Muse - New Born [Live From Wembley Stadium]

Watch Muse perform "New Born" at Wembley Stadium. Get Muse's album ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY here: /> /> © 2008 WMG

This is New Born and then 90 seconds of heavy drugs.
T T.
Buckethead takes over around 7:27.
Sunshine _
I think Matt likes the color red.
Raihan Mahajana
matt bellamy doesnt believe in god because he is the god
JasonL. Reader
2:04 matt ejaculated due to pure awesomeness.
Crafted Box
Poor people with epelepsi. They will never get to experience Muse live.
Ataberk K.
This is probably one of the best live performance ever..
Did you notice that Matt played too fast at the beginning and then slowed down a bit? But, I know that feel, you just want to go wild. :D
Erika Nascimento
I'm so grateful for born in this generation, because I can hear this. The best band in whole world.
Gabriel Cavalcanti
He sings.... he plays the guitar and the piano.... what a genius !
Mathew Hutchins
When a band combines alternative rock with classical music, it just can't help but be incredible. Bravo, Matt!
Homo Sapien
Who said rock was dead?
Les Sentinelles du Nord
Is it me or... This song is the best song ever.. In 100 years it will still a fucking Masterpiece and Shame on everyone that Can't see the beauty of that amazing piece of Art
I am gay
Dmytro Coronado
When the initial piano melts with the bass...
Cambion Crow
I am not a GIGANTIC Muse fan. I like them pretty well, but I'm not their number one fan. That being said, I'm pretty sure this is the GREATEST performance of all time, and I watch it on repeat.
Kieran Schafer
This can make a grown man cry
James Emslie
Screw it. I'm giving up guitar. I'll never be that good.
In the Lap of the Gods
Dean Winchester
I like how the second after he plays those few notes the audience automatically knows what he is playing
Christina Synodinou
Good bands have good album version songs. Great bands have great live songs. There are good bands, great bands and there's Muse, taking every song to the next level on their lives!!!
Wagner Mind
Link it to the world Link it to yourself Stretch it like a birth squeeze The love for what you hide The bitterness inside Is growing like the new born When you've seen, seen Too much too young, young Soulless is everywhere Hopeless time to roam The distance to your home Fades away to nowhere How much are you worth? You can't come down to earth You're swelling up, you're unstoppable 'Cause you've seen, seen Too much too young, young Soulless is everywhere Destroy the spineless Show me it's real Wasting our last chance To come away Just break the silence 'Cause I'm drifting away Away from you Yeah, link it to the world Link it to yourself Stretch it like it's a birth squeeze And the love for what you hide And the bitterness inside Is growing like the new born When you've seen, seen Too much too young, young Soulless is everywhere Destroy the spineless Show me it's real Wasting our last chance To come away Just break the silence 'Cause I'm drifting away Away from you Oh, oh, woah
Lady BlackstarDust
Some day, there will be women videographers and we'll see pictures of the young men in the audience.
Emma Brashaw
you know you are obsessed with Muse when you like the video before even pwoperly watching it
Ya Boy Trev Dean
Matt Bellamy; the classiest dressing rock star with the craziest antics of all.
Manuel CC
Definitivamente el.origin.of Symmetry es uno de los mejores albumes de los 2000'
Alejandro Aguilar
When the first solo starts you realize shit gets real. Best band on the planet.
Vignesh Senguttuvan
I liked Muse before this song, then I absolutely fell in love with Muse after this song. Long Live Muse!!!
That 1st guitar riff though! Makes me wanna pick up a guitar every time! Awesome.
Poyraz Özkaya
matt gets all the importance but the drummer is also way too good
This was so fucking epic! I wished to be there
naxo fruta
does anyone hear the sony ericson ringtone in the background at 0:27 ?
Pedro Pessoa
Matt is the son of Tom Morello.
Syed Ahmad Syamim Alkaff
whenever I browse through youtube for a good song. I will get here eventually.
Constantino S
piano kawai desune
TriVos Ahren
buckethead feat morello at solos
Allybelly Depeche
Matt Bellamy has to be classed as one of the best guitarists and multi tasker. To sing like it’s no effort and to play the guitar like he does. He’s just awesome!!
Fernando Freitas
i wanna meet that girl at 1:09 xD
imwatching u
this guy is F***ING' MAD GENIUS!!!!
Georgia Bezzy
This is the version I listen to, prefer to the studio version
Louis Castin
That Rage Against The Machine's riff sounds so good ! Thanks Matt ;)
This is the song that got me into music.
Tiago Aprígio
Right now, 3 237 945 views on YouTube. 3 237 944 are mine.
Nurazizah Belva
Love you Matt Love you Dom Love you Chris LOVE YOU MUSE!!! 💕💕💕💕
One more week till I see them live!!!!
2:44 The Butterfly!
Katarina G.
His face reminds me of Ratatouille lol Incredibly talented nevertheless.
Wisnu Prabowo
I'm so glad I had opportunity to watch this band in 2008 on their visit to Jakarta, they've never come back to Jakarta again since then, not yet. I hope they will.
Luke Walker
Towards the end I was considering calling a doctor Matt went so crazy But then I realised, Matt does whatever the f*ck he wants and it still sounds awesome!
7:26 i like to refer to this riff as 'system failure' coz it sounds like computers freaking out lol
Neil Harwood
Bit of a Rage Against The Machine breakdown at the end as if this wasn't awesome enough already!
Frederick Wagner
Was reading the comments... stopped reading the comments just to watch Matt shred the guitar..! Jesus couldn't do any better
Christian datcss
Better than a porn
Dorothea Pietrek
Love Muse. Best known Band of today
Tim Senna
All hail flashing guitar robot!
Luke Storey
2:05 Casually spunking all over the first 6 rows
Lisa Weegar
This song made me go from Taylor Swift to Muse.. yeah.. credit
Lisa Priami
chi canta e suona ,come nei CD...bhè...merita davvero,non come quelli stonati scampanati che non sanno fare un accordo e mettere una parola dietro l'altra....M I T I C I
Ali Türk
goosebump throughout entire video :S
G.G. Rebimik
Is there a better trio??!!!! What a treat to watch and listen and appreciate what we've got.
6:40 - Rage Against The Machine - Microphone Fiend / 7:02 - Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name
Salty Tattie
Warming up, pissing about on piano Starts that instantly recognisable tune Crowd: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
Shame they'll never perform like this again : (
Arthur Deblaere
6:40 reminds me of the Break it to me riff
Ian Jones
5:58 when he pulls off the ultra high-pitched falsetto, that is currently my favourite part of any Muse song, absolutely electrifying!
Arturo Jara
El piano es kawai xd
Much better in 1.25 speed
Jumpy Matt = best Matt
sander klijzen
This amazing song got me hooked on Muse. Go Muse go. Show those narcisest what real music is.
Carlos Rocha
2:04 - giant squirt!
Zanely García González
This band was, is and will be the best of the world i my opinion ❤
Philip Drake
New Born is my favorite song by this band!
Syafiq .Yahaya
back to the day when there was no chainsmokers
Heard this song over a decade ago, still brilliant :)
I love the piano in this song
One of Muse's best songs ever.
Olive Avostrine
I love it when they just go Hard Core and go crazy
I fully love Muse!!! But I don't like all the weird noises Bellamy does in live shows.. sounds like an alien robot is malfunctioning.. and sooo much of it is out of key. I understand this guy knows music theory back to front, and is a musical genius, but I don't understand how being such a master he doesn't cringe at some of his random outbursts..
Venusia Guillaume
je vous kiffe à mort les gars! une voix de folie! j'adore!
that was fuc**** awesome!!!
Is that girl Matt's sister? They look like they are siblings
darren mears
the mans a genius. top of the tree. league of his own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colin C
What happened to muse?........ probably the only band with the potential to become legend of our generation screwed it...
Charlie Meers
Is that riff at 6:52 the riff in Break It to Me off the new album?
W x B
Sounds like Matt has been inspired by Tom Morello
Vero Digital
does anyone else thinks that the drummer just goes a little bit slower than he should be??
4:16 is what u probably were looking for :D
Michael van Dijk
One of the few band that sounds live better then on record :D
Elvis Natanahel Lc
is crazy!! :D 6:17
Anyone know what those trainers are Matt's wearing? I want a pair! (Although I'll bet they're crazy expensive!).
Charlie Burnham
i have to say, i'm not a huge fan of matt's new guitars, i prefer his old prs. looking forward to their next album; they said they thought they'd been straying away from their original guitar/bass/drums lineup
Paolo Paparesta
matt is amazing
Salad Fingers
The Puppet Master 1987
That is a sweet ass guitar lol
Daia Alvarez
A esto se le llama orgasmo auditivo
Giuro che quando è andato in scivolata 2:18 stavo per mettermi a urlare anche io...a casa
Abdullah Mahdawi
It's been a year since I have listened to this masterpiece
Math & Zacta
Best live performance i ever see and listen! <3
szna szii
My fave muse song ever