FALL ASLEEP so FAST Guided sleep meditation to help you fall asleep fast, deep sleep, sleep hypnosis

FALL ASLEEP so FAST A guided meditation to help you fall asleep fast, relax and feel calm. This sleep meditation has sleep hypnosis and sleep asmr elements. Would you like to fall to sleep faster, sleep more deeply, and more easily? This GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION is suited to adults, parents, children, students, and babies who are looking for help and guidance with achieving a night of deep sound sleep. Welcome to Lauren Ostrowski Fenton’s deep sleep guided meditations with positive suggestions for encouraging a restorative, natural healing rest and sleep, together with a peaceful experience of total mind and body relaxation. Fall asleep fast at bedtime with this guided ASMR ( autonomous sensory meridian response) sleep meditation and wake up mindfully clear and focussed ready to face your day. Suitable for all ages, mothers, fathers, children, and babies tailored to help with sleep, insomnia, stress and relaxation This guided meditation experience is recommended for repeated and ritualized listening. Develop a daily sleep ritualized practice and with regular listening this guided meditation will encourage positive sleep suggestion and positive cognitive sleep patterns. The end of this session will offer quietly spoken guidance for sleep and a repeated mantra for deep sleep and positivity. QUALIFICATIONS Lauren is an expert in her field and holds an HONORS ARTS Degree in ANTHROPOLOGY at MONASH UNIVERSITY CLAYTON AUSTRALIA and a MASTERS IN COUNSELLING AT MONASH UNIVERSITY CLAYTON AUSTRALIA. Lauren has been teaching meditation for 30 years. Lauren is a qualified Personal trainer with certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and has lectured in the fitness and wellbeing industry for over 25 years. Please SUBSCRIBE LINK & SHARE this video and others with those who you think might require a sound sleep and relaxation. Thank you. Lauren Ostrowski Fenton #fallasleepfast #guidedmeditation #sleepmeditation #meditationforsleep #deepsleep SELLFY High-quality wav meditations here /> JOIN MY MAILING LIST FREE MEDITATIONS - /> LAURENS BOOK ON HAPPINESS AND SLEEP Daily Rituals For Happiness at this link: /> MY PODCAST Being well with Lauren /> More positive sleep Playlists & guided sleep Videos for your consideration: GUIDED MEDITATION SLEEP with Lauren Ostrowski Fenton /> FALL ASLEEP SO FAST GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION /> SLEEP HYPNOSIS GUIDED MEDITATION /> THE BEST SLEEP MEDITATIONS /> INSTAGRAM /> PATREON /> Please donate /> Original vocals by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton © 2019

Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
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lonely brylei
Stop scrolling and GO TO SLEEP NOW. Edit: more like it
John *
yeah, school tomorrow eh?
J. Fallon
People are so hateful on here. I'm just grateful that someone gave up their time to do anything else and yet they chose to try helping me relax --- and for free to me. 🎈
I burst out laughing when I realised it was the PlayStation 4 theme music playing in the background xD
12 angels
it said I deserve to fall asleep I cried😭😭
abbie s
school’s tomorrow yikes
Ella Warren
I had a lucid dream where I heard her voice lmao and my whole body was buzzing
Andrew Craggs
If you fall asleep fast why is it on for over a hour? 🤔
Pink Unicorn
Insomniacs with school tomorrow, where you at?!🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️...oof
Potato 101
Help me now it’s literally 2am and I have school tomorrow!😫 Oh wait it is tomorrow🤔🤯
suglosh ie
I'll put my phone open for hours and then I'll wake up at 10:00 realizing my phone has no charge then die
Lol you sound like a high elf from skyrim ...
I never get to see the end of these videos...
Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
so much love to you all xx
Sonofgod Jesuschrist
Your voice is so warm and softening. After trying to fall asleep to so many videos, and coming across this one, I fell asleep yesterday in 10 minutes. Thank you so much. Even if I wouldn't have fallen asleep so fast, it's still so wonderfully relaxing and calming listening to your voice and lovely words.
This is my third night listening to this since I found you. Thank you for your time in your videos. I appreciate you!💕
Gabriela Inés
This is my absolute favourite guided sleep meditation. I'm so glad I found your youtube channel. Thank you for creating this! Much love 💜🌠
Jessica L
Stop scrolling down the comments and GO TO SLEEP NOW Edit: more like it
This meditation is so sacred to me, ha! I listen to it every morning, after my night shifts. It is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for this!
I have never slept so good in my life I played it at 5:30 in the morning and I didn't wake up till 5 in the afternoon thank you so much Lauren you are such a life saver thank you
Antonio Jolev
When you keep repeating to stop thinking about things it works completely opposite
"Fall asleep FAST", 1:16:52. hum. .....
Haibat khan Jatoi
I've never felt so good being told to relax. Especially when you apologized for my bad day bad health or anything...yet you dont even know most of us....humanity exists...you are proof. Huge thumbs up..p.s I love your voice and how soothing it is and the way you speak
all I have to do is go pee now tf
Macy Shall
I have school tmr and I barely get sleep so trying your vids!! Wish me good luck lol.
R Chow
I didn’t believe this would work, but I’ve used this video many times when I just can’t get my mind to shut up and I honestly can never make it past the 15 min mark
MiLana Zen Bliss
Your voice is soothing and I appreciate the time it took to make this but at the beginning you don't need to say anything about a better chair yoga mat because you say it in the title you're going to sleep so that the person is already going to know that they need to be laying down somewhere. Then just when I'm starting to relax you're putting me back into thinking about things that have happened when I should be letting that stuff go and going to sleep. Makes it quite difficult
Androniki T.
*Two words: IT WORKS*
I listen to this video 3-5 times a week. It’s amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!! It helps with my crazy mind running a million miles an hour! ❤️❤️❤️
h i m a l i k a s h a r m a
At first I didn't thought this will work but it did thank you so much i slept like a baby.
FoxPlayzGames Xo
Wow thanks so much fell asleep fast and easy after trying manny videos which none of them have worked so thank you so much I subscribe and like the video thanks so much!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
AbiraShah xo
This is the second time I feel asleep to this recording, after trying many others this one puts me to bed like a mofo. Great one 👍🏼
Parampreet Kaur Sekhon
It is really helpful for me I have been listing to this amazing voice for 3 months Each day ❤️❤️❤️
Khloe El Dorrado
Thank you so much!!! This really worked!!💗
CORA McDermott
I used to have trouble sleeping but. Now I fall asleep so fast that it is amazing. Thank you so much for making this.
Absolutely love your kind gentle voice , you are magical lol , I use to have such a hard time falling asleep until I listened to fall asleep fast... Thank you so much , many blessings
Ilenia B. S.
Your videos are always reliable!! The very best. Thanks a lot
Cameron McIver
Would've liked this more if you didn't mention anxiety so much, it just makes me anxious
fatal lacey
Have tried many similar videos. I finally found the right one! Helps me so much every night and then again if I wake up and can't get back to sleep.
Niamh Peake
Do you have like, sleep music without words??? If yes, what is it called. If no, can you make some??🙏🙏🙏🙏
jaelynne vasquezz
every night thing , half the views are probably from me😂😂
Can Lauren make a video to help release feelings of guilt?
Thank you and God bless, I fell asleep quickly and feeling relaxed
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Lolii Hobii
I used this technique last night and let me just say, this actually worked miracles haha Thank you, I didn’t think it’d actually work.
Jordyn Sumter
They used the same music as the ps4😭
Janet Buxton
I love your work, but find this one is very hard to hear over the music. Might just be me. Thank you!
raymonde pearce
Suffering from jet lag. New Zealand to London. This helped me gain a few hours of quality sleep. Thank you Lauren, I have recommended this post to family and friends.
Gypsy Malone
Please make a video for health anxiety
Jacqui lopez
This one really works thank you your voice is so soothing and calming
martina m
Wow thanks, I had a great day but I couldn't sleep till 5am with no reason. Thank you for this amazing video that made me sleep :)))
Keira Tetley
Congrats on 55subs by the way it has only been 2mins and can berly stay awake you are a legend x❤️
Icky Coper
I fell a sleep in 11 minuets it was the best sleep ever
Melanie Bonneau
I have never meditated before, but this video truly helped me beat my insomnia last night...very impressed thank you!!
Isabella Macartney
I’m so tired thank you for this love it 😊😌
Leah Jerez
✨It is a true pleasure, listening to your meditations! You have a lovely gift, its beautiful that you choose to give of it freely, to others✨🙏😐
Amber Marie
When she said “ I’m sorry if ur having relationship problems” I thought *cant relate....to being in a relationship lol*
kevin coones
Woman Hypnotist voices you are the best Hypnotist
anthony harlan
This is a thing I listen to hourly almost at night. Helps me a lot
qween kitty Psycho
LMAO fall alseep fast... an hour long video 😂
Karen Coaching For positive health!
This was lovely... and it worked. Thank you ☺☺
PlayStation sound in the background 😂
Robert Hammond
Your voice is relaxing 🙂
Panic! I’m Hungry.
I’ve used this a ton of times and it works for me. Thanks xx
Camille Clough
It's absolute rubbish, I never comment but felt the need to tell people not to bother.
Kayla Asfour22
omg it actually worked i was asleep through half the video thx.
M.siri.j !
Was I the only one who tought there was gonna be a jumpscare or something 😂✌️
Sophia Davies
Thank you Lauren, I needed this so much now🙏 You’re the best. Congrats on 40k subscribers. I’m so happy for you😍
Chocolate Bigmac
Gosh I have terrible insomnia and I am dozing off as I am typing amazing!
Maritza Yo gurl
Best video ever this gave me the best sleep I’ve ever had,it helps me so much and I use it every night
Love it, fell asleep fast last night and listening again tonight 🌌
Gaston Meneses
This video is insane. I literally fall asleep within 10 minutes and don’t wake up in the night once.
this worked!! i didn’t even know i fell asleep
Darcy Godfrey
Relaxing no sleep though
Hidafag !
Should I be worried if it didn't work for me?
Tazuman Shemhamforash
Early Lara Croft
Divine Visions Psychic Readings
This is one of my fave meditations from you. Thanks Lauren for taking the time and energy to help those of us who have so much trouble falling asleep. I find your voice very soothing 💜
Crik Tar
Headspace is trash compared to YouTube sleep mediation
Big Fat Boi
Nice I got a good rest thank you
Ryno Art
Where the Wisc ppl at?
PaTrisha Forever
Thank you for making me go to sleep at night bless your heart thank you😸😺😸😸👍🏻
Lauren your videos are so wonderful! They got me thru pregnancy and new motherhood, etc. I listen almost every night before sleep. The best cure for a racing mind and insomnia. Thanks for all that you do!
Jeremy Manuel
School tommorow and 10 PM help
Sean Clark
This worked so fast I'm typing this after 13 hours of sleep thank u so so much.
Laura R
It's just me, or her voice sounds like Garnet from Steven Universe? Great experience, I loved it ♥
J E ss E Y
Work in 5 hours hahaha! First day back from the Christmas holidays lol. 🤣 wish me luck. Good night from new Zealand x
kevin coones
Woman Hypnosis voices are the Best and you are the Best!!
MMastGaming -
this helps so much on school days and christmas or other exiting days
Doc Martn
I don't always fall asleep everytime but her voice definitely helps my anxiety. And I really have it bad. I'm glad I found this!👍🌙⭐
nico hossain
Lauren you are beautiful and thank you for that wonderfully sleep I had 🤙🏽☺️
Its called.... falling asleep and not even knowing it
Aria Andrea A-S
Getting ready to relax to your vid, but a Kingdom Hearts III ad got me all hyped up, lmao
Robyn Leigh
Thank you for enabling me to find a place of calm,tranquil relaxation within myself and to sleep, it took a while but did work! X
Nando Carrasco
LOL yoo this acually helped 😹 all I heard was be in a comfortable spot and boooom I was fast asleep 😹
A guided meditation to help you fall asleep so fast... that lasts over an hour 😂😂
Johnny Chimpo
I stopped fw that sleep shiit
nala watt
I slept without fail every time. Thank you.