Apple without Steve Jobs (Welcome to Macintosh)

Caution: Contains (mild) adult language. More at: /> A clip from the new documentary "Welcome to Macintosh" where the interviewees speak about what Apple may be like after Steve Jobs. See "Welcome to Macintosh - The documentary for the rest of us" January 8th during Macworld 2009. Get tickets here: /> Get the movie on DVD at FilmBaby: /> Welcome to Macintosh is an independent motion picture and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. Macintosh, iPod and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. "Welcome to Macintosh - The documentary for the rest of us" - Copyright 2008 Rob Baca and Josh Rizzo. All Rights Reserved.

Steve Wozniak is Great, but he is just the technical guy. Jobs is the visionary genius. Apple's future is in question...
Apple will never b the same :(
Rien vd Meer
I hate to say this, but being a realistic Apple fan since the end of the seventies (Apple ][): Unfortunately APPLE died when STEVE died. We already know and the world will have to see, that it's just the way it is. As MJ said: THIS IS IT!
@AnonymousCowardX This. He was merely an "image" he didn't really DO anything.
Steve Wozniak is a great engineer and seems a excelent person and obviously an important key that helped Apple born, but lets be real... Steve Jobs is "The one". He's Apple! Just see what Steve Jobs did and Steve Wozniak did in all this years.
I think Woz should come back to Apple as new CEO
If there is a doctor who could cure Steve jobs illness,that doctor is more popular n Steve jobs would be alive till today don't u tink
Look microsoft have not invented anything nearly as good as apple in the past few years so when apple become like microsoft who cares?!?
R.I.P. Steve Jobs. He was a good businessman, no doubt about that. But it is so embarrassing to tell like Jesus Christ died or something, and to compare him to some "genius", "visionary", "Einstein", "Picasso" and "Mozart", like some papers did. This cult of personality was always embarrassing and wrong. Plus, he never invented anything.
@christschool Okay, now you're talking bullshit. Where exactly did I say that I'm not an apple hater? Where did I use someone's disability against him? I've had enough arguments based solely on ad hominem attacks, so please, just stop and think Come up with a decent argument to either defend Apple or tell me why I am wrong to hate it. Oh, and seeing how you use "shizo" and "disorder" as to either insult me, or point out my incompetence to argue, then you're the one using disabilities.
@SonarWavePulse I managed to read your non-sensical logic flow and concluded, you have a serious disorder which you should treat. I don't hate Apple for X, I hate Apple for Y. Then you say, I'm not an Apple hater? That's logic like saying "I'm just a little bit pregnant". You also seem to be a bigot against people with disabilities because you don't seem to have a problem with using their disability as an insult against others.
@christschool You managed to not read my comment even 1/5 of the way through... I didn't say I don't hate apple, I said "I don't hate Apple because of X, I hate them because of Y" Seems to me like most hater haters, you're a bit of a fool.
@SonarWavePulse You managed to contradict yourself. You claim to be an Apple hater, and the you write "I don't hate Apple". Seems to me like most haters, you're a bit schizo.
@DaemonAnt You probably like Woz more because you relate more to him, he's more like you. Jobs was the kid that beat you up in school. He was the cool kid.
@Millahtime I, like I am sure he did watched the film without any prejudice and simply clicked on this video to comment about the Asain guy.
@SonarWavePulse Completely agree with you. I have never agreed with their marketing practices, or indeed their wider business practices such as the patent chasing (patenting the word "AppStore" ? I agree especially about the asian guy, Apple commercialised USB and the mouse? Hm. He seems to be one that idolises Steve Jobs a little too much. I thought the majority of the others interviewed were quite level headed.
@Millahtime I don't hate on Apple because it's mainstream or popular, I hate it because I am against their marketing moves. I didn't search for this video, it was sent to me, and of course after watching it, I left a comment stating my opinion on the video, specifically that Asian dude that really pisses me off... Of course I care, hating is caring, welcome to logic. I am not jealous of Apple, or to phrase it differently, I would not want to be in their shoes. I'd much rather be jelly at IBM
@SonarWavePulse If you need to hate on a successful-mainstream company in order to make yourself feel "different" from the pack, you have already failed in your goal. All you do is join the other idiots who think exactly like you. The fact that you're searching Apple related videos on youtube, yet you're a self-proclaimed Apple hater, proves you have some level of "care." Most likely its jealousy. You'll never admit it because its subconscious. Succes bring haters. Its a fact of life.
@ljscott1990 he is guy kawasaki, you can look it up, he started the apple craze for steve. and dont bs out of your _ss of things u dont know,
Sousuke Sagara
Waz created The Apple II and basically made Apple, But Steve Jobs pushed Apple Forward, Without either 1 of them Apple wouldn't exist.
dave yo
without steve there well be no Apple..
even if apple did go from a new steve i will never touch a zune
Don't think so. Ive is only a good designer and definitely not a marketing maestro or a good presenter as Steve, I suppose.
nice video. is that background repeat score from any particular track...sounds catchy!
Marcos Sartori
Lisa wanst his? How? Named after his doughter. A machine too powerful, advance and expensive for its time, just like the Next's Computers... It just looks like steve jobs, out of time perfectionism and geniality!
Pablo's Tech Tips
You're what 12? He's 50. idiot.
Alberto Muratori
Next didn't really failed if you consider that its operating system has been the basis for Mac OS X, that actually is a success. If Apple hadn't purchased Next, I thing Next wouldn't have failed anyway. :)
Apple was concerned by Steve starting another computer business, and took legal action. Apple agreed to not take things further provided NeXT didn't compete in the same market as Apple. In other words, NeXT was forced as well as designed to be a high end workstation outfit, a la Sun, DEC, Silicon Graphics, etc. NeXT computers were used for some amazing things, including the words first web browser.
Venice Rob
Next was actually a great success! Next was purchased by Apple, not because Steve Jobs was involved, but because they had an OS that Apple desperately needed at the time. Mac OS X is a combination of the NEXT OS and the Mac OS (Mostly NEXT). So essentially while Steve was away from Apple, he was developing their next generation OS (OS X) at NEXT. Not a failure at all.
Apple Soldier
next wasnt apple in the minds of customers. Its like a bigmac and special sauce. Steve and apple just work. would the big mac special a=sauce taste right on a whooper? No.
To Mac users, one cuss word is too many.
Pinworm X
I guess to "welcometomac", one cuss word is too many.
He barely swore, why are you pointing it out and why is there a warning in the description?
Pinworm X
Guy Kawasaki has a potty mouth ROFL
Kennita Watson
Me too, but to my mind that's like saying Everest is higher than Kilamanjaro.
great vid