'm wondering where the best places are to pick dandelions? I really want to get out there and collect some this year. Goodness knows my liver needs it!
jonathan williams
This will help to expedite a fast liver cleanse, if you are headed to a pain Mgt. Dr. try this for several days, with Grape Seed Extract, and Milk Thistle, as well, and lay off the pot, if you can, as I am in Mobile Alabama, where the F.B.I. and D.E.A. and the police decide who can deal dope, . only the snitches can.
dont use any herbs , roots or fruits, or anything that grows near a traffic road, the exhaust from the cars and all other kinds of junk will be in those.
here in town the city sprays weed killer on the side of the road ugh..
Cyber Pro EMR E
Umm, best to pick them early in the sping when they don´t have blossoms (not as bitter) and away from public highways!
Stanley Gerard
Thanks again
Stanley Gerard
Thanks for show me how
maryellen mcquown
wow they are great in juice
You are due for some Dan-the-Lion cleansing. Keep healthy. Peace.
how much of the milk do u use to do the liver cleanse?
Definitely due for the dandelion cleanse
yea man. but you cant just drink one glass of tea and expect it to go away. you need to go on a journey of health, increasingly more and more each day improving it. research the foods you eat and how they interact with your body, eliminate foods that aren't good. if you haven't got one already get a blender and a juicer. both of these are great tools to help you ingest healthy foods.
How do they say dandelions are sweet? I just ate a couple raw and it's super bitter
You freaking kidding me? this cleans your liver super clan? ive been told by my doctor that my liver is not how it should be right now so if I start drinking dandelion tea the ones in the tea bag already it will clean my liver out?
Ramona Leigh B
I used to eat these all summer long when I was a kid. (lived on a farm)
great stuff
I ate Dandelions before, they taste better than normal flowers. Normal flowers are gross, I prefer grass. But Dandelions are the best tasting thing raw. But, uh, you know, I didn't actually taste them. Don't judge me, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT I WANT!
morph s
wow, never new. just wow
Morgan May
I know that it's spring when the dandelions start to bloom. I look forward to picking them for greens every spring. They are definitely one of the most versatile of herbs.
Kube Dog
Everyone doing dandelion videos look like they just got stoned and distracted on the way to a Bernie book-signing.
I would really love to know if all Dandelions are the same..? people I have met from up north say that southern dandelions look different, that they are much smaller.. would the tea be the same? is there a limit on consumption? it has been said some teas is not safe to drink for long periods of time,without having stoppping periods, like as with vitamins...
The only problem I see is you are right next to a highway. Your weeds are full gasoline fumes. Perhaps you could find some in a meadow farther away from a highway.
I'm still not brave enough to eat wild foods yet!!!
Hey Dan. I appreciate your videos. Would you make a video showing how you make your Dandelion tea? I recently harvested some seed and plan on growing my own in my garden. I was planning on leafy green consumption but now I see there is more potential.
Maria Sotero
Just a little obs: Don't harvest wild leaves near/by the road, go of the roads and get it cleaner, and once harvesting, get the whole bunch and cut it, not leave by leave, saves you time, and cut the flowers as well, for tea !
Woman Exertion
Omgosh i love you dan
Rino Groenenberg
Juice the leaves! And you can also use the roots.
{1765} Join, or Ðie {2019}
well at least i know how to make someone shit themselves out in the woods now
Tina. T
I'm using Dandelion are very effective at many things.
clarese portofino
I would go further into the woods to get them. Think about the drainage of oil, gasoline, and road salt that collect on the side of the road, though this doesn't look like it's a very high traffic area.
Charles and Heather Wade
I just learned how to make dandelion tinture. 😄 Would anyone like to Know how? ....
Jim Edward
the best old dtm videos :-)
Draco The Draconian
I just rip the leaves off - bits of grass- whatever - got stuff to do
Should have stroked from the bottom to get the milky stuff out of the tip.
Joel Weidenfeld
Juicing may be best as these things are tough....if you cook them I think you have to boil the shit OUT of THEM, they are not cultivated vegetables they are tough weeds, so after you boil the shit out of them I bet the value is in the water not the tough fibrous rope left behind so you now have to drink all that salt water ....got to be better ways to eat.