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Zertku 'Feer
Love can build or destroy a person.
Spooky Scary
This song makes me genuinely sad
Rodrick H Smokes Dank
We all want to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die
Kajus Barpsys
Who else replaying this vid at late night and thinkink about mistakes and what could you change?
Sending hugs to all of you who are as lonely as me ❤
Esoteric Ed
Isolation creates great art and destroys great artists.
Jay Donagh
Daaamn dude this shit was dark. And I can't believe this is actual footage from Tom and Jerry. Seems too depressing and real for a children's cartoon.
I asked an old man and i said "how can love hurt us" he replied and said "love can make us not beleieve in love" damn thats deep...
K a r e n
Being hurt without a reason is worse than having one
Mark Curtis
Why am I not good enough? What's wrong with me?
My Outro = *_Love when you hold me_*
TRY bitch
*Love killed many lives, like my Dad for an Example* you may think that love is powerful and beautiful, but in reality love can kill many lives, it's hard to move on and go for many new opportunities, but when you try to move on and you think about your loved one, it's hard to move on when you love this person inside and outside, some people just tell you to move on and live with it, but they really don't know how you feel what you suffered for, my dad died a long time ago because of love, love affected many lives like my dad, love can also affect your life too, ever since my dad died when I was 6 it was like a knife stabbing me in my back, it hurt me very much and it took me a long time to move on, and all these years I was mad God, because I thought it was his fault because of my dad's death, I thought God had to do something with his suicide, but I noticed that you can't just blame him for your lost and depression, Love can mess with your life, just remember that because you never know what can happen and will happen, but just remember love is still will never stop messing with others, but you can do the right thing;)
Cat Kandy
im here cuz i have no friends and wanna die
fredrich heart
My girlfriend broke up with me after 2 years of being together out of the no where and just a week later she moved to Florida and she was already with another guy. And then she blocked me cause I was trying to get answers.I thought I was gonna marry her.
Love is a powerful weapon, that can destroy a person, or create a new person. In the blink of an eye, your life can change because of love. Love was supposed to be a gift, but it turned into misery and grief for us.
David L
She's a gold digging hoe, Tom, you don't need her
Johannes Life
Hey Listen :3 🎃🔥❤
keep clam
i broke up with my ex for religion reasons she worship the money and i don't have her god
fer rosales
Im trying :(
too much ching chong
Lonely.. not when you hold me. 😢
x Lavinia x
Aww , poor Tom 💔💔😞
Some rando
People can destroy your heart, and you haft to just rebuld it from the ash
When u find the perfect song to describe how u feel to be unloved
The Lethal Sion
" I gave you 10 dollars but you love him because he gave you 20 he had 50$ I had 10
Linda Brown
Why did I watch this :(
Edwin Perez
....I can't help but feel....lonesome hearing this, this works really well actually I'll give you that.... ... ...also I remember this episode of the show and its grim premise, Damn its screwed up but hey the reality we live in can sometimes be a slap in the face even for a "Kids." cartoon, fits the description very well, thanks for letting this be in the recommendations list this made me feel some things lately, not bad, but...informed...if that makes any sense, thanks.
This is me... I’ve had depressed for 2 years 😔😔😢... it needs to stop but when you have depression it’s hard for it to go away... I try to go to therapy but never works... it gets stuck in ur head for so long... all the sad thoughts in our heads make us feel that type of way... we can’t help it... it’s like a curse...for those people that say ur fine and stuff like that... that person will never understand how hard life is when we have depression... it is very hard... Please Help...
I see this episode differently now. Edit: is it normal I feel like I'm burning inside when listening to this? Like the feeling you get when you want something so bad but you know you will never get it?
Vai P.
We were young and dumb. Didn't pay attention or expect anything from the real world because of our youthful love. I went off to college and broke it off with her. I grew up a lot. Struggled, had to do things I wasn't proud of to eat. Then enlisted in the army hoping things would turn up but instead it made me more lonely. I got out and went back home and now so much time has passed. She's going away forever and I can't help bridge the time gap we had before she could leave. Her mom not wanting me to see her again as well. I guess that's how life works. I'm sad about it. I just wanted to talk to her and ask her how she is. Tell her all the things and struggles I've overcome. Show her who I am now compared to back then. Nevertheless, push on my peeps. Infantry forever 🤘🤘
Triple AJ
RIP X😔 it's lonely without him
Erick Walder
RIP Tom. I remember when I would watch this show twice every night. I shed 3 tears. This song music video is deep. And it really got to me. 😥
Bader Alushi
rip x 😭😭😭
Ice Bear
Ice Bear has dark times, like everybody else. Ice bear wishes you all a happy day.
Hit at 4am with the painful fact that I can't change the past. I'm sorry I was too broken to love. I'll never give up on you. I'll earn your forgiveness... I'll fight for your love. I can't give up. It's all that is keeping me going now.
Manuel Calavera
No matter how much you get to know someone, no matter how much you share your life, learn about them, feel as though you are almost the same person, there will always be an infinite gulf between who you think they are, and who they really are. You cannot know someone else. You can only know your perception of them. Your experience of that person flows through the filter of your personality, your experience and memories, your biases and intuitions. You don't know them, you know your conception of them. Subjectivity of experience makes truly knowing another person completely impossible. We are all perfectly isolated souls, completely separate from everyone else, desperately reaching out to convince ourselves we aren't really alone.
CJ _watsGUD
The sadness of this song makes it even more catchy
Varely Lopez
me when going to school
e h y n o c e n c e
t i r e d o f s a d n e s s
1.wake up 2.go to school 3.see her 4.kiss her Plot twist: order goes 2,3,4,1
Michael Richardson
If the internet had Grammys for obscure internet music genres, this would win one.
Do you know what sucks about having a big heart? It hurts a lot more when It's broken
DED Gamer
Hearing the same thing gives you a different meaning each time
Nikki Lazer
I’m not a relationship or anything but I can tell this song was created with a lot of emotion and it hits me hard.
cripple Gay
love means being *lonely*
i keep crushing on this girl (we will call hannah for privacy reasons) and i know i have absolutely no chance with her, ive known her a really long time, but she never noticed me and i thought she was into me because for a period of about a year we had long conversations over facebook messanger and text, until i asked her out and she told me she was already with someone. and it crushed me. entirely. i felt like i had just been punched in the chest. she is the most beautiful person ive ever seen, and she is taken by a guy that is horrible. he is a gang member and a drug user. i dont want to end up on r/niceguys but its true. i wish i had never spoken to her and led my self to believe i had a chance.
Even if it was bros after hoes, they always end up as bros before hoes. When Tom and Jerry wasn’t giving us slapstick, they taught us young about some real gangster shit
Miguel Ochoa
This hypes me up to do better in the gym because of Rachel.
The worst pain I've ever felt is love
Axel Martinez
never thought Tom n Jerry could get so deep
noobie legend
Song:Lonely Me:the future
Deerbeautiful 89
Sometimes I have my all time low, and sometimes I have this thing where my heart drops down to my feet. So I just listen to this to have my aesthetic.
Um Pivete Retardado
Azuolas Stabingis
This shit was depressing and gooood
Does anyone sit there or lay there in the bed and listen to this song and think about all of the mistakes you have made.... I DO🙂🙃
Lord Snow
This is my chill room.
Brandon Santiago Santiago
I was in love with this one girl,until I found out she was dating someone. Please like and comment if you can relate.It hurts,so much,you really loved that girl,and shes dating someone,you know how that feels,it feels like your mom just died.and like ship master said,"Love can build or destroy someone". hes totally right.
Apenas Bostas
the money dont make me happy, the true love make me happy.
Andrew G.
riverdale bughead
*R.I.P Xxxtentacion King of Sad Songs*
Q4F Blackout
This me 24/7
Gawd Clout
These hoes ain't loyal
Desconhe Cido
Antes só que mal acompanhado
siri ok
Damn that’s sad af. 😭
Mountain MGTOW
The ones that are really in trouble are those males that have "Just Married" the hoebags. With MGTOW gaining more and more popularity for men, women are the ones that will be the perpetually "Lonely" people.
My hearts shattered and I can't do anything about it but listen to these songs and cry.
stex gameplay
BR aqui
Booga Bear
Theres someone I wanna love but it doesn't help when they don't feel the same. as much as I try and forget about them I cant and it just gets me in a depressed mood. Love is just pain in my situation. It destroyed me.
Judah B
It’s possible we just missed eachother
w o s e and w o s e s
Lyrics: L O N E LY /B U T N O T W H E N Y O U H O L D M E
I hate sNaKUe bangYA
Being lonely is far worse then being alone... This went over so many peoples heads ...
Basement Hermit
The Tom & Jerry clips, the Zelda "Hey listen", the VHS tape scratches. So much nostalgia man.
jordean gomes
🖤 É desse jeito, as mulheres só valorizam Dinheiro e aparência $$$ 😑
خالد حمد
Don't worry about some one not care about you....lonely 💔
Sanity Midnight
Me = *L O N E L Y*
I remember being a bit sad and concerned for Tom watching this as a kid
VIVA EL PORRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the poor flexer
I'm lonely because I'm going be single forever
andre. sm
alguien tiene la letra en español ? porfavor o en ingles
Stezo the god brought me here best for iso in 2k
This episode is from 1956.
This Feeling's too good
Magnet Music - 8D
Tom she doesn't desrve you.. she is a gold digger !!
Maddox Games
Drunk off milk 🥛
Listen to this while you drinking and think all the bad things that have happened to you,you will want to die😭😓🖤BaD VIbEs🖤🔗
TSM Foxy 2007
_L O N E L Y_
Millaray Retamal Soto
Kelly Nogueira
Sofrer nunca foi tão bom
nati ;-;
love this music...
Ǝ V I L Æ S T H Ǝ T I C テレ。
Ismael Cortes
sin duda es la nueva revolución de la mejor música que he escuchado en estos años...
ii_sxilence KJ
What is the font of the title??
Aquela bad...
RockyDark YT
you can make some one love you soo much but you can destroy someone love easy
failed abortion
hello depression welcome back
I loved this song. Too bad i now have bad feelings attached to it... I hope one day, i can listen to it again
Jacobi !
I told him my secrets he swore to God he wouldn't tell anybody I swore to god I wouldn't tell anybody his secrets. Somebody told they found out my secret from him because they traded, my secrets for some girls nudes, the fact he would do that for nudes enrages me. I wanted to expose his secrets so badly but I couldn't stoop down to his evilness.