Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

Check out WISECRACK ►► />Watch PREDICTING Avengers 4 ►► />Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? ► /> SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► /> You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!! MORE FILM THEORIES Black Panther's Economic CRISIS! ►► />Spiderman is DEAD! ►► />Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► />Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED ►► />Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► /> Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! /> SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram:

*Why did Thanos spare Jake Paul?*
LoadedDuke 1
Why Didn't Thanos Just Make A Copy Of The Universe, Without Any Lifeforms, And Send Half Of The Current Universe There?
"Oh No They All had second CHANNELS!!" The irony is, "Film Theory" IS a second channel
Jessica Anderson
An easy solution for over population: The Hunger Games
Doctor Demonetized
“The average couple in Europe has only 1.6 children.” Wtf happened to the other 0.4 of that second child?
Fleerrpp 42
RIP STAN LEE 1922-2018
There's one big flaw in your reasoning that you only touched on, but after events where lots of people die, the population tends to bounce back faster. If a baby monkey falls out of the tree and dies, what's the mother's best course of action? Try again. As for people, think about WWII. Once the war was over, many of the young men who survived the fighting came home and started having families, resulting in the Baby Boomer generation. Surviving one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history was life-affirming and people, for lack of a better term, got horny. If half of all the people you knew spontaneously turned to ash one day but, by sheer chance, you and your partner didn't, what would happen?
*'Was Thanos Right?'* _Me, looking at flat earthers, anti vaxxers, entitled parents and hardcore kpop fans_
Twice the resource, twice the greedy That's humans
Benedikt Baron
I have a theory Thanos is a communist
*”Oh no! They all had SECOND CHANNELS!!!!”*
Brandon Ortega
More than half of the population of the earth is an accident
Rex_o_roar 8888
Go watch the Dorkly video:If Thanos had an assistant. Its funny and clever
2:52 *the best part of the video* I’m literally dying of laughter
Super J
I know I'm pretty late to this video(and this is probably never going to be read), but THANK YOU MatPat! I thought about Thanos doubling everything too!
Optimist: "the glass is half full" Pessimist: "the glass is half empty" Thanos: "perfectly balanced, just as all things should be"
Josh Bazh
MATPAT:It was such a well balanced movie. Me:Sooo thanos's snap afected the movie quality
Nirankar Singh
If half of everyone gets wiped out, everyone will know who did it. Thanos. Everyone will know why he did it. This will make people fear Thanos. Fear that if they don't control the population after the culling, or if they don't use resources optimally, Lord Thanos might decimate them again. This fear would make everyone more responsibile.
the puppet master98
When Thanos kills half the population instead of making double resources with his gauntlet
But it says half the universe, am I right? So there‘s a Chance because other planets exist maybe with life, you get what I mean lol hopefully.
I know why he didn't kill Jake Paul! *BECAUSE HIS CHANNEL IS ALREADY DEAD*
In all honesty I would rather the Earth's population die out then kill half the population, or just murder people in general annually.
Toy golden Freddy gamer
well your not right...but not wrong...lets look at it: lets say one guy on a plane dies, the pilot then all the others die. a guy driving dies. the car hits 2 more and they die. that plane crashes into a building killing more. the cops die and a robber kills more. 1 of the 2 joined (at the head) twins die and a little girl has a body hanging off her head. a guy defusing a bomb dies, the bomb kills millions. do you see what im saying.
Final Incept
I've said this on other videos about Thanos, and I'll say it again. Thanos didn't double the resources because he knew that that wouldn't teach the universe not to overpopulate. It's the MCU equivalent of eliminating extreme poverty by giving every dollar the wealthiest 1% of people in the world have, straight to all the poor people. The poor people would be waging war over the money, they'd start fulfilling wants over needs, and in the end, the poor would have used up all that money because they never learned how to be responsible with all that power. The way Thanos sees it, killing ever other being isn't just a solution to overpopulation; it's a hard-earned lesson that will be imprinted into the minds of everyone in the universe, so that he doesn't have to keep stepping in: we have finite resources, and they can't keep being supplied to such a big number of mouths.
LR - Cuber
YAAYY BLACK DEATH WOOOH WHAT A GREAT IDEA! mat u sure no one said that? Cuz I just did
Justin Y.
I don't feel so good Matpat...
Overly Excited Fangirl
He dusted Liza but not Jake Paul .....CURSE YOU THANOS YOU WANT US TO SUFFER
I still believe there's too many people on the planet. This may sound messed up to a lot of people but..I wish there was a system in place where a specific group of individuals get exterminated. Pedophiles would be a good start!
That was beautiful. That skit. It was gorgeous.
I just randomly thought of this, but I want a bendy movie for some reason.
Cole Costie
Thanos didn't get rid of Jake Paul. He truly is a villain.
Mysterious Person
Matpat:it was such a well balanced movie 1:23 Thanos:perfectly balanced as all things should be
I'll be so pissed if everyone gets brought back to life in the next film, that's too happy and predictable!
Be he could have multiplied supplies, increase the planet size, built citys, and other things besides killing half of everyone
But if Thanos can kill half the universe can he make more resources and food and space ?
The spelling of Thanos changes in the captions every time it’s said 😂
Jonathan Garavito
13:35 you forgot about ego from gardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Hector Cynemma
if you're omnipotent couldn't you just make the universe twice as big and double the resources with a snap of your fingers?
Lightningchu the Mega Raichu
I could never imagine Thanos being right honestly. I MEAN HE MURDERED MY LOVE. SPIDEYYYY NUUU. Plus y'know the other people too. Murder is just kind of.... wrong. DOUBLE THE RESOURCES NO ONE GETS HURT.
XxMasterNateXx !!!
Dang you should have wiped out jake paul too...
Shannon Lindhorst
spoiler: people be like, wow thanos really did that to all those creatures and stuff like oh noo thanos won i be like: why did spider man had to be elimanated whyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts sobbing* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aiden Bonds
Thanos doesn’t just get rid of half the populations he gets rid of half of all living things including plants and many natural resources
Jaxon Ryle
if thanos snaps, there's a 50% percent chance that he kills himself
Matt Kent
Why live on planets at all? His idea is incredibly narrow minded. If you deconstructed the asteroid belt in just our solar system to make huge rotating space habitats you could make over 100 TIMES the living space that Earth has right now. And that is just the belt! If we took apart mercury we would make enough living space for 100 trillion humans to very comfortably live. Getting ride of half the universe's population when we have just barley scratched the surface of our available resources is a child's solution to over population. . . Like building a wall to solve an immigrating problem. . . Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, and someone like Thanos might actually think it was the only way. . . I'm just saying. . . Kind of a lack of imagination. . . Right?
Crocoman 723
As long as he wiped out all the jake-paulers and jake paul it's fine
Sham Keith
Ummm... Love you to death, man, but each child has two oarents, so having two kids would keep the population exactly the same. 4 kids, on the other hand, would double it
raven hades
Huh good job on the dramatic. Recreation
Lia the cartoon maker
Am I the only one who thinks thanos is like bill cipher first they both came to earth to put their rules in it like bill cipher's weird meggaden and thanos snap to remove 1/2 of the universe also they both saw their own home burn as bill saw his dimension burn and misses home but can't return and thanos' planet was destroyed by overpopulation last they both think that what are they are doing is mercy as bill thinks that he would make the world better and happier and thanos' thinks by doing that is a small price to pay to save the universe Thanks for reading my polite theory
Karel Rindo
Drax is not erased, he just mastered the art of standing still, he is invisible to everyone so we just can't see him but he is there
Mac&Cheesy TCG
After watching the Dorkly video "If Thanos had an Assistant" I think I'm gonna have to disagree with you for the first time Matthew old buddy
But for real though Urinetown. Great musical.
Kealem Tan
11:59 or he could have used his infinity gauntlet to double supply
mijk brak
Doubling Everything isn’t possible. The things are already unrealistic enough
Know why it was a well balanced movie? Thanos directed it.
Party Duck Adventures
Expressive Artist
Wait but this calculates Earth's population! Thanos wipes out half of the universe! Other planets populations can be far different to Earth's. There's no way to actually see if he was right or not unless you knew the population of each individual planet.
Robin Gilliver
If it is a matter of resources, Thanos can just make the Gauntlett create something from nothing. The Time Gem can make a time copy and the Space Gem can make a wormhole for a bit of metal and wires of copper (energy perpetual). The Reality Gem could negate the laws of physics all combined period.
oh that party sounds fun I’ll bring my 1 . 6 c h i l d r e n
Danny Brown
Mel Reitzell
Ok, so I partially agree with Thanos, but I feel like that it would be a lot easier to just remove all the warning labels and let the problem solve itself. ( Or we could just do it Hunger Games style)
2:51-3:36 Mom: Are you okay honey? You haven't Stopped laughing for 3 hours straight. Me: I'm fine just dying... *breaks out laughing again*
dastrongestapple Applesauce
Black panther:This is no place for a warrior to die. He dies
The comic turtle
Jake Paul, i don't feel so good.
Jersh770 Plays
If Thanos made everything infinite, the fighting would most likely be from the person to snap and have the bragging rights😂😂
Queen Crystal
Finally an excuse to have an annual purge.
Alex G.
Some things to note: It's easier to destroy than to create. Also doubling something would be four times as hard to do as halving something. Also also, the gauntlet was destroyed in the process of halving all life in the galaxy, so I don't think it could handle doubling all the resources, yet alone making infinite resources.
*snaps his fingers* “How come I lost half of my subs?”
Nathaniel Escamilla
The infinity Gauntlet can only manipulate matter not destroy or create it. So all of you who say “WhY DiDn’T ThAnOs JuSt dOuBlE tHe ReSoUrCeS” there’s your answer.
Silver gaming good
For real he 8 good he 8 doing this to gain love love my death
Gears of Creativity
Where can I get a new planet to live? I'm anti-social.
Jayden Dickson
Can you make a vid of why didn't thanos didn't save gamoras mother? I think it is a good question.
Daniel Sambar
*Why did Jake Paul’s channel get to live?*
Ruby Masson
OMG I LOOOOOVE Urinetown 😆😆😆
The Gamer118
daniel vinson
wait 1.6 they have a child and and 60% of one?? 9:21
Michael McLean
Why did Jake Paul live?
Ramen loving Ninja Lady
Motivation: understandable Methods: questionable
Yo APHug coming in clutch
Ellis Hotomani
Comic Thanos wiped out half the life in the universe to prove his love to Death, who in the comics is an actual entity. Movie Thanos is an unhinged environmentalist acting for the Good of us all. Hard to say which version is more insane.
Erik Gregorius
What you forgot though is that by by reducing the population, yes the demand would sink BUT so would the supply since this is also sparked by hoomans
you are aware that if he did that all supply chains on earth would be disrupted the resources hes hes trying to sve would likly get destroied by falling planes derailed trains and crashing automobiles plus said crashing empty cars crashing into cars that still had drivers. plus all the resources currently sitting on the bottum of the oceon and in exploding plains. causeing much more famine then it ever would have prevented mostly because many people would lose the ability to gain access to the resourses that exist causing a rather massive die of
*Watches video* *Thinks for a second* K time for genocide
Alex Ta
Why not Jake Paul and v sauce
I have no creative username ideas.
When I first saw Infinity War I was like WUT. THAT WAS REALLY SMART OF HIM. WHY IS HE THE BAD GUY?
Hayaat Hassan
I nearly wet myself seeing Loki and Iron Man near the top of your *best characters* chart. Who else ships FrostIron? Just me? Oh....
Twin Dragon Slayers
awwww Jake survived the snap
When he doesn’t get rid of Jake Paul 🤔🤬
0:25 are you telling me everybody in avengers that was snapped has a 2nd life
Lord Heax
In Sweden More Then 50% Of The Population died. :(
Thanos remimds me a lot of Ozymandias from Watchmen
Loaf of Tofu
Hawkeye just chillin on his farm while half the universe dies.
Marvel killing half there actors was suicide
Serpico Gamer
What a work of art
Ujjwal Sharma
You know the dislike's are from Abrahamic believers ....
brandon buendia
Me:Now I wanna be Thanos. Narrator:10 years later, There's 7 billion Thanoses. We now need an Omega Thanos.
Steven Gassira
So Thanos is the Purple Guy... Well played, Scott... Well played...
Eve Penascosas
If all resources were infinite then that would create a whole loop of other problems making everything have no value
Tchalla black panther
Kevin Rosario
14:12 so true If thanos actually did that, everything would be fine Like if you agree, comment if you want to say something or disagree