BAD ROOMIES Trailer (2015) Comedy Movie

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Bad Roomies Trailer - 2015 Comedy Movie Subscribe for more: /> Bad Roomies is a dark comedy about two guys living together who, after losing their roommate, put out an ad to find a new one. After a series of disastrous interviews with potential roommates they settle on an apparently harmless but beautiful girl. All seems to be going well despite the simmering rivalry until one drunken night causes all three roommates to make a horrible mistake that start them on a downward spiral. A hilarious yet disastrous game of roommate versus roommate takes a turn that will change all their lives forever.

so basically don't have a threesome with your roommates.
The whole film, within the trailer. Nice.
djay T-b
why do i need to watch the movie now since u summed it up in this trailer
Captain Mutato
Anyone checking out this trailer who's curious about watching this please... I mean please!!! Save yourself the trouble and just dont
is this New Girl the Film?
holy shit - it's the Great Hambino!
Is that the guy from Sandlot? "You killing me Smalls!".
Tiki Torchs
They will make a movie out of anything....
Nathan Ray
Well that was a good movie. I just need to find a trailer for it now.
Chiz TheSaiyan
this actually looks like a good comedy
Joey Wilson
You're killin me smalls. You're killin me.
ابراهيم الرفاعي
any movie shows some asses you should know something that movie will be bad because there is no good story . they show some asses because they want you watch it .
Scout 9301
Oh my gosh it's the kid from the sandlot like 30 years later still looks exactly the same
If you let a woman loose she will bring fire and brimstone upon you, your house and your friends.
SparkyMarkyMark 23
What's the name of this song that's playing in the trailer?
OMG it's the same dude from the Season 5 X-Files episode Bad Blood :D.
i LikeKawaii
That is why you do not trust hoes, and there is a saying about it “bros are the BEST hoes”.
#Woken EnigmaTV
Reckless Tortuga made this Check them out if you haven't already
Dilla Rose
woah.. is that Arielle at @0:35 ?
Don Diego
There's no such thing as girl and boy roommate.
Shane Laroche
holy shit! it's the sandlot boy. He's a square!!!!! *L...7...WEINER!!!!!!!
Options Specialist
Bros before hoes.
N xo1
is that Arielle Vandenberg at 0:36 ??? from vine
Homer Simpson
I throughly enjoyed it !!
Adina B
does anyone know the song that was playing towards the end?
Real Hokzii
If this was real, I would never be able to be a roommate, cuz girls always take the spot.
ebele elizabeth
Gern Blanston
You're killing me, Smalls!
Boyd Peters
Trailer needed to show the 3rd act. Looks pointless without that
Laine Būmeistere
Great comedy, just Bobby is so damn annoying character. But otherwise I loved it. :D :)
Zakariya Ibrahim
the sandlot kid!!
Marty Alvos
its the fat kid from the Sandlot
Cute Picture Legacy and news
Very good looking man(not the fatty) and gorgeous girl
Meyonce Wortham
Michelle Cné Brown
kinda reminded me of the movie threesome at the beginning
I haven't seen this yet, but from what I saw in this preview, this happened between two friends and I. Needless to say, it didn't end well.
Samuel Caesars
when is it on popcorn time ?
Edward Gil
This was a good movie. Totally underrated.
Very good movie....oh wait, it's a trailer...
Ilija Dinov
Gessica Sapio
Straight women had house party without men and makeout each other. WTF's nornal this into lesbian friends parties, but not for straigh friends women. it's the same into the straight men parties? Hahahahah
Andre Alonso
I'm sure I've seen this movie before but now I want to watch it using boxxy software just because I have acces to all movies in the woooooorld
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
Who ever thought about releasing this like who watches these type of movies unless you have friends who likes to get drunk i guess.
Not-so-Surprising Spoiler: Bobby was the real douchebag in this whole movie.
Dorkus Malorkus
Not promising... The "Bad [Noun]" franchise needs rebooting
Leroi Farfàn
One of the best comedy films I've recently watched its awesome !!
aayush nigam
tell me thing, straight girl's existsssss or notttt
I still want to find out if they defeated her. Idgaf about the trailer showing a lot of the story lol
Ash Trancy
What song
Ryland Whitaker
kid from The Sandlot looks so odd as an adult now.
Evelyn Dovale
Haha...I think I'll like this.
JsBsers Jesus be seniors
What's the second song played in the traliers
DBS Biking Edits S
Your killing me movies, killing me
Olav Langli
How is giving away free shroomes a bad thing??
Gerardo Mendez
“You play ball like a girl “
man that guy looks weird, you all know which one i mean.
Morgan Hughes
need more online gamer
jasche nield
The sandlot 2 looks cool
I literally just watched the movie in 2min 😂😂😂
Gaia Boldrini
And they were roommates
Song name?
Hap py
Man, Ham hasn't changed a bit
Epic Music Videos
This is what you're here for. (00:38)
Fernando Hache
Def fells like they are trying too hard
Noah Fioretti
Is that the kid from sandlot kids
Oh I see, its one of those movies. The guys in the end just decide to throw her down the stairs and end on a bromance. Bitches be crazy.
The Pooh
Your killing me smalls!
Kamri D
You're killing me smalls!
I gotta see it now
Ben Stoke
So nice
Didn't watch the trailer I am just here to say.... THIS MOVIE IS TRASH! Horrible lead guy, horrible lead girl (they're both good looking but not believable actors at all). Like most people I decided to give this movie a try because Ham from sandlot was in it. He is ok, some parts had me dying laughing cause Ham was yelling or freaking out, or being a jackass. There was one scene though with him talking to his girlfriend after cheating on her that was so incredibly bad and horribly acted I almost gave up on the rest of the movie. Any part of the movie that tried to be a little bit serious was awful. The best actor in this entire movie was either the hot chick from Instagram or the friend at the bar who was in a TBS show I believe. The movie wasn't all bad though the pranks were pretty amusing near the middle of the flick. WAIT! I almost forgot about the ridiculous twist ending..... SPOILER...... The three main characters, who had a threesome, end up accidentally stabbing a random dude who was absent the entire film in the chest. Mission accomplished director because that bullshit murder was the only reason I watched the god awful 20 minute resolution and wrap up. (Spoiler again they turn themselves in and go to jail, lame) 1 fat ginger catchers / out of 10
Brandon Ninja
That guy with the red hair from the Sandlot movie looks scary.
Sammy Stenson
FFS, feel like this whole Trailer gave away the movie.
Burhan Bey
izlemeyin leş
mrklimop jou
i seen him last time and only time in son inlaw.. and this movie NOWAY
oran solomon
I dont need to see the movie I just watch it here it spoiled everything
Sinton Nison
He was cute weird as a kid... anddddddddd just weird now
I love seeing underground stars getting movie roles
wow feels like a watched the movie already
claude hayden
Looks good lol.
Watched the show, conclusion: time better spent watching grass grow
Lety G
0:02 it's that kid from the Sandlot!!
keyser soze
I haven't seen this yet, but from what I saw in this preview, this happened between two friends and I. Needless to say, it didn't end well.
Someone who loves anime Bb
you’re killing me Small’s
Jay Blaze
looks hilarious!
Anyone else play Spot the Viner?
This looks cool.
Artless Media
that guy from the sandlot
Neo Virz
no just.. no
Bulan Ude
What is name of this song?
Nompilo Nkosi
hated how it ended
هت لر
Sunita Gupta
wait a second it just told the whole story
I_ Helios
Thanks I just watch probably a 1 hour 30 mins worth of a movie in one 2:01 trailer lol. Yeah the trailer just spoiled/ruined the film lol.