Sabaton - Talvisota

enjoy ;D pleas add some comments

Dennis Hennebold
Which movie is it?
Nocona Rap Production N.R.P
hey i like the vedo that you put with the music from sabaton
Paul Elledge
Hyvaa on Suomi - Hieno video - I walked in many of those trenchs, thank goodness not during the Talvisota.
Paul Elledge
Hyvaa on Suomi - Hieno video - I walked in many of those trenchs, thank goodness not during the Talvi Sota.
Great video! 5*****
jan mat
Dobra robota 5/5.
jan mat
@multinexia Powstanie Warszawskie
Nocona Rap Production N.R.P
for mother russa my commrads! for the mother land!
Henry Palviainen
@ninjaboy1992 yes but almost all of them get killed in action :) and thats the truth
Jaakko Katajisto
awesome video but i don't like the username
whoops there came some 0's :D Pari nollaa missään haittaa(ainakaa ryssien selviytymismahollisuuksissa :D)
winter war is also called:"war vithout winners" because so many people got killed. BUT WE STILL BEATED THOSE RUSSIANS ASS :D! Respect0 the FINNISH 0survivors of winter war!
finns won this war
Scott Gerrels
Hail the Finnish people and resilience against the Red Hordes! Thank god for the ineptitude of the Russian army!
The Best Finland (TALVISOTA) The Best Poland (Powstanie Wielkopolskie)
Tompa :)
@amortha Nikad jebote!
Tompa :)
HAIL to the Kings From Croatia!!
Didier Drogba
nice :)
Hieno video, Sabaton rules. But Judas Priest is best.
simo häyhä!! suomi perrrrrrkelee!!
Anyone who has never heard of 'the White Death' obviously. Simo Haya is the defenition of a super-soldier.
TULI JA LIIKE! FIRE AND MOVEMENT! PRRRKELE! all respect to the veterans and people who helped..
Fun fact: Mannerheim is the only one who has EVER had the title of ¨Marshall of Finland¨ and shortly after his death the title was removed to ensure that he will be the only one who has had it. I just had to say it :D
Risu petteri
Russians had more soldiers that Allies did have in D-Day and Finnish had less than Germans on that same day, so how can everyone say that Wehrmacht was the best army in WW2... ;P
Didier Drogba
Thx so much!!!!!!!!!!!! check out my other sabaton videos
Didier Drogba
good to see you too
Didier Drogba
where is tamilgoodboy???