Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

Check out WISECRACK ►► />Watch PREDICTING Avengers 4 ►► />Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? ► /> SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► /> You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!! MORE FILM THEORIES Black Panther's Economic CRISIS! ►► />Spiderman is DEAD! ►► />Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► />Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED ►► />Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► /> Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! /> SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram:

Cole Costie
Thanos didn't get rid of Jake Paul. He truly is a villain.
mr c1wi 21
Infinity spoilers? Endgame just came out
Rayden Drew Ronquillo
Why did matpat gamora have the chin of Thanos
Mysterious Person
Matpat:it was such a well balanced movie 1:23 Thanos:perfectly balanced as all things should be
Overly Excited Fangirl
He dusted Liza but not Jake Paul .....CURSE YOU THANOS YOU WANT US TO SUFFER
Chconly Productions
oh that party sounds fun I’ll bring my 1 . 6 c h i l d r e n
Eshal The Randomer
Title: Thanos was RIGHT! 2 months later... Another title: Thanos was WRONG... Edit: 40 likes including my own!? MY GOD! This comment has more likes than James Charles's YouTube channel right now! Edit again: Oh, nevermind. Looks like he's getting them back.
The Last One
I felt like snapping my fingers because it's Avengers Infinity War but I accidentally snapped at the same time as Thanos at 1:56
R and M Good Vibes
Video: Why dont you just double resources or even make it infinite. Me: THAT'S WHAT I SAID
But it says half the universe, am I right? So there‘s a Chance because other planets exist maybe with life, you get what I mean lol hopefully.
*”Oh no! They all had SECOND CHANNELS!!!!”*
Toy golden Freddy gamer
well your not right...but not wrong...lets look at it: lets say one guy on a plane dies, the pilot then all the others die. a guy driving dies. the car hits 2 more and they die. that plane crashes into a building killing more. the cops die and a robber kills more. 1 of the 2 joined (at the head) twins die and a little girl has a body hanging off her head. a guy defusing a bomb dies, the bomb kills millions. do you see what im saying.
Rex_o_roar 8888
Go watch the Dorkly video:If Thanos had an assistant. Its funny and clever
Casual Maniac
You didn’t take enough liberties into consideration But what would I know
HomieAnimations 1
*“May the odds...”* *”be ever in your favor”*
MarHyun Yoo
Q:You have 6 children,but only 3 chairs,what would you do IronM:Build 3 chairs Thanos:Kill half the children
Dino Facts You Probably Didn't Know
0:32 Logan got dusted but not Jake. PROOF THAT MATTPAT IS A JAKE PAULER!!!
Teal Fox
I just gotta say Why did Jake Paul survive but vsause 2 and 3 disappear
Wintery Animations
I like how he says stuff like 1.6 children, with a decimal
Jose Hernandez
11 million views 11 months ago Balanced as all things should be
I know why he didn't kill Jake Paul! *BECAUSE HIS CHANNEL IS ALREADY DEAD*
Gabi TGB
Let's make one thing clear If you kill Spider-man and Gamora you will NEVER be correct
demon king
Solution for over population The purge
Spidey Shady
If you think killing millions of innocent people is right then you're as crazy as he is
Nirankar Singh
If half of everyone gets wiped out, everyone will know who did it. Thanos. Everyone will know why he did it. This will make people fear Thanos. Fear that if they don't control the population after the culling, or if they don't use resources optimally, Lord Thanos might decimate them again. This fear would make everyone more responsibile.
Da strongest Apple
Black panther:This is no place for a warrior to die. He dies
Tlot Pwist
He was not. The surviving half will keep breeding and the same situation will happen again in centuries
Aoibheann lexy time
in Ireland something called the faman killed most of Ireland all the spuds got poisoned
Zachary Kuhn
Isn't most food living? Wouldn't that mean we also have half the food.
Thank you! *happy thanos noises*
Jessica Anderson
An easy solution for over population: The Hunger Games Edit: r/woooosh a lot of ppl
Jayden Dickson
Can you make a vid of why didn't thanos didn't save gamoras mother? I think it is a good question.
Darth Tank
if he double the resources then there would be less space in the universe Gravity from planets wood bring down skyscrapers Mars space junk and all that stuff
Ethan Loves Kitties
Who wrote the captions, and why are they unable to spell? Edit: I now think it’s not spelling problems, it’s hearing problems.
TJ Thomas
There is one problem with this example. The Black Plague happened semi-gradually not instantly.
LoadedDuke 1
Why Didn't Thanos Just Make A Copy Of The Universe, Without Any Lifeforms, And Send Half Of The Current Universe There?
someone random
0:38 first of all he didnt get rid of vsause.... also the channel name is d!ng not dong
Solution : The hunger games.
Robin Gilliver
If it is a matter of resources, Thanos can just make the Gauntlett create something from nothing. The Time Gem can make a time copy and the Space Gem can make a wormhole for a bit of metal and wires of copper (energy perpetual). The Reality Gem could negate the laws of physics all combined period.
Murf 17 Productions.
Thanos in theory vs thanos in practice. Sounds good, doesn’t work
Justin Y.
I don't feel so good Matpat...
Lightningchu the Mega Raichu
I could never imagine Thanos being right honestly. I MEAN HE MURDERED MY LOVE. SPIDEYYYY NUUU. Plus y'know the other people too. Murder is just kind of.... wrong. DOUBLE THE RESOURCES NO ONE GETS HURT.
Alternate History Hub made a video of the Snap scenario, it doesnt go good at all
Jennifer Liu
But, if there are less people and less resources, people might start giving more birth again 🤔.
Illumi Gacha
.... So snapping half of all life out of the universe would he ok? ALL LIFE? Whatever you say matpat
Fleerrpp 42
RIP STAN LEE 1922-2018
Axis Chinese God
Irony alert: he would’ve wiped out game theory but have film theory: a second channel
slashview !
I hope he made lil' tai to DUST!
Guvyyg Vuhh
Why not just double the universe while keeping all the living beings? I bet then he would be the most loved and powerfull hero ever.
Prince Pat
Thanos is one of the best anti-hero even in comics
Know why it was a well balanced movie? Thanos directed it.
Nidal Dakhil
Can I tell you that every 18 minute people die
I dont know if it was mentioned in the video yet, but one particular tidbit from GotG V1 showed Gamora as the last of her kind. Either Thanos did not know, did not think it was possible, did not check up on it, or was just so arrogant to believe that his solution worked that he said that to Gamora. Or he just straight up lied, which really, really doesn't mesh with the way his character is portrayed. (Though he did mention lying in his next scene with Gamora, so he very well could have lied straight to her face.) Again, haven't finished the vid, don't scream at me.
Liam da Lemon!
what if he killed people in charge of the supply's?
michael singer
Basically the main problem with thanos’s plan is that he killed half the food supply too
That was beautiful. That skit. It was gorgeous.
3:15 exactly why you should never act as a female character when you're a male XD (and vice versa)
Danny Brown
canal mais variado/ most random channel
I Will kill half of youtubers Wait what the hell ? Oh no they all have second channels
*snaps his fingers* “How come I lost half of my subs?”
The official Phoenix Douglas
The fbi wants to know your location.
Chloe D
The theatre buff in me came out HARD when you mentioned Urinetown, I immediately started singing and remembering doing this play back when I was 13. Thanks for helping me remember some wonderful memories and pee puns
Isaiah Ayodele
2:54-3:47 A perfect recreation, Marvel would be impressed 🤣🤣🤣
God had to nerf me because I was too powerful
in the beginning I was hoping that you would delete both Paul brothers.............:D
In all honesty I would rather the Earth's population die out then kill half the population, or just murder people in general annually.
Vilhelmas Sadowski
"Why doesn't Thanos provide twice the resources?" People aren't thinking too deep on that. What do we mean by providing double the resources? Double the planet size and change human anatomy to compensate for that? People are missing the point. This is more than just about resources, but also about efficiency. Smaller populations are easier to govern, provide resources for, leave more room for nature and gives space for people to have more of their own land, have less crime, are more peaceful, less demand, less traffic, and so on. Bigger is not always better.
Bob Snickerdoodle
Jake Paul survived the opening scene! What the &*#$ matpat I thought you were smart
Woof wolf Gaming
I forgot this was a infinity war vid
RagingRhino 379
Nooooo in the intro we didn't see jakepaul disappear, noooooooo
As population growth Murderer will also do Ok srry this is dark xD
LR - Cuber
YAAYY BLACK DEATH WOOOH WHAT A GREAT IDEA! mat u sure no one said that? Cuz I just did
table salt
In the comics thanos did it to impress death
Antonio T
Yes he is correct but it wasn't the right thing to do
Motivation: understandable Methods: questionable
McStinky's stuff 2.0
Dude, not EVERYONE has a second channel, like most animators!
Fun fact: my school did Urinetown the musical my sophomore year.
Anti vax mom:so overpopulation??? I can fix that
After this video, At MatPats house *FBI OPEN UP* *Breach charge blows at door*
Matthew Villarde
That level of xenophobia will begin the era of the Imperium of Man.
17 76
Humane solution: BUILD A WALL 😉😂
Tortilla Chip
The intro was matpat announcing that he is opening a second channel
Bombdiggity Songs
I WAS IN URINETOWN!!! One of my favourite musicals in the world. It is amazing despite the title...I was Robbie the Stockfish
*Watches video* *Thinks for a second* K time for genocide
Elsa Bachu
they put grout on the bottom..🥺
dekel avital
You should read about John B. Calhoun's mouse utopia experiment. But to boil it down to it's basics, the carrying capacity is a barrier that has no turning back from due to total societal and psychological degeneration throughout the entire group that stops them from properly reproducing ever again. It is not about material resources or space, it is about social resources and social cohesion. Cutting humanity by half might prolong the inevitable or accelerate it depending on whether we passed the threshold of no turning back.
Inner Fire
What is your intro music called
*says 7.3 billion* *shows 7.6 billion*
Linkmaster115 K
0:38 *laughing* You fool I have over 70 alternative accounts
Doubling resources would cause the population to grow even more uncontrollably
Apple Sparkle
No No we were happ- *Gets a "Be happy" *add*
Hey mattpat, try not to inspire the crazies
William Gaylord
Disappointed that of all people Jake Paul survived
Tennessean Productions
The Film Theorists: THANOS WAS RIGHT AlternateHistoryHub: That is where you are wrong kiddo
SPOR gaming
The other etenals looked like normal hamns
NightWolf 1234
This so a comment after end game and I can prove (using evidence from the film) that thanos was wrong, thanos successfully wiped out half the universe but after that the world couldn't handle instantly loosing half of living beings and fell into a depression 😕
Angry Elf
Uhhhhh, I was in the play Urinetown, anyone else, no? Just me?
When he doesn’t get rid of Jake Paul 🤔🤬
Red Beryl
Thanos is Right because he is also stopping Galactus... Maybe
Jake Paul survived the snap🙁😭