BEST EPIC FANTASY MUSIC EVER - Complete BSO, "Conan The Barbarian"

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BSO de la película "Conan el Bárbaro" (1982) por Basil Poledouris (R.I.P.) MI BLOG → /> MI FACEBOOK → /> MI YOUTUBE → /> MI TWITTER →

I first watched this when I was seven years old.  Nowadays If a parent let their kid watch the movies that I watched at that age (Conan, Exorcist, Terminator, Aliens, etc), they would get blamed for "child abuse".   Crom laughs at the fools from his mountain.
Arguably the best motion picture soundtrack ever made.
Crom laughs at the 133 dislikes for they do not know the riddle of steel!
Crom laughs at your 2011 remakes, laughs from his mountain...
Paul Blarts Garage
Back in the day me and my friends would listen to this sound track while playing D&D and drinking beer while eating domino's lol. I miss the good old days. Long live the true king of the barbarian's! "Conan"
E. G. Fraga
Basil Poledouris often wrote inspired music, but none of his other Scores had the scope and grandeur of Conan. Two essential qualities that make a unique Masterpiece: had not aged a bit in 33 years and you can listen to it randomly forever, will never bore. Met the man in 1999, asked WHY HE NEVER CONDUCTED LIVE this splendid work. Answered he didn't like available orchestras and choruses. He was fighting for his life when he finally conducted it in Andalusia with a crappy Orchestra & Chorus. I was there. I gave him a hug afterwards. Out of tune Players and Chorus. Sad. RIP. Thank you for this immortal gift, Maestro.
big dead cat
My dad took me to see this when I was twelve lol it totally changed my direction. Been lifting weights and making swords for the past 35 years .
Spartaculus Jones
Robert E. Howard constantly insisted that, late at night, the Shade of Conan stood behind his shoulder dictating stories of his exploits from 10,000 years in the past and that the words came so fast that Howard could barely keep up with them on his typewriter.
"For no one - no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. *This* you can trust."
A king by his own hands...but that is another story... ( still waiting )
Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis.....
Ken Bolden
"He is Conan, Cimmerian.. he won't cry, so I cry for him."
Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!
Kieran Connelly
Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!
This is NOT the "BSO" (OST in english) , since it is not the ORIGINAL 1981 soundtrack conducted by Poledouris with the Rome orchestra but the 2010 RE-RECORDING by conductor Nic Raine and Prague orchestra for the Prometheus label. I know because I have the Varese, the Intrada (including the extended) and the latest by Prometheus(2010 re-recording is also extended) . So it's not the OST but a revised and reinterpreted movie soundtrack, re-recorded an revisited also as there are many differences if you pay attention. You should mention it in the description.
Nobody will ever make a more sweeping classical masterpiece than these old flicks. Star wars, great. But CONAN well, Luke skywalker never cut the head of darth vader and tossed it down the stairs of the death star. Conan did. Makes me wonder what Basil could have done with Star Wars
Crom laughs at the two who thumbed this down.
Crom; so grant me this one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to hell with you! {Punch horse in the face here}
The most badass soundtrack ever. This music makes you feel like you can do anything.
Viviane Cerniquiari
Basil Poledouris supremo!
Bryan Brenny
Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis... ...and the rise of the sons of Aryas... ...there was an age undreamed-of. And unto this, Conan... ...destined to bear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia... ...upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days... ...of high adventure.
Dan Nordmen
Probably the best movie soundtrack EVER
It's just strange how even after decades these old movies still feel the best! The adventures seem fresh and the music fits like a glove to hand. Truly the Prodcuer had a strong vision how to create this masterpiece. Definately my favourite moment in the movie: "Do you want to live forever!" Loved it as a child and Love it still!! This soundtrack is pure gold!
gord oland
RIP Basil. Your music will last for all eternity.
Timothy E.
1:01 Man, that kick-in! This is a masterpiece score! Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!
Arnold's best movie.
A Ham
I listened to this 3 times in a row while raiding in WoW. After a while I forgot I had it playing in the background and thought "World of Warcraft has really upped their game for awesome raiding music" then I realized that I was still listening to the theme song for AHNOLD!!!
Christian Sugaste
those were the days of high adventure 👊
Tommy Sasaki
*Conan, what is best in life?*
Merz Bois
Arnold has more strength is his little finger than Momoa has in his whole body.
Conan the Barbarian was (in my opinion) an excellent movie, but what truly made it shine for me was the score. It was masterfully combined with what was happening in the movie, and each main character had their own musical theme. The Tree of Woe scene still brings a tear to my eye, as he hangs dying, the music is monotonous and sad, and just when it looks like the bleak end for Conan… it transitions into the wonderful musical theme of his hyrkanian archer friend coming to the rescue. It's beautiful and amazing, and to me epitomises what movies should strive for in music scores.
Crush yah enumhees, see dem drivun befor you, and hear de lamuntatuns of de veemon!
Basil Poledouris was a musical genius.
Panzer Shark
I feel like chopping the heads of those who thumbed down at this video.
Marcos H. Ary
Best soundtrack in the history of cinema!
It was epic than, and epic now. The 137 dislikes are still looking for emptiness
alex dornelli
music for grande men, best action film ever, viva the 80's
Trevor Byrne
23 people disliked this wtf?
This would sound great in Skyrim....
Regal Tone T
One of the greatest movie soundtracks ever! Basil Poledouris rest in peace my sir, this was on another level!  thank you for letting us have this magnificent peace of art work..
Paul Kelly
2 people are NOT Cimmerian.
Jamil Salloum Jr.
Basil Poledouris was a absolutely Master! Much better than John Willians and others. Conan soundtrack is a eternal and genius composition for it complexity, richness and even mystical effects.
Tech Priest
12:21 simply majestic and powerful. Very manly and heroic.
Conan is name of my new born baby
So... this is the paradise!!!
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
Cade Carneiro
Thanks,here in Brazil we lovers Age Hiborian!!!!
Harbourness Rage
1:18:08 Here starts the most epic piece of music that was ever done. That beginning, that culmination with chorus and trumpets. That part could make epic even the comedy movie.
44 people who don't know the meaning of "badass."
E. G. Fraga
Today, many critics and fans often name Michael Giacchino as the last generation Best 'Epic' composer. IMO, wrote interesting film Scores for Up!, the two Star Treks, and we will have to wait. James Horner will be missed, was second best amongst the living and destined to be John Williams successor. Legends of the Fall, Braveheart and Titanic are unique works. However, in his last years, he composed for the Classical repertoire and not for film. Southpaw is a sad end to his career, a 'ghost' score he supposedly signed for money. Sadly, IMO there is a void until a possible third-ranked big talent comes: Randy Edelman. I warmly recommend The Last of the Mohicans, Gettysburg and Dragonheart, impressive, rousing scores. But nothing truly remarkable from him in 20 years. Then Alan Silvestri with Back from the Future and Contact. Likewise, in the last two decades nothing on a par with those superb works.  In recent years, only John Powell impressed me as a big talent to watch. And if Hans Zimmer abandons his relentless hammering of chords, may produce something worthwhile for the next generations. My dilemma is when we will have A NEW, full-fledged, massive, Epic Masterpiece in the style of Quo Vadis, Ivanhoe, Ben-Hur, El Cid (Rozsa), Cleopatra, Spartacus, The Agony and the Ecstasy (North), Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago (Jarre), The Wind and the Lion and First Knight (Goldsmith), etc. Like Conan, these long-breathed, lusciously orchestrated works transcend time and repeated listenings. I refuse to accept they are gone forever.
Caitlin McQuade
Many a game of D&D has been played to this.
Sublime musique, du grand art !!! L une des plus belles musiques de film du siècle passé, mais qui reste intemporel par sa puissance et son lyrisme épique. Une pièce musicale maîtresses pour servir un grand film. Big up à Gerry Lopez pour sa bonne prestation toute en glisse...
maximiliano otero
Gracias Robert Howard. Gracias Arnold. Gracias Oliver Stone. Gracias John Millius.Gracias Basil!!!
Breathing Air
And to think Dino De Laurentiis wanted a pop soundtrack like Flash Gordon! It was only thru pressure by Director John Milius, to use his friend and composer Basil Poledouris to compose orchestral music for the movie.
Omer Ercan
Love this movie and the soundtrack, brings my childhood memories :)
Ryan Becker
Blade Runner and Conan (80's) have the best soundtrack of any movie, I might wager.
"I'm a WIZARD mind you"
This sountrack is simply one of the most powerful scores to a movie ever composed.
Jack Raines
I always listen to this soundtrack, when i Pump Iron. I find it Fantastic to listen to. Great Movie, Great Soundtrack! Thank You very much, Jack!
Joakim Meier
I believe the title is right, I just want to go out and slay something
Stelios Kakouratos
this is the complete score of the movie. if you hear the ost and this you can find the differences. and of course this is one (the best in my opinion) soundtracks of all time.
The new Conan movie can't hold a candle to the old one.
Darth Structure
I work out to this music
Wheel of Pain is played twice and Gift of Fury is missing entirely.
absolutely epic sountrack, got goosebumps everytime i listen to main theme as i had 30 or so years ago i saw this masterpiece
Bad Ass Fantasy Movie.  Have the poster in my theater room.
In the darkness of chaos, they fooled Cromm. And they took from him the Riddle of Steel.
The Exile
It is NEVER a good idea to disturb a guy when he is listening to this music!!
any baldurs gate player here?? tthe conan themes remembers me the baldurs gate theme lol
I polished my swords to this
Kalam Abrasapuentes
Best soundtrack ever.
They must have remastered this album because I'm hearing stuff that was not in the movie or on the cd.  I watched CtB A LOT and this is not the sound track in the movie.
I wonder what Howard would've thought of this masterpiece.
DefTom ChefTom
Listening to the music, one can visualize the whole movie. Genius.
juan estevez
Piel de gallina
Aah! Crom laughs at the four winds.
fooooood.... give me foooooooddd!... ... I have not eaten for Dayss
One of the most epic soundtracks ever made, Basil Poledouris is a genius
1982 version is better!
Ramses Amon RA
FOCKING EPIC !!! +100000 !!!
Acedia Tristitia
Whoever composed this must've had a vivid imagination and/or a rich and colorful life. The only time I've experienced highs and lows like this is, well, when listening to music. Maybe I should get out more......
1:30:52 So beautiful...
Dale Minnaar
Listening to this music while Crom laughs at my 12 beers!
Antti Niskanen
How smoll eart is.. I remember these songs.. my dad(passed a way) vatsh real conan the barbarian VHS.. vhile we played D&D my friends.. i allways bee master of temple(cool loking).. TEMPlar KNITS.. because they hawe good Armor... i hawe to go visiting my moms house and get safe to that game.. I hawe Red/blu/green degrees.. and passed those thing to my SON.. if he are indtestedt.. but now days are computer games etc.. whu is played D&D.. late80s ore early 90s..😉☺☺lots of fun memorys.. my dises is still in my old room closed and game too.. "Jumanji"..😅☺!!!..
Ryan Miller
I listen to this soundtrack when i want to conquer stuff at work
Dan Kelly
Let me tell you the day's of high adventure...
Lego Forestman
97 ppl to the Tree of Woe please :)
Ramses Amon RA
J S R Lasher
R.I.P., Basil. Such a fine composer.
Jason Crowned
best soundtrack ever!!!
dannyvon hug
Snakes? Did you say snakes?
Ryan Green
Suffer no guilt, thee who wield this in the name of Crom.
Antti Niskanen
Ok Arnold is got some dianabol and others sustanobol... anabolidic Asteroids😁😂😂😉☺.. neptune titan stars can .... fliccaflicca bow bow.. 🤔sorry thats Pink floyd☺...
xander mills
Gets attacked by a witch, CROM!
Lux B
Genial esta banda sonora, y la peli solo puede amarse u odiarse. Yo la amo.
As awesome as this music is... It just doesn't sound right without Mako's monologue.
Seb Sherry
instant goose bumps at 1.07.27 minutes
José Juan M Bueso
this music is beautiful!
George Rodriguez
This is brilliant. An excellent accompaniment to a choice movie. While this is music from the movie, its not the exact soundtrack as was presented in the film. The evidence for this claim: listen to the song "wheel of pain" as it was in the movie, and then listen to it here. In the film you'll note that there's a very audible screeching sound, like nails on chalkboard or scraping metal. Here its instrumentation has been softened, played on a gong or other kind of cymbal. Also, its missing the track "gift of fury" (the bit of music playing during the part when Conan's mother is decapitated by Thulsa Doom. These minor discrepancies are pretty negligible, as this is still a symphonic masterwork, as a standalone. I'd recommend playing it in the background while reading some of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories.  A massive mega-thanks for the upload.