Learn English Through Story - The Stranger by Norman Whitney

Learn English Through Story - The Stranger by Norman Whitney Learn English Through Story - The Stranger by Norman Whitney Story name: The Stranger Author: Norman Whitney Level: Elementary There turned into a little village Woodend without any hotel or save. The villagers had most effective the church and lived their satisfied existence. There wasn’t tons work for younger people, so they all had to go away the village and discovered paintings within the nearest town. One day the stranger arrived in Woodend. He become very type, well mannered and handsome, so humans gave him a room for a while. For the following couple of days the stranger studied the village. He became everywhere except the church and disappeared. When he came back, he offered a house and opened the store where villagers ought to sell their handmade or their food. People had been thrilled the brand new resident in their village, they earned a variety of money and had a whole lot of tourists. But a salesgirl had suspicion as for her boss… Thank you for looking the video "Learn English Through Stories - The Stranger via Norman Whitney" with English Story channel. Like, share it and consider to subscribe to our channel to get extra involved movies. Thank you very much! SUBSCRIBE HERE : Subscribe & More Videos: />Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #storybooksinenglish , #researchenglishwithmemories

cj sali
the moral lesson:dont trust the stranger quickly you should acknowledged him first
Chouaib Feldspath
Who's listening this story in July 2019;-)?
Bipul Dutta
Who's listening this story in June 2019?
The woman who reads, does it very well! Lovely!
tarek du
Black magic is a superstition. But the story was nice to hear.
kiko bebe
I need learn more vacabulary so that i can open my knowledge to express it outta of my head
Came across lot of suspense felt as if i was anna each moment while hearing it sent chill down my spine .It was just an awesome thriller
Came across lot of suspense felt as if i was anna each moment while hearing it sent chill down my spine .It was just an awesome thriller
kiko bebe
I dont want translator helps more in the future if i can writing properly by my own
kiko bebe
Is that improve writing skills or listening? I prefer writing
Tito Morrison
I was here to learning some vocabulary but the story had changed the mood I felt very sorry about Anna death. Thanks Lucy.
Dinesh Parajuli
Dave, witchcraft, finally killed Anna and he killed himself as well.
Kinoo Klass
Wtf?? 😂 The end of this story is not sad but scary! 🙄😱😱😱😬
The end part wasn't good🙁
Nadia Nadezhda
It's an interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
What a terrible story! It makes no sense any more.
Henridson Oliveira
I'm learning English and I found this story to practice my listening. Thank you!
Mae Patria
I thought Dave was a drug dealer lol 😂
Her accent is so clear & understandable for everyone. AWESOME ✨
Gloria Rivas
It's an interesting story. Thanks for sharing!!
Ricardo Niño
What a beautiful voice the woman who read has... Love the way she reads, thank you very much!!!
I don't believe David Slatin is dead I think he used his powers to help him Who agrees with me Who disagrees with me
محسن ابن رفعه الفهآدي
Nice story for English learners 🙏🏻♥️
Hire Hom
Oh my God, Dave was a Devil
Aadil Manzoor
What was the fault of poor Anna😯
The reader has an understandable voice
Sreenivasan P
The story is interesting and keep us listening till the end. It's also helpful for those who want improve to improve their communication skill
Antonio de lima
Dave Slatin was de Devil, I enjoyed this story a lot, please another one.
Wonderfull, happy about the story. But the end is not so good as it should want. i think that , this may be corrected
Rowena Asas
Sayang bad c Dave. And poor Anna.
Lokesh Reddy
It's a good story.. but end of the story was very poor
Im really enjoy your all video!!! Thank soooo muchhhh !!!
سبليت س
amazing I love it and thank you for your efforts
Reymart Garcia
I love her accent. So clear the way she speak.
Kristina Khintibidze
thank you very interesting story
Mạc Trần Ngân Hà
At the beginning, thought it was romactic story, but I was wrong =))
Yangpor nengchuexiong
It’s great for the learners who are not the native speaker because there are the letters and speaking.
Marcos Elias
Amazing story and voice!
M. Pérez
What a beautiful voice, what a beautiful accent.
Aliasger Seyideliyev
Interesting but strange story
Miss Oshin
Alots of qstion in my mind 🧐 Ending is sad😞
he has the power and the money, he didn't go to church and his name Dave Slatin( Satan ??) a story that looks like from the middle ages with a lot of mystery and suspense and it was really a thriller.
hassan elhimer
Beautiful story ,thank you so much
Funda Tunç
The lady reads very clear, I will often listening her storys.
I Am
I found this interesting story in some other channel first time when I listened. And one of the comments in that channel's video mentioned that the name Dave Slatin is an anagram of Devil Satan. She also told that was why he didn't go to the church and was able to kill others with people's weak heart. I think that comment was amazing and though that channel's the stranger video has removed, I felt that her comment should survive and should be spreaded around the world :)
Harish Bajjuri
nice story but i did not like the end.
Saimajaveed Saima
not good end 😢
Assel Baizhumanova
I don't know why but Anna has annoyed me during all story. Maybe I feel it because the story is highly adapted
Andre Meira
Perfect woman reading. I loved, but the story is very sad end :(
dung tran
this story is actually really interesting and good for learning English because the reader reads very well, with emotion, the meaning of the story was attractive.
Selim Can Kesgin
Olum ne anlatıyor burda yok mu hiç Türk ?
trixie beldon
Wonderful voice Fabulous reading Lazy ending
Nguyen Pham Ky Bao
this is so useful :))))
José E Quijada
Ok here is my opinion the history is really nice to who is learning English like me, but the end is kind poor I was expecting more but still really nice a lot of vocabulary and good material to learn thank you for share this material to us I really appreciate..!!!
اللعنة الحارقة
you most definetly need tremendous and fabulous facilities in order to make u not feckless or impotent
Павел Загорский
It`s a very simple text. Nice story. Thank you!
MQ Joshi
Great story but end is so sad.
Mane Budanec
Very interesting story. Dave Slatin was evil man, he killed Anna with his voodoo stufs...
cindy chu
Im just a dude Pretending to be a potato
If this was a book, it will take for me to read it completely atleast 1 week. But because somebody else was reading it for me, i finished it faster.. nice twist tho.
Karanveer Mandhour
Heart touching story😥💘
Hải Trần
her accent is similar to the ielts recordings of cambridge university.
john ceni
i want that special order room lol...
Neelum Khan
By Evil man ??? It means that he played the role if a terrfic Villan ,when he told Anna to look in my eyes ....certain lines concluded that he might be a Ghost ...nd like other special customers who visited him while they met him ,immedialty they were in rush it gives us hint that He was nt a Man but a Stranger Ghost ...and we all knw that if a person doesnt get his extream desires He become evil to achive it ...He showed affection but she did nt get him well later on when she got to knw about him that He is stranger ghost the love and attraction she had for Dave indirectly her intensions vained .It means a person can marry a Man but nt a Ghost ... My perception of getting the story is all above !!!! Tragic ending
Aparna Deb
Mam can you this story in video then it would be more interesting
Noreen M. Sheikh
interesting story but an abrupt ending and not very interesting one
NICE accent
julian Jac
Yo he estudiado inglés sólo por mi cuenta, si entiendo el 75% escuchandolo y el 90% leyéndolo , que nivel de inglés creerian tenga yo??? Alcanzaré a B1???
Moi Th
Mr Dave as a devil made sacrifices. Unfortunately Anna was very curious
Ляззат Сисенова
Dave is mysterious man , I am afraid of such guy
Michael Sucno
Amazing channel, thanks you so much.
Riz&Calvin Tinaya
Ana is flirt.... I don’t like the story, there were no justice for the people been killed....David is a witch and evil! And there is no revelation...
jacqueline cuadra
I am impressed about the end. Great story.
Like the voice😍😍😍 Different character got different tones ,it was great!Maybe I can learn english from this channel😂My english is too bad,and this story was easy to understand.
Alicia Zapote Lopez
Maravilloso 😍💓😍 Gracias, Gracias, Gracias. Bendiciones Amorosas Infinitas para ti hermosa 🤗🌟🤗 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ♥️ Wonderful!!!!! 🤗🌟🤗 Lo mejor de lo mejor ♥️😍♥️
Anindya pal
Nice story but ending could have been better..👍
Salvo It
I wanted to say thank you for sharing this video with us. I usually read book without audio but this could be the good way to read and listening at the same time.
Ufuk Atesci
I am so sorry for Anna. I wish was dead David Slatin. there isn't crime's Anna. Rest İn Peace Anna.
Leny Limbaga
I love this story but the end its so sad 😢
Brahim Belghmi
Great story with strange ending Thanks for sharing
Voice of stoey tailer is good...and her telling style is also.....but end of story was very sad😢
ฝากลูกเมียข้าด้วย อะเฮื้อ
fukin ending
Anjana Vp
Uff... what a wonderful reading... amazing mammm😍
naruto mm
Im so sorry for Anna,but i dont really like the end, the end of this story is very sad and scary at the same time. 😢😲
talib hood
Great story. And I am sure there are people out there using craft power to hold their positions in power currently.Politicians, footballers, movie stars, and many more
Nila Alfin
You did it perfectly. I thought first he is a drug dealer.
game DamYT
Someone can give me 2 important parts of this book is for a work on my school
Sad ending story but still love it,good job author!we need more.
Fatah Zoldyck
It was not special powers that Dave had 🤐 . There's some terrible things in our world that humans of this time can't handle 🥶🥶
Zoya Khan
This story's very interesting 😍❤️🎆
said akbar
I really enjoyed this story. but what happend in last, nothing
Princess Pavilando
The end of the story wasn't sad! I knew that Dave Slatin was a witch. It scares me! But the narrator of the story was lovely, she has a good voice. I love how she pronounce every words. Good Job!
Ali Alzeno
Great story, but the end so sad. Amazing reader sound
Kuldip Gamit
Amazing one.... I'd loved it. I felt like I was reading a book... Myself.... Pls suggest me some more similar to this one.... The woman (who was speaking) did a great job at every single part. Great one!!!! A book of 15 chapters..... I want some more like this... Can someone help???
Tá louco! Esse tal de Dave tinha parte com gramulhão.👹👹👹😈😈
alok duke
Medam your beautiful voice
Bread buns Evaluation
oh wow, what a journey. Oh my God, omagad! i like this story
Amine Zahzah
Many thanks, it's my first history. I'm beginner
Raushan Tazhmukhanova
Having read a story i came conclusion that David is man of parallel worlds😅
eusi N
Pretty good story and amazing voice and reading😍 Does anyone know the name of the reader ?