Within Temptation and Metropole Orchestra - Stand My Ground (Black Symphony HD 1080p)

Within Temptation & Metropole Orchestra: Black Symphony. Recorded live at The Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands on February 7, 2008.

Bruno Produtor
não existe melhor amo amo ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Brasileiro curtindo ae ?? (y)♡
Макс Ким
блять Сильно!!! просто охуенно!
William Ribeiro
é ótimo ver um artista fazer ao vivo igual ou melhor do que fazvdentro de um estúdio!!!
Nikolas Nikolaou Axillews
Just perfect sound and vision director and editing. About within temptation respect! The opera was all the money!
Gheorghe Petru Dan
Thank you very much for the music,because this is real music!You and your music is beautiful !!!!!
Lasha 9
Great job !
Luis Monteiro Newsted
"Isto poderia ser o final Da vida que eu tanto gostava Mas eu não correrei não existe volta daqui"
Néfenhyre Veylana
Je kiff trop !! My idole !! 3
Linda Matsuo
amo...simples assim.
Алексей Житнов
just Perfect!
Cheyenna Gaertner
and she said now it's your turn to sing and i'm dutch so yes its real
Rui Cardoso
i saw this concert i miss tis time
this should be called music porn... LOVE IT...
Rebecca Lacey Redwitch
Love this CD and within temptation
Phylls Snook
Fantastic band; can't wait to see them in Philadelphia or New York!
multifandom xsq
This band makes me so proud. This is literally the only Dutch band that is well-known, and it's amazing!
multifandom xsq
In case you were wondering what Sharon said to the audience. When she said: "Nu is het jullie beurt om te zingen, Stand my ground. Laat je horen " she said (translated to English): "Now it's your turn to sing, Stand my ground. Let us hear you. (There was no real translation for that last part)
enmauelle garcia
the end is just so GREAT....
Andre Bragança
Wow , great band
Within Temptation ADA
Olivier Deriviere - Corruption with Rage and Melancholy
Please give the name of the track that plays during the first 30 seconds.
Bartosz Jagielski
Stand My Ground 21.12.2012 totaly fake
Reece Redfield
They make the song better, in my honest opinion.
Bethius Tiberius
I totally agree. If this guy want to hear his definition of 'the glory of the Metropole Orchestra' then he can get the hell out of here and listen to something different.
Allan Petersen
Fantasic Concert. Get the Blu-Ray. It has a lot of axstras include another Concert and a one hour home video that's very funny. It's worth the money.
Bethius Tiberius
If you don't want to hear Within Temptation, why listen to them? I honestly don't care if you don't like the same music as I do, but you're just making yourself look like a fool. Also, who are you to say what the Metropole Orchestra should do? They can do whatever they want. Listen to something else if you don't like this.
The Best Show on the Earth <3 Within Temptation are the best band ever <3
Leonel Ramírez Vargas
Which is the song of the beginning?
Douglas Souza
Como alguém pode ter não gostado disso?WITHIN TEMPTATION É PERFEITO DEMAIS!
This isn't the glory of the Metropole Orchestra any more. I don't want to hear within temptation. I'm sick of it. I want to hear good music. Not goblins.
j Lukas
So you think within temptation is a propped up pop idol?
I replied to myself because you're dealing with a silly person. I do silly things, say silly things and expect people to call me bad things. I still agree with myself, though. The Metropole Orchestra has turned into a mod-hip trendy band, which needs to be said. I don't care if you don't like me for saying it..
Why did you reply to yourself just to say that you agreed with your own opinion? That seems a bit silly.
EgErEttEple appelsinsaus
why no more wiews O_o
I quite agree...
It's quite obvious that the Metropole Orchestra have delved into the world of heavy rock and crashing drums, special effects and violent tempos for commercial success. The brilliance of the orchestra has been used to prop up pop idols, which as an old-fashioned fan of big band and easy listening sounds (proper music) is a sad reflection of today's musical scene.
fans from malaysia!
Tracy Lunos
Love it
Great song but the way she moves her hands makes me feel uncomfortable
John Doe
Gewoon een lekkere vrouw :P (met een dijk van een stem).
Ivana Austová
00:33 01:10 она, конечно, круто поёт, но руками, конечно, смешно, виляет )
uriel medrano
unas de mis canciones favoritas
como se llama la canción que suena al final 5:00
Pavel Janeček
Mintha den hollander
Евгений Ларионов
Всю песню сидел в мурашках
Monika Zieleźnik
hugo t
Cheyenna Gaertner
if you wanna now what she said its come on let you hear literally translates
Who wants to share my thoughts? What?
wou altijd nog een keer naar een concert van hun maar als ik haar hier zo live hoor, nee dank je, doe mij de cd versies dan maar
Metropole orchestra, stop thinking about money first, think about what you're doing in the name of music for music's taste.
metropole orchestra dont be afraid of constructive criticism . you were easy listening and now you are pop idol seeking fame and fortune.
I'm sick of hearing the same old cheap get-out-of-jail-free excuse, "well if you don't like it go and listen to something else" comment. Often with a few gobliny swear words added. We get nowhere like that.
She sings waaaay different from studio cd to this direct. I don't think this is a bad playing but it's very clear she doesn't get the high tones.