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I havn’t done one of these for a while and YSL has been much requested! Hope you guys enjoy! EXPAND this little box for more info, links etc xo PRODUCTS FEATURED: YSL Touche Eclat: YSL Faux Cils Mascara: YSL Babydoll Mascara: YSL In All One Glow Foundation: YSL Lip Laquer: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine: YSL Shocking Eyeliner: />YSL Tatouage: YSL Lip Stain: YSL Fusion Ink Foundation: YSL Blur Primer: ALSO Find Me Here… VLOG Channel: Twitter: @fleurdeforce Blog: />Instagram: @FleurDeForce Facebook: /> SHOP: My Books: My Lash & Brow Range: My Wardrobe: OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE ZARA & TOPSHOP Haul: March Faves: Q&A : This video is not sponsored but some links are affiliate links.

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Lene Jay
Please do best and worst of Chanel!! 😘
heidi foss
Can you do Giorgio Armani next?
Ali A
Could you do your favourites on Elizabeth Arden kiehls and origins
My least favorite thing about YSL is that in this day in age they continue to test their products on animals. There is no reason for brands to do this at this stage.
Instyle Red
Can you do Chanel?
Sarah Rom
I think your Best and Worst playlist is missing the Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass videos? But anyway, would love to see a Tarte and Kat Von D video like this!
Isabel Lozano
Can you do a Chanel or Hourglass video? Kisses from Spain ;)
Mandy _
I'd love to see Kiehls and BECCA
Adele Elzinga
Chanel please
Hattie Fuller
I’d love to see a best and worst of some drug store brands such as L’Oréal or borjour. Also I would love to see a best and worse of IT cosmetics! This is a great series Fleur- really enjoying it xx
Lucy Gaweda
Please can you do Marc Jacobs? Think that would be a good/interesting one ❤
Kathryn Berryman
Please do tarte or Nars
I'd like to see Bobbi brown, guerlain or make up forever.
Please do a CHANEL version!
Science with Katie
I love YSL but I tried their Touché Eclat Foundation and it totally didn’t work for me. Even with powder it just completely vanished within a few hours!
Sharon Bernath
Great video today!! Will have to try this makeup brand!! Love the packaging!! Very pretty!! 😊👍💄🌟
Kim Broconier
Your nail color is so pretty! What polish is it?
Julie Myers
Hi fleur you always look so pretty and classy , hope little river is ok xx
Craftylady Tracy Anne
I love Touchè Eclat highlighter,I'm never without it 💖 You're videos Fleur xx
This has inspired me to try the touché eclat highlighter! Also bare minerals best and worst next please? ❤️
I actually prefer the Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick hehe too bad it doesnt not work for you that well. But great review Fleur as always.😊
Momager Audrey
You seem more like yourself in this video. I think you have past the baby blues. xo these types of videos. Have you done Kiehls or Caudalie? Thanks doll.
Primrose Bigwood
Love this, so so helpful too! x
Jamie Chan
Omg! I was literally just looking at the YSL lip products! Perfect timing :)
Jessica Taylor
I'd love an updated vlog of dupes, for Rouge Pur Couture #70 lipstick, a non silicone moisturizering primer and a really good brow pencil ;) thanks Fleur ~ love your channel x
leona paric
do dior
How about YSL eyeshadows? How about a Laura Mercier dedicated video?
FIrst like, yay! Hi, Fleur!!
Wingsie Tam
What lipstick colour are you wearing in this video? Xx
Jamie Chan
Really informative on the YSL lip products! What shades are your favorite for the new Volupte Color Balms?
Ellie B
I would love to hear your thoughts on Chanel, as the Le Volume mascara is one of my all time favourites!
Follow My Obsession
I really wanted to love the Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks but the color never seems to stay on my lips. It would slide off.
Tegla Roxana
Please do Nars, Dior and Giorgio Armani ❤️
Stella Li
I love their lip tint-in-oil!!
The glossy stains surprised me I remember you being obsessed with them! I was still really young when you liked them and I remember pining after them because you loved them but I couldn't​ afford them.
naheed a
a very useful video! one for chanel i think would be great
Catherine O Connor
Another fabulous video Fleur! I love your shirt! 🐯🤗👸🏼💕❤️
I agree with you! The Volupte Shine- really beautiful packaging, but doesn't stay on me more than 5 minutes! 💄💋
Could you do guerlain? It’s a brand I’ve wanted to check out for a long time, but because it’s so expensive I want to make sure I’m spending on the right products.
Jackie Brown
Hi fleur I've never used any products of that brand good to see what you think though.your looking good as all ways.xx😀💗
Vanessa Hart
Hi would love you to do one on Estée Lauder I’ve been a Lauder fan for over 20 years and my daughter actually works in the Lauder corporation and over the years we have our favourites and indeed products that we are not keen on .Would love to hear your thoughts to compare on our impressions on certain items
Meredith Walker
What do you think to the tint-in-balm...I'm going to get one tomorrow, another fab video, love the fact that you are honest and say what actually works for you x
Hee Ahn Kwon
OMG First!! Always love your content Fleur <3
Lorna Becker
Great video Fleur, thank you. I really like the YSL cushion foundation ⭐️
2 Real Chicks
Hello, Fleur. It's so nice to see you and you are looking so lovely. Motherhood certainly agrees with you. When I first used the Touche Eclat Highlighter Pen, I hated it - lol. Turns out I was using it incorrectly and in the wrong shade for me. It's now one of my favorite products. And most definitely yes to the mascara and foundation. YSL is definitely one of the finest brands. Much love to you! - xx, Carla from 2 Real Chicks
Siobhan MacDougall
Marc Jacobs please!
Eileen Wang
I tried the new? YSL vinyl couture mascara and really liked that one too!
Deb New
Another great review!❤️🇦🇺
chloe taylor
Love the new glowy foundation that u use too treated myself to this as don’t like full coverage and this is lovely loved watching you as always fleur 💕💕💕
Mary Kay Wallace
Early bird and Hi Fleur!!
Ella Freit
I’m never this early! ❤️
Fab Vid Fleur! I couldn't agree more with you about the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks -  beautiful packaging and to start with I loved the two I had as I wore them everyday like tinted lipbalms, that is until my lips became dried out and sore and eventually I realised it was these lipsticks :-(Would love to see a best and worst of Chanel xxx
Dior please xxxx
Please do the best and worst of origins :D i would love that
Linda M
Please do Tom Ford!!!
Love the Touche Eclat pen for brightening under the eyes. Been dying to try the new YSL tinted primers but they haven't launched in the US yet😣
Elorah-Jayne Drewe
Loved the original Touche Èclat foundation, it was actually your video review on it in 2012 that gave me the kick up the bum to buy it, and to this day I still have a bottle of it on rotation, it's just magic! X
Fleur you're so classy Love your videos Could you do your favourites on Estee Lauder and Dior?
Totally disagree! Rouge volupte shine in 44 is my favourite lipstick in the world 💕
I've recently fallen in love with Touch Eclat after finding it discounted at the Nordstrom Rack, will definitely repurchase at full price once this one is done. And I bought the YSL glossy stain after seeing you talk about it in an old video lol! But I love it, so I'm glad I did. I don't wear it on a daily basis so I haven't noticed it drying my lips out, I always slather them in lip balm every night so it's not an issue. :) xx
Fiona Parso
Could you please do Tom Ford or RMS? :)
Sophie Foster
You look amazing,Fleur as per usual 😊😃
B. Bates
Love when you do these best and worst of the high end lines.
Van Kagawa
What you felt about the lip products in the worst category were my exact thoughts. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! Thank you for the video!
Yay glad you did one of these again!! xx
vanina prats
DIOR!!!! next please
Julia Chandler
Fleur, hair goals, your hair is looking so shiny & healthy in this vid, always trust your opinions too 😍😍
I love the touche eclat, i use it under my eyes as i love a pinky concealer to brighten it makes me look alot more healthy and its perfect for the 'no makeup' days.
How strange! I’d just rewatched your March favourites to see what you said about the ysl foundation when this appeared in my sub box. Definitely going to make a purchase. Also the lipstick you’re wearing is gorgeous, such a shame it dries your lips.
Laura Pelkonen
I've never found a ysl product that i like. Their products are usually way too strongly scented and the products don't work on my oily skin. I can imagine them working well for someone who is more dry and for someone who doesn't mind the scents
Love this segment of yours.. lookin forward to more
💋Rouge pur couture # 70 💕Best nude lipstick ever! I have the limited edition packaging also!💄
I love YSL highlighters too Fleur🌸💜
Stacey Averill
Fusion Ink Cushion is my fave
Olivia MUA
Great video as always Fleur! I love the Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks personally, but can't stand the strong smell of them! Wish they'd change that.
Im from America and it might be a dumb question but what is HIGH STREET ??
Gift Dusadee
Love your makeup 😍
Arna Alayne
I love the Encre de Peau cushion foundation!! Way different to the bottle version!
heidi foss
The YSL smell for their lipsticks is my all time favorite! I use the rouge volupte lipsticks for the smell!
I've been loving the YSL Glow Shot highlighters, the pinky shade Sunset is so pretty! x
Earls Family Vlogs
I have always wondered about some of the YSL Products, loved seeing your input on this video!!
Everyday Starlet
YSL packaging is the best... I use their lipsticks in IG photos all the time! This video is making me want to break out my Touche Eclat again! ❤❤❤
I used to be a huge fan of touch éclat, but since discovering Tom Ford’s illuminating highlight pen, I’ve never looked back. It doesn’t crease on me, and something about the formula seems lighter, less sticky. I can use it anywhere on my face for a sheer touch of brightening, without problems. I’m still in search of a mascara I like for my puny, little, sensitive eyes/lashes. Perhaps one of YSL’s will work? I’d love to see you do a Giorgio Armani overview? Love and value your reviews! 😁💋♥️ X0’s -gretchen
Mandy H
I have only tried the ysl le teint touche eclat foundation which i do like. Since using matte foundation which helps pores i have been addicted to them. That i don’t really use the dewy look foundations. Also the rouge volupte shine lipstick in the kinda coral peachy colour. Which was pretty expensive I think it was the packaging which let me in buying which i have not repurchased i end up not being a big fan of it cause of the texture and the scent. I like to see a benefit products next. Maybe bare minerals too. I love the gen nude lip products. Thank you.
Chrissy Gutierrez
Yes! I have been waiting for this video for so long! YSL is one of my all time favorite makeup brands. I agree pretty much word for word.. at least on the products I've tried. I love how easy the rouge volupte shines are to wear... and all the colors BUT they kill my lips! I save them for special occasions were I need easy application and wear. I love how fresh and glowy your makeup looks here. You sound like your getting a cold? Hope you're feeling ok. Crazy weather here... we are just skipping Spring. We finally got up into the 70's and 80's this past week and now its supposed to snow again! Im so over being sick!
Leah Brandman
I can’t use YSL because I’m horribly allergic to fragrance. I wish I could try these products, though!! Bobbi Brown is my favourite brand. Can you please do one of these videos on them? Btw, I’m curious. Is Bobbi Brown considered luxury makeup? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. Many of their products are free of fragrance, so they don’t make me ill, thank goodness. Due to that fact, I’m quite grateful for the brand!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Kiss sweet River for me!! ♥️
Sarah Fitzpatrick
I've used the Blur primer daily for over a year now, I also use the blur perfecter from time to time and love them both. Also only use effect faux cils mascara. I've never managed to get into the touche eclat highlighting pen. I have it, but have only used it a couple of times (however, I am really pale and shade 1, the shade i have, is too dark for me. Just looked up the shades there and 2 looks like it might be a runner, so I'll have to give it another try) I have so many of the rouge volupte lipsticks, and I have to agree, the formula is awful. Too slippy and no staying power. Why I bought so many over the years I'll never know
Anm X
No idea if this is why they do it, but exposure to gold has a retexturizing and brightening effect over time. Therefore it would make sense to put it in a product you use everyday, like the Touché Blur primer. But no, it doesn’t add anything noticeable. The primer isn’t great for oily skin, though it’s thickness is good for filling in pores that other silicones aren’t, but I find I can use it in conjunction with my Dior Undercover which is very pigmented by light and almost dry in formulation.
kseniya pak
thanks for this video! re lipstick Rouge Volupte, I kind a agree, it dries my lips too! I also like Faux Cils Mascara, it smells good and it a very easy to take off, but dont u have this issue of smudging? or is it just me :)...and i ll definitely try other lipsticks u recommended here cuz i m looking for one atm, so thanks for that!
Royal Navarre
My favorite YSL beauty products is the Or Rouge Mask - in- Cream. I put it on at night to moisturize and rinse my face in the morning. I love the eye makeup remover and the new cleansing balm. I love all the eyeliners and the Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara in #6 and #3 (a blue and dark blue). I love the Paris Body Cream, too. The Bronzing Stones Bronzers last forever and have such a beautiful sun glow on the face. Check out the BB Cream. It's gorgeous.
I also found their Rouge Couture lipstick to be the most drying high end lipstick I have ever tried. I actually just ordered their new colored liquid balm that you showed, and if it’s drying I will swear off YSL lip products forever. There’s no excuse for a drying lip balm.
Yes I agree the pur couture should be in the rouge volupte packaging. It's partly the reason why I don't even buy ysl lipsticks anymore because I don't like the pur couture packaging...there was a sense of luxury with the rouge volupte packaging
Roberta M. A.
My lips are super dry today and I wore one of the YSL stains yesterday. I never realized, but that must be the cause... The packaging is so pretty, though..
Claire Jennings
I would love to see one for Bourjois or if you have ever used stuff from either Burt's Bees or Body Shop. I'm interested in both those brands and it's always good to have recommendations first!
Jessica Recas
I got on really well with the Fushion Ink foundation. Maybe it wouldn’t have been my bottle of choice though if I was able to try out all the different foundations you get to haha!! Currently using All Hours at the moment and also use the Blur primer which I totally get what you mean about being able to get something similar for less money but sometimes a girl wants gold glitter on her desk 😂😂😂
I love babydoll mascara my all time #1. Does anyone know why it’s been out of stock this year. Is ysl discontinuing it?? 😱
Heather A. Turner
The glitter in the primer put me off it too! I don't mind a glow product but the glitter is just too chunky and serves zero purpose. I'm dying to try the new foundation but I already have six foundations, which is a bit excessive for my lifestyle, so I need to wait till I finish a few of my more tinted moisturizer-esque products.
Pls do a Chanel one!!!
Annette Learey
I’m surprised you put the glossy stains in your dislike pile. I don’t disagree that it is a bit drying. However as a category stains are very very drying and as an avid Korean lip tint fan, I’m confident that the YSL glossy stain is the most nourishing stain/tint product on the market. I can wear them everyday with out cracking given my night lip routine is sufficient. I recommend Malin and Goetz lip moisturiser as a night and day lip mask. It will even last through food. No spons