After Forever - Discord

Album: After Forever (2007) GENRE: Gothic / Symphonic / Power Metal

Hamster Munchies
That Dutch chest of wonders is absolutely stunning. I've been a fan for years now and her vocal range, power and control continues to have me in awe. When I heard her singing "Alone" I nearly fell off my chair. Every time I think I've heard her limit she keeps raising the bar, like her work with NW.
Nice to see Floor found an awesome home. After Forever was great with her.
Figured it was about time I checked After Forever out and damn, I'm impressed. Nightwish are in safe hands with Floor on board.
ooohhh i like Floor...
You need to get out of my sight A lonely heart can beat You're too dangerous A lonely heart can bleed I cannot stand it to be enclosed but isolated A lonely heart can be enclosed but isolated You're too much A lonely heart is weak Too dependant A broken heart will seek You take the life out of me, no heart is broken forever Its broken promises, but my faith is broken forever Can't you believe that this power we feel can be for real? The smile that was given light now seems to freeze, but why? You're like a parasite A lonely heart will break Pressure will make me forsake you A lonely heart won't forsake me As if we're both the same, wounded and beaten but still not defeated A lonely heart can be wounded and beaten but still not defeated 'Cause I won't let you in! So if it's all for real Your weakness will be my strength Your heart should be melting You might be lonely but I am not beloved and bounded forever Because we're all the same, beloved and bounded forever Can't you believe that this power we feel can be for real? The smile that was given light now seems to freeze, but why? Won't you believe? Won't you embrace it? Can't you believe The power between us? Oh discord, see them fail, oh! Won't you believe? Won't you embrace it? Can't you believe the power between us? Can't you believe that this power we feel can be for real? The smile that was given light now seems to freeze, but why?
Oksana Rijova
супер поют.
Grim Reaper
Blessed lady, my favorite amogst Tarja, Simmone and Sharon.
Сергей Гусев
Сколько же в ней харизмы...
KyLo Ken [KennyRhodes]
I just found these guys, freaken amazing.
2:59 She moves like Ronnie James Dio...I love her!!
Minh Nguyen
Flying Dutch Woman, you nailed all songs!
Ridwan Ansari
Amazing Floor Jansen
Floor, welcome to Nightwish :D
sooo f*cking shame that they aren´t together now....this was one of the most greatest bands...shame shame
Let me say that After Forever was a tad better than Nightwish.As much as i like Floor and i want her to be a successful and well known musician,i dont want her becoming new Nightwish face.Thats because Nightwish is led by a diva and im sure Floor wants to create songs she is gonna sing which wont make tuomas happy.And i dont want her to be dumped along the way like tarja&anette.What he did to them was cruel. And im happy for Revamp.Waiting for Wild go girl.
She is the best live performer in the symphonic/gothic/neo-classical metal genre, if not the whole metal genre. Just look how energetic she is compared to how the other singers are.
Imo AF and NW dont have anyting in common except Floor :)
Efeito Dunning-Kruger
Boa sorte no Nightwish. A altura do Nightwish.
Fede Tolosa
y search always in youtube.....and always y found new bands from the other side..this is one otoose band...for you and for old....after foreverrrr....
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Cveta Georgieva
Me too ... :/
Chris G
Sure... however, I'm here for After Forever.
Chris G
I didn't know After Forever was asked by Hasbro to write a song for popular My Little Pony villian Discord before MLP existed... that's amazing! /sarcasm
I wish I could have After Forever back.
Vasyl Shumskyi
Welcome to Nightwish,Floor =)
M-etallic-A N-ightwis-H
yep -.-
Floor's gonna kick ass doing NW material!
just waiting for someone to make a nightwish comment
Eric Pacheco
A M A Z I N G!
Floor you are the best !!
great video!
Dragon Design
I love her voice, it is so powerful...!
Dragon Design
Music needs more bands like them!
Kacper Markuszewski
To tylko moje zdanie.
Kacper Markuszewski
dupy nie urywa...
Their music is just like Metallica's in a way
Bárbara França
Powerful song!
Gamemetal A.V
Eduardo Ferreira Bernardino
Muito bom!!!
Cáhh Manson /Cássia Azevedo
Floor deveria voltar com o After Forever, Amo ela no nightwish más o After é superior
Ricardo Carramillo
Essa música é mt boa! Umas das melhores deles!
are there more songs like this from them?
she reminds me A LOT of Charlotte Wessels... well except for being 13 inches taller... wow 6'1 175lbs.. DAMN
Arnold vs Coleman, ever song battle... 4ever...
Fadil Fawzi
I removed my tonsillitis when I was a kid and I'm very high pitched, do I have a hope to sound like this guy
selky centeno
Impresionante voz . Tarja y Flor Jansen las mejores voces voces del metal .
Heverton Santos
Floor chuta bundas kkkk
José Ribeiro
Χρήστος Σοβαντζής
Queremos reencuentro
Por qué las bandas chingonas se separan 😭
como los extraño.... =(
Ronny Adam
they have an almost evanescence sound. loving floor's voice.