FALL ASLEEP so FAST A guided meditation to help you fall asleep fast

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Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
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: ayyjohn
yeah, school tomorrow eh?
gacha player brylei
Stop scrolling and GO TO SLEEP NOW. Edit: more like it
Andrew Craggs
If you fall asleep fast why is it on for over a hour? 🤔
I burst out laughing when I realised it was the PlayStation 4 theme music playing in the background xD
Lol you sound like a high elf from skyrim ...
Angel none
it said I deserve to fall asleep I cried😭😭
"Fall asleep FAST", 1:16:52. hum. .....
abbie s
school’s tomorrow yikes
Sug losh
I'll put my phone open for hours and then I'll wake up at 10:00 realizing my phone has no charge then die
Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
so much love to you all xx
Antonio Jolev
When you keep repeating to stop thinking about things it works completely opposite
I never get to see the end of these videos...
Andy Frank
For future reference, repeatedly mentioning worries is very counterproductive for relaxation. Say: "don't imagine a blue elephant" and the listener is guaranteed to promptly imagine the blue elephant you were trying to prevent them from seeing.
This just gives me anxiety
PlayStation sound in the background 😂
START: 1:48
Himalika Sharma
At first I didn't thought this will work but it did thank you so much i slept like a baby.
Siri.starr !
Was I the only one who tought there was gonna be a jumpscare or something 😂✌️
Love it, fell asleep fast last night and listening again tonight 🌌
Meggo my eggo
Just hearing her talk makes me want to pass out
Chocolate Bigmac
Gosh I have terrible insomnia and I am dozing off as I am typing amazing!
Gabriela Inés
This is my absolute favourite guided sleep meditation. I'm so glad I found your youtube channel. Thank you for creating this! Much love 💜🌠
qween kitty Psycho
LMAO fall alseep fast... an hour long video 😂
I hate the music that's in most of these sleep hypnosis videos.
Cherryblossom 6154
My sister yawned when the lady said breath and it sounded like the whisp from Brave and I didn’t know if it was like a part of the video or if I made that sound...🤣🤣🤣
Binaural Storms
Looking forward to this, you always help me sleep
whoopity schoop
Lacey McClain
Love your mediation’s I particularly use this one for school nights so I can fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed in the morning:) Thank you for making these❤️
Total legend! Really needed this, thanks Lauren!
Zelda Chick
Is that you, Garnet????
James T
Just watch the N’gannou Lewis fight
Icky Coper
I fell a sleep in 11 minuets it was the best sleep ever
Karen Coaching For positive health!
This was lovely... and it worked. Thank you ☺☺
Sophia Davies
Thank you Lauren, I needed this so much now🙏 You’re the best. Congrats on 40k subscribers. I’m so happy for you😍
Sugar Blast
Fall asleep fast - it’s 1 hour?
Lyric Young
I fell asleep sooo fast
Yolo Maria
Slept at 7 pm till 6 am!! And had an awesome dream! ( I ussualy sleep at 12 pm)
Maritza Yo gurl
Best video ever this gave me the best sleep I’ve ever had,it helps me so much and I use it every night
Eboli Buzzfield
Shikai Yamuri
To creepy
music box
I never make it past the 15th minute Thank you so much!
candy gison
Everyone deserves to fall a sleep faster
Lisha Lewis
Its a real turn off to hear a LOUD COMMERCIAL😵 while trying to go to sleep 💬🌌
Salindia Fox
Worked really well! I was out in less than ten minutes!
Gerald Fernandez
This made me sleep
Aurora Senecal
It didn't work it just sounds like a ASMR to me.... 🙍 <---- =NOPE
Samuel Maranzano
This really helped, thank you
Kawaii Madness
Thank u so much I have anxiety so I think of the worst that could happen when I’m left alone so I love having my tv on when I go to sleep but it seems to make me stay up all night so this helps me because ure in a soothing voice and there’s sleepy music and things and I love it thank u so much u helped me so much
Dylan Frei
This did work for me but one this I will add is I didn’t sleep for very long (about 3-4 hours) and it took awhile for me to totally fall asleep, majority of the video and I woke up in a strange state of being confused, thinking I was still in the very lucid dream I was previously in. I found myself carrying on the dream in my head but I was awake... I don’t know how I feel about this but I hope this means I did something right?
Not gonna lie, sounds like the PlayStation 4 lobby music.. Started falling asleep 8 minuets in!
Karen Midgen
I love the compassion in your voice. Very lovely  Thank you.
liliana moreno
I mean 68k subscribers
Lou Lou
All of your meditations are lovely, Lauren, though I find the sound very low. Please can you make them louder? But thank you for the free access to them too..they are very nice and your voice is most comforting.
Rachel Castillo
This creeps me out😂😂😂
Noelle Shields
I love this so much. I’m actually a fan of being reminded to acknowledge and let go of my worries. It absolutely gets me to have a clear mind and fall asleep.
Michelle Bennett
I fell asleep in like 3 minutes😂
Sara Kovac
This makes me so tired i think im gonna fall asleep😩😩😩 BTW! go to sleep and stop looking at the commen.......ZZZ*FALLS ASLEEP* oh $H!T i fell asleep *FALLS ASLEEP AGAIN*
Trevor Bradshaw
Why is it so long , then?
Fall sleep fast? It's over 1 hour long!
meia.pauline 1
This helps so much. Thank you!
Summoner 9
"How to fall asleep sa fast" 1 hour video
TamiTheKawaii Games
Your voice is amazing! I love it,so calming and annunciated ,I'm subbing right away.
Victoria Cruz
Omg its 12:31 at night and I STILL CANT SLEEP😦😓😑
The Lamborghini Show
I'm using this for the first time tonight, and I see that lots of people fell asleep quickly! I could really use this because I have school tomorrow, and of course I need sleep.
tiz sisters
mj wijk
Lauren,you are really amazing♡♡♡
Gina Benton-Dempsey
Omg! I fell asleep fast last night. Will be listening again tonight. Thank you very much😊
I slept without being aware and without trying too hard and without frequent waking up and it happened too soon! Thank you very much this was so needed why didn't I find this earlier? I have been suffering for more than 2 years.
alien lirim
Didn't work for me just wasted my time
the bell bros josh and alex
Going to sleep now
Georgia Dear Corey Roos thank you so much Treece
So gentle, so good. Thanks so much
If i fall asleep fast why is the video an hour long?
Maureen Dructor
I fell asleep in 2 minutes just because of the calming sound of your voice
Jennifer B
voice was too creepy
Trevor Seiler
Jumpscare at 34:22
Verna Howells
wwhere is the clutoris picturr
J Yu
I think this didn't work for me cause I have jetlag still :(
Dorian Gomez
Her voice is so scary tho
Bangtan BTS
Wow it worked! Had a wonderful night last night
MMastGaming -
this helps so much on school days and christmas or other exiting days
Well, that definitely worked. Fell asleep had incredibly lucid dreams....but not the good kind, not bashing this session at all and I'm not blaming you for any of it, but Ihad one of the worst nightmarish dreams. Horrible things happening to me and my family, it was like a bad Been Stiller movie where everything goes wrong. ...ughhh that sucked. It was so lucid that by the time I woke up I was at the point of trying to cope with what had happened. Really long and deep dream. Hopefully the next time it will be the opposite.
Henry Hungaski
Your voice is like a sleeping pill... I love it
Cupcakequeen 1000
The voice is Scary
chris waters
This is super relaxing. Google SofiSleepTime, learn the secret and wake up in the morning.
*fall asleep so fast* *video is more than an hour long* But it works, so thanx
Chelsey Austin
wow this really worked for me, i was out so soon i have played your video twice and still have no idea what you say during it lol
namie schowgurow
half way in, almost fell asleep. so relaxing n calming.
Thank you :)
Ooooooh I get it u sleep because this is so boring
Awesome!, absolute life saver. Thank you for this.
Karma Queen
Love you Lauren💞
Thank you Lauren!!!
lauren11 Zolkowski
My name is Lauren too
Beverley Roach-MacDonald
*fall asleep fast!!1!11!!* video is 1 hour long
Nightcore Edits
I’m just reading through all of Lauren’s comments responding to people lol
Bridget V,
Hi person looking in the comment. GO TO SLEEP
Doctor Underbelly The No1 Australian Crime Channel
Great stuff from a fantastic woman,really helped me & my partner so glad that you are doing great things with your life & your channel has grown to fantastic heights.Well done☺👍👏
Dominique Dorsey
Makes my mind run more than relax from her talking about life n struggles