What happens during a heart attack? - Krishna Sudhir

View full lesson: /> Approximately seven million people around the world die from heart attacks every year. And cardiovascular disease, which causes heart attacks and other problems like strokes, is the world’s leading killer. So what causes a heart attack? Krishna Sudhir examines the leading causes and treatments of this deadly disease. Lesson by Krishna Sudhir, animation by Chadwick Whitehead.

I can listen to this voice all day
my grandpa passed away from a heart attack and today is his birthday love u grandpa
So who else is having a Heart Attack right now?
2:29 that blood test tho
Siddhi Raskar
1:20 So no one's gonna say anything about the fact that Ted Ed predicted *Thanos* about a year and half ago?
1:20 Thanos
BeActive Behappy
The puns in this video were to the point that they are even sharper than whole humanity's intelligence !!
Durp D Durke
That is one buff heart
Roger Christensen
I wish learning at school was as easy as this.
Ravenclaw Potato
What you need to help you prevent a heart attack: Healthy food, exercise,and a happy attitude! What I do: Junk food,no physical activities,depression. *welp imma have a heart attack in 2 minutes bai*
“How do you know if someone is having a heart attack?” Well I think that instant death you just mentioned might be a pretty big sign.
Paul Castillo
This video gives me enough anxiety to have a heart attack Wait wha-
2day b
according to this video I've had heart attacks without realizing they were heart attacks😳😰
Jordan Roberts
i learned more in this one video than I did in a whole school year...
2:30 blood test lolzzz😂😃😁
Davuth Eap
Asian Parents: "Eating or Drinking Soy Sauce too Much will get you a Heart Attack!" (A Drip Of Soy Sauce Falls in my Rice) Me: -Throws the Rice Away-
Purushottam Motwani
Soo good animations....if ted-ed is reading this comment.....hats off to you guys..awesome animations!!😃😃
Um in 12 and I randomly got chest pain
When I was little I used to think a heart attack would mean hat germs and bacteria would launch a coordinated assault on my heart in an all out war with other bacteria meant to protect me, losing the battle would mean complete heart failure and then death. Can you blame me?
Maryam Attal
My dad passed away on the 8th of march 2019 i still miss him so much 😔 (im only 14)
Pink Ice cream
My dad died 1 month ago The reason was hear attack :(
If you feel you're having a heart attack, immediately check your surroundings for a smug-looking, svelte man scribbling in a black notebook
captain cronch
“How do you know people are having a heart attack?” they’re dead
JA Hustle
I really like your explanations on your videos....thanks
Lunaster Bane
TedEd videos are all so informative and calming and soothing ✨
tigereyes 15
The snap and use of the inevitable reminded me of Thanos. 😂😂
Carole L
i don't know why but i especially love the graphics in this episode !!
Dull Bananas
He protecc He attacc But most importantly... OH WAIT I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACC NOOOO
I clicked the video and a heart attack add comes on .-.
1:20 mR stARk i DOnT fEeL sO GOoD11!!11111
stormken Gd
Thanos: 1:19 Video: *Destroyed*
my father died of a heart attack in September of 2018. may he rest and peace and be forever in my heart ❤
Paul Castillo
They say for every 8 bacon strips you eat, your chances of a heart attack increases by 11%
SuperLudi Gamer
Heart attack: i am inevitable Doctor: and i am ironman Or Hearth attack: i am inevitable Doctor: and i am dr. Stephen Strange
andrew reyna
AMAZING animation especially from 4:24 to 4:33
Chuck Fina
You can't have a heart attack if you don't have a heart.
Mr. Bearzzz l
My grandpa had a heart attack, the only symptoms he had were chills, exertion, and chestpain. It went from 1 to 20 fast (dint worry he lived)
Mimi Chan
Merle Dixon
Human can make rocket to the moon, but don't know how to unclog arteries
Fire Nation Files
Turns out someone is having a heart attack as they are watching this video...
I've got another question for you TED-Ed: What happens during a headache?
Μανος Μασμανιδης
In General this video is about how to quite smoking and start exercising and having a healty nutricious diet
Osc1llate W1ldly
don't smoke, go vegan and eat some ground flaxseed
Savage YouTuber and South Park Fan
Welp,my Great Uncle just had a massive heart attack he's in the hospital plz pray I hope everything will be ok... Update:He passed away...
Renamoto Spectral
So our heart Is Thanos, call Antman
Jessica Hardy
I love procrastinating and watching these videos when I should be doing work
adam selah
My mum passed away today and I am only 14 😭😭 she had an heart attack and it was on her left arm
Joshua Trepeling
Everytime i got a sudden chest pain *Me: my time has come* _Insert 🐢 meme_
1:20 mr. heart, I don't feel so good...
Mini Isabelle
I clicked on this video and got a heart attack prevention ad... Im depressed now.
Ramon McNally
After this video. I'm off to the gym.
zos and ej
4:07 That “Band-aided” ❤️ though. Made me emotional when it turned around. Lol! 😂
northern hemisphere
marvelous animation, thank you for educating!
Prabhdeep N
This video made me so worried about having a heart attack I had a heart attack at 2:05
Martin Steen
Whoever is reading this, tomorrow will be awesome for you! :D
Personthat exists
Give me a better explanation channel then this. I 'll be waiting.
moto moto !?
I hope my teacher wont find your channel because i will got 0 on 13 projects😂
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Dylan Lopez
Ironically someone is having a heart attack right now... Rip
Hey Eaglet
Me: *first heard it as 7bil* Me again: how are ppl still alive the- *realization*
Stephanie Ahn
I think everybody knows at least one person who has suffered from a heart attack. For me, it took both of my grandparents. Keep healthy and God bless, everyone ♡
pranjal arya
Dude, you really deserve a reward for all of your videos😊👍
i have to admit it, i learn here easier than school
xd Kirby
are the symptoms of clogged arteries no energy? if yes then I probably have clogged arteries. 😪 who cares tho?
Aurora Tillotson
Huh this was pushlished on Valentine's day Ted Ed this situation he right vid for Valentine's day :)
Andrew Liu
Technical name: Myocardial infarction
Matthew K.
Whoever animated this needs a pay rasie
Pingu- In
1:20 thanos snap ded
valentin ion
0:26 idk why I laughed
Bigfan Of Most things
Heart attacks happen because your heart is fighting for your love *im sorry*
GiovannyYt Playz
99% For Heart Attack %1 For This
Shirangi Leo
I could listen to this voice all day
Tv Series Addict's
The way this video has been made,olmost gave me a heartatck.
"What causes a heart attack" Me: "Kira"
My dad got a heart attack yesterday in middle of hockey game... Thank god hes ok now. He survied
queen queen
I just lost a good friend and he had just gotten a pacemaker 2 mths ago. I miss him terribly. I cry every day.
Tyleronzo Nation
Who else is a doctor... Mean niether😂
4:33 it plays and it plays it plays all the time, roll up and spend your last dime!
Meh... This is less agonizing than *SHEER HEART ATTACK*
when i was little i thougt that Heart attack was when Heart jumps out of chest and starts punching you till you are dead
Can you do a video on why some people need glasses?
I often get sharp pain in my heart
Rosita Poulin
When watching I felt some of the systems and thought I might have one
BrightN'Night Dragon
I just saw an ad about heart deseaise
Clark Streb
Well my dad had a heart attack 3 months ago :/ in the end he didn’t make. R.I.P my dad 1963 - 2018
Naldo 10 T.V
I love the channel but please change the intro and outro music. It scares me and makes me not want to watch your videos
Nutty NutNuts
Does this mean bakugo can save himself from a heart attack?
Ricky Miranda
I literally have an exam about cardiac illnesses and more. Thanks for the videos!
ندى الأحمري
شكرا لكم لقد أحببت الفيديو
Yi Hong
1:19 "I don't feel so good"
FuntimeFreddy BonBon
One of my uncles died from a heartattack
Salad Dressing
Thanks for making me feel like i can fix myself
Abhishek Sharma
This seems related to Valentine's day somehow.
80,000 subscribers without no videos K
I never got a heart attack
James Barrios
This is really serious but I laughed during the Blood test gahaha. Hahahahaha
Potato City!
1:19 blue thanos here
Markiplier and Peebles Fangirl ❤️
3:06 that heart circulating tho XD
You should do more of these, health ones, because they really make you learn something