You simply don't fuck with Kenshiro // Shin Hokuto No Ken

I did not expect this to blow up as it did (lolol) as for those that ask where it is from, as the title states"Shin Hokuto no Ken" also known as "New fist of the north star" which is divided into 3 OVA'S, about an hour long each.It was aired around 2003-2004 and ended with 3 episodes.

Description updated with info, for those that should wonder.
A Pill
*sees his men's head exploding " Oh, I see you practice martial arts.
Roses are red, Violets are blue. Omae wa mou, Shindeiru.
*Heads exploding* "I see you practice martial arts".... OK then.....
Alex Unknown
He protects the innocent... as well as gives them PTSD.
Ridzki Andiyono
João Lucas
"I know Hokuto Shinken" *Immediately starts flailing his fist angrily*
Jonathan Joestar
So Dio voices the man which Jonathan was based on? Irony.
Kenshiro's clothes should have writing: "Please don't" on the front, and "I told you" on the back.
Nico Yazawa is 6ix9ine
No wonder Kenshiro can stop time. He's voiced by Takehito
this guy
kenshiro is so badass he turned cell drawn enemies into CG
The EngiWizard
I feel bad for Takehito. He will possibly never be known for any other role besides Dio now. He's a great voice actor, but it's kind of sad to see most people who recognize his voice recognize it only because of his role in JoJo. It's like writing multiple award winning novels but only being known for one. I think at one point or another, he's going to want some of his other projects that he put lots of love and effort into to receive some renown.
Lets find a nickname
You think it was Kenshiro BUT IT WAS ME DIO !!!
This is secretly a prequel to 40k when the Emperor of mankind was just walking around earth during the Age of Strife battling techno-barbarians.
Surasi Sansanga
Rare footage of Russian spetsnaz single handedly repel off an attack from Mujahideen religious fanatics with bare hands 1989 Afghanistan (colourized)
Manny Jerze
Easy step by step guide to win a fight against Kenshiro Step 1: Don't
Lucina/Severa Lowell
o-oh god. i know that they are the bad guys and all but i can't help but feel SOME sort of pity for the way they died. i mean, that last kill was like torture, the way his right eye fell out, g-good shit though
jonathan joest.... i mean kenshiro
Lena And Kids K
They dont have the brains to do that again
Gman Gardner
Chuck Norris may have an seriously tough fight on his hands with Kenshiro when it's only 1 Ego waffle left in the box😂😂😂😂...Who will lego-the-ego
from now on iwill call kenshiro brain raper
UnrealEd Addict
Music : Kenshiro No Tema II
Who wants to bet he just stopped time and put a bomb in his head?
I liked it in the original where he would get people to kill themselves Or more specifically their bodies would contort to kill them "Your back will arch until your spine snaps in on itself"
When Kenshiro becomes Dio
Crimson cringe
Kenshiro, the most badass anime character.
Kono Kenshiro Da
Jason Mullings
You're already dead Hahaha huh ? Uh-duh-huh Boom, blop (Horrified screams) Kenshiro wins
adrian blade
Roses are red, Violets are blue. Omae wa mo Za Warudo
Jeffery Woods
The best thing here are the comments 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
1000 subscribers challenge without videos
Your Friendly Neighborhood Constable
A real man eviscerates his enemies so badly, that he traumitizes the people he's protecting.
TIL Ultimate Art of Assassination is just randomly throwing lefts and rights.
nih sa
holy shit. The animation was clearly modern but it still captured that 80's magic of this anime (it's 80's right? The original fist of the north star? sorry, new fan here xD) And you'll really know it was an old school anime if it was unashamedly brutal. AWESOME.
This dudes a damn monster
numaTruehome 100
That was legitimately scary and anatomically correct, I still want to... watch the series.
Mr. Pan-Pan
Him: "but no fighters can match my skills" Me: dude just kicked your boys in the face and their heads exploded. You for real right now?
General Irons
You think you can beat me with one finger? I already did. Kenshiro is unimpressed.
Burning Spies
Shin Hokuto no Ken... starts off great...ends with me feeling extremely sad. Come on! Give me a Hokuto no Ken where Kenshiro fights the ice cream man over his favorite toppings! Ice cream man: You can only choose one topping sir... Kenshiro: Hokuto Shin Ken is invincible.... Ice cream man: ......................... Kenshiro:............ Ice cream man:......what?
Patrick Castillo
*looks at guys heads exploding* "I see to u practice martial arts" Um...which fighting style is this, I'm asking for a friend
Gameboynitro 9
You know Kenshiro already won the fight when he doesn't crack his knuckles.
Uses swords and bare fists for fighting... HAS MOTORCYCLES
The Great Guitar Man 2003 O_o
3:41 URRRGHMASAKOUMAURGHG LOLOLOLOLOLOL totally hilarious the way he talks!
Gabriel Gallardo
Weird thought, but does anybody hear the guy say "peekaboo" around 3:54 as his head blew up?
Walter Yellow
Fist of the North Star, starring Dio Brando
Nitro Shibe
*Makes three men’s heads explode* I see you practice martial arts
ᴋᴇɴꜱʜɪʀᴏ ꜱᴀᴍᴀ
Kenshiro Kasumi is a God he fights for his beloved Yuria and he's a century's end saviour that's right he's a badass with kind heart so don't even fucking think about messing with 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken Kenshiro Sama 😍😘
minna !!!
legend is back.
Shinya Kurai
They should totally make the thickness of Ken's eyebrows an indicator of his power level. He was only at half-power for this one.
Andrew Marcus
Only the heir of Hokuto Shin Ken can use the Hokuto Shin Ken technique. and his two brothers... plus the one that was disowned
Santiago Reveco Lepe Reborn
*ORE GA SHINDEIRU?* Kisama nani o baka na?
Die Entitusschule
Why is this in such a good quality? Is this like a remake of the original fist of the north star?
bluesss 149nsss
Baki vs kenshiro it will an amazing fight
Kato P. Rodrick
Ironically, Dio is everywhere
"I studied the ultimate art of assassination, hokuto ni shinken" *continues to attack its surpassor*
Lewd Anime Life
He’s so Amazing your brain just explodes
JC Denton
Hahaha! Heads explode, brains splatters all over the place. "I see you practice martial arts"😂
Just Snowy
Yeah, that's DIO's voice actor alright.
Weeb Cringe Edgy Teenager
*N A 🅱 I? (len flares projected)*
Sean Hub
You thought bruce lee was badass, you thought chuck norris was badass. Imagine both of them combined but x1000 more badass. Thats Kenshiro.
DCLegend Strives
Never saw this anime but I know kenshiro is a savage
Mason Kim
0:02 me, spits out water: "Sawry, didn't mean to upset ya... my life? Whoooow dude, I said I'm sorry!"
I like how happy the music is while the mooks' heads explode
Kenshiro usually ends up killing half the people he meets.
(Ken approaches old man) Ken: senior! Como estas du sacko? Points to whoever gets the reference
The Minesweeps
"I know Hokuto Shin Ken" Only punches with a jab and a cross
Tomoko Kishi
4:00 バイクがやけにリアル
Hamilton Akitaya
Kenshiro wins Flawless victory FATALITY
Well, it uses 3d but still looking good. Except Kenshiro's face is a bit different now
robert lupa
This looks better than most animes I've seen.
Raymond Espera
Kenshiro: The God of Manliness
uchiagamer 123
this video was not wrong you really don,t mess with kenshiro
*Blows guys head off with a kick* *casually states* "I see you practice martial arts" WTF???
after the first guy died i would already be home drinking tea
Frank Things
I suspect the original Kenshiro was modeled after Mad Max...which is probably why I can see a bit of Tom Hardy in Shin-HnK Kenshiro's design
Ralph Erik Belen Bermas
Kenshiro vs. Jotaro That would be epic.
TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp Nathan
How Japan sees mad max Also u got one punch man this guy is one touch man 😂✊🏻
Randy Conley
The original one punch man lol
B5 Delossantos Sky
*realizes that it's Dio's voice actor* OMAE WA MU SHINDEIRU, ZA WARUDO!!!!
Envoy of Mortality
he protec he attac but most important *u already ded*
BigO Mendozkevich
Love it!!!😊
june loh
Just thinking of how he tame a dragon is just ez XD
Ani's Trash Can
The only anime I watch. Shame it makes me feel pain every time I watch it.
Unless you're a Saint. Like Ikki of Phoenix.
beargun rifle
The original jojo
Me: watches this after watching jojoke based on this My brain: (a lot of fart noises) *K O R E W A Z A W A R U D O D A !*
Big Boss Najenda
2:08 Thanks Kenshiro. Thanks for the nightmares >:') you're da man!
2:50 *The Face-Melting Touch of The North Star!*
Asher Tye
Kenshiro showing off his "fancy feet." Gotta admit, he'd be pretty horrifying for friend and foe alike.
Sparta Lee
SHIN HOKUTO NO KEN >>>>>>>> MAD MAX 😉😉😉🔥🔥🔥
Dicky Kurniawan
Kenshiro vs Saitama Who will win?
troy jorn
i see you practice martial arts i think the world is ready for a very hard R FONS live action series
Hcaz Ledah
Isn't that Dio's voice actor?
Kenshiro: Certified badass since 1983.