Mortal Kombat X: TRIBORG (Cyrax) Beginner Combo Guide

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▶︎ Mortal Kombat X combo guide playlist: />Subscribe for more combos! Input notations below... ▶︎ Injustice 2 combo guides: />▶︎ Tekken 7 combo guide playlist: />▶︎ Street Fighter V combo guides: /> MB = Meter Burn. PS4: 1=square, 2=triangle, 3=cross, 4=circle. XB1: 1=X, 2=Y, 3=A, 4=B. RUN = forward forward block. ~ = cancel into (i.e. input immediately) 00:06 b2, 4~bf1, [ 21 / f43 ]~db4 - 23-25% 00:24 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~bf1, jump 2, b3u4~db4 - 20-22% 00:41 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~bf1, run, df2, f43, neutral jump 2, b2, f43~db4 - 26-28% 01:10 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~bf1, run, df2, f43, dd2, d2, b2, 4~db4 - 27-29% 01:41 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~bf1, run, df2, f43, df2, f43, df2, 114, b, 4~db4 - 29-31% 02:15 b2, 4~bf1, dd2, f, 4~db2, b, d2, b, 4~db4 - 31% *** 1 BAR *** 02:44 b2, 4~bf1, f43~db4 mb, 4~db4 - 31 03:07 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~db1 mb, ff, 4~bf1, dd2, f, 4~db2, b, d2, b, 4~db4 - 32-34% 03:38 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~db1 mb, ff, 4~bf1, dd2, f, 4~db2, bb, 4~dd2, jb3, b2, 4~db4 - 34-35% 04:16 f43~db4 mb, f1, 4~bf1, df2, f131, b2, 4~db4 - 38% *** CORNER *** 04:48 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~bf1, db2, f43, jump back 1, neutral jump 2, 1112 - 24-25% 05:11 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~bf1, db2, f43, jump back 1, neutral jump 2, f13~db1 - 24-26% 05:36 [ b1 / b3 / 111 / f21 / f13 ]~bf1, db2, f43, neutral jump 2, b2, f43~db4 - 26-28% *** X-RAY *** 06:03 b2, f, 4~x-ray - 43% #MortalKombat #mkx #combos

Why is it so hard to run for me ;_;
the timing on these things ir horrendous! thanks for the guide, trying to do some combos for an hour or two :p
Revolution Insignia
Now look at this NET that I just found When I say go, get ready to throw... AND GO!!
Slime Nuggets
Do these combos still work after 2 years
K Smitty
to all the people who cant read this is a beginner's guide. this is to help you get comfortable with the moves
William Mendoza
do a Necromancer next please
how does he do the power grab? for me it just teleports my character and doesn't do any attack
next ermac pleas
Thanks for your videos man. Now I don't suck AS MUCH as I did :P
Диана Петрушева
Аwеееsomее jоb
Ndong Franck
Pouvez vous me dire que signifie chaque lettre (B, R, D, B, F) dans vos combos ? je ne connais que le langage des manettes PS (carré, croix, rond, triangle). Merci de bien vouloir me répondre
Thanks you! I've been trying to learn Cyrax for the past 2 days. It's such a coincidence that you just so happen to make this video today!
José Renato Fernandes
This was going to be my next request, lol. Thanks! Great video as always!
Santiago Virgüez
Next do a hat trick or tempest kung lao
Mortal Monster
Nice dude
Kaleb Tucker
as if the opponent's didn't get dropped on their heads enough.
Patrick Imperial
nice one dude! much appreciated!
Nice, love your videos.
thank you
Jay Allen 2017
good with every character!!! im only good with erron black
Dungeonhunter MC
hey just a question are all the combos in the smoke guide still duable? and im kinda a beginner and i wanna learn smoke so any tips on the vortex (causing me alot of trouble..)?
604 Ronin
I personally want to see a Johnny vid. A-List or Fisticuffs, not so much Stunt Double.
Storm 83
Thanx you are the best mkx guy I learned a much kombos from your Videos with Different Charakter
The problem is to remember all those combos. It has to be the muscle memory!
Johnny Boy
Could you do ethereal mileena or unstoppable jason
ImpactoR ·
Awesome tutorial, thanks! What is e.g [21 / f43] - you can choose whichever you want 21 or f43? In first combo the 21 doesnt work and the combo goes with the f43. Also playing on the PC version, the net fails to catch him on time, it only works in the corner, I dont know if others can catch with the net on PC version after the b2,4
Bullet-Tooth Tony
Ermac mystic variation soon please buddy :)
Max Slobodian
Go Takeda combo guide pls!)
Twisted Bronze
dragon breath bo rai cho please 😫
Lilith Demon-Godess
Erron Black marksman?
Thx for your guides. I am really waiting for Smoke
Mileena piercing pls
Anthony M
miler diamond
very very good for slow sence...thanks thanks...
que buenos combos, me gustan tus tutoriales .
Michael lithin
I extended the second-to-last kombo to 33
Salmonella Sam
noob question but how come the damage from the combos flux? like at 0:25
caio cavalcante
What does b1 b3 111 f21 ... etc. means ?
I came across someone online who used every single one of these combos. Kicked my ass 😣
Francisco Javier López Benito
sorry man can u help me ? its possible that u explain me what is the meaning of B , f , D and J ?