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Sniper: Ultimate Kill (2017) Movie Info: />Buy it on Blu-ray: /> Subscribe to Ex Hitman Channel for more ► /> Film Description: A Colombian drug kingpin secretly pays for the services of a sniper capable of killing the enemies of anyone who hires him. The DEA, alarmed by the kingpin's threat to the country, sends an agent and a Marine sniper to Colombia. Their mission: Kill the sniper and bring the kingpin back to the US to be tried for his crimes. But not everything goes to plan, as the DEA discover plenty of surprises in their way, in this exciting thriller. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All the rights in this content belong to their respective owner/s.

Ayxan Qurbanlı
We want moreèee blooooodd.!!!!!!!
camilo pereira
hola xd
Howard Chen
And there's that one guy with a Fortnite grenade launcher
"Proceed with extreme caution"... as they walk through an open field on the edge of the woods.
HITESH Adhikari
*Call me a pig but I will never take a woman in my squad to a gunfight. It's risking my entire squad life because of political correctness*
PakGuru Motovlog
You know there is sniper.. and you stand up... genius
Cao Ngọc Tiến
Stupid soldier!
Zingka Zhimomi
Name of the movie please anyone?
shashank Dimpu
That headshot though
cody banks
4:19 wtf moment
1 shot 2 killed
robert thaler
bad social engineering. All girls. Yeah...right.
غريب في وطني
اسم الفلم رجائن
Riccy Diangilo
Hahahahaha, this looks like a great comedy, I have to see this.
Konoe Touta
A house with bomb...yeah ive seen that a lots...old trick mate
Mahesh Gauswami
Nice. Move
One of pro sniper's trick: pin someone down to expose primary target.
\Tactical Response/
entry wound was actually exit wound?
Andrew childress
Guess u could say that's a real "trap house" am I right. LOLZ XD
богдан косарев
Архидерьмо а не фильм
بشار الامير
واااااو روعه جداا
XerxeX Tuguinay
Lol they dont have tactical grenades lol like Smoke grenade
What was that????? I need to watch this 3 times. There was an hostile sniper too.
Asgrf Hassain
جميل جدا
Kandela Brown
Weird looking projectile.
Bill Welter
Why didn't drone have IR ?
I feel so bad for that dude he died cause of that chick if she just left him in the ground he would have been fine until the sniper was taken out.
Venzey Joe90
Title plsee..
Ray Farmer
That girl was stupid
Amin noyan
Аскарбек Шаяхметов
Подскажите как на русском название фильма
Radzh Radzhambai
Далбаевы женщина командають вот что быть без ислама религии
แบ็ค คับ
เรื่องอะไรคับ อยากดู
Tom Simmo
Yepper no combat babes .
Monorom Krich
Wait, whut?
Gagandeep Singh
Hahahaha only the girl does not have colour on the face
Erin Averyt
That last shot was so easy even I could pull it off
Kevin99 KOVON77