Mick Thomson recording for Slipknot's "All Hope is Gone"

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Like us on facebook! />Rivera films Mick Thomson laying down guitar tracks for Slipknot's "All Hope is Gone" record while using his signature Rivera KR7 amp and the Knucklehead Tre. Location; Des Moines, Iowa. Learn more

Man, I'm sure the guitar needed a cigarette after that...
I hope the guitar was 18+.
Jonathon S
I didn't know porn was allowed on YouTube
Santiago Jara González
Mick and Jim are under rated, both are great musicians.
His accuracy is astonishing!
Linn Win
haters will always be haters. no matter how complicated a riff, no matter how much syncopation, rhythm, groove, feeling, speed, aggression, etc that Slipknot can humanly put into their guitars, people will always talk about how they can't play or they have no feeling or they suck or they're clowns or they only play for teenagers or they have no solos or whatever lame ass excuse they can think of. lol if you don't like em don't come to watch the video. simple. go listen to what you think is "real metal"
Henrik Swanström
Dude loves downpicking. Rip forearms.
Tamon K
I met him today in Auckland, New Zealand.... I asked him to take a photo with me and he kindly said yes, such a nice guy.
Barney Clifton
Metal is exactly where you will find all the good musicians these days
Brian McNulty
Dude executes the pick attacks hard as hell. Never was a Slipknot fan, but I now understand why Mick Thomson is so well reknowned.
Gematria is such an underrated riff
He sucks, just kidding, man.. didnt know he was that good and accurate with every note and harmonics, im starting to really really listen to slipknot and this guys are great talented players
I'm not a big Slipknot fan, but I will admit, Mick Thomson is one of the best modern rhythm guitar players in metal. I've seen people compare him with Synyster Gates, but Mick is miles ahead of Syn in the rhythm department.
always been a fan of Slipknot but it's not often you get to see them playing like this without the theatrics of their live show. videos like this showcase just how great they are. Mick was always my fave guy back in the day. now it's between Mick and Jim because I feel Jim has really come into his own over the last couple of albums.
monte lavey
As someome who started playing guitar 3 months ago, Mick is borderline intimidating when he plays guitar.. holy shit.
Now I finally know how Mick looks without mask or sunglasses :D
Pepe Pérez I
I think he said to his brother: "You can't play like me", then his brother stabbed him.
All Hope is Gone had some kick-ass riffs going. Hell, I can even say one of the best they've ever wrote. I don't know why they hate that album so much.
Evin Paauwe
Gematria is my favorite Slipknot song
Gertrude Perkins
mick is such a fucking legend. this album is so technical its insane
KicK IT!
I Didn't know Vinnie Paul could play guitar, then again his brother was the greatest guitar player ever. RIP D.B
casey lewis
Mick needs his own signature line of shampoo
smoke rain
"Oooo slipknot is talentess" That's cute
0:32 when she asks if you wanna do something freaky tonight
Shotgun Zombie
they may not do the shred thing, but these dudes don't get enough credit for their chops. respect.
Tyler Durden
This is one of the most difficult songs ive ever tried to play
Mick is one of the greatest guitarists of all time! His technique is mind boggling.
Lyric Hat
As a guitarist, am i the only one cringing at the camera guy getting all up around him while recording? like, when im recording or playing, having someone peering over my shoulder or right up by the front of the guitar would really piss me off.
Bigfoot Is Out There
Mind blown! Slipknot has some of the sickest riffs out there. Mic is incredible
Rafael Lago
You don't have to be a Slipknot fan to acknowledge a riff master when you see it.
Jimmy Landa
Jesus Christ. New fan over here.
Alex Smith
Still not as good as our lord Lil Wayne
Dick Baguette
Pfft, bet he can't play Smoke on the Water. Because I can't.
I know the band hated that album and how they record it. I have to admit, those type of album have maybe not the slipknot spirit or energy whatever but... this shit is so tight and more technical.
one of the less guitarists who actually record the song in a play-through and not just part for part
Katastrophic Shredder
Mick is fuckin hands down one of the best guitar players out there and the things he has done for Metal and guitar in general is sumthin to be proud of! I look up to this beast of a guitar player 🤘😈🤘
Comment Highlighted
I love how you can hear the strings 🙂
That Joey/Mick/James moment 4:24
Those are giant strings looks like a 7-8 string....must use heavy gauge strings.
Mick Thomson is a god.
Bradley Hudson
Mick Thompson should be the face of Loreal
Daniel Lopez
Too bad they never played Gematria live ...
Josh Pelton
I would love for Mick to do a side project that was more extreme than Slipknot
SS 70
i hope that guitar was 17
Underrated guitar player. \../ \../
Esteban Aguayo
Damn I'm always trash talking Slipknot, but these are some decent riffs. And look tough to play.
Cedric Verner
Even the camera cant follow up to his double hammer-ons. I mean I tried at 75% speed and I can barely do it.
roozbeh dilmaghani
i consider my self a good rhythm player , but the riff in the beginning is something! at first glance when you see this guy on stage you may not notice the technique and clarity he has in his rhythm playing but now i see! first riff defiantly need like an hour warm up :)
murder one
I dont understand how people shit on All Hope Is Gone like it isnt amazing
Fil Solano
that's a sweet Ibanez
Stacy Beck
hes really good.
David Rebollo Sierra
Slipknot should be an instrumental band...
i wish i could play the guitar like that
Satanic Jukebox
Mick and James are so underrated, especially Mick.
Максим Неплох
M Shiv17
How could people dislike the video you people must truly have no family or friends very sad
I can't help remembering when the first Slipknot cd came out how so many people dissed them as nu metal, and rap metal wannabes. They couldn't let themselves get past that. I always had a huge respect for their genre defiance. Elements of hip hop, metal, trance etc. In the end they're just fucking heavy as it gets.
Lukas Meggs
To think he plays this kind of stuff at shows night in and night out....the guys in Slipknot are all seriously talented
How rare is it to get a guitar player that talented, an insane drummer like joey, probably the greatest vocalist of all time and a mastermind likee clown into one band?
Stephen Grabarek
rivera amplification with the nazi sun hieroglyph logo...representing the Pharoah domination that controls the world through the mahat mahan secret combination
Jack M
Mick has the hair of a god
Words can't describe the jealousy I have for Mick's hair and guitar skills ;-; but I love him :D
John Webb
you can tell he played these riffs a million times at home, so he would be over prepared for now, thats how i work. Mad respect.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the guitar bursted into flames when he was done
Helmy Fahmiansyah
Makes sense why Gematria never played live on stage
mick=music god comfirmed
No Pe
And yet this is people's least favorite Slipknot album
A B Cars N’ Guitars
Mick is one of the most underrated guitarist of all time .. people call Hetfield the king of downpicking , i beg to differ ...
Jake Hill
Oh man I wish they would play more of the underrated songs from AHIG and Vol 3, there's a ton of gems that have never been played live.
emil starczyk
lol i was checking lists of best guitar/electricar guitar players. None of them contain Mike. lol
This shit looks like witchcraft to me as someone that doesn't play an instrument.
D TheBassman
I'm not into HEAVY METAL music, the heaviest I get into is the original and the original coining phrase, "heavy metal thunder", by Steppenwolf. I have been playing guitar since 1967 and drums since 1965. With that being said, I do have an appreciation for the staccato timing of these musicians and the way that they apply their craft and trade with their instruments.
Felipe Freitas
6666 likes , 66 dislikes , looks like the devil is real here
what the hell song is at 5:05 !!!!! that riff is force!
I hope that the guitar was legal... Got straight up manhandled haha
Does anyone else feel like Mick is actually holding back on what he can really do??
Brandon Moore
Damn. I'm not a fan of Slipknot, but this guy has great chops.
Trystan Hooper
is that mick or a bear, :-P. I keep coming back to this for inspiration to improve myself as a player; this just an insane display of talent.
lana layne
I need this amp, the guitar and the hands.
Jacob Cleveland
dude's a machine!
Kevin McGeehan
Mick looks like Vinnie Paul haha
Arnold Shcwarzenegro
them riffs are cleeeeeeeeeeeannn
Dr. Zoidberg
How does he do that thing where he's doing all that?
Só weydstos mon
I really dislike Slipknot as a whole, but I gotta give it to all the musicians, their endurance and accuracy is impressive.
S Bu
Mick is a beast guitarist
And they say Slipknot has no talent...
is it me or did slipknot get heavier?
beezie 256
One of the most under rated guitarists out there.
Is it normal that i have a boner right now?
Mick and Jim are such big inspirations for me aswell as many other great musicians ! Hopefully they keep slipknot together
Deathvoid Entropic Suplex Firefist Twerk Team
Inhuman fingers
He played guitar for 6 min. Awesome technique but no vibe at all. I felt real groove only on 0:19 - 0:40 All other is just bunch of notes. And Jordie with his endless blastbeat. So lame and old, can't even talk about it.
Omega 2004
Mick attac dem strings
I'm not a fan but that was pretty awesome.
Hmmm, lost count how many times I've looped this now. :) Love his playing, maybe I'll need to check out slipknot again. Love the guitar sound too, I came here to check out the "articulation" the Riveras provide even with a heavy chug.
damn this guy is really good. If only Slipknot had more leads :(
Ryon Ludlow
After watching the videography this sheds a whole light on this record.
Rooster 7six
Goddamn you've got some fast fingers Mick! And you make it look effortless! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
TheWitchHunter1_73MH _
Good luck tabbing this out lol