Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

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Check out WISECRACK ►► />Watch PREDICTING Avengers 4 ►► />Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? ► /> SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► /> You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!! MORE FILM THEORIES Black Panther's Economic CRISIS! ►► />Spiderman is DEAD! ►► />Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► />Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED ►► />Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► /> Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! /> SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram:

*Why did Thanos spare Jake Paul?*
Booster Star1006
Thanos:Gamora gamora Gamora:Yes papa papa Thanks:Hiding soul stone Gamora:No papa Thanks:Telling lies Gamora:No papa Thanos: open your mouth Gamora: Ha ha ha
Fleerrpp 42
RIP STAN LEE 1922-2018
Joe Smeeth
Your wife is preggers! Congratulations! Who's the father?
Cam the Man
Just call Thanos “the Grape”.
Justin Y.
I don't feel so good Matpat...
Daniel Shields
he was right, you must aim for the head.
*”Oh no! They all had SECOND CHANNELS!!!!”*
Reece Samuel
Thanos for president
I know why he didn't kill Jake Paul! *BECAUSE HIS CHANNEL IS ALREADY DEAD*
Yes Thanos was right. Too many people. Kill half of the world population and the world will be better. Got to control that African birth rate. 40 years ago it was 400 million Today it is 1.2 billion 2050 it will be 2.5 billion 2100 it will be 5 billion Thanos is not the Hero we want, but he is the Hero we need.
manasi patil
actually we can stop thanos by caapturing death and opening doors of death( percy jackson and heroes of olympus fans give a like)
-Skull Basher-
How do you have 1.6 children? Do you have one child and another 6/10s of one?
Felicia Royers
His plan is flawed for multiple reasons. First of all, the planet would just get repopulated, at an exponential rate at that. Secondly, why wouldn't Thanos just, idk, make more resources?? That would accomplish the same thing but better. Idk tho, I'm not the one with the gauntlet
*Watches video* *Thinks for a second* K time for genocide
Sarcastic Sloth Girl
4:32 That face😂😂😂
J4 Genius
I would have agreed with Thanos ( and the people who agree with him ) if he was willing to kill himself FIRST. it's like the draft in the military, the ones supporting it were rich and powerful Americans whose children were safe at home while others had to send theirs to a certain death in Europe/Vietnam... #FollowYourOwnAdvice
The Requiem
Thanos: Well, I have been successful with saving the universe! Let’s see how everyone’s doing! (Portal opens) Captain America: (GASP) breathe...can’t...(GASP) superhuman lungs with...oxygen... Little Girl: Captain America! (COUGH COUGH) Why is it so hard to breathe?! Captain America: When Thanos wiped out half the universe...he...(GASP)...also wiped out all the animals and the...plant would take centuries for the environmental damage to be undone... Captain America: Mankind spent millions of years created their own hole in the ozone layer, as well as also using trees for their own resources. Little Girl: So, when Thanos snapped, he only depleted half the resources in the universe to sustain the other half? Captain America: Precisely, little girl... (Portal closes) Thanos: Well, they’re doing fine! Let’s check out somewhere else! (Portal Opens) Captain Falcon: Hey, Samus, what’s wrong? Samus: When Thanos wiped out half the universe, he “accidentally” managed to defy probability, and managed to erase all the metroids. Now, I’m out of a job and can’t find work. I can’t afford my apartment anymore, as there is a large economic hole on my homeworld that the workers seemingly can’t fix. Captain Falcon: I hear ya. The snap took out half my bounties, as well as all our fans for our races. There aren’t any people that are buying tickets, and it’s slowly losing popularity...I can’t even afford the keep on my car anymore! (Starts crying) Samus: Thanos didn’t fix anything. He only made things worse. (Portal closes) Thanos: How about here! (Portal opens) Rock 1: What’s wrong? Rock 2: When Thanos wiped out half the universe, I lost all my co-workers, and I’m now out of a job, and I’m finding it difficult to provide for my rock children. Rock 1: Well, who can blame Thanos? He didn’t know that us, the rocks on Mars, have a life cycle and economy very similar to the humans on Earth. Rock 2: Are you saying you aren’t mad at Thanos? Rock 1: Oh, no, fuck that guy. (Portal closes) Thanos: Okay, it seems that, I, the Mighty Thanos, may or may not have made some mistakes when I made the snap. But, with the snap of my fingers, I can undo it all, and the creatures of the universe will forgi- AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Captain Marvel: Yes! I defeated Thanos, now all I need to do is use the gauntlet- (Stares at Thanos’ skeleton) Captain Marvel: aHEM, now, all I need to do is use the gauntlet and...oh, I destroyed the gauntlet, didn’t I? Oh, well, I’m sure the universe will repair itself eventually. Off to my MCU debut!
Genocide,no matter painless it is is never morally right. Thanos can just expand the universe. It pisses me off how people just say how “Thanos was a good guy”,without understand the power he has. He can double the size of the universe,and prevent all the trouble he has to go through in the movie. If he did that,then he would actually ally with the avengers,and would be seen as a good idea. If the universe needed to expand again,he could just expand it again,again and again.
Matpat, I don't feel so good...
Know why it was a well balanced movie? Thanos directed it.
Nehemiah Joshua
Thanos is like purple hulk
Pratim Gupta
Thanos is concerned about the entire universe not just a back water planet called Earth. It's theories about colony collapse and such does not apply to the fucking universe Even if he created more resources how long before life grew unchecked and then collapsed.
Flare Guy
0:23 Who tf snaps their fingers with index finger and thumb
XxMasterNateXx !!!
Dang you should have wiped out jake paul too...
Cam Ouellette
Gorgon Gorbon
*I'm Gonna Wipe That Nutsack Of A Chin Right Out Of Your Face*
That One Obnoxious Guy
What a stupid theory. Do you REALLY think that murdering half of the universe suddenly wouldn't cause a major impact on the population growth? It would cause mass societal panic, and who knows what could result from that sudden and unforeseen change? Also, colony collapse is a thing. Essentially what it means is that when a large amount of bees from a hive suddenly go missing, the carefully constructed system that the bees have managed will start to fall apart, resulting in a possible destruction of the whole colony. And that's only, say, 20% of the worker bees. It's in a whole league of its own to kill off half of the queens as well, therefore adding to the mass confusion, disorder and panic that the world is already in. Overall, this theory is very badly thought out, and it comes to show that MatPat's theories are often untrue, as entertaining and well devised as many of them may be. No hate, MatPat, but this one is half baked at best.
zerohour now
It's called predictive programming. They want people to think like this. I walked out. Absolutely sickening. My nephew saw it and asked me if thanos is the bad guy.
Just an innocent Pomegranate
I’m glad Thanos won. It’s shows that the Avengers aren’t invincible beings that can beat anything.
DR.Leviathan Z
WE SHOULD close off space ports cause aliens are inferior, #humanityfirst
Sour Candy
Imagine a gay Thanos trying to prove his point and accidentally snaped Star lord Honey I told you to not do that *snaps in his face* reality check!
Mr Matpat, don’t feel so good...
krish chandel
Also, there was a 50% chance that thanks could have killed himself
Steven Gassira
So Thanos is the Purple Guy... Well played, Scott... Well played...
He could’ve just given them all food with a snap
Owen. - ̇uǝʍO
One of the producers confirmed that half of plant life was eradicated too sooo... No Thanos was not right. Now we're back to square one.
AkayCat - EmeraldWire
Since we are in the real world, there is no possible way to double resources... so the best thing we can do is to stop making kids... or the consequences in the future will be really big...
The Mickey Squad
Building Action
Yes Logan Paul got destroyed! But what about Jake Paul...
Cara Marais
Thanos the rainbow titan!
Lacie Haynes
I agree he is right.
Very Bad Animations
If thanos can get rid of half of the universe because they were running out of resources, why not make twice the resources
That dude
Investing Hustler
Am I the only one who likes thanos after avengers 🤔 ?
Chatty Matty
lachlan blah
Jason Currie
Thanos saved the whole planet from ourselves,we were going to destroy the whole planet by global warming.He saved half the world and all the animals.He is a heri
the emerald ant
Gimme the gauntlet! *deletes **-T-SERIES!-* *(pewdiepie)* Better!
Loaf of Tofu
Hawkeye just chillin on his farm while half the universe dies.
Tarson Talon
Thanos is wrong. It is impossible for more babies to be born than there is resources, because babies themselves take resources to make. THAT'S THE LAW OF THE CONSERVATION OF MATTER. It might even be said all Thanos did was REMOVE RESOURCES! BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE RESOURCES! Only MURDEROUS IDIOTS CANNOT SEE THIS. The truth is you guys are selfish, and since ya can't produce anything useful to exchange for resources, think the only way you can get more resources is to steal it, killing the people who make the resources in the process! The number one thing that causes starvation and resources shortages, is a lack of FREEDOM to use them wisely! Tax dollars are taken from productive people to subsidize people who otherwise wouldn't exist had their parents not been given free food. This crumbled their economy completely because nobody can sell food to people who already get free food, and also lack the skills to be productive because they had been given free food. Had the leaders of Thanos's planet allowed the free market to work and their people to either die off naturally, or making the raising of children more expensive as the resources ran thin, there would have been enough food indefinitely.
Yeah, I can see what you mean
Laura Caroddo
Wong could still be alive, see he went through a portal to another planet but we don’t know what planet or where the planet is. So Wong could be alive
PinkFluffyUnicorns Dabbin'OnRainbows
MatPat? I don't feel so good....
Mother's Basement
Steph is an even better Thanos than Josh Brolin
manasi patil
fact: even if thanos dies somehow, he will revive in a few months or years as he is a titan and falls to tartarus after his death.( credit: percy jackson ,fans give a like)
ZanMan27F5 •
*SNAP* half of the comments are gone
Nameless Ghost
More people = more problems. *Truth!*
I R L in real life
Matpat is my bae
Bonixo HD
Me in movie: Snaps fingers, Planet Destroyed. Me IRL: Snaps fingers, Dog approaches me.
LifeIsLikeAGameOfMonopoly: YouNeverKnowTheOutCome
I love it!!
Evan Myrick
I came here to have a good time, not question the role of myself inside of society
hey the few times the human population dropped by half certainly worked out well enough
Addikin Baatz
That actually was a pretty good recreation
Andy Chen
This is a big problem cuz u might be the ones erased.
Chris p
Thanos is the good guy because if he made more food, like the memes say, that would lead to even more overpopulation!
krish chandel
0:16 Ali a
Sam McGuire
So am I the only one that appreciates the Urinetown reference? Thought so...
The Android from Aiur
Motivation: understandable Methods: questionable
Zoetheblue pandafox
5:56 My neck my back my crippling anxiety attacks
We found out in science while growing bacteria, that the outlet switches had a decent amount of Salmonella on them. *DISGUSTANG*
super elite pro
So the snap is happening because of the elders fault .
Tanner Russell
Boy was I relieved when it skipped over Vsauce
Struggle Drax
idk if thanos was right or not but what i know is that thanos in the thumbnail is creepy as f and i'm invisible.
Elizabeth Silence
I love urine town!!! Omg thank you
Michael Mello
1:45 I agree with that order
okay so even game theory is starting to rag about politics...
Belgica Cruz
If Thanos was sooooooooo smart,why didn't he just make all the resources in the galaxy infinite? I'll like my own comment since no one else will 😢😭
When you get rid of Liza but not Jake Paul
Connor Cole
Why did he leave Jake Paul
Pixelsam 7
I'm going to create a second channel rn, just to be sure.
hell spring
Yay black death
Gold Clips
That thumbnail tho
DoubleDippinFingerLickinRibTicklin S
Infinity war dies In infinity war
Animations 300
ok now i want half of my roommates out
Azure Wing
And even then we need 1.6 earths to sustain our *current* population!
Arttu Kettunen
ThAnus car
Prince Ghast
8:18 PREGANANANT?!?!?!
if thanos destroys half the life in the universe, doesn't he have a 50% chance of killing himself? *Mat Pat's intro starts playing*
Cloud Galaxy
You can't be serious... I mean you're Matpat, so you're probs just click-baiting anyways. Most of the universe isn't populated= so there's plenty of room on other planets. Wouldn't it have been way more moral for Thanos to snap his fingers and wish that all people had terraforming and space travel technology. Da-dum. Sic
Louie Alvarado
You mean T H A N O S the grape
Joystick YT
1:22 well, isn’t that *ironic*
Yasss Main
So a natural disaster can help!!
Count Sapphire
MatPat, I don't feel so good...
Dex Pex
Thanos the Rainbow Type - MatPat 2018
Kingsman vives from his plan...
Can you put your knowledge into explaining if the earth is round or flat?
Noodle playz
*Snaps finger* Oh well I’m lonely now
Infinite Curiosity