Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

Cal Kestis—one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Order after the purge of Order 66—is now a Padawan on the run. Experience this all-new single-player Star Wars™ story from Respawn Entertainment and EA Star Wars on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this holiday season, 15 November 2019. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure game set after Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith™. Develop your Force abilities, hone your lightsaber techniques, and explore the ancient mysteries of a long-lost civilization—all while staying one step ahead of the Empire and its deadly Inquisitors. #jedifallenorder #starwarsjedifallenorder #starwars

EA Star Wars
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Andrew Konhauser
3 rules to survive 1. Don’t pre order 2. Watch a review 3.Don’t trust EA
Respawn: Makes game without microtransactions EA: Wait that’s illegal
Dream Team Caribou
RESPAWN : Singleplayer, No microtransactions FANS : Sector is clear EA : execute order 66 FANS : NO CLEAR NOT CLEAR !!!
Sha Hutcherson
The Trailer looks good...BUT EA IS THE DARKSIDE.
john duncan
Rule 1. Never trust EA. Rule 2. Wait 6 months or longer before purchase.
Curi0us Tube
EA: *TRUST NO ONE* Star wars Comunity: *IRONIC*
Could of sworn this was the company that said single player games were dying 😂🤔
J Dom
Gamers - A new Star Wars game would be dope EA - on it! Gamers - oh god no... please god no..
EA Star Wars was now 666k subscribers... coincidence? I think not
*Shows ea logo* " it wasn't always like this"
Dear EA, Finish your game before you release it Sincerely, Everyone
I have given your last chance on ANTHEM. EA=Enough Already.
I'm going to wait because knowing EA they hide tons of content behind extra purchases. We haven’t seen any actual gameplay footage yet. It doesn't matter who's developing. EA publishes and releases it. They control what gets out and how it gets out. I'm more excited for Cyberpunk 2077 at this point in time. I'm hoping this game plays like God of War where you can really customize the stats, looks, and aesthetic of your outfit, accessories, and weapons. Perhaps even customize your droid friend. Hoping the droid friend AI is similar to "boy" in God of War. As for the lightsaber: The way the bottom (where a pommel should be) of the hilt looks, makes me think at one point it was originally a saber staff or double blade. I'm guessing this is how the lightsaber looks when you first discover it in game. But then perhaps later on you can craft/augment different pommels, handles, emitters, crystals/colors, etc. That would be really cool. But if that is such a feature, I'm also gonna guess you have to pay for it because EA.
1. Get Goosebumps 2. Realise its EA and inmediatly click on close
Tom Bullivant
“Lightsaber sold separately”
Trust no one. Especially not the company that has been voted the worst company in America numerous times.
American Patriot
Marvel: You can copy my soundtrack just mix it up a little EA: 1:12
hdhdbdjdhdnsnakdnbfjgdhdjdnd l
guess i'll have to pay for a fancy lightsaber?
Riot A3R0
My man Cameron Monaghan starring. Congrats from shameless to Gotham to THIS.. 👍
RaGe Bloody
Respawn and Blizzard: Hey EA look at this. Preorders aren't half as bad as expected. It really was a good idea to give power to the players instead of the higher payers. EA: Gooood... Execute Order 66. (Yeah don't trust EA.)
Nick C
i am inevitable
**another joker becomes the protagonist** Now there's two of them!
Lord Voldemort
This trailer reminds me so much of the Force Unleashed games.
Magic Impossible
Looks like new force unleashed maybe I'll pre order Made by ea maybe I'll wait for reviews
XxxXMaster GamerXxxX
I thought I needed to pay $4.99 to watch this trailer.
Tari Stoudermire
Only EA deals in absolute I will do what I must🤞🏾
Alfonzo Caldwell
More like become a Jedi February 12, 2020 😂 Not about to trick me I’ll wait
Burrito Feet
Super ultra mega dub edition dope OG gangsta thug life Star Wars
dumbass Boogaard
Don't reach within THE MICROTRANSACTIONS. EA: i'am going in...
Lennard Datema
EA: There will be no micro transactions in this game. Also EA: Trust no one
name hidden
respawn: let's make a good singleplayer game without microtransactions fans: yay EA: hold my beer
Cho Koon
what makes you think that this game wouldn't be a huge big disappointment?
Veuillez saisir un nom.
« Accept the paste » Google traduction : accept the past when i stole all ur money and buy me again its safe -EA
What's this, a white male protagonist in EA game? Oh wait, there's a black woman jedi master mln times more powerful than you phew, I thought for a minute there wouldn't be a nod to sj courd in an EA game. lol
If what you have said is true, you will have gained my trust.
Odin Warlock
i hope the story is good microtransactions can't be a problem its a single player. EA must hate good games if they mess this up
Luk Pod
EA=we give the game for 66,99 € and for content that should be free, it will only cost € 40,99 as a DLC /That's how I see it/
Goon Slime
1:12 thought this was the avengers theme for a second >_>
You've burned us so many times. Will wait till reviews come in. No pre order. LEARN from this EA. LEARN YOU MUST.
EA: Microtransactions. Its not the jedi way... Disney: Dew it. EA: Lmao k
Armored Goldfish
This is a good trailer. I might even buy on release day if gameplay trailers look good enough.
Sloan Cooper
I wish this was kotar 3. ea is not a good place for Star Wars
I don’t need the Game, the Game NEEDS me!
scariest thing about this trailer is the EA logo
Spontaneous Nick
Yeah I’m not gonna buy this. Looks amazing. But you know EA
Kerim Gürsu
Rockstar Games: I have the best Singleplayer game!🤫 Star Wars Battlefront 2: Hold my Command Post!💥👌
Wagner Costa
If what you've told me is true. You will have gained my trust.
Pathfinder red the Good Neocon
There are three rules to survive 1) Don't trust EA 2) Don't stand with EA 3) Don't accept EA
1. Singleplayer only 2. No microtransactions 3. KOTOR 2 Writer Nice
my computer will most likely be sizzling when I run this game
The Last European
So, is there a multiplayer?
Jgeneral 188
I think I'm gonna pre order . The new star wars saga has been sooo good. I trust Disney in this .... 😂
Николай Марсысов
Почему игры получаются получше чем фильмы с той же вселенно
Nick Young
*Just a friendly reminder not to pre-order, have a nice day.*
If i can become a sith in the end... you have bought me. But if i cant... after battlefront 2 and the "empire" point of view...
Michael Thornton
I haven't played an EA game since Mass Effect... I'll wait for the reviews.
Johny Something
This looks so awesome but EA is making it so I’m gonna wait for any review
Vincent Orr Albert
They'll pull a Bobby Kotick on us and implement microtransaction a week later in a patch.
Ma Ru
Help me, Respawn Entertainment. You're my only hope.
rich murph
how obvious is it that game makers understand star wars better than movie makers....dd will fail we have seen this with character flips in game of thrones wars is good evil sometimesfall sometimes redemption. imagine if luke went running away crying when he found his aunt and uncle andhome had been destroyed.....cersi anyone
EA, you're like a bad rich dad. Sometimes you wanna do good, but sometimes you just end up f***g things up for your kids (aka your studios)
Mini Kun
I hope i can change my light Saber colour. Green= 2.99€ Purple=5,99€ Red= 10.99€ Black = 99.99€ Gold= 100.000.99€
Respawn: No microtransactions, Single Player Story EA: Execute Order 66
EA has its paws in it so most likely won't be buying.
Jace Johnson
What's Jerome from Gotham doing with a lightsaber?
SBot Studios
Is this cannon or legends? I think legends.
Kyle Crofts
I'm more excited for this game than Episode 9.
Steven Matthews
Everyone: This looks pretty good. Looks like EA is finally turning things around! Me: *Trust no one.*
I would only buy if these two things apply to the game: 1. No microtransactions 2. A survival mode like in Star Wars Battlefront 2015, but maybe a little more sophisticated
diego velardez
Star wars jedi fallen order....2019
Greedo B
notice how he got the light saber at the end? that's probably the only action with the saber you get lmfao the ending of the game
Cave Miner
EA: There will be no microtransactions *Press X to doubt*
The narrator sounds like dylan o'brien.
Jexer Kyle Adefuin
Insert *CJ's ah shit here we go again* meme here.
A Pacheco
gotta say star wars best soundtrack and music in general
The Fraze
Ok whoever made the music for this game is an absolute champion
Steven Santos
Pros: -Singleplayer Story Mode -Respawn -No Multiplayer -No Microtransactions -Unreal Engine over Frostbite Cons: - EA I’m conflicted.
Fajar Kurniawan
Taron Egerton will play the live-action adaptation
Phantom Knight
I really hope we can change the Lightsabers! I want a Green Double-Bladed lightsaber!
Darth Homo The Fag
Such a boring trailer😢 But wait.. trailers don't matter.. maybe the game is good! There's still hope!
Chance Mattox
Amazing... it's the game I always wanted. Disney needs to get behind this too. This one trailer is better than 7 and 8 combined loo
Steven Matthews
Everyone: This looks pretty good. Looks like EA is finally turning things around! Me: *Trust no one.*
Kushimaru Kuriarare
I wonder if you can create your own Character this time
Rick Tenter
EA? Should be a great game with no issues and I'm sure it's a game created for the fans (intense sarcasm).
I think a rebranding of EA would be in order. I just don’t think I can see myself buying anything marked by the words ’EA’ for the foreseeable future.
Lance Umadhay
Is it wrong if I get goosebumps in this trailer and actually is excited. Anyways this game has potential and im looking forward to it
Steven Matthews
Everyone: This looks pretty good. Looks like EA is finally turning things around! Me: *Trust no one.*
Just Swell - A Surf Channel
Questions? Do you have to be a Jedi? Do you have to trust anyone? Three? Anyone seen any gameplay?
Music sound so much like the Avengers theme in some parts!
jerrard ellis
Trevor Harris
It’s an EA game. I’m not touching this with a ten foot pole.
*Sees EA logo* I fear no man, but that thing... It scares me...
Will this be the best Star Wars game ever made? only time can tell.
Ben J
Looks pretty strong with the Force for a Padawan..
Tyler stuteville
Can we get a clone wars story for once jezz
Kevin Guillaume
*Me* : I heard EA wants you too put at least 50% down on pre-orders...that's weird *EA* : "The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be... unnatural"
Steven Matthews
Everyone: This looks pretty good. Look like EA is finally turning things around! Me: *Trust no one.*
The Sunday Arts
Jeremiah Valeska in star wars OH MY GOD