Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition VS Homm3 HD Addon - 1080p

(Spanish below) So the new Heroes 3 revamp has came out... Should you get it right away? should you wait? Should you avoid it? This video contains two gameplays in the same map with the same faction (necropolis). The first gameplay is from the official HD Edition now avaiable in Steam and the second one is from the old Heroes 3 Complete from GoG using the Homm3HD addon 00:00 - Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition 08:40 - Heroes of Might & Magic III Complete with Homm3HD Addon My opinion? Unless you want to play in a tablet, AVOID the new HD Edition. And even then, for Android you have VCMI which allows to play H3Complete on your phone/tablet. The HD Edition is the basic Restoration of Erathia with revamped graphics, online play on Steam and that's it. Whereas with Homm3HD aside playing Complete, SoD or even WoG... it has a bunch of gameplay and interface enhacements. Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition Facts: - Revamped graphics for HD displays (tough they don't look that great) - Unaltered UI/gameplay - Avaiable on Steam - Includes base game Restoration of Erathia only - No random maps - No elemental comflux faction - No LAN play - Works in modern hardware without tinkering - Steamworks support for both maps and online play - Tablet version avaiable Heroes 3 + Homm3HD addon Facts: - Unaltered/Unupscaled graphics (a couple image filters avaiable). - Any resolution avaiable (4k? No problem!) - UI and gameplay enhacements - Avaiable at GoG.com (free if you already have any H3) and addon at />- Works with Complete, Shadow of Death and Wake of Gods addon. - Requires installing 3rd party software. More compatible than H3 classic games. - Supports online play and has enhacements for that purpose. - Tablet version unavaiable (There's VCMI instead: ) ----------------------- Entonces...el Nuevo Heroes HD ya está disponible... Deberíamos hacernos con él? Esperar a que este más barato? Evitarlo? Este vídeo contiene dos fragmentos: El primero con el nuevo Heroes3 HD oficial disponible ya en Steam, y el segundo del Heroes3 Complete disponible en GoG.com al que se le ha instalado el addon Homm3HD. 00:00 - Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition 08:40 - Heroes of Might & Magic III Complete con Homm3HD Addon Mi opinión? A no ser que quieres jugar en una tablet, EVITA la nueva versión HD. E incluso en ese escenario, para android hay el VCMI que permite jugar al Complete en tu teléfono o tablet Android. La edición HD es el juego base Restoriation of Erathia con los gráficos retocados, y jugar online en Steam, nada más. Homm3HD te permite usar H3 Complete, Shadow of Death e incluso el addon Wake of Gods... y tiene un puñado de mejoras en la interfaz y gameplay. Detalles de Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition: - Gráficos retocados para mejor apariencia en pantallas HD (aunque no es que digan mucho mejor a la vista, la verdad) - UI y gameplay sin alteraciones - Disponible en Steam - Incluye el juego base Restoration of Erathia - No trae generador de mapas aleatorios - No incluye la ciudad del Conflujo Elemental - No se puede jugar en LAN - Funciona en Hardware moderno sin complicaciones - Soporta Steamworks para compartir mapas y juego online - Version para Tablet disponible Detalles de Heroes 3 + Homm3HD: - Gráficos no alterados (incluye un par de filtros de imagen para quien los quiera) - Cualquier resolución disponible (4k? Sin problema!) - Mejoras en UI y gameplay para mayor comodidad - Dispnible en GoG.com o gratis si ya tienes algún H3. Addon disponible en />- Funciona con Complete, Shadow of Death y el addon Wake of Gods - Requiere instalación de software de terceros. Más compatible con hardware moderno que el juego original. - Soporta juego online e incluye mejoras para ese propósito - No hay versión para tablet (existe VCMI no obstante: )

Śmieszek orzeszek
HD Mod also works with HotA, just saiyng.
The HD Mod is totally fine when the game runs at 1280x720 or 1366x768 resolution, but it's a total overkill at 1920x1080, it's just too small.
Retro Amateur
advice to anyone thinking about getting the HD edition, NO EXPANSIONS and NO RANDOMISED MAPS! Also im hearing about bugs. You are better off with GOGs version since its complete with expansions and you can install it on 2 computers and play multiplayer.
holy crap, couple months ago wanted to play heroes3.. searched and searched.. found it on GOG.com for 4 bucks... gog is pretty kickass
Hey guys, a comment for whoever wonders - take the GOG version with HD and hota. Everything works smooth. You have a game lobby like as if the game was released only in the recent years. AMAZING. Huge community there. LOTS of maps. Balance fixes for factions. You can also save your progress with friends online and come back to it another day. I'm just so glad I went for this version evetually and not for the steam one. Don't worry about the HD here - it's not as smooth and clean as the steam one, but it is smooth and clean enough, you have enough options in the mod launcher to adjust the game to your screen. I would also advise to donate this guys for their incredible work, and for keeping the community alive still in 2019 with updates, fixes and maintence.
Kenneth KT
It's pretty bad to use 1920x1080 with HD mod when you can just use a lower internal resolution so that it's not too small looking at. HD mod always runs at the desktop resolution, which is most likely your native resolution, and it then scales internally by the chosen resolution. So, I think this video is unfair to the HD mod in this way.
not hd make necropholis look old
Brad Brooks
Homm3 HD Addon all the way! There is added functionality to split armies with shortcuts, trade all items, new campaigns, adjust resolution, auto combat, higher combat speed and tons more. I own both, no comparison.
Oh my god!!!!!!! Homm3 i love it!!!!
I don't hear anything good about the STEAM version, the "HD" re-master...
GoG has bundled up for 7.99 :-D I got this game the day it came out.
I want Paraler Sound thread in HD version. You could play even when sound effect was playing
can you upscale with the HD mod? i own the GOG version but there is a sale and the "remastered" version is 3.74$
Thanks a lot! The Video has helped a ton. :)
how to install hd mod do i need to own game first?
well whatever, I still bought it for a relatively cheap price at gamestop, didn't really pay much for it compared to how much money I have lol
came with all the expansions too!
Hey I know I'm late to this, but I keep getting a "BAD FOOD" error whenever I try to launch the HD addon for the complete edition from GOG. Any idea what the problem is?
please do a comparison of the tablet homm3 hd and vcmi if you can. i think everyones on the same page about the pc version but i dont know anything about the console versions
Rasmus Lightvalley
Just got the GOG version after playing with a pirated steam version, and i say using this mod at 1180*664 is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION on my 24" full HD screen, you get randomized maps which i was wondering quite a bit over, that it was not in the HD version on steam, 90% of the game for is randomized maps, and 2 EXPANSIONS. how the hell can GOG sell with the DLC when the freaking owners of the game says they lost it=??? 
Stray P. Drace
Looking into the HD version, seems like no use in bothering to. Honestly the difference in graphics isnt that big, and personally doesnt seem like its worth it. If the expansion packs were included, then maybe. Conflux is a kick ass castle (though I personally stick with Necropolis) but its a nice addition. Personally I rather have an extra castle and the ability to randomize maps than have "slightly tweaked" graphics. Just my two cents.
Marcelo M.M.
By the way, what is the map you are playing? I want to run it.
Heroes 3 - HD version: Looks pretty good. If it would be HD clone of The Complete game it would be nice! Heroes 3 MOD HD version: Too small! Normal heroes 3: Last time I played the original I can swear that it dragged out, and filled the screen, and also looking normal. The HD version clearly wins the graphical award, but it's incomplete (since there are more expansion packs, teams, multiplayer, etc. etc., but the original is the best I think. I own: Heroes 2 (Single), Heroes 3 complete edition + Heroes 4 complete edition (One DVD!!)
Daddy Ascii
that flame in the title screen looks trash