You simply don't fuck with Kenshiro // Shin Hokuto No Ken

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I did not expect this to blow up as it did (lolol) as for those that ask where it is from, as the title states"Shin Hokuto no Ken" also known as "New fist of the north star" which is divided into 3 OVA'S, about an hour long each.It was aired around 2003-2004 and ended with 3 episodes.

Description updated with info, for those that should wonder.
A Pill
*sees his men's head exploding " Oh, I see you practice martial arts.
Ani's Trash Can
The only anime I watch. Shame it makes me feel pain every time I watch it.
Roses are red, Violets are blue. Omae wa mou, Shindeiru.
this guy
kenshiro is so badass he turned cell drawn enemies into CG
Manny Jerze
Easy step by step guide to win a fight against Kenshiro Step 1: Don't
The Dashing Shooter
A real man eviscerates his enemies so badly, that he traumitizes the people he's protecting.
Calvin Rockwellは夏が好き
is this Mad Max cartoon? :0
Yeah, that's DIO's voice actor alright.
João Lucas
"I know Hokuto Shinken" *Immediately starts flailing his fist angrily*
The Minesweeps
"I know Hokuto Shin Ken" Only punches with a jab and a cross
Gameboynitro 9
You know Kenshiro already won the fight when he doesn't crack his knuckles.
*Heads exploding* "I see you practice martial arts".... OK then.....
Raymond Espera
Kenshiro: The God of Manliness
Kato P. Rodrick
Ironically, Dio is everywhere
Gary Madafaka-Oak
Says he uses Hokuto Shin Ken... follows that up by throwing series of regular jabs. Dude wtf, if you gonna lie about that, at least try to look like you're using it
Okay so, he looks like young Joseph Joestar, had a naruto theme playing while fighting and is voiced by Dio Brando. I'm thinking Ken had a stand all along and he is just bullshitting us with Hokuto no ken
Brooks Hyde
Dude, they took away the best part. WATATATATATATATTATATATATATATA!
Mr. CC
3:13 he did it boys he said it
Setser Man
Surasi Sansanga
Rare footage of Russian spetsnaz single handedly repel off an attack from Mujahideen religious fanatics with bare hands 1989 Afghanistan (colourized)
Wonker Bonker
Isn't that Dio's voice actor?
At least you saved one guy, Ken. Kinda.
neo bear
and people say anime is violent.
GhostsRogue 25
And this is the same voice actor that repeatedly said MUDA MUDA MUDA
Raymond Bauer TØP
I want to see kenshiro vs onepunchman
0:57 lol, he becomes handsome so suddenly.
2:50 *The Face-Melting Touch of The North Star!*
Stop asking for the sauce
No wonder Kenshiro can stop time. He's voiced by Takehito
Why couldn't this be berserk
Thomas Lamson
3:53 "HIDEBU" he did it boys, he did it! he said it! (Airhorns) "(Head blows up)" He's out boys, he's out! Bail! (Reverse airhorns)
First Cooommment
Kenshiro: They just don't make mooks like they used to anymore. Anyone notice he didn't crack his knuckles.
Dang.... I knew I asked for uncensored animation of Fist of the North Star but damn, I think they may have gone a bit too visceral in showing every small detail of his head explosions attacks. O_O
They were all "Mind blown"
William Crowe
That big man claimed to be a practitioner of Hokuto Shin Ken, turns out he was just another wannabe.
Andrew Marcus
Only the heir of Hokuto Shin Ken can use the Hokuto Shin Ken technique. and his two brothers... plus the one that was disowned
Jonathan Joestar
So Dio voices the man which Jonathan was based on? Irony.
wolfenstein 43
I love how Kenshiro slow lifted his leg and proceeded to gracefully beat the crap out of some mfers
As if exploding heads wasn't good enough, now we have uncensored HD exploding heads. Me gusta mucho.
Star Platinum
Kenshiros voice kinda reminds me of Dio's....
Jake S
Is that what they mean by toxic masculinity?
1:17 "Time for a little bit of the ultra-violence..."
Nitro Shibe
*Makes three men’s heads explode* I see you practice martial arts
jonathan joest.... i mean kenshiro
Lets find a nickname
You think it was Kenshiro BUT IT WAS ME DIO !!!
Never mind the Zohan. You don't mess with the Kenshiro.
Lucina/Severa Lowell
o-oh god. i know that they are the bad guys and all but i can't help but feel SOME sort of pity for the way they died. i mean, that last kill was like torture, the way his right eye fell out, g-good shit though
Who wants to bet he just stopped time and put a bomb in his head?
Hmm.. no nani?? NANI?!!
I see hidebu has sort of become a running joke xD
yusuf mirza aktaş
One Punch man Thé serious version
The EngiWizard
I feel bad for Takehito. He will possibly never be known for any other role besides Dio now. He's a great voice actor, but it's kind of sad to see most people who recognize his voice recognize it only because of his role in JoJo. It's like writing multiple award winning novels but only being known for one. I think at one point or another, he's going to want some of his other projects that he put lots of love and effort into to receive some renown.
Lena And Kids K
They dont have the brains to do that again
Edward Gaines
They weren't very faithful to their God, huh?
Crafty Prop
Hokuto Shinken vs Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Who will win?
Ridzki Andiyono
I didn't know that there is a hidden pressure point in the middle of my forehead! I have been pressing around that area for 15 minutes but nothing happens. Why?
Bob Jones
Jeffery Woods
The best thing here are the comments 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Crimson cringe
Kenshiro, the most badass anime character.
Assinine Syndrome
That moment when Dio is playing the good guy. And it's still somewhat terrifying.
B Will
Wait is this a remake?
Better animation than db super?
One finger man
daniel spell
This is where gene from God hand came from
Robert Lucas
They should totally make the thickness of Ken's eyebrows an indicator of his power level. He was only at half-power for this one.
*saitama's sensei*
this must be the work of an ENEMY STANDOOO!!
Pajamapants Jack
There two animes that transcend anime This and jojo
Bardock SkyWalker
He's So BADASS!!!
Jonathan Joestar
Wtf Dio stole Kenshiro's body
Alex Bryson
He protects the innocent... as well as gives them PTSD.
Nico Nico Nii
Wait a minute is that dio brando's voice actor
Wow, it's been 15 years!
Timmy O'Toole
today, some lady told me i look like kenshiro from fist of the north star. I did not know the reference though as I really don't watch anime at all. Turns out he's a pretty cool guy...
Moussa ChacalDream
Gman Gardner
Chuck Norris may have an seriously tough fight on his hands with Kenshiro when it's only 1 Ego waffle left in the box😂😂😂😂...Who will lego-the-ego
diego salgo
Omae wa mou shindeiru! Nani?
Mavis Winchester Andres
It's a shame none of the present anime fighting has learned kenshiros style
UnrealEd Addict
Music : Kenshiro No Tema II
B5 Delossantos Sky
*realizes that it's Dio's voice actor* OMAE WA MU SHINDEIRU, ZA WARUDO!!!!
I didn't expect DIO
that sounds like heresy To me you filthy protestant
Just as gory as the manga bro.....
Georgy Jojo
Jaah Many dare to say that naruto and one punch man are better and overcome this. Foolish and ignorant poor. Jaaah ay quiénes se atreven a decir que naruto y one punch man son mejores que esto. Si como no pobres e ilusos
Johnny Fountains
I gave up on one punch man for bruce lee, I mean, Kenshiro
Sean Hub
You thought bruce lee was badass, you thought chuck norris was badass. Imagine both of them combined but x1000 more badass. Thats Kenshiro.
Extra Fishes
What’s the point if he’s never in danger?
bluesss 149nsss
Baki vs kenshiro it will an amazing fight
irmão do shadmän
3:26 ele virou o cerveró
uchiagamer 123
this video was not wrong you really don,t mess with kenshiro
BigO Mendozkevich
Love it!!!😊
This dudes a damn monster
T E R M I N A L 7
He is japanese conan the barbarian
Goldo The Gemini
Dio voices Kenshiro
Lewd Anime Life
He’s so Amazing your brain just explodes