Pink Floyd - The Last Concert (Gilmour, Waters, Mason ,Wright )

David Gilmour / Roger Waters / Nick Mason / Richard Wright On 2 July 2005 Pink Floyd performed at the London Live 8 concert with Roger Waters rejoining David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. It was the quartet's first performance together in over 24 years — the band's last show with Waters was at Earls Court in London on 17 June 1981. R.I.P. Richard and Syd "Speak to Me/Breathe/Breathe (Reprise) ", "Money", "Wish You Were Here", "Comfortably Numb"

Roberto Valdés
Waters the brain, Gilmour the talent, Mason the power, and Wright the soul of Pink Floyd. Thanks .
Summer Geiser
I'm fricken 60 years old- and stupidly cry every time i watch the finale of this Concert... I saw Floyd back in '74, but had always hoped to see them again... :) ...They were amazing to the last note!
Music Man
When Richard Wright died, the Floyd went with him, he is the Floyd. But don’t worry he only really dies if we stop listening
Music Man
The Final goodbye of the Floyd, the greatest most touching band. A great friend of mine and my dad is currently 89 and suffering from dementia and he is one of my inspirations. He loves the Floyd and said he must have owned and worn out about three wish you were here albums. When my dad and I put on pink Floyd shine on you crazy diamond for him you could just see his eyes light up as all the memories that came with the music came back, and his love for floyd. This is why I love the Floyd, because they touch you deeply and can bring memories and magic to life. Thank you
Adam Ruck
Did they forget about Rick? Most underrated part of the group. He's barely in any shots
Victor Sandison
So it ended all's a shame a real we are 2018...I would give ANYTHING for THE REAL PINK FLOYD to tour again...but as time goes flickers away.
Pepsi Max
The awesome part of these guys is after syd barrett had his mental breakdown , they still gave him a share of the money up to his death.
Merle Patterson
Takes a bunch of old men from yesteryear to show kids today what talent used to be. No electronic loops and synthetic dubs needed, just raw human musical expertise.
Charl Cornelissen
This is what a Super band sounds like.
Stone Malone
Started with Roger "The Asshole"...then he grew up, then David was "The Asshole". Thank God they swallowed their pride and did this for the fans. RIP Rick!
Eve Lynn
I wish Roger and David would do more shows for charity.
Conor Murphy
21:31 (guy in red shirt) me too man, me too...
mr kleen
Best music in my lifetime DEFINITELY!
18.30 Nick throws away his headphones as if he wanted to hear that mindblowing guitar solos unfiltered and live for the last time
In a somewhat luckier parallel universe, this concert lasted hours. Just sayin'.
Mike Davis
Can we also talk about the mixing on this? How incredibly well balanced they made this. Seriously. I've watched a ton of live performances on YouTube and this one always amazes me with the work of whomever was at the mixing board. I like to pretend that they, too, understand and appreciate Pink Floyd as much as anyone else. Perhaps they were a fan. I would look up who the engineer was but I wouldn't know where to start. But either way, it sounds incredible.
Ashish Rana
Gilmour at 14.12 be like "We still got it buddy"😎.
Linda LeFort
Just so awesome no words just feels --- my first favourite band from 1970 and still the one
Luke Bias11
I really, and I mean REALLY hope the crowd fully understood the historical legacy they were privileged to see.
Shots of Rick (or his hands): 5:55 8:22 8:51 15:15 17:45 19:11 19:22 21:42 22:18 You’re welcome
The last "real Pink Floyd" appearance, and one of their best! I remember seeing it on TV and it gave (...and still gives) me goosebumps, that get even bigger, when David Gilmour AND Roger Waters sing "whish you were here"! But advertisements in the middle of a song are an absolute no-go!
Jason Tate
I never saw that charity-concert live. And seeing all four members of Pink Floyd side by side at the year 2010 is just awesome. I've been a Pink Floyd-fan, since I was in the belly of my mother. And seeing them back together makes me cry. I hope they will return to three just for one tour: The Wall. Make it happen.
Simanta Baral
0:00 Speak to Me/Breathe/Breathe (Reprise) 5:08 Money 11:50 Wish You Were Here 16:30 Comfortably Numb
Sheena Jackson
Wish You Were Here always gets to me. It reminds me of my Granny (she took care of me most of my life) who passed away 6 years ago. She was the one who introduced me to Floyd. When I was in my early to mid teens, she bought me The Wall and DSOTM for Christmas. I gave her a look like, wth is this? Before I could say anything, she said, "Go to your room, lay down, put on your headphones, and just listen. Trust me, you'll love it." I did. In fact, I did more than that. I cried; cried tears of joy for listening to the most beautiful music in the world for the first time in my life. When I finished listening to both albums, I went downstairs with a smile on my face. My Granny smiled back at me and said, "See? What did I tell you?" I remember us watching Live 8 together on the TV. We loved every second of PF's performance, agreeing that it was a great idea that they were one of the last acts because you MUST save the best for last. I love you, Granny. I wish you were here.
Rudolph Furtado
There is something in the music of "PINK FLOYD" that has made them into a cult Rock group .
Ed F booboo
They combine the lyrics from "Breathe" and the Breathe reprise from "Time"
Ana Ayson
I really missed this band...PINK FLOYD...
Hugo Galvan
Aun parece ayer cuando lei en la revista Pelo, en Argentina el lanzamiento de Dark Side of de Moon, año 1973/74 y sin haberlo escuchacho en la radio, Soy de Santiago del Estero, todo era musica comercial en esa fecha, lo encargue y una semana despues tenia el LP y lo lleve a la casa de un amigo a ponerlo en el winco. Desde ahi es y sera mi grupo favorito, hoy con 61 años lo escucho tranquilo con otras tecnicas de sonido. Los mas grandes!!!
Pinky Floyd
Last concert for sure, Richard is now gone, R.I.P.
Fabrizio Del Castillo Vizcardo
21:43 Musical Orgasm of Roger and Rick
zandurah vega
the best guitar solo in comfortaby numb that I've heard in my whole life is captured here by maestro Gilmour, .. The best sounds that my ears have been able to perceive are from this band, that although I did not know in their time, but I met them in the best time that could have happened to me, they have left reflected for humans that echo of a piece of the universe that we can visit each one of us as we lie in bed with the light off and the best volume. Thank you Pink Floyd, Gilmour, Mason, Wright, Waters. <3
Yu May
Что прекрасного оставило человечество из музыки на все времена, так это их!! Браво, браво!!! Бесконечно можно слушать! Уже не одно поколение выросло на их музыке!!! Слёзы, сопли, мурашки... Ну а кто ещё так может невероятно!!??
Meredith Arbon
Sleep, food, housework.... EVERYTHING goes on hold once I start playing Pink Floyd.....
Paulo Rafael Lamim
the best Band of the Galaxy.....
Marek Usher
Chociażby tylko ze względu na istnienie PF, jestem szczęśliwy, że żyję na przełomie XX i XXI wieków.
jose gonzales
I keep seeing the same guy playing sax in a lot of the live concerts. He is awesome. I think he is Dick Parry. He is fantastik.
Jean-Yves Pierre
When I leave for Orion, I'll take Floyd's music...
Tomáš Hlošek
Simply The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edad Martin
I never tire lof the floyd. Im 66 now. We knew how to rock.
Philip Alexander Hassialis
"Pink Floyd Reunited - Pigs have flown". Probably the best concert banner, ever.
YouTube Is An Influencer
For such a shy & introverted bunch of lads they didn't half write & perform some of the most evocative & emotionally motivated music I've been blessed to listen to... I can only think of one band, that being Pink Flyod, that took the frailty's of the human mind to the mainstream & made it popular & not something to shy away from or to be stigmatised by... As we are all human beings under one sky & when this touches one, it touches us all... Syd's passing was a hard one to take but not that many really realise the partnership that David Gilmour & Richard Wright had together... With Richards passing I think a large part of that bands soul had gone with him, as those 2 (Gilmore & Wright) playing off of each other is one of the true greatest duo's akin to John Lennon & Paul McCartney/Niles Rodgers & Bernard Edwards et al... Normally it would be the bassist (Waters) working in tandem with the drums (Mason) for the groove & then Waters & Gilmour for the upfront connection with the audience but I definitely believe it was Richards contribution along with David working along with him that gelled with the rest of the band to make Pink Flyod the band that they are... So many fond memories via such dark content matter & I'd never trade it as it got me through some dark moments in my life & that's when a band like Pink Flyod take on a whole new other level that no other band will reach, as they were & are such a one of a kind band... Ps I'd say eadily 80% of that audience went there for the reunion of those lads who formed Pink Flyod all those years ago... Pink Flyod are not just a band anymore as they have become more than the sum of all their parts & not many bands can claim that & that's why they are loved the world over from all walks of life & nationalities... Shine On Pink Floyd, Shine One...
C T02
12:30 did anyone catch exactly what roger says
Michael Durant
There's nothing like the originals.. Love it.
Bryan Johnson
No other band on this planet like Pink Floyd...
Wet Guitar
My eyes are watering knowing that is the last time they will walk off a stage together.
eurock2017 selection
THE BEST, génial and immortel MERCI !
Bret Harper
Good god the amount of pot I’ve smoked listening to these guys 😋
T wonder just how good it would have been with all 4 and syd over the last 50yrs
Roger Fredriksson
Look at the sheer determination of all four guys in the last solo. They are all deep in the ”Zone”. Richard is almost hurting his back with his passionate moves behind the keyboards. Roger is clenching his jaws and playing the life out of that bass. David has got the ”thousand-yard-stare”,and has merged with the music, way out in space or other dimensions. Nick throws his headphones and later shows a awesome ”fighting-face” , shredding the skin of those poor drums. YEAH , they know it is the last time. ”I’m gonna go with a bang , dudes”.
Frederick Thorne
Life is better because of Pink Floyd - So grateful for this music <3
Michael Serby
Classic Pink Floyd ❤🎶🎵🎶💙 best music ever🎶 💜🎶🎶🎵🌙🌙🌙🌙 🌙🌙🌙🌙
Robert Kirk
I had not long left school and ended up spending the night (or so) with a very beautiful woman some years older than I back in 1980, she played this continuously and never having heard it before it made my toenails curl almost as much as she did, I have never forgotten this but she is a fond but distant memory, says it all.
Jixel Gamez
12:10 Roger honoring Syd 😭
Rob Wales
A few old blokes getting back together to play some tunes from their more formative years. I'm not a millennial but I choose to use the word "PERFECT" for this.
Aladdin El Afifi
Comfortably numb is exactly the perfect message to all of you politicians out there. Yes, you all need to wake up. Yeah, that little pin prick should hit you like a bus. And , yes , Roger , you should run for president.
Colin Farren
Could they do a concert in 2019 you think? Led Zep managed to in 2016-17
Oleg Ficsher
Я слушаю их когда мне грустно и когда мне весело...Они не стареют для меня уже тридцать лет.
On this day the Pink Floyd War ended. But the day Richard Wright died, the Pink Floyd died.
ale Gonzalez
La música me hace querer esta vida!!!! Gracias Floyd!!!
Blade Cutter
You know Pink Floyd is unique, but Robin TROWER Trio is too.......the common denominator twixt the two is "Ethereality" David Gilmour & Robin Trower are two guitar players who can coax a note till next Sunday. They say more with half the notes of most other prodigious players. They uphold the saying "Less is More"
Juan Pablo González
1:10 Breathe/Breathe (Reprise) 5:12 Money 11:45 Wish You Were Here 16:26 Comfortably Numb
As always, Richard Wright got the shaft, in regards to screen time. He barely showed, until Comfortably Numb. The man was wonderful, and got the shaft from just about everyone (except David Gilmour). SMH...RIP Richard!! I will always think the world of you!
Daniel Quiroga
Esa voz con arena de de las tripas genios Waters Gilmour,Gilmour Waters!!!!!
dawn boudreau
Lib Nos
SÓLO LES PIDO QUE SE VUELVAAAN A JUNTAARRR!!! una vez mas dave y rogerrrr
Linda James
The Saxaphone Is My Most Favorite Insturment 😃😘❤️❗️❗️❗️😘😘❗️ Texas Lady😘🤗😜
Thorgard Haugen
the best but also the briefest reunion ever.... Pink Floyd were and are history and it makes me sad that i´ll never be able to see them live....again :-(
Derek Stocker
What a great concert by a great band and possibly the very best lineup. Super to see Roger back in the fold and such an appreciative audience, a great night for all! Thanks for sharing.
Gabriel Braganza
When it comes to real rock music I can't go beyond Pink Floyd. True legends. Long live Roger and David.
Лимин Сергей
Пинк Флойд легенда! Ахуенная музыка! С любовью из России!
Jeubass !
I don´t get how the people in that concert could be so calmed, I most likely would have been crying during the four songs they played. Pink Floyd is the best band in history of music
Michael Davin
Timeless music that will never be outdone...
thomas murphy
Saw them at Tampa Stadium 1976 Quadraphonic Sound! Animals Tour! Anyone else there?
Ayush Bhandari
I have no regrets if I die now , I have listened to Pink Floyd 😇
Aidan Pacheco
The final 2 minutes give me goosebumps l. It’s so beautiful seeing them just rock out one last time
Wolfgang Markus Gstrein
Always ignored/ forgotten when it comes to Floyd, the importance of Keys and Drums.
Piero Pasquini
has anyone noticed Roger purely enjoying David's C NUMB solo at 22:37? Clearly admired, probably asking God: - How the hell this guy does that sound?
Spencer Smallbridge
Rogers in the 70s in his head
Iliana Lanuza
amazing amazing.. breathtaking concert! being there is a memory I will always keep!
C Webster
Não parece que cantam, apenas dublam, algumas vezes... Tenho isto tudo em vinil!! Maravilhoso!!!
Global Trading
DG achieved astonishing sounds from his guitar. I would only associate one other rock guitarist with such an 'other worldly' level of skill and technique - Jeff Beck, who else?
Pale Horseman
PLEASE...One more Pink Floyd Tour with Rodgers and Gilmour together while your still alive....THE FANS DESERVE IT!!!
Mike Smith
To be under Gilmours hand....Roger is owned, bad thing tbh
There MUST be something divinely inspired in Gilmour’s Comfortably Numb guitar solo - has to be. I know of no other musical work which brings so many people to tears EVERY TIME it is played.
Clint Studt
Greed and ego, both killed an amazing thing ! Sad we as men destroy everything we touch! Money is evil, God is love !
Eliane Alves Peixoto
Com devido respeito, Roger Waters parecia um intruso. With all due respect, Roger Waters looked like an intruder.
Paul Wood
Having now watched this from various sources at least four to five hundred times it still leaves me with a tennis ball in the throat and a eye wiping session needed. Totally Amazing.
David Keller
Great performance, disappointing visuals! No lasers on Comfortablely Numb? Disappointed!
Waters the hair, Gilmour the eyelash, Mason the moustache, and Wright the fingernail. of Pink Floyd. Thanks.
the best solo ever ,gilmour and wather they need each and other to créate MASTERPIECES, its a recipe, the past proved it and i am proud to say i was there in that time,i am witness so thanks god.
Carl Murray
As much as I would give anything to see PF live, this was the perfect way to them to finish! Wouldn’t be the same without Richard Wright anyway! Amazing band!
Everyone in the world should listen to pink floyd at least once, their music will never be equalled or bettered by anyone. No other band in history has come remotely close to creating such an array of amazing albums that all take you on a spiritual, emotional, and diverse journey of the mind. And everything they released they could actually perform live and as good if not better than studio recordings. All hail the floyd.
ego has kept these magnificent musicians apart
Crown Commando
All 3 tours/shows I saw were absolutely magical. Thanks My first PF shiw was the world premier of the Animals Tour at Miami Baseball Stadium in 1977.
Christine JAUTEE
PINK FLOYD , you know and my favorite wirh DOORS and NIRVANA!!! Good day 2019!!! Like and share!!!
Michael W. Farwick
The Pink Floyd. May this band live forever1
Percy Prune MHDOIF and bars
This is what music was invented for! I've been a Floyd fan since the 70's. I never tire of listening to this. Shine on is just magical, Wish you were here is amazing! I'm a pro photographer, I was shooting a whole school group, which takes a while to set up. Some of the students started quoting Floyd lyrics, quite aptly I might add. Their faces when I quoted the next line? Priceless! ;-)
Holy hell, Gilmour's guitar playing is just incredible
Fabio Sbacco
Syd gave them a huge boost to start off.. I guess the guilt of leaving him behind was always there. But for what I know he was Gilmour who battled to make sure at least his family get all the royalties due. I like Gilmour's honesty when in an enterview been asked about leaving Syd behind "you were different from the others.." and he said "no.. I guess we were all just the same". Peace and love.
Anti Hate
Like watching all my friends dads on stage! Epic concert <3