HUGE Reaction For PAC's Homecoming Entrance In Newcastle!

Farindar Pradhan
He looks like a heel, he talks like a heel, he walks like a heel, but he wrestles like a champion. A real pro wrestler.
Killer 007
PAC has been so successful and hot since he left WWE good thing he did
Spider-Man Mode
WWE's biggest loss since CM Punk
PAC leaving WWE was the best thing for him
Tri Monster
His physique looks amazing!
Shinsuke Nakamura
His theme entrance sounds like something from Batman Beyond
First AEW World Champion?
Brandon Pérez Ramos
Dragon Gate World Champion THE BASTARD PAC!!! Hell Yeah Defiant!! Sick SONG I love it!!
This dude is a star! Loved him in WWE and independents as well!
N Rakshit
He actually is a naturally born heel Wrestler...
It was an incredible moment live
E.J. Cartagena
I love that PAC is going to AEW
manny smith
I like the way he brings out the dragon gate title with him everywhere he goes 👑🙏🏻 welcome home PAC
Blessbo 01
Pac looks like a Mortal kombat character
the pop when the announcer said his hometown...
Real ThaMaskRapper
Damn those fans went nuts omg chill RevPro was dead and no respect for P A C .
When the king is dead, when gravity is but mere fiction in his eyes, there is only the BASTARD!! Welcome home PAC!! So happy he's wrestling people with actual talent and not no talent wannabe rapper hacks.
Kimi #JB17 #TeamKick
Who would have imagined when WCPW was launched that Neville would be one of the hottest free agents in wrestling 2 and a half years later? Like seriously, he was poorly booked in WWE, and now look at this! He's heading to AEW, he's champion in Dragon Gate, he can be the new Cody Rhodes in terms of success after WWE
Derek Alfaro
I CAN'T WAIT to see Pac vs Starr!
Taufiq Shah
The king is dead, the gravity is lost.. Now, you only have PAC...
Gila Gila
neville one of the best performer..hope he will succes future..
Epixkid 112
leaving wwe has been the best thing for him
Heryla Club
Pac saved his career
Silvio Madueke
Anyone feel "the rising sun" theme music in this
Andrew /\ H-TOWN
Glad he’s finally doing great again! Wwe is a slave ship! I hope devitt rollins styles and nakamura leave
Aaron Linton- Chambers
I am so glad he’s been able to make a success for himself outside of the wwe he was wasted in 205 live
Heriberto Vivas
Too bad we never got to see AJ Styles vs Neville (pac) Damn you WWE(Vince) for dropping the ball.
Ian Thompson
Farindar Pradhan
Saibal Republic
I always wanted him to face Adam Page and I'm glad it's happening. I hope we do get PAC vs Cody , PAC vs Marty Scrull and PAC vs Kenny Omega too at some point.
Himanshu Dutt
All Things Everything
PAC will be a big star in AEW.
I've watched this video several times. Can't wait to see his match.
Anthony Wayne
Look at that. A standing ovation. A king amongst his people. He had them eating out of the palm of his hands.
I love you PAC
Tylik L
That's what I'm talking about go somewhere you will be champion were you champion in WWE I don't think so
Fernando J. Ciman
He’s one of the best In wrestling rigth now....but the name though isn’t so great
Gazz Jones
The bastard has come home
Sneaker Head1998
Pac vs page double or nothing🔥
Vignesh loves Chennai
Good Neville with 6pac...
Sky Kid
Wow, I can't believe the crowd is actually alive. Glad to hear that lol
Man Of Steel
Hmm.. This "PAC" guy sure looks a lot like Nevill. Anyway...
Toni Gwynn
Got to see him live at the Dragon Gate show in Yokosuka this past December. Best Christmas present ever!
The Jawgz
Tiny crowd, tiny ring, tiny dude. :(
Gus Chiggins
its crazy how much pac looks like neville.
That title never leaves his hand🤣🤣
Hezekiah Thomas
Andrew Simm
not gay but PAC is bloody stunning from the hair to the body like dammmm.
Ashfaq Tuhin
Pac VS XPac make it happen please
Samus Williams
Best in the world.
temeti to
Would love to see him in AEW with the bucks and Cody
sometimes I don't know in what kind of universe Vince and WWE think they's almost like they do literally everything that people don't want them to do
Adi Sucipto
I dont care what his name is, PAC, Neville, he still my idol. Great to see him again
Benjamin Satterley looks amazing, for how his body looks and how he still manages to fly high.
Craig Brexit
Welcome home, the King Of The Bastards!
Montavious Gray
Jarvbs Jones
Exit Neville Enter PAC ?
Love how PAC (Neville) still has the same heel character from WWE
Seth Arrow
You can tell just by looking at his face that he’s much happier now I’m happy for you PAC keep being the hottest thing in wrestling today 🤙
he's back and he looks incredible! 🤤
Gillberg #TYDB #DAY1ISH
this video TRULY deserves my like.
Eugene Malunes
WWE BIGGEST MISTAKE..ruining PAC'S run in their company
Exodus Forbes
Wow WWE🤦🏿‍♂️
Big ups to that announcer
Adrian Denila
Neville vs David Starr, he still looks cool
Dimas Egamalindo
The First AEW Champion!!! 😎
That guy looks just like Neville
My precious
Chris little
Pac ALWAYS been my dude lol
Ive heard bigger pops for mandy rose
Keke Edordu
still can't believe this is pac .. its just crazy . watching those clips 13 yrs ago .one of the best in world now . he was something way too diff back then still with loads of potential
Buata Red Devils
His theme is better than wwe and his looks too Congrats Neville oh PAC
tin man
So proud of the way British wrestling has emerged over the past few years.i can barely keep up with how many talented guys r around right now.cant w8 to go c progress live in march
Leonardo Beltran
Gravity Lost hahahaha you are TNA 2.0
Rose O
his name is Neville !
Broke Frog
Definition of the "Whole Package"
Somnath Bhattacharya
Good to see Adrian Neville back in the ring
WWE should have built PAC into the new Rey Mysterio. Hopefully AEW will.
PAC vs Simon!!!
Jayden Reid
It's almost like he's actually a good wrestler xD
RD 9323 Awesome
why the ring is smaller than WWE ring?
I swear, if Vince didn't do him and Aries dirty with the Wrestlemania DVD situation and making him job to put over Enzo solely because of Emzo's merch sales, he would be doing damn well in WWE I believe. The character change was an amazing choice.
Hei_ Bk201
dunno why but this makes me hate x2 more wwe all good for pac great lad :)
Ash Ketchum
I'm still gonna call him Neville tbh
Welcome home, PAC.
Brennen Collins
Pac vs low budget balor xD
Grand Dad
That's a real pop from the crowd
R.E.D represent!
Angelo Mendoza
The man gravity forgot
He'll be back in a couple of years, just like Drew did. It's good seeing him succeed though.
Prison Mike
Now this man is a star.
Jorge Garcia
Neville??? Who's neville??? Pac is the man!!!!!
Gabriel DawnBlade
It is good Dragon Gate allows Pac to carry the Open The Dream Gate Title with him
Dark Naitō Uchiwa
The Open The Dream Gate Champion & 2 times WWE Cruiserweight Champion, PAC
Rene Hernandez
Another example of wwe dropping the ball
Ammar Khan
Feels Good to see him
Nothing against defiant wrestling but i really hope he joins AEW. A guy like this should get the best possible spotlight
Nestor Monterroza
This make me unbelievably happy. He deserves that reaction. I sense great things to come.
He is a midget version of drew mc and tire
Fotis Staveris
good job letting him go wwe...people seriously get over after leaving that company