Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

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Check out WISECRACK ►► />Watch PREDICTING Avengers 4 ►► />Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? ► /> SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► /> You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!! MORE FILM THEORIES Black Panther's Economic CRISIS! ►► />Spiderman is DEAD! ►► />Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► />Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED ►► />Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► /> Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! /> SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram:

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*Watches video* *Thinks for a second* K time for genocide
Nikki Nixon
Is this why the universe let him have the soulstone EDIT: I was talking about whether or not the Universe was going to reject him like everyone else bc his intentions weren’t right so
Chico the Human
I'm not feeling to good Mr. MattPat....
Ninalb s.
This is totally what I said when I walked out of the movie theater! I was like, wow, he's actually right...And then, my family proceeded to call me evil. I mean we do this with overpopulating animal populations, like deer. SOOOO, I mean, it's kinda scary how Thanos is called evil for what he does and yet we do that in reality.
David Mah
wait, if thanos had the power to destroy half of the universe, then why didn't use the power to restore the resources of the universe.
XxMasterNateXx PlayzROBLOX
Dang you should have wiped out jake paul too...
So there's a popular theory (and most likely a fact) that all of the hero's who "died" we're sucked into the soul stone. I mean seriously Marvel wouldn't just kill off all the new characters. That also includes Gamora, we know she is going to be in the next one and it would make sense since she was sacrificed for that stone.
I was mad when black panther died 😭😭😭
Noooo jake Paul lived!
Will Phillips
10:00 wtf no did MatPat even take calculus? The midpoint is entirely based upon number of humans, NOT on time, so cutting the population in half would only cause it to temporarily decrease, ALWAYS tending to the same maximum value. That’s logic too- the population will always grow until it no longer can. Thanos’ plan fails because a population will always tend to the same maximum, BUT that maximum would rarely be more than the planet can handle (due to the nature of population growth and decay) so there would be no issue in the first place.
Ketchup The Dog
Thanos: Pink, Blue, Purple. THANOS WAS BI A PERFECT BALANCE OF BOTH! I’m just gonna give myself a cookie for that one.
I suspect that he only use his motovation as an excuse to kill people since with the gauntlet he has the ability to double resources. And in the comics his only motive is to murder people to impress death
Salla Kolehmainen
I have the automatic capitations on, and so far it has called Thanos the following names: 1.Panos 2. Shadows 3.Santa 4.Nanos 5.Vanos 6.Thanos the mad tight (my personal favorite) 7.Tanis 8.Thanas 9.Santos
But Matpat, if Thanos made all supplyes infinite, the world would collapse. The prices of everything would disapear you could get anything you wanted for the price of a stone. And this video did only mention Japan and Europe as places with low population. Take africa as an example, they are getting incredibly many kids, yes alot of them die unfortunetly, but alot of them, comes too Europe. But if the world had infinite suuplyes, we would all die. Becouse today some of Asia,Amerika and Europe is living good lives, where as people in Afrika and South-Amerika does not. If everyone had perfect lifes as, lets take an example Norway, the woorld would collapsed several years ago due too global warming. if everyone had cars and we had enough resourcess to make everything, then we would need more factoryes, wich means more CO2. So Thanos idea of deleting half the population instead of giving us infinite resources is much better, altho killing humans is never good.
Tony Stark
Squidward was the best villan😅😅
Ketchup The Dog
Imagine if Thanos was apart of that half that got dusty. They could have easily just picked up the gauntlet and reversed it all! 😂 tbh after he did it and he went to see little Gamora I thought he was dustified. I was so pissed when I saw he wasn’t.
DJ Flame
So Hitler was right?
FI ninja
I turned on captions......instead of Thanos they call it Santa.
Just an innocent Pomegranate
Tamir Hadar
Am I the only one that heard that Stephanie was pregnant?! *P.S.* Congrats Mat!
Nitesh Khatiwada
Why is Gamora????
Bevan Is nice
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The Android from Aiur
Motivation: understandable Methods: questionable
I still don't forgive then for killing off my boi spiderman
Lego Crafter Studios
This does work well for Earth, but he could not calculate this curve for every planet in the universe. Its too improbable. And not all life started at the same time and populations on alien plants increase differently so it only helps Earth, not Universe 616. Also half of every country isn't dying, half the planet is randomly disappearing. Almost all of Asia could die and none of the U.S. and it'd still be half.
Jonny McDobbsy
Perfectly balanced as all movies should be
Justin Y.
I don't feel so good Matpat...
Stephanie Cobos
actually, he cant make unlimited resources because the universe cant have all those resources because think picture a room this room has toys but as more and more toys keep on getting thrown in the room the space gets more limited and more limited until the point where its impossible to put anything in the room but thats if the chance where the universe didnt colapse on its self in to a massive black hole
A cute cat that watches Youtube
Jordan Leach
It would be much worse if you take into account that half the population being wiped out are young - middle aged. Old people would die out anyways and the wiped out will no longer reproduce making repopulation a longer process. P.S. Congratulations on the baby Matt! 😊😉
When you get rid of Liza but not Jake Paul
There's a reason he can't double everything, and it doesn't even have to do with the properties of matter. The Infinity Stones have complete dominance over the universe; by definition and reality (Which IS one of the stones, so he can control it) Thanos could change the laws of physics however he pleases because he can change the basic fundamentals that physics is based on. However, you can't just double everything without consequences. Say you doubled all of Earth's resources. You would need twice the space to store all of that sudden surplus. Having twice the oil and fossil fuels would bloat the Earth and crop fields would easily displace people and houses. Forests would overlap with construction, cities would be overtaken by wheat fields, etc. So, the planet itself would have to double in size to compensate. All planets would. That would throw orbits completely out of whack. But, as previously said, Thanos could fix that with the Infinity Gauntlet. But now with everything doubled in size, nothing has really changed. Its like math, if you multiply every part of the equation by 2, the solution doesn't even change. You would run into the same situation over, and over, and over again. It would even cause NEW problems because of all the new space. Eventually planes wouldn't be able to fly even 1/5th around the planet before being forced to refuel. Driving your car to your job that WAS four miles away is now half a day's drive away. And can you imagine the wars and political bullshit that would happen as countries try to fight over the newly created resources and land? Thanos would have to keep solving it every time it happened, and even he can't solve that many new problems with a simple snap of his fingers. Thanos isn't immortal, (Just super long-lived), so what happens when he dies? Who else is going to take the Infinity Gauntlet and continue his work? Anyone strong enough to wield it likely wouldn't share his vision of universal stability. Doubling everything is a temporary solution that requires much more maintenence, and just for the sake of moral righteousness, which Thanos doesn't really care about. Erasing half of everything leaves room for improvement and expansion in the right ways, rather than just creating a bigger version of a problem we already have.
Average children per woman: 1.6. Mom: Okay hunny, we’re just gonna chop off 40% of you. Child 2: Are you gonna chop my sibling too? Mom: Oh no he’s fine.
Savon Lofton
That recreation of that scene was spot on lol
Blue Drop
YOU'R HAVING A BABY!!!awww!!!you'll have a smart, cute,theorist baby
Star lord more like emotionally broken lord
Miojo Pronto
Ele deveria voltar no tempo e fazer metade, de tudo, infértil. nenhuma dor e objetivo concluído.
Emerald Break
Spoiler: Groot dies in infinity war
eduardo smitherback oakenshield
The earth would rather erase all of the humans that exist
The Keklord
matt i see your aruments for this idea but it just can't work yes the birth rate in the eu japan and murica are going down but in 2nd and 3th world courntry's it's a different mater and if half the world randomly disapears you would have chaos maybe the reactor workers go away you will have meltdowns or police offersers the farmers and lot's of other thing go in the calculation it wil not limit our growth or population it wil stall it in chaos for a few years and then resume until the amount of food we get is not enough to life anymore or the resources deplite so we can't reproduce anymore and in the best case senario you get a population of what you say 6-12 billion poeple at the rate we consume resources now it will still deplite resources so thanos isn't right the only way to stop massa deplation of resources is to work adn get resources so efficient and easy as posible sorry for pour grammer/spelling im dyslextic and im not a native speaker!
J Schwa
Hawkeye just chillin on his farm while half the universe dies.
Liem Duong Thanh
Wait, doesn’t Thanos have a reality stone? So why can’t thanos just make a reality where there are infinite resources?
Trenton Thompson
0:05 - 0:24 MatPat Infinity Tubes ends the YouTube war XD😂😂😂
Trenton Thompson
Thanos the rainbow Titan teams up with Deadpool to fix their faces👍👍🙌
A gay theory
Matpat mysteriously dissapeared later the day he uploaded this video...
Mitchell B
I don’t think that’s how you snap (beginning of video) but okay😅
*Likes for the Urinetown reference.*
DWilmot 96184
matpat.........did you use wikapedia again? lol no just kidding. Wonderful theory today U deserve a big matpat on thee back..................................PFFFFFFFTTTTTTT PUNS
Chilo Perri
Thats on musical i never thought they mention on this channel
Matpat, I don't feel so good...
Grimm the Faery tale
Omg we're gonna have a mini-pat yay
Aaliyah is cool123
I already watched the movie so hahahahahahahahaha no spoilers for me
Since when was Steph pregers?
SAMAC Studios
Matt literally mentioned carrying capacity as I was doing hw on carrying capacity for calculus 2. WTF?
As long as M'Baku is alive, the world will be safe
GÆming VIPer
For me,Thanos should be the Hero.
Redhatted Logangster
Why did u get rid of Logan Paul but not Jake Paul
MBM Sullivan
they took the people that where newer and there contracts weren't over so they could have a sequel
Congrats on the baby, Mat.
Kati Tugmon
Logan was roasted 🤕
Farhan Nafis Rayhan
Thanks to Thanos My city don't get traffic jam anymore
Henry Troup
Thank god Ali-a is Gone
Matthew Thibault
You were wrong about one thing. It takes two parents to have a kid. Thus, if I had two kids, my significant other would by default have the same two kids. That wouldn't double the population, it'd remain the same. It would theoretically take four kids to double the population of the earth.
Count Sapphire
MatPat, I don't feel so good...
Great episode! You do quality work on here and Game Theory: (THANKS FOR MAKING!). I'm glad your channels are growing and that you are finding new opportunities for content and exposure of your work. I know at this point in the game that you need a staff to make all this awesomeness happen. But, please don't spread yourself too thin. More MatPat is good. Less, but higher quality MatPat is far better. Keep up the great work! Cheers, mate.
PrOnT o
_wipes out half of universe with the Paul brothers_ _gets awarded for good boi_
The Raging_Otaku
Three Anime Characters Who Could Beat Thanos (With Infinity Gauntlet) 3 Dio Brando (With The World) 2 Jotaro Kujo (With Star Platinum: The World) 1 Kars (With Ultimate Life Form Powers)
karim castaneda
Ikr thanos could make infinte supply.
Struggle Drax
idk if thanos was right or not but what i know is that thanos in the thumbnail is creepy as f and i'm invisible.
The Bill Gates money guy now agrees with Eugenics. Shocker.
Trenton Thompson
4:33 worst than creepy Hans face from frozen video 😞
Rachel Ferguson
I watched infinity war with my mom and I started crying when spiderman "went" my mom hugged me and asked if I was okay I said no and in the car ride back we almost started crying c:
YoungLove Gaming
0:34 Aww man you left Jake Paul....
I know why he didn't kill Jake Paul! *BECAUSE HIS CHANNEL IS ALREADY DEAD*
Melody Campbell
Steph is such a good villain
drose- Roblox and more!
During the map part on here, I honestly thought one said *Wakanda.*
Lennaitor LP
14:20 is what i thought when i walked out of the cinema.
Just an innocent Pomegranate
I’m glad Thanos won. It’s shows that the Avengers aren’t invincible beings that can beat anything.
he Skipped Jake Paul....
What the he'll is wrong with me, during this whole video I'm just wondering "If half of the population DID die, what would the headlines look like?"
I m a g i n a t i o n
As long as Jake Paul disappears, I'm fine with Thanos
Steven Gassira
So Thanos is the Purple Guy... Well played, Scott... Well played...
🕸 I don't wanna go Mr stark I don't wanna sorry
Miojo Pronto
go back in time and make half of everything female infertyle.
iPhone X
0:06, I’m dead 😂😂😂
Liv High
Loving Steph as Thanos
Conor Merrill
My carrying capacity is 8.
Andrew Simmons
AwesomeAndrhhg ٤٩٢
Overpopulation is actually a near impossible. In western societies, nearly half of people don’t have kids, and the rate of growth is still going to slow. The only places with overpopulation problems are the poorer places like Africa.
Spoiler alert thanos is pink
_-*10000 Subscribers without any videos*-_
Jesus Ramirez
But.. why him🕸...😭