Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

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Check out WISECRACK ►► />Watch PREDICTING Avengers 4 ►► />Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? ► /> SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► /> You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!! MORE FILM THEORIES Black Panther's Economic CRISIS! ►► />Spiderman is DEAD! ►► />Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► />Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED ►► />Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► /> Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! /> SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram:

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*Why did Thanos spare Jake Paul?*
nagoL 52105
Thanospat: They all had 2ND CHANNELS!!! Me: Just snap again!
IOS Gaming HQ
Why didn’t Doctor Strange make a portal beneath Thanos, and he would fall through, then when his arm is just left out the portal, Strange closes it and Thanos’ arm get cut of, causing Thanos to not wear the gauntlet. It sounded better in my head Edit: (PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING!) I had not watched HISHE when I commented this. I watched it a week after. And anyway, it is possible that I had the same idea, because it just makes sense
Eggs Benedict
Why can’t Thanos just double the resources?
Really? Hawkeye above Groot?
Justin Y.
I don't feel so good Matpat...
Yes Thanos was right. Too many people. Kill half of the world population and the world will be better. Got to control that African birth rate. 40 years ago it was 400 million Today it is 1.2 billion 2050 it will be 2.5 billion 2100 it will be 5 billion Thanos is not the Hero we want, but he is the Hero we need.
But if half of all people on Earth suddenly died, wouldn't society just collapse?
Booster Star1006
Thanos:Gamora gamora Gamora:Yes papa papa Thanks:Hiding soul stone Gamora:No papa Thanks:Telling lies Gamora:No papa Thanos: open your mouth Gamora: Ha ha ha
10:54 If Thanos were to destroy half of the population the demand would drop, but supply would drop too. This is because when u remove half of the population, the total production of supply would drop in ratio too. For example, there are 400 farmers living independently in an area, and thanos beat the living shit out of 200 farmers. Yes, the demand will drop to half the previous population, but the production of the killed half are cut off the supply. So basically, the supply and demand are at the same ration as the was if the people weren't killed. I do think I am terribly wrong because matty patty missed this, if so, please tell me so.
XxMasterNateXx !!!
Dang you should have wiped out jake paul too...
nagoL 52105
Matpat: Thanos the RAINBOW titan... Me: Rainbow? Like the colors of the infinity stones? That Thanos theory is really starting to get way stronger. In fact, I revised the acronym. Only continue if you’ve seen Infinity War: T=Tessaract H=Head (Vision) A=Aether N=Necklace O=Orb S=Sacrifice
Krish Ataliya
Am I the only one that *agreed* with Thanos?
Radya Gardian Pranoto
But if he IS a hero He could’ve just double the universe’s resources
Why doesn't he just double the resources?
I know why he didn't kill Jake Paul! *BECAUSE HIS CHANNEL IS ALREADY DEAD*
Finally someone realized
Steven Evans
Althoug i hate logan paul, jake paul is still infinitely worse
uhm, no... sorry but the whole model you base this on is flawed and was proven wrong. The simple fact is that ingenuity and innovation completely remove the problem over time. That's why we have less poverty and starvation around the world than at any other point in history. Now stop saying Thanos is right and sit him down with an actual economist.
Dade Pritchett
Normally like these videos. Unfortunately, this one is riddled with logical inadequacies. The Econ channel made a great video over Thanos' plan. He explicitly displays HOW Malthus was wrong. Even 2 Stanford professors went over a similar theory in "The Population Bomb." This video is basically a VERY CONVINCING application of the Demographic Transition Model on the entire universe assuming that ALL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SYSTEMS are Zero-Sum. Seriously MatPat, how much research did you do for this film, or in another manner, how much research did you and your team conduct? 1 source per point?
*Watches video* *Thinks for a second* K time for genocide
Tel Angor
thanos looks like a barney reject
parsa fakhar
#ThanosDidNothingWrong btw if Jake Paul is about to survive then I don't want to live in this new existence!
Niall Carragher
i have my own theory, at the end of the movie when every body is 'disappearing,' Strange says, 'i had to' then people starts disappearing.... so at the end i dont think any body died.... thanos never succeeded..... strange teleported them or something like that. Thanos never won.... not yet...
After the second time I watched this I thought Hey if the Avengers did get the gauntlet and rewinds time/ changed reality to bring back Gamora, would that take away the soul stone? Would they have to sacrifice another Too many theories are in my head ._.
When you get rid of Liza but not Jake Paul
Pratima Anavekar
The mighty Thanos looks up to one other titan, Jake Paul
Sarcastic Sloth Girl
4:32 That face😂😂😂
Antonio Salinas
0:13 his youtube name is "Manos"...
Thanos. With more shades than the purple guy.
Count Sapphire
MatPat, I don't feel so good...
AkayCat - EmeraldWire
Since we are in the real world, there is no possible way to double resources... so the best thing we can do is to stop making kids... or the consequences in the future will be really big...
Alex God
now you are donald trump at 13:17
BLUE_cyber_ blade
Easy solution Thanos.
Alex Stanovoy
Hey Jake Paul lives lol
Matpat, I don't feel so good...
Well something the MCU skipped over was Thanos' infatuation with Death, who is a real cosmic entity in the Marvel Universe. Revels in entropy, so killing people is much simpler than creating an infinite supply of resources.
Chatty Matty
Sports news Bear
I am groot
Animations 300
ok now i want half of my roommates out
Steven Gassira
So Thanos is the Purple Guy... Well played, Scott... Well played...
Louie Alvarado
You mean T H A N O S the grape
Daniel Shields
he was right, you must aim for the head.
Connor Cole
Why did he leave Jake Paul
With all the population talk I forgot that this was about Infinity War
Investing Hustler
Am I the only one who likes thanos after avengers 🤔 ?
Perfectly balanced.
Joe Smeeth
Your wife is preggers! Congratulations! Who's the father?
Your theory has more holes than swiss cheese.
Doctor X Awesome Stop-Motion
if thanos destroys half the life in the universe, doesn't he have a 50% chance of killing himself? *Mat Pat's intro starts playing*
Felicia Royers
His plan is flawed for multiple reasons. First of all, the planet would just get repopulated, at an exponential rate at that. Secondly, why wouldn't Thanos just, idk, make more resources?? That would accomplish the same thing but better. Idk tho, I'm not the one with the gauntlet
King Burns Gaming
Or he coulda doubled the resources
dakota frazier
again the reality stone can change anything then why the hell wipe out half the universe and not multiply the amount of resources? because thanos is a complete ass.
The problem with Thanos's theory is that it ignores space flight. For every habitable world there are literally billions of uninhabitable ones that still have the same resources. And when you do the math for chances of life developing things equal out to about one sentient race per galaxy. The Idea that resources are finite in a galaxy let alone a still expanding universe is like saying levels in Super Mario Maker are finite. It's technically true, but in practicality it's infinite.
Just an innocent Pomegranate
I’m glad Thanos won. It’s shows that the Avengers aren’t invincible beings that can beat anything.
We found out in science while growing bacteria, that the outlet switches had a decent amount of Salmonella on them. *DISGUSTANG*
Ano ni Muse?
If Thanos was right, then Robin Hood was also right. Doing an unpopular/"bad" deed for the sake of the rest.
Owen. - ̇uǝʍO
One of the producers confirmed that half of plant life was eradicated too sooo... No Thanos was not right. Now we're back to square one.
Pixelsam 7
I'm going to create a second channel rn, just to be sure.
Bonixo HD
Me in movie: Snaps fingers, Planet Destroyed. Me IRL: Snaps fingers, Dog approaches me.
Dimebag Dave
That " Thanos the giant purple..uh blue....sorry I mean Pink..UHH!!" was more funny than it should have been to me
Laura Caroddo
Wong could still be alive, see he went through a portal to another planet but we don’t know what planet or where the planet is. So Wong could be alive
Redpanda East
i mean yeah but that is could have just created more resources for people and more space as aposed to wiping out half the population that why why don’t lose any lives
Lowkey_ _Saucy
Infinity war dies In infinity war
Kingsman vives from his plan...
Chris Singh
What if Danielle from danny phantom became dan phantom Look it up on YouTube !
Infinity gauntlets toasted man, can't do it again, sorry
abdou traore
Wait... if thanos can do anything , WHY doesnt he just create infinite ressources ?
Spencer O'Dowd
Also, the big difference between the 14th century and today is today's society is astronomically more complex than it was in Medieval Europe. I highly doubt civilisation could survive the Great Dusting intact. People these days predict that a die-off of about a third of the population would set us back about 150 years and collapse most world governments. So imagine what a die-off of half the population would do.
Tristan Stefanović
Genesis David
Wait why didn't thanos' people just mine other planets for resources. They were obviously a significantly advance civilization
Ya Boi Ness
Thanos isn’t a Titan. Thanos is a Giant Grape
Building Action
Yes Logan Paul got destroyed! But what about Jake Paul...
Lacie Haynes
I agree he is right.
Abrielle Ellis
Krish Ataliya
Thr people of Thanos'es planet weren't blue, Thanos was just born different.
Grace Bramer
EliteStark 11
Squidward was the best villan😅😅
swǝƃ ̇
Not really.
Jesus Christ
Doom Buddy
Joseph Stalin
You look great with a wrinkly testicle chin.
Matpat mysteriously dissapeared later the day he uploaded this video...
coco -
Why did you save Jake paul
Jaden Bennett Nedia
If Thanos thinks he can solve the universe's problem called "overpopulation" by murdering half of its population, then why didn't he just create an infinite amount of resources, WHICH IS ENOUGH CONSIDERING THAT IT IS INDEED, AN INFINITE AMOUNT. HE COULD'VE DONE THAT INSTEAD OF RANDOMLY REMOVING HALF THE UNIVERSE'S POPULATION FROM EXISTENCE!!!
Hitler was right
Doubling everything will ensure that overpopulation destroys planets. Think it through.
J Schwa
Hawkeye just chillin on his farm while half the universe dies.
Robbie Stone
THEpaperairplane //
How do you have .6 children?
Charles Basinger
Did Anybody Else Hear That She’s Pregnant!?!?
Struggle Drax
idk if thanos was right or not but what i know is that thanos in the thumbnail is creepy as f and i'm invisible.
Isaac Mendoza
Thanks in a way is right but what he is trying to stop is inevitable it’s gonna happen no matter what might take long but he is gonna need to wipe half the population a lot of times.And people aren’t gonna like that so eventually someone will stand up and beat him or he will get betrayed or commit suicide bc I mean if that is all u do with ur life that’s so boring especially with everyone hating you and having that on your conscience so basically he is trying to do impossible. My theory THANOS should expand universe to be infinite just saying
IOS Gaming HQ
6:15 I died! You have to pay to pee at a French Public bathroom. And I have experienced with that. A lot of experience
Daniel Eaton
Another reason why thanos’ plan would be bad is because humanity right now isn’t living in a zero-sum economy. Essentially, what that means is that resources are limited and in order to have more resources, you have to take them away from other people. We currently live in a positive-sum economy, where by instead of taking other peoples’ resources to increase our own, we find more resources to claim, so the total economy increases.
Michelle Varas
I think thanos is kinda right bc there has been cases for example where you have to kill one person to save 10.But I think he’s bad in the way that he should not be the one to make that decision and we are not int he point yet so why do it.
The Android from Aiur
Motivation: understandable Methods: questionable