Top 10 Weirdest Doritos Flavors From Around The World

Top 10 Weirdest Doritos Flavors From Around The World. Doritos is known for having some of the craziest flavors for different parts of the world. Enjoy as we give you the Top 10 Weirdest Doritos Flavors From Around The World NEW CHANNEL: TOP 10 GAMING /> FAN MAIL: P.O BOX # 14015 2408 Lakeshore Blvd W. Etobicoke, On M8V4A2 MORE VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE AS WELL: Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We All Miss - Part 8: /> Top 10 Discontinued Cereals We All Miss – Part 2: /> Top 10 Most Sour Candies Of All Time: /> Top 10 Discontinued Candy We All Miss: /> SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- /> FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- /> Instagram- /> Twitter- /> VIDEO EDITED BY: Ryan Wazonek PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Sasha Wood

Danny Burke
Great. Now I'm hungry.
spicy blue
where are my Oreo doritos!!!!
Mr bean full episodes HD
Before getting click baited I searched rainbow Doritos.....nothing
Danny Burke should have hosted it
Robbie Weir
At number one it said corn soup instead of turkey
Nic Wood
4:22 I learned today that "corn soup" is "roasted chicken" in English... such a weird language
Eva_ Arabella
How come it said corn soup for roast turkey?
Annabel van Hengel
Amazing.............😒 Now i'm hungry😩😩
Firefly Phoenix Productions
this vid was uploaded on my birthday
Thomas Skaria
I am indain and i love tanddori its fried chicken with herbs and twisty lemon juce spreat over ummmmmmm dat taste
3.Corn soup 2. Yogurt and mint 1.corn soup 0.corn soup -1. Corn soup -2. Corn soup
Rainy Jane
Back when I was in high school Keebler had pizza-flavored chips. My dad used to get them for us all the time so to this day I remember this flavor very distinctly.
Angela M
I would DEF try most of these (not all!) hey, don't diss it till you try it
Happy Gamer
whos waiting for dorito flavoured dorito
Why did number 1 say corn soup instead of Roast Turkey?
Gsauce 29
you have not lived until you have tried Doritos bold buffalo wings with ranch dressing after taste, so freaking goid
Thelegend CAPlayz
Malfunction alert 4:23
Ella's life
I don't like Doritos 0_0
Bradley Berdan
#1 should say roasted turkey..?
Daniel Kelly
You jerk I love fish
Phiphe Dude
i dont eat doritos because they have aspartame
Damn, he had a lot of voice cracks
Xenon _
WTF YOU MISSED ONE THING!! Non Flavored Dortios
Ashley Donnelly
I would really want some rainbow doritos if they are real.
Joy Galler
Tandoori Sizzler Doritos is Gross Tomato Onion Salad Doritos is Gross Olive Doritos is Gross Crispy Salmon Flavor Doritos is Gross Tuna Fish Doritos is Gross Seaweed Doritos is Gross Stir Fry Doritos is Gross Corn Soup Doritos is Gross Yogurt and Mint Doritos is Gross and Roasted Turkey Doritos is Gross
rainbowgirl 3000
I was eatting doritos while watching this and my favorite is the hottest one
Mr. Savage
He said millions of views and this video doesnt even have 670k views.
Sief Fezzani
brussel sprout flavour of doritos
No 1 is Corn Soup??
Sub Gaming29
Top 1 Landon-Roasted turkey Screen-Soup WTF?
Lynn Fara
Just because you don't like some of them, doesn't mean everybody doesn't like them.
4:22 He says roasted turkey screen says "Corn Soup"
Sonya Rin
Japan corn soup chips are really good :)
Quiddle Gaming
in australia we have taco flavor doritos and pizza flavor doritos
Rhys Higgon
I literally got an ad for (The All-New) Doritos Flame Grilled Steak flavor when i clicked on this video
Tuna's also good with cucumber and mayo
I live in Turkey an i've never seen any salad kind of Doritos or Yogurt/Mint
The Blue Dragon
#1...Enough said
dragon films
My friend is from turkey
Gaming with Me!
1 says corn not roasted turkey
Matthew's gaming//Matthew Hill
Number 1 SAID corn soup
Pepper _
#1 Corn Soup
Mr. V
so theres no doritos that has ANIME PANTIES flavor? *cries in japanese*
My favorite Dorito flavor(s) is nacho cheese and cool ranch
Lil Rah Rah
So u calling the black ones salty🤦🏼‍♂️
I'm still trying to make a new name
1. Place Corn Soup Me: Ah, come on
MR Smily face
"And at number -1000 bold BBQ",found in the middle of nowhere. 😅😂🤣
The Purple Diamond Hunter
4:22 Roasted Turke-- Some it's corn soup
You forgot about anime panties flavour.
randy palla
Haggis flavour would be good
Emily Yamasaki Music Channel
i love doritos... I forgot what I was gonna say lol
steve ghazarian
Who else realized roasted turkey was switched to corn soup?
Kolton Smith
On roasted turkey it said corn soup XD
Ever Hernandez
thank you for making this video mine is (Cooler ranch Doritos)😀
Who edited this video? Because the end (number 1) says corn soup again
grrr Aaaa
The tuna flavor doritos is with mayonnaise ツナマヨネーズ = Tuna with mayonnaise
Mine Craft
Corn soup chips in general is a bliss! It's really good!
emily cheetham
Crispy/dried Seaweed can have a salty flavour so I understand why there is a chip in that flavour.
wish promo codes
10 said corn soup
dovieez RBLX
Wait..woah! "corn soup" is Roasted Turkey in English! Wow, this really taught me something!
DaRk_MoNkEy 1247
There is no hornet Dorito flavor STOP CLICKBATING NOT COOL
Screeching Mammal
YOU DON'T LIKE FISH..... Neither do I :)
daisy waisy
Landon: "Roast Turkey" Bar at bottom: *Corn Soup*
Frank Goheen Productions
Sean Danenberg
No mayo please😥
Skinnie Legend
Seaweed flavor stuff is very common where I live
Barbara-Anne McGregor
Anyone else just like sticking with original.
Darwin will find you
i really wanted to say i really like your videos! ive been watching since 40k subs and its amazing to see you have come this far! i also have a idea: Top 10 Worst school accidents
Mr Kree
Tandoori is pronounced Th-un-doo-ree
I thought I was the only one who remembered the BOLD EXTREME BBQ Doritos they are my favorite hands doewn and I loved the 3D Doritos as well!!!
Spencer Browne
I used to call back olives "tires"
The Galvamoth
and then when Memes were invented,doritos are now a meme my favorite Flavour if Meme flavor like if you agree
Milk Splash
Roasted turkey or corn soup??? 4:22
DIEmond Master1
"The roasted turkey" *corn* *soup*
Minali :p gachalife
Who was watching this while eating Doritos
Faisal Ibrahim
Victoria's Awsome vlogs
My favorite flavor is nacho cheese
Snowy Flame
On number 1 it said corn soup
Metal Jedi66
I want to try the Tandoori Doritos 🤤
Air Pulse
For #1 you put corn soup again instead of turkey soup
grrr Aaaa
Seaweed flavored chips are good
Chris Schroeder
you made #1 for worst chin strap
Julian WN
🇳🇴Norway🇳🇴 don't have doritos or dr.pepper.But well they have IT in Sweden
Number 1: Polish Doritos
TheSikoraShow !!!
Y’all like making fun is us bekuZ no one remembers y’all exist (Canada)
dorothy eibach
Make a part 2
Colorado Springs Furry Group
Me: WHERE IS MY FRICKING DORITOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD BIOTCH!!! My Mom and Sister: We threw them away... Me: (throws my mom and sister) don't Do ThAt AGAIN!!!
pakye y vlogs
Is your editer hi
At the #1 spot he said turkey but it said corn soup at the bottom
asda fruitella
It's pronounced as "Ton- doooooory"
When you introduced roast turkey the blue bar said corn soup!
Oddity x
Eve Lawia
these are so weird
The gunner 5000 games
I heard mc Donald’s did a Doritos salad once
At my local Walmart, there we could find "Wasabi Pea Flavored Doritos".
child plural! At the disco
"Roasted turkey" CORN SOUP
Don't Ask
I LOVE black olives XD
Ash Lloyd
I would actually LOVE the seaweed ones. XD I know, I'm wierd but I LOVE seaweed. I snack on it whenever I can 😂