TobyMac - I just need U. (Behind The Scenes)

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The Turtle Girl
YOU GUYS - *I just got a Vevo ad of Tobymac right before this video!* LOL Can't say I was complaining. I would prefer that ad to most any other ad on the platform 😂
The Turtle Girl
Anyone else notice that this channel's profile picture is gone? What's up with that? C'mon youtube!!!
Maddie Bowden
Who loves tobymac ❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏💙💙💙💙
neca maliza
This looks like Radiator Springs, Route 66
Nikita Mary Sobers
Awesome 😍😍 Oh my those were real wolves??
Ronel Mesaroș
This is too short!
I love this song, the music video and I'm super excited to see Toby at YC Alberta 2018 it's going to be amazing! God has provided him with such an amazing gift
Christian Truthers
But what does it mean? My subs are hoping for an answer because it comes across very dark :) Blessings!
Say Perfect
Love the car! Love the three Jedi...and I Love Toby Mac!!👏👏 God bless!!!
Alyona Polochanskaya
WOW! I haven't thought that the wolves were real! :)
I love you TobyMac! Your awesome ❤️
Lilliana Capell
Ahhh I love you soo much❤️❣️❣️❣️
April Williams
Your music just keps getting better and better. Thanks for sharing!!!
GoobsterGaming YT
Jen D
Three video notifications popped up at midnight. Two from huge named mainstream artists and this video right here. I went to all three pages. The other two had 146 and 53 views, respectively, and 3 and 52 comments.. I come here and see already 37 comments and 633 views in that same time frame, and this one was not a full some video but a behind the scenes clip. There is a revival going on this planet! God is moving, just as He promised!
Elizabeth Ortiz
hey! can' t believe you blew up such a beautiful car.
Miles Wiley
So did he actually blow up the car?
C.J the purplesilverninja
Aww, man I wanna see u in consert so bad
Fusion Flare
Awesome song I love your music keep up the good work😀👍👍☝☝
Joseph Clark
Amazing video, and even better song
Margarita Perez
DanChris Mendoza
A. J
Mallorie Hiebner
I love this so much!!
Autumn’s Wonderland
That video was cool I saw u in concert I was front row and that was amazing❤️❤️
Daniel Lokovich
This was awesome 👏 keep obeying god Toby I love these songs they make me so happy and help me through tough times!!!
Jonah Goforth
Will there be an instrumental version to the song out??? I love the music!!
Sarah Sánchez
I am a huge fan Toby and I live in California. I know we’re you are at in the video. Me and my dad like to drive there. This is crazy to see, I love your songs, keep making more. ❤️😇
im bored
Heavens Angels 💖💕
Nice!!! How cool is that!!! God Bless you
Daniel P
The greatest
Xavier Mejia
Love your videos
Around The Corner
Turon Senpai
I still cant believe he's like 50+
Ariel Becerra
Love your music 💖💖💖
Lisa Cody
Gretell Rodríguez
J. playz
good job
Tiba Hameedawi
This is AMAZING 🌸😩😍
Claudia Arevalo
Felix González
Amazing! God bless you :D
Handprint productions
SO AMAZING!!! I love Tobymac!! And this was such an amazing music video!
Lorena cabarca gomez
Fernanda De Oliveira Pereira
👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️Brazil - bh 🇧🇷
xXPeachy.slimes Xx
This is so cool! I love your songs Toby plz pin this❤❤❤ :Edit Thank you so much Toby This means so much to me
Lisa Cody
Rawr Dinosaur
Nathan Sumner
Tmac how r u soo cool
Jay Moss
Zorastorm 32
My Childhood Artist!
bailey eagle
Your pretty cool good music videos
Christian Damian Sandoval
Fred No Money
I really think this video is Toby symbolizing he’s now going on the other side... notice how he’s dressed in black and white plus all the satanic musicians do video very similar symbolizing them going threw the desert.... If I’m wrong Toby you need to clear the air ways cause it looks like wolf in sheep clothing to me?? I think we’re getting close to the end days and people need to wake up!!!
Shane Simon
I wish the video was longer but still a good song.
Sam Selvaraj
One of the earliest
Sumit jangid
Bjorn en An Bekaert Pirotte
Another great song. God bless you and your beloved ones.
Maddie Bowden
Tobymac i want to meet u in person but i saw u in person like twice
David Pineyro
Why YouTube why? What do Tobymac did to you because his profile is gone. His songs inspire our future life. Our God had led us a job to do and let people know Jesu and our Lord is with us
Whenever this song comes on the radio, I shout at my mom to turn it up and screech the lyrics like a madman
James Snider
You I can’t just stop filing thous words in my heret I think people loves your vidios so much you get famous and rich🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
no name
whoaa okay so u really did burn ya car!
Mario Bonilla
Allison Gomez
I like it Is a amazon!!!!
Nora Bee
Are the wolfs real
This is my now my #1 favourite Toby Mac song!
puro Sketches
Atras de camaras que Bendicion tu cancion,
alke esva
Love you toby mac
Vikki Gillespie
I love it!!!
alke esva
I love your you voice
Déborah Campos
This song is awesome!😏🇧🇷
Katherine Funez
Hey, do you nos what dos the guys of dark means?
RogerG 1553
k chido
Abigail Domínguez
BIG Lego Bros
jada princess
Looks pretty cool behind the scenes and god bless you
Nikol Julieth Lopez Fotografia
😍 amoooo esta canción, que buen vídeo, quiero que vengas a Colombia porfavor 💛💙❤ sueño con estar en un concierto tuyo, sin duda mi artista favorito 😍👌 me encanta toda tu música
Josue Castillo- Class of 2022
When I saw this, I realize how music videos are made. THIS is because of all the effort Tobymac puts and to worship the only true GOD!!!
The One The Only
Rip car
jessica lin barnett
that video was intense. I loved it!
NB Channel
Cali Desert__________________
Nyta Lima
Estavamos comentando sobre o clipe ontem🤗... amamos essa canção.. minhas meninas são apaixonadas por ela😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
SENDA De Regreso Al Camino
Guau Toby tienes un talento espectacular y el director de tus videos guau qué Bendición escuchar la música que Dios te da y las ideas que también les da para los videos JESÚS LA ÚNICA SENDA DE VIDA
Elizabeth Ortiz
love this video, well done, love the vocals, the message . Everything that this world offers is empty and void of purpose,that's why Christ is our hope to get us through life and fulfill our God Given purpose and as we seek him he protects us and guides . Toby, Your the man God continue to bless you and use you like he has.
Erick Valentim
Quando que o YouTube vai liberar o botão de mil likes para cada pessoa??? Sou seu fã, Brasil na área!!!
Gonzalo Martinez
toby you did so great!! this song is so dope for a christian song. i jam to it in my car and when i work out lol you doing great man! keep making music that takes us to our lord Jesus Christ :)
Shirley Bhagratee
Why people call you satanic . Toby .and. They say your car have serpent head. And the three in the black .is the devil .and they say your song is the dark side .you have to be clean when you doing song .hell going to be again you .in fiffrent ways .Toby .
1, DID THE CAR ACTUALLY LIGHT ON FIRE! 2, Were those actually wolves..? XD music videos are odd But I love this song!
Damaris Herrera
Yeah ... Cali ✌🏼
Grace Young
oh my gosh he actually burned his car i though they edited like the fire
Lesha_ Vibra
Жалко машины.
Bella Francini
Incrível! Escuto todo dia sem parar!
Toby mac coming to Canadas Wonderland for Wonderjam this June!! I'm going
Elizabeth Serenity
I am so sad that I can't come to your concert on June second 😭 the reason why I'm sad is because June 2nd is my birthday but I live in Arkansas so the concert will be 12 hours away! I will see you on July 29 though! I can't wait! Thank you God for allowing TobyMac to speak to younger generations through his music!
They really blew that car up behind him! Lol
Matias Ruidavets
Bendiciones de Argentina tobi Mac me encanta tu música
Fernando Rodríguez
Woah! Yeah! I would've loved to see more of those three "angels" in the desert... they're awesome!
Cristiano Silva
Fantástico muito bom mesmo
Sofie’s blogs
You have done it again Tobymac o wish I have gotten a autograph