Mick Thomson recording for Slipknot's "All Hope is Gone"

Like us on facebook! />Rivera films Mick Thomson laying down guitar tracks for Slipknot's "All Hope is Gone" record while using his signature Rivera KR7 amp and the Knucklehead Tre. Location; Des Moines, Iowa. Learn more

Man, I'm sure the guitar needed a cigarette after that...
Loïc Patry
When you hear the actual strings more than the speakers You know that darling is having the ride of her life
I hope the guitar was 18+.
Tamon K
I met him today in Auckland, New Zealand.... I asked him to take a photo with me and he kindly said yes, such a nice guy.
Santiago Jara González
Mick and Jim are under rated, both are great musicians.
bignasty big nasty
"Awesome mick....now can you play that again?....i forgot to press record."
Chris B
I didn't realize how on point his playing is until I watched this. Sick
K.I.Z Of A Down
But can he play Smoke On The Water?
Gematria is such an underrated riff
Barney Clifton
Metal is exactly where you will find all the good musicians these days
Jeff Axman
Now I can see why Zakk Wylde said he always knew Mick could shred.
Being in Slipknot must feel like taking an exam every performance.
Jonathon S
I didn't know porn was allowed on YouTube
Rafael Lago
You don't have to be a Slipknot fan to acknowledge a riff master when you see it.
smoke rain
"Oooo slipknot is talentess" That's cute
monte lavey
As someome who started playing guitar 3 months ago, Mick is borderline intimidating when he plays guitar.. holy shit.
I know the band hated that album and how they record it. I have to admit, those type of album have maybe not the slipknot spirit or energy whatever but... this shit is so tight and more technical.
Henrik Swanström
Dude loves downpicking. Rip forearms.
Comment Highlighted
I love how you can hear the strings 🙂
El Duderino
BRB, gotta go take my arthritis medicine.
Richard McSweeney
gotta luv that breakdown at 4:50, awesome riffing
Infantryman, Airborne
This is the epitome of perfect, tight, metal, rhythm guitar playing. Mick is freakishly talented.
KicK IT!
I Didn't know Vinnie Paul could play guitar, then again his brother was the greatest guitar player ever. RIP D.B
Bobby Brown
As a long time guitarist I can say Mick is extremely underrated
euronomous segovia
This is what I think I look like when I'm playing in my room
I show this to anyone who says " you don't need talent to play metal"
Mark H
His hands/fingers are truly dancing on the fret board; so much practice to be that effortlessly raw
Shotgun Zombie
they may not do the shred thing, but these dudes don't get enough credit for their chops. respect.
Dick Baguette
Pfft, bet he can't play Smoke on the Water. Because I can't.
casey lewis
Mick needs his own signature line of shampoo
I would have messed up a dozen times within that long take
Christopher Adams
Gotta have respect for Mick whether your a Slipknot fan or not. Pretty technical piece. Almost makes your head spin trying to keep up with what hes doing
Omega 2004
Just to think that he plays some of these songs with fast tempos and such accuracy live all while head banging is amazing.🤘 Mick is one of the greatest guitarists of metal!
Will Gibson
Im not a fan of Slipknot, but dang can Mick play
Adam Andres
The guitar was afraid to do a mistake...
Chaz Squatch
In this video, Mick looks like a terrifying version of Kevin Smith. Solid work.
Ben Franklin
3:50-4:11 when you beat phase 1.....and then phase 2 starts
Satanic Jukebox
Mick and James are so underrated, especially Mick.
Brian McNulty
Dude executes the pick attacks hard as hell. Never was a Slipknot fan, but I now understand why Mick Thomson is so well reknowned.
joe g
Legend has it that the guitar he plays starts clean. After hes done playing one riff, the "seven" appears on it. Not wanting to be touched by another.
Colin Blaine
This band is quite literally the jackpot of musicianship, talent and supreme no compromise quality and work ethic. This whole band gives you your money's worth every time out.
Jesse Rozycki
Just obtained a whole new level of appreciation for guitar players
roozbeh dilmaghani
i consider my self a good rhythm player , but the riff in the beginning is something! at first glance when you see this guy on stage you may not notice the technique and clarity he has in his rhythm playing but now i see! first riff defiantly need like an hour warm up :)
Seeing this pushes me to keep playing guitar, this video is awesome
All down strokes jesus christ
Aleks Naidenov
hasnt Mick heard of alternate picking :D
Sea Kay
One of the most underrated metal guitarists of all time. He’s always been in Jim’s shadow.
His accuracy is astonishing!
Ryan Firmansyah
That damn guitar is to small for him
just smashed my keyboard with my forehead
Stacy Beck
hes really good.
Marcus a
Holy shit, I got a long time before I can even attempt to learn this
Helmy Fahmiansyah
Makes sense why Gematria never played live on stage
Adam Turner
I think we can all agree that "mrs. thomson" is one happy lady! .... ( in a tickling the pickle kinda way) ✋🔴!
Matin _
Dude!!!!! He’s a God!!!! An absolute genius 🤙🏻
Bradley Hudson
Mick Thompson should be the face of Loreal
That guitar got VIOLATED bruh
Epul Jaybee
Guitar : please don’t kill me...urgghhh.. .... .. .
it will take 3 lives for me to play like that :p
Illham Akbar
Now that's!! Is how to treat your guitar properly
Pepe Pérez I
I think he said to his brother: "You can't play like me", then his brother stabbed him.
Erik Jorgensen
Guitar Hero Level 100 / 5* / 100% complete
Thomas Densmore
Badass here in Baltimore county MD love those boys since day 1
Vladimir Andreev
that riff around 2:00 sounds pretty fucking awesome, i must say
Bigfoot Is Out There
Mind blown! Slipknot has some of the sickest riffs out there. Mic is incredible
As a guitarist, am i the only one cringing at the camera guy getting all up around him while recording? like, when im recording or playing, having someone peering over my shoulder or right up by the front of the guitar would really piss me off.
beezie 256
One of the most under rated guitarists out there.
Akilda Lion
you can tell he played these riffs a million times at home, so he would be over prepared for now, thats how i work. Mad respect.
SS 70
i hope that guitar was 17
Sérgio Afonso Mesquita
This guy is a beast! God Mode!
Carlos Gonzalez
His playing is incredibly tight, All Hope Is Gone has some sic and underrated riffs.
This right here is a beyond talented human being
i wish i could play the guitar like that
I've seen many guitar covers of gematria (the killing name) but nothing comes close to Mick's accuracy + speed.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the guitar bursted into flames when he was done
Jordan Parker
this is the only time I seen Mick without his sunglasses on lol
Rifle Twist
I absolutely adore this video. Thank you for posting. So cool to see one instrument being recorded and close up.
I'm just getting into Slipknot, and as a guitarist, all I can say is WOW. Mick is *way* more talented than I thought! And riff at the beginning is fucking sic!
Christian Pearce
Legend has it that they had to cut the video halfway because the guitar caught fire
M.M Andersson
That´s damn impressive.
Rooster 7six
Goddamn you've got some fast fingers Mick! And you make it look effortless! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
No Pe
And yet this is people's least favorite Slipknot album
White Bread
He looks like he’s in that zone when you haven’t picked up you guitar in awhile and you’re amp is sounding the best. Monster player.
Solar Destroyer
Very underrated guitarist's these two...
What? his amp doesn't go to 11?
Jake Hill
Oh man I wish they would play more of the underrated songs from AHIG and Vol 3, there's a ton of gems that have never been played live.
Linn Win
haters will always be haters. no matter how complicated a riff, no matter how much syncopation, rhythm, groove, feeling, speed, aggression, etc that Slipknot can humanly put into their guitars, people will always talk about how they can't play or they have no feeling or they suck or they're clowns or they only play for teenagers or they have no solos or whatever lame ass excuse they can think of. lol if you don't like em don't come to watch the video. simple. go listen to what you think is "real metal"
That guitar just got a DP
John Connors 111
ALL hope is gone he can play a MELODY.
Akilda Lion
Mick has my work ethic as far as being in a band. You do the shit out of your homework, so when you hit the studio, you can do the whole song in no more than 2 takes. Thats why i like him.
Stuart Bennett
Some fast work bet the ladies love them fingers
I'm not a fan but that was pretty awesome.
Is that the smoke alarm I hear in the background?
that was so damn beautiful wtf
Richard Jeski
that last 2 minutes actually made me wanna listen to AHIG again!
Mick and Jim are such big inspirations for me aswell as many other great musicians ! Hopefully they keep slipknot together
damn this guy is really good. If only Slipknot had more leads :(
Thanks Mick for helping me realize where my guitars belong...in the bin...
Juan De Dios Castañon Roman
Excelente recomendación YouTube *~* lml
Alexa Wallace
Mick's such a beast on guitar just BEAST