Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “To the End”

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Commo Freq
Moment of silence for all movie theater employees...
This trailer is so good even though I saw Endgame weeks ago I still watch this trailer. Hands down the best Marvel has released I swear! Edit: Honestly it’s so touching knowing how many true Marvel fans there are. The MCU is art and I’m glad there are people to appreciate it!
Onkar More
🚹 This is Doctor Strange Doctor Strange have watched Endgame one year ago and didn't even spoil anything Be like Doctor Strange
Tony:One last sacrifice Steve:one last mission Thor:one last fight Hawk eye:one last chance Banner:one last battle Natasha:one last stand Stan lee:one last dream
Zenoz Time
Thanks for the Legacy Mr Stark.. We love you 3000.. ❤
Kelli Haddock
This is simultaneously the dopest and one of the most emotional Endgame trailers so far!
Ironic Turtle Pictures
0:06 Iron Man 3 theme (Brian Tyler) 0:14 Captain America theme (Alan Sylvestri) 0:22 Thor theme (Patrick Doyle) 0:30 Guardians of the Galaxy theme (Tyler Bates) 0:38 Dr. Strange theme (Michael Giacchino) 0:45 Avengers theme (Alan Sylvestri) 0:50 Black Panther theme (Ludwig Göransson) 1:53 & 2:22 Avengers theme again! All we're missing is Ant Man's theme (my personal favorite, by Christophe Beck) at 0:44, Spider-Man's theme (Michael Giacchino) at 0:47, and Captain Marvel's theme (Pinar Topak) at 1:00. That being said, I am unbelievably happy to hear Marvel reprise these themes! I've been listening to most of them for years, and it's wonderful to hear their legacy lead up to the most anticipated movie of the decade!
Fardin Allam
See how the lines matches with the movies Strength- Thor Challenge- Loki was the first challenge for the Avengers Conflict- Winter soilder brings conflict for Cap Catastrophe- Of course it's Civil War Thing isn't beautiful because it lasts- Asgard Vision's speech exactly matches with the movies.
Giannis Evaggelopoulos
I have seen avengers endgame,but when i see this trailer it makes me cry
11 Years, 21 movies, 11 TV Series, 5 shorts, 2 Web series, 31 comics. All living up to this moment.
Natalya L
Who else likes how the trailer doesn't give away the entire movie.
The Commenter
Let us all thank the true hero who saved the whole universe The rat who accidentally clicked Pym's Quantum Machine
vats hathi
*fans* :-we almost forgot that kid from iron man 3 *Russo brothers* :-some do.....but not us
Peisha Bute
Honestly the person that made this trailer needs a award cause this trailer is sickk!!
Dean Ambruse
After we are done watching the movie, we still have one promise to keep...…………... Don't spoil the ENDGAME.
I still get chills watching this and I already saw the movie
can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?
Daily routine: *watch this trailer a 100 times*
priyank bhandari
Some people will not watch this after watching the movie But not us Not us!
Our very strength invites challenge Challenge insights conflict Conflict bring catastrophe The thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts
Tony Stark
Greatest Marvel movie ever......Everyone should see it. Shocking ending for me......"Whatever it takes"
Anna Strassel
This trailer is so good I just can’t stop coming back to it even after I’ve seen endgame ??
0:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 2:29 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ play it over here It is going "To The End"
José M. Bravo
Marvel fans!!! Avatar currently seats at #1 box office with $2.78 B and Endgame at #2 with $2.48 B. I’m encouraging to all of you, including myself to keep watching this great piece of work to make it #1!!! “Whatever it takes”
Ahmar Saeed
This is how you make a legacy trailer.
Naoki Maeda
Here After Watching Avengers: Endgame The quiet version of Iron Man 3 theme at 0:06 is really heart touching. Hands Down
KNIGHT'S Daily - Videos
Making this Trailer makes me so proud for this.... I love Marvel
1:58 - 2:08 That line tho
The Goat
I've seen Endgame several times and this trailer still gets me hyped as hell.
Miss Maverick
This trailer never ceases to give goosebumps, despite me having watched the Endgame. Easily the best trailer and you can't convince me otherwise 😍
James Lawin Angelo
This trailer is so good. It still makes me hyped for a movie that I saw already.
10 days. 240 hours. 14,400 minutes Until our minds get blown.
Where can I download the background music?
Habanero Omar
This is definitely the best one out of all marketing. Still come back to this and it's been almost 3 weeks since the movie came out
2:01 - 2:08 You have to appreciate the synchronization between the weapons/suits/gadgets sounds with the music! <3
This will allways be THE BEST TRIBUTE FOR OUR HEROES. Thanks for everything Marvel Studios.
Nathan Derrick
Its cool that this is kinda a trailer for every marvel movie from phase 1 - 3
disgusting weaboo weeb
Still the best piece of endgame marketing, up there with the age of ultron teaser
Günter Lauch
This trailer mixes so many Emotions After you have watched endgame
Andrew Dukes
Many weeks ago I've watched endgame, and this trailer still gives me chills
Zach Boogahreen
Marketing Department: What do you want to feature in the last End Game trailer? Marvel Execs: All the money we’ve made since 2008
God. That ending part, with Cap, Thor, and Tony walking towards Thanos', and not to mention those first notes eerie notes of the Avengers theme.... It's just so powerful, this is why people love Marvel.
Jan Wick
Thank you, Tony. Without you, we wouldn't be watching this trailer.
Vivid Username
Already saw the movie, still getting chills...
Imam Hosain
Awsome??Marvel's truely awsome..Thanks for everything Stan Lee and Russo Brothers..nd Robert Downey Jr.😢🙂😊
Iron Will
Avengers: Endgame is such a monumental achievement. Loved it 3000 times.
Roll No. Zero
Give This Video's Editor a MEDAL... 🏅👍👏👏👏💕💕💕💕
This is by far my favorite Endgame trailer.
Isfar Arib
Awesome, Amazing and Blockbuster
Abhi Raj
This is not just a trailer..This is an emotion which led far from past 11 years, It's an immense hardwork of all the starcast of the franchise..I literally cried watching it ...Love you three thousand AVENGERS ❤️❤️
Smash Hit Network Kapamilya
Avengers: Endgame Disney/DreamWorks A Comcast Company/Marvel Studios
Noelle O'Brien
This might just be the best trailer in the history of ever
Even after watching the movie I can’t stop watching it is something wrong with me!
"A visionary. A genius, ensuring freedom, around the globe." "A symbol to the nation. A hero, to the world." " A beacon of hope shining out, across the stars."
This is one of the most beautifully edited videos till date. Everything about this video is so perfectly edited, especially the score. Whoever edited this needs to be given a medal
Jed Lorenz
This is one of the biggest parts of my life
This is when you have a trailer that is hands down better than the actual movie 😆 And that says a lot because the movie is one of the best I’ve ever seen
Every time i hear the avengers music i literally get goose bumps..😍
Still watching this trailer every day
This trailer gets better every time I watch it
bacardi c
Wkunda forever Avengers FOREVER.. *avengers assemble*
Pose Melon
3000/10.This movie is the true MASTERPIECE.This movie will be remembered by everyone forever.
the music riff at 1:57 GIVES ME GOOSEBUMPS EVERYTIME
Nicolas Fidel Armas Mendoza
Who is here affter whach EndGame?
Zayvion Davis
I'm gonna make sure my kids know what it means to love someone 3000
Abu bakr Fayaz
It wasn't just a saga. It was Star wars of our times. Thanks for the sweet memories marvel!
Pankakes 4417
Seeing this after Endgame. WOAH!!
I found something weird if you have ear buds on or headphones ant man won’t scream
This should have been the one and only trailer! Brilliant! Makes your hairs stand up. Still watching it after seeing Endgame twice.
Storm Arrow
The music in this one 😍
Lam Phan Thanh
who's still here watching after endgame because this vid is dope
"I am inevitable" "I AM IRON MAN"
Shrikanth A V
Don't mind me. I'm just here for my daily dose of feels.
D.O. licious
To say that I really wish I could like this each time I rewatch it would be an understatement. CHILLS. EVERY. TIME.
I could watch it a thousand times... Oh wait I already did :()
The atlant
Kevin Feige : How many trailers are you gonna make ? Brothers Russo : Yes.
Lunatic Frinz
My whole fuckn 11 years journey ...
куряче бедро2
0:06 Iron Man 3 theme (Brian Tyler) 0:14 Captain America theme (Alan Sylvestri) 0:22 Thor theme (Patrick Doyle) 0:30 Guardians of the Galaxy theme (Tyler Bates) 0:38 Dr. Strange theme (Michael Giacchino) 0:45 Avengers theme (Alan Sylvestri) 0:50 Black Panther theme (Ludwig Göransson) 1:53 & 2:22 Avengers theme again!
Boss Lady
One word to describe this video. Chills
JJ rap songs MelendezJeremias
Groot: I am Groot Batman: I Batman Yondu: I Mary Poppins you all Captain America: I am Steve Rodger Tony Stark: I am Ironman
Corey Louie
Ant-Man: **enters thano's pants** Thanos: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? Ant-Man: *whatever it takes*
마블을 볼 수 있는 세대에 태어나게 해주셔서 감사합니다...
Aldi Ramadhan
This trailer can win the Oscar for the Best Trailer of the Year
We are Venom
Thank you Stan Lee for marvel we love you 3000
ST Ideas Football
This is one of the best trailer ever made ❤️
K 1 N G
6 hours later... 100 things you have missed in the new endgame trailer
Music Geek
I watched the movie like for 3 times! Still this Trailer is my favorite!! Gives Me Goosebumps and Makes me cry no Iron Man and Cap in next movies🖤
Kaitlyn !!
endgame ended and im still watching this help
T O M Dude808
This is just epic. OK NO THIS IS FRICKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!
Ruhaan Shyam
Before fighting thanks don't forget to apply axe body spray. Axe signature don't fade away
ராஜா தமிழன்
Give a thumbs up if you are watching after watched the movie
Chloe Halliday
i really miss you Tony thanks for making my childhood amazing during these 11 years i wont forget you res in peace we love you iron man 3000
Abhi Raj
This is far the best superhero movie trailer I have watched till date and will always be awesome 😍😍
KanliAy GT
This trailer makes me want to watch the film multiple times!
I love you 3000 So 3000 means all 22 movies run time in minutes which is started with Tony and ended with Tony We love you forever Tony❤️ No one can replace u💯
*Can we take a moment of appreciation on how amazing this trailer is?*
A. E. John
Vision's speech is just fantastic. They put together dialogue from both Civil War and AoU for this.
Cassius Johnson
Rest In Peace Ironman/Tony Stark
Case Kirby
This is my *favorite* trailer for this movie. Probably my favorite trailer of all time to be honest