Case Closed - Detective Conan [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)

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Abrar Hadder
am I the only one here that is still watching case closed? I am literally in love with this anime :D
Nom nom The koala
The 573 dislikes must be The black organization and the culprit that have been exposed by Shinichi
Ryder nibba
From 1996 to 2018 and conan is still a kid lol
Fajer Altahoo
Thanks for respecting us detective conan fans and making this
[NightCore] Trường Nguyễn
VN điểm danh
한 국 인 을 찾 아 라
I didn't know the black organization has 816 members
conan is love♡♡♡
"몸은 작아졌어도 두뇌는 그대로 불가능을 모르는 명탐정 진실은 언제나 하나!!!!!!
Badro Bouseba
i've become a man and conan still a child xD
Deemo Nemo
Mouri Kogoro is my favorite
And I thought I was the only one watching this anime
If im murdered, pls play this at my crime scene
hoang giang
this piono tutorio is so cool and amazing
Night Baron
abdou yay
From 1996 to 2019 *23 years and this kind still 7 years old* *_seems legit*
ah med
ya salam 3ala konan lest go boys
my 한국인 ㅋ
دوما في هذه الحياة تواجهنا أخطارا أحيانا ممات نتغلب عليها لكن بالتبات بالصبر والعزم والصمود نزرع الأمجاد ونكتب الخلود نزيل الخوف ونزيل الغموض كونان مكتشف الأسرار يمضي لأجل الخير نحو الإنتصار أبدا لايحتار بالصبر والعزم والأمال نصنع الأمجاد أبدا لامحال لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا لا إنسان بحجم صغير لكن العقل عقل كبير يفكر يحقق ويكتشف المتير كونان مكتشف الأسرار يدري بأن الخير له الإنتصار في وجوه الأشرار كونان صائد المجرمين يكتشف الخبايا في كل الأحيان
코덕이닷 ♥!
Wow! It's amazing!!! I like this music~♥
ツ 루루
Oh! This music is amazing!! XD I love Detective Conan!!
Anna zhong
This is my favourite song
MrK_BR 87
Oh My God,this is real???? It's ben so long since in see this anime,I'm so happy now
Anh Nguyen
I like conan so much!
최고 실력이 예요
Shinichi Kudo
I like to Detective conan
Nario Esel
Still my favourite Anime soundtrack :). Way to underrated. Never seen it in top 10s and stuff. (sorry for my bad english).
DS Reaper
안녕 난......바보야
I don't get it how he plays 0:30 and on :( You literally need 10 fingers on the right hand.
Riska Maulani
much love this cover !!! so adorable. 6th desc 2018
Yoon Kihoon
Wherever he goes, deaths follow. CONAN=CURLPIT?
Akiko Chan
Omg! I LOVE Detective Conan so much!❤👓💊
I love it Especially your collection Conan's skill is very pleasant to hear It's a better tone Why are you so talented God is so unfair I envy you I hope you can come out with more of this series I love it Shit Beyond their love
Lujain Alshehabi
You can watch all Conan episodes on kissanime!!
Yeo Jing Yuan Student
나는이 애니메이션을 좋아한다! 그것은 보는 것이 정말로 흥미있다
EC _9700
I am very happy to see this! I absolutely LOVE LOVE Detective Conan thank you so much for uploading this
Phoenix 15
The nostalgia😌❤️ I had one awesome childhood
Angela Lý
"The truth is always only one" - by Shinichi (Conan)
Random Peep
I’m so sad Detective Conan’s videos ended.. 🥺😩😔 I wish more came out.... the vids are great and IT’S BEEN SO LONG CONANS VIDEOS WERE MADE AND STILL NOT CAME OUT😫😫😭😭 AHHH MY CHILD HOOD VIDEOS!!!!!
Naoya Shirokawa
brain: JUST PLAY IT! fingers: WE CAN'T!
Helene Trøstrup
Soon I've been watching this anime for 12 years. How time flies.
suvashini shivkumar
this is lovely, can u pls upload feel your heart [op.2]
Shubhankar Arya
loved it
I really like detective conan I wish I could watch the episodes 334 to all the end in german 😔
*meme police* -since the beginning of memes-
I never really liked detective movies and shows but case closed is special 🤤😢
Cunning Smile
One truth prevails next time on Case Closed.
Hotaru Đặng
I love this song and Detective Conan .
lihan song
When I started watching this, Ran was my older sister, and now Kogoro is my younger brother.
تسجيل الدخول بالعربي
Butter Toast
I'm so in love with this anime❤ I still remember how my young self play with dolls while listening to this theme on tv that my brother put. Best Anime Ever❤
Maxwell Lay
I am so happy to watch this. I love Case Closed / Detective Conan, Thank You!!!!!!!
Daniyal Khalil
I'm a big fan pf Detective Conan please start this show again and never stop
Wan Imran
Bring back so much memories
Omg Is so good
Fantastic U.U I LOVE Detective Conan XD
宏光 北山
Lets Dragon
i will love this music for everr
Thanatee Aramratsmeekul
The truth has only one!
Tốp 5 Lạ Kỳ
Cool 👍👍👍
SirMiles Channel
Tobi Grantlbart
I love this anime but case closed is a bad name, why don't use the english translation of the original like in other countries
Justin Idiot
I'm literally crying tears of joy thank u so much
As a great man once said *only one truth prevails*
I Love so much Detective Conan 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘 Thanks for this music this vere cool 😘😘😍
royan Hafezdin
do you have *APTX4869* ???? i need that!!!!
뭐야 지금 나만한국
Ahhhhh.... I wish this anime on YouTube didn't get copyrighted T-T
B.M. LaRue
Fricken not even into the show.....*grumbles* Jimmy Kudo for life.
lee taemin Shinee my star my oppa forever
I love that anime so much since I was a kid I never stopped watching it ♥♥
me to,I'm love detective Conan.That philm is epic and romantic
Oh,I'm crazy. Very very amazing.
Zellin Sugianto
ILOVE YOU DETECTIVE CONAN 😘😘😍😍💙💙💘💘💖💖💞💞💜💜💝💝💕💕
E.C. K
I love this music! and Thank you for music sheet!
Florie BARC
I really love conan! Thanks for upload this!
Mirjam Kuendig
Đông nghi Nguyễn
817 disike???????i do not know what they thinking
Heba Gouda
that is not easy it is so difficult
J口Kモ尺 乃口ㄚ
whats the name of this app plz?
thu nguyenvanthu
I love anime conan vs fairy tail
Sofia Chan
Still watching this anime.....episode 624😍I love this anime
Cure Starry
That is amazing!It's so fast but you can do that
abdou yay
I prefer detective Conan!!!! *case closed not bad too*!!!! Also there is anime call محقق كونان!!! 😘 *it's kinda cool too*✌ They ausome especially the main character Kudo and Jimmy and كودو!!!!!!
عبودىGAME OVER الشقى
I have a different sound.
Rama Narendra
My wonderful childhood... TT
De Havoc985
2096 here.... It's the 100th anniversary still Conan is a kid.
Tang Meun
คนที่ฆ่า จอจี้ ก็คือ เพนนีไวน์ Thailand
Jaecheon Kim
60% of the views... I think that's me
Alessio Vitturi
one of the best song ever, also in 2017
Phan Hung
Have anyone thought that Conan was behind the whole thing? Anywhere he goes, there is a case.
The Flaming Sword
Why is this so freaking amazing!?
ッ 코난더쿠 소흘짱
제가 제일 좋아하는 차애곡 노래가 여깄네요 ㅜㅜ 잘보고갑니다!
gjh gjh
Amazingggg.......... 😍
Neon Ant
still watching case closed!
Grows kagune... “This’ll do”
Valid Ersan
Detektiv Conan is super? 😎 😎 😎 👍👍👍 📀 🎧🎵🎸 🌹 🌺!