GTA 5 Funny Moments Compilation #2 (GTA 5 Funny Fails - Best Moments)

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IMS // I Make Stuff
Me: *goes to police holding a gun* Police: yo wassup
4:10 epic
7:38 Thats A Superman Punch!😂😂😂
Gabriel Scurupa Ferreira
6:46 WTF??? XD
4:07 Omg, ridin a bike, this is gonna be funny... 4:08 *Kicked the men* Omg, that is so hallarious... :D xD
Andrew Spud
I'm laughing so hard that I may end up fired.
5:52 idiota??? Polski smaczek :D
Truth Win
SmackDown vs Raw
Serkan Gamer
I love you pro gaming
Gerrald Benson
2:58 That Should Be A Real Super Villain...He Just Goes Around Town Falling On people😅
vidhan uttam
Gta + watch dogs =😍
lol the elephant 14:16
youtube lol34
I love gta so much like you
Akshay Ganesh
Bro can you tell me which mod that all cars become fast and hit others
PUBG Manih
GTA 5 is my lover game in all times
karthikeyan karthi
brock Lesnar cycling and kicking is the very funny moment
4:07 😂😂😂 real brock kick
Lyfis gr8
That cop was officer Tenpenny who saw that CJs son had finally come to take his father's revenge 🔥
Mena Lossane
10.30 This is what will happen if you DID NOT follow the traffic lights
bianca pleyto
invisyble ladder
Michael De Santa
Im on my PS4 watching this WTF
santhi ramasamy
Brendon McCullum
Djian Valentino
20:55 look amazing black
Angrej Singh
I love gta5
Ian Mangham
karol michewicz
i love gta 5
Darian Martinez
8:04 was what got my like
11:03 Harambe taking over the world!
Lilieta Leone
the funnyiest stuff are the bike kicking into pool lol :)
In GTA 5 you yourself have to solve the graphics glitch!!! 8:05
Evos Jetro Sumbar No Limit
Gta 5 is the best game in the world
Roleplay Cousins
Uh question...How is Watchdogs in GTA 5? 9:21 if you play Watchdogs or a family member has it or Watch people play it
Moosa Nazaan
And whau to play gta 5 on elevant !!!?????????!!!?????!!???!
Sam Malik Sam
I super gta 5 my love
Leon Negro
GTA 5 IS JUST THE BEGINNING...I wonder how it will be in the future...
A. Bible
16:39 Yo. Wassup
Magic Moon
4:08 when he started kicking the people off the benchs i was dead😂😂😂
Jullian Alexander
I couldn't even get past the first 8 seconds without literally 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
what mod ?????
0:40 😂😂😂
Retter Panna
10:27 Best moment😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aditztrue 16
7:47 And it's John Cena Tu tu tut uttututtturuurururur
Albert Z.
0:06 Well, that escalated quickly.
Dragon Gaming
17:59 too good
Skye Little
I love it so much fun to play it on the phone with my friendship with a lot of fun
Ryan Burrell
And 4:05
Mohammed kamake
I need some good player and funny to play with because it is all about that share your name with me so i can add you ... My level 115
Karl Dupont
even the cops play gta 5
Erik Balog
too much boxing
casey fields
Gta 5 the best
Yung N0ck
2:00 best RKO ever
Aaron Clement
How tf do u get randy Orton on gta 😂
Amanda Newman
Good job on gta v
Tauqeer Farooq
10:36thanks for getting me out
Storm Gaming
Nice play
ravikumar ks
How to download GTA 5
Aleksandar Ilic PRO
2:43 rey mysterio !💞💞💞💌💌💟💟💟💓💔💕💖💗
Curim Gaming
I love gta
Kacper Jarosz
Renegade Rider
3:27 ibbi
M.d salim
So funny
Jeffrey Tinkler
more more MORE!!!!!! you rock
0:06 when you have school
Jn Pathak
I love your videos
8:43 when your boss finds you chillin!!
Saiyam Patni
6:44 that awesome😂😂
u were so funny lol
Moosa Nazaan
And whau to play gta 5 on iron man
Petr Kučera
Where is the funny moments? 🤔
69 Gloria 69
Love it 🔝❤
Kelondre Vroom
I love your videos
rakesh kumar
I love gta
4:27 kick and damn
Manohar Sawant
I am your new subscriber
Rangga Dwi
8:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John aka JustKr3ptic
10:30 LMAO
Sukhwinder Sohanpal
4:10 its funny
Carine Uwase
You live who when and why
Crispy ツ
I don’t recognize some of these Features or vehicles or the sunken ship
Dibyalok Satpathy
What mod do you use ??
Shabana Khatoon
i love gta 5
Bayu Setiawan
Bang bagaimana cara mendapatkan trevor dari misi pertama
TheNitroPower DM
16:51 yeee... punch haha
Karben Christensen
That was all funny just subed and turned on bell
Subhashini Lsubi
Michel is like max payne
Humorist Gamer Incorporation
Very nice bro! It's amazing video! Good job
Elbow Misawa
2:43 good parkour move
Ramim Bin Azam
4:15 😂😂
Szymon Misztal
Te filmiki so fajne
Birabrata Pal
Great are really awesome 😄😄
indian sanealam khan
My favourite game GTA 5
Id kill myself to if i had to fight john cena... Cant even see him 😭
foku l
How to download GTA 5 in mobile
raquel ferreira
A m sory no increver 😂😂
This is Awesome
Ребро Адама
LOL!!! HAHAHA!!! 4:12
aceh nob
L love GTA 5
Ryan Burrell
Lol 6:35
Aditztrue 16
9:29 The fate of the furious? How did you that?