Evgeny Svetlanov conducts Dvorak Symphony no. 9 - video 1981

Evgeny Svetlanov conducting the State Academic SO in Dvorak's Symphony no. 9, op. 95, live on 17 March 1981. Starts at 00:45 Евгений Светланов - Дворжак

Jacques Cramatte
Merci infiniment de nous faire connaître et partager ces précieuses interprétations du grand Svetlanov!
Elizabeth Chopin
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Maria Cristina Bittar
00:45 __ I. Adagio — Allegro molto (E minor) 10:43 __ II. Largo, begins E major to D♭ major, then later C# minor 24:21 __ III. Scherzo: Molto vivace — Poco sostenuto, E minor 31:58 __ IV. Allegro com fuoco, E minor ends in E major
17:54 Группы первых и вторых скрипок
20:57 soli....
Акакий Акакиевич
I'm wondering what is going on at 16:34. Is that a mistake he's gesturing against or just some sort of caution against volume or tempo? It looks so sudden and unplanned. Any guess?