Pink Floyd - The Last Concert (Gilmour, Waters, Mason ,Wright )

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David Gilmour / Roger Waters / Nick Mason / Richard Wright On 2 July 2005 Pink Floyd performed at the London Live 8 concert with Roger Waters rejoining David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. It was the quartet's first performance together in over 24 years — the band's last show with Waters was at Earls Court in London on 17 June 1981. R.I.P. Richard and Syd "Speak to Me/Breathe/Breathe (Reprise) ", "Money", "Wish You Were Here", "Comfortably Numb"

Roberto Valdés
Waters the brain, Gilmour the talent, Mason the power, and Wright the soul of Pink Floyd. Thanks .
Sheena Jackson
Wish You Were Here always gets to me. It reminds me of my Granny (she took care of me most of my life) who passed away 6 years ago. She was the one who introduced me to Floyd. When I was in my early to mid teens, she bought me The Wall and DSOTM for Christmas. I gave her a look like, wth is this? Before I could say anything, she said, "Go to your room, lay down, put on your headphones, and just listen. Trust me, you'll love it." I did. In fact, I did more than that. I cried; cried tears of joy for listening to the most beautiful music in the world for the first time in my life. When I finished listening to both albums, I went downstairs with a smile on my face. My Granny smiled back at me and said, "See? What did I tell you?" I remember us watching Live 8 together on the TV. We loved every second of PF's performance, agreeing that it was a great idea that they were one of the last acts because you MUST save the best for last. I love you, Granny. I wish you were here.
Edad Martin
I never tire lof the floyd. Im 66 now. We knew how to rock.
Roger Fredriksson
Look at the sheer determination of all four guys in the last solo. They are all deep in the ”Zone”. Richard is almost hurting his back with his passionate moves behind the keyboards. Roger is clenching his jaws and playing the life out of that bass. David has got the ”thousand-yard-stare”,and has merged with the music, way out in space or other dimensions. Nick throws his headphones and later shows a awesome ”fighting-face” , shredding the skin of those poor drums. YEAH , they know it is the last time. ”I’m gonna go with a bang , dudes”.
Pepsi Max
The awesome part of these guys is after syd barrett had his mental breakdown , they still gave him a share of the money up to his death.
Sluff Adlin
My only complaint in terms of camera work.....MORE SHOTS OF RICK FOR CHRIST SAKES?
Mark Gigiel
All my heroes are dying and so is good music. Sad.
The Wall...released in November 1979 overshadowed everything else in that decade...and yes there were many great albums released in the 70’s.
Pinky Floyd
Last concert for sure, Richard is now gone, R.I.P.
Richard Wood
In the 58 years I have been on this planet, there has never been or will be again a group of geniuses as great as the collective musical artists, that performed collectively and contributed over the years to forming  the band Pink Floyd,  you are the best that has been and ever will be again. Thank you for your passion, integrity, the hours of work, dedication and musical genius that has been a formative strength in the formation of the people we have become and are today.Thank You Sean GreeneSouth Africa
Manuela Gil
I LOVE you are THE BEST in THE world 💋💋💋
harryzero 156
Should play this stuff in intensive care, if it doesn't work nothing will.
Everyone in the world should listen to pink floyd at least once, their music will never be equalled or bettered by anyone. No other band in history has come remotely close to creating such an array of amazing albums that all take you on a spiritual, emotional, and diverse journey of the mind. And everything they released they could actually perform live and as good if not better than studio recordings. All hail the floyd.
that smile from david gilmour @ 14:14 says it all. best band ever
Nude Lee
You can see lots of emotion in this performance, look at David
Bryan Johnson
No other band on this planet like Pink Floyd...
18.30 Nick throws away his headphones as if he wanted to hear that mindblowing guitar solos unfiltered and live for the last time
nick palmer
Whoever doesn't love PINK FLOYD sucks.
Анатолий Бандура
На все времена... вечное искусство... это что-то запредельное, большее, чем музыка... Это звуки Вселенной...
pascal marneffe
Gods on stage...
Hate the fact that Rick is almost absent
Pale Horseman
PLEASE...One more Pink Floyd Tour with Rodgers and Gilmour together while your still alive....THE FANS DESERVE IT!!!
Zoran Ramzo Kamenycky
Only complain it should be full concert 3+ hours of timeless songs, I think fans would deserve that, also energy and sound so much better than The Pulse tour ! Thank You :-)
Pamela J. Miller
David's moist eyes have always intrigued me. Lovely .... and Roger smiles almost the whole time. Good to see .... I think they actually enjoyed the short comeback ... and Dick Parry ... SAH-WEET !!!
Meredith Arbon
Sleep, food, housework.... EVERYTHING goes on hold once I start playing Pink Floyd.....
Beaky Turf
Who the he'll are these old dudes? I'm joking.
On this day the Pink Floyd War ended. But the day Richard Wright died, the Pink Floyd died.
C` rec
Так хорошо что вновь объединились и сыграли вместе ! Супер группа.
Richard gave his all.
The guitar solo of Comfortably Numb in this concert is so fucking epic and wonderful. Just like a beautiful poem.
Candy Sweet
I 've been a long time fan of Pink Floyd. While I've loved the collaboration effort to make the Pink Floyd sound, its readily apparent to me, the end of the band won't be till Gilmour dies, or says enough. His guitar and his music composition has been the key to the band over the decades. Roger did contribute his lyrics but that's much easier to replace than the ability to create the sound.
Paulo Rafael Lamim
the best Band of the Galaxy.....
Aspen Agoo
I love Pink Floyd and David Gilmour!!!
e 4u
21:44 rick and roger, simple but exceptional
William Fulks
If I wasn’t for those five English gentlemen I probably would have never wanted to learn guitar. I truly thank Bob Geldof for getting the classic era Pink Floyd line up back together for one final time.
Ayush Bhandari
I have no regrets if I die now , I have listened to Pink Floyd 😇
Michael Davin
Timeless music that will never be outdone...
van halen
Величайшая группа !!! Мегасуперский концерт воссоединения !!!! Спасибо, что Такие люди есть у Человечества !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C` rec
Супер круто ! Просто великолепно ! Ребята. зачем же вы ссорились ?? // Super cool ! Just wonderful ! Guys. why did you quarrel? Великий вклад в искусство человечества // A great contribution to the art of humanity
Al axeman K
I really, and I mean REALLY hope the crowd fully understood the historical legacy they were privileged to see.
Justin Theory
Thank you so much for that video. I had the opportunity to see them in concert in Cleveland and Pittsburgh a few times back in the 70s. It was amazing. Too bad Waters had his ego problem with Gilmore. Gilmore is Pink Floyd. Mason was an extremely excellent drummer and Rick Wright was excellent on the key boards. Time to go, time to go time to go. Thank you......
Piero Pasquini
has anyone noticed Roger purely enjoying David's C NUMB solo at 22:37? Clearly admired, probably asking God: - How the hell this guy does that sound?
Doctor Rocker
Pitiful how Floyd never recognized Rick Wright as a full member of the band. His contributions were undeniably worthy of full status.
Thomas Pearcey
Timeless...Best Rock Composers Ever
Слушаю и тащусь кайфую.. Как классно -нет слов. Молодцы.
Andy Miller
Ah, Pink Floyd. Such a wonderful gesture by each member to put aside their differences. No More Excuses can be taken symbolically as these men came together for the benefit of others. This is my first time watching Live 8. Bravo! Bravo! Alas I would say Encore! but there won't be another moment in time like this one. My best friend's eulogy was an acoustic rendition of Wish You Were Here. How I wish he were...
James Smith
Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin are on a different plane to any other band in history. They're the Messi and Ronaldo of rock music.
Wolfram Harms
In any band, the members may all feel like individual egos with different ideas, strengths and contributions. There may be competition, envy, domination and mistrust. For the fan, the band he loves is an entirety. They work it out together, play it live together, share up and down - just like a family. A pity that they cannot see it like the fans see it - it would give them so much more... Nice to see you all reunited, you companions of my youth! I believe I can see that you ALL enjoyed it. That's good! Goodbye, Floyd - you can never be complete anymore. That's sad... (Rest in peace, Rick)
Alina Barrett
None of them, especially David, wanted to perform again with Waters. He ruined all of their lives by suing the band member's for use of the name and any Pink Floyd songs. He later regrets it, and expects everyone to forget the hell he put their families through. Pink Floyd would never have made it if it wasn't for David Gilmour's voice and exceptional guitar. Water's can't sing and there's nothing special about a Bass Player. Gilmour has 8 children, an ex-wife, and present wife to support & is rightfully bitter. Sadly, Water's net worth is still twice as much as Gilmour's.
It's amazing and sadly tragic that they never stayed together to keep bringing us the music only Pink Floyd could express. Sure, the rest of the group did just great, but it wasn't PF without Roger Waters. A legendary band. A legendary time. It's great they got together one last time. They must have had a feeling or it was just serendipity that brought them all around to do this before Rick Wright passed away. RIP man.
Lions Gaming
18:33 nick mason rips his headphones off
Matthew Black
And with that; a Legend passed into History... :'(
Gerald Frank
Best multimedia live performers ever! Never to be equaled! Recordings don’t come close to being there! My memories of their concerts will LIVE forever! 👌🙏👏👏
clyde cox
i have seen pink floyd then waters and gilmour BEST BAND EVER GONE IN TO STONED to many somas some of the best nights
Sheikh Jerbouti
Pure feelings Thx's for the memories
Angel Gd
691 people Roger spit on disliked this video. I mean that's the only logical reason to dislike this live performance. Even if it isn't your kind of music you should still appreciate talent. I don't have to like Madonna to respect what she accomplished. At 7:04 when you consider the line up that's their and everyone's performance, that's pretty amazing.
ricardo m l m
· History, in the making.
Desiree Coad
Roger is having a blast! Look at his happiness! I cannot imagine a life without Pink Floyd. Right?
The day I cried! I watched the hole concert waiting for this moment, and when I heard that first note, I couldn't hold myself any longer, I was truly touched so I let myself go with tears in my eyes, thanks for the upload man
21:45 Waters and Wright look up to the sky. There were such good notes!
Butch Trimble
Comfortably Numb been there done that!!!😎🤗.
Mustafa Can Kaya
As always, Richard Wright got the shaft, in regards to screen time. He barely showed, until Comfortably Numb. The man was wonderful, and got the shaft from just about everyone (except David Gilmour). SMH...RIP Richard!! I will always think the world of you!
mark totton
And yet so many forget Roger Waters write nearly all these songs!
Andy Powell
There was a story going around that Madonna used up all her rehearsal time and then took most of the slot Pink Floyd were supposed to have. Pink got just about half the time they should have (or so the story goes) to try out the set after more than 20 years of not playing together... and then stole the show. But then Legends don't need the practice.
Djxjxixsm Jxjskjzxn
I suppose, if you were Waters, an original band member, but a bit of a vainglorious twat, you might be a bit peeved that the Floyd had strugg;ed on to massive success in spite of you. However, the rest of the world didnt really miss you. We miss Richard, we miss Sid, but nobody really gives a shit about Rog.
Christos Ant
18:31 Nick takes off his headphones to enjoy Dave's solo. Priceless!!!
Paul Wood
Having now watched this from various sources at least four to five hundred times it still leaves me with a tennis ball in the throat and a eye wiping session needed. Totally Amazing.
Bret Harper
Good god the amount of pot I’ve smoked listening to these guys 😋
anthony falla
Fantastic concert with a real great sound. You don't need a JOINT, but it really put the icing on the cake. GOD bless the Floyd.
Biakfala Ralte
..wish you were here all my loving friends who've gone..
roland brejon
Gilmour and Waters : we can see they don't like each other. Gilmour is the greatest.
Sandra Smith
Was so great that you up loaded this.....that reunion was a long time comin'....would have surely loved to have been there for it .....Roger still holding on to those bass skills pretty well...but David.........acoustic...electric....prob could slay the mess out of a cardboard box with strings taped across the cut out hole!!!!. Thank you so much!!!
Music Man
The Final goodbye of the Floyd, the greatest most touching band. A great friend of mine and my dad is currently 89 and suffering from dementia and he is one of my inspirations. He loves the Floyd and said he must have owned and worn out about three wish you were here albums. When my dad and I put on pink Floyd shine on you crazy diamond for him you could just see his eyes light up as all the memories that came with the music came back, and his love for floyd. This is why I love the Floyd, because they touch you deeply and can bring memories and magic to life. Thank you
One moment it feels like people are immortal next they are gone, thank god we can say that we experienced some of the best music ever this new stuff is mostly garbage, so happy we have this to look back on and bring many people joy for many generations to come this stuff will never die
Jeff Viola
A sad unspoken tension worth going through cuz it’s historical and a tragedy we all are our own worst enemy but imagine 20 more years of the 4 member Floyd and the charade cry 😢
Christian Celeritas
I got a little teary eyed when they all embraced at the end
Peter Goettler
Jose Pignatelli
Eternamente agradecido por terem nascido para a música. A Vossa é ímpar e podem chamar-lhe tudo o que quiserem. Em Portugal e Espanha chama-lhe: Rock Sinfónico; Pop / Rock Jazz ou Rock Evoluído. Pouco importa. Ficarão na memória de dezenas de milhões de audiofilistas e amantes da música de qualidade. PARABÉNS!
Angry Skull
Really!! A brake in the middle of a Gilmour solo. Now that's fuked up. Not to mention disrespectful.
Fred Gibo
WOW !!!!! You can see the tears in David's eyes from the first chords........
Purple Fee
Can't believe how good Roger Waters looks for his age, amazing - I'd like to know his secret he looks better now than when he was young. Does anyone else think he looks like Richard Gere? Great musician even though I don't like him as a person cos he says horrible things about David, they probably would have stayed together if he wasn't so outspoken.
christine JAUTEE
Super David Gilmour/Roger Waters
Merle Patterson
Takes a bunch of old men from yesteryear to show kids today what talent used to be. No electronic loops and synthetic dubs needed, just raw human musical expertise.
Someone at YouTube needs to lose his job! I'm watching and listening to Pink Floyd, the greatest sound in the history of the planet, and YouTube interrupts "Money" with the worst human being alive right now, D.J. Trump, whining about how Democrats are not yielding to his every stupid demand (just most of them). Damn you, YouTube!
Fred Clardij
the best
Ken Hernandez
Awesome. I want one more Floyd album with Waters,Gilmour and Mason. RIP to Wright.
ian moore
just fabulous and yes R.I.P. Richard
Dont know why but Waters picks my ass. Gilmour is the real driving force.
I'll never forget watching this. It seems like yesterday.
The ravages of time wait for no man, it steals your looks, then your soul, leave your impressions deep in the vinyl before you set the needle down.
I cried that day. No shame
jose gonzales
I keep seeing the same guy playing sax in a lot of the live concerts. He is awesome. I think he is Dick Parry. He is fantastik.
Rogelio Perez-Delgado
Doudou Tenette
ToeKnee B
In this video they are missing one, who is it ?
Steve Ryan
Well that was super great! :-)
Robert Kirk
I had not long left school and ended up spending the night (or so) with a very beautiful woman some years older than I back in 1980, she played this continuously and never having heard it before it made my toenails curl almost as much as she did, I have never forgotten this but she is a fond but distant memory, says it all.
J Gabriel
We Will never see this legends together again... So sad :(
mark swyayo
David Gilmour is amazing.