Best "One missed call" scenes

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I own nothing, & have no intention of copyright. It's amazing how an ordinary digital camera can capture the graphics of a Blue-ray DVD without the HD tv. Try it. The movie itself, isn't as great I I thought it was. It had really bad acting, a very hard-to-find plot, tedious dialogue, & a story that dragged on. But, it does stay far closer to the original than others did, had some great special effects, & some interesting characters. It isn't as bad as people say, but it isn't great either. If you want to see a bad remake or horror movie in general, & I mean BAD, then watch Shutter (remake), An American Haunting, Pulse (remake), House of the Dead, & The Haunting of Molly Hartley.

0:43 the spike only pierced his eye,he should be alive
Kendall Burden
the scene where she gets dragged nd the lady just stands the used to scare me
jays april
this is what I go through when I miss a phone call from my mom
I like when the ghost lady was standing in the back of the church in all white
Sephora Dynasty
Just before it fades to black u can see a hooded figure behind the girl as it slightly pans, and u hear that whoooomp whooo mp vibe
Tazeem Khan
It is relly very horror
So did the cop die ?
Anna Joi
this version was complete shit. i remember when this came out and I honestly laughed the entire way through it  watch the Japanese version guys you will thank me (came out eight years ago and still a fan)
Brianna Castro
So swag
ive always loved the end
Joseph V
lol this film is so shit
the ending was boss
don't be afraid "L"from death note will protect you
Daulton Rivas
1:11 Hey, A!
Danny Dorito
wth i typed "pulse - peep hole of death" and got this
What a terrible film.
The sequel to this movie has apparently began in works a long time ago, but so far, nothing on it. The idea was probably dropped or so.
I would like to see the part where Beth and Taylor Anthony was at the church I didn't see the whole thing
awesome :) I watched it like three times in cimema lol
Kathy Barton
Wo-hoa! I like this stuff and and peed my pants with that demented kid
I'm totally gonna put *67 in front of my lil bros # and call him and play this scene in the background. Lol, then I'm gonna make him watch this movie
@XinoBrix One of them is bound to be your death recording.
American Horrors: Scary faces and tons of scream G-Horrors: Psychological horrors that are way better
Nathaniel Oshman
0:30 is that Jigsaws puppet
What the......O_O
Lara Modder
This movie is really freaky!!!
finally i found a video of scenes ACTUALLY FROM THE MOVIE XD
Harmless Hawk
cool,you should do their voicemails
It's a mock of the poster.
Morgan Gutierrez
i think the word she yells the most is "NOOO" but im like "YESS its a movie"
Nunshle Speke Uvmee
A doll
Jaylin Anderson
What is that thing at 0.07
This movie sucks :)
Nunshle Speke Uvmee
Omg, I HATE that woman at 0:07
Nelly Natasha
great!!! plz comment my video too!!!
OMG you can see the camera recording the scenes! lol
Lily Phạm
I only saw the original Japanese film and I still haven't finished it yet.
Lil' Gamer Boy
The Japanese version is more better
Pricilla Molina
Jose Valdez
That's why you don't do drugs because you'll start seeing stuff
Ruben Villan
The scene with the creepy baby at the hospital and the asthma girl ghost at the end of the movie are the two scariest scenes that gave me the chills and frights.
Abi Wilson
Lmao my friend was in this
Tyler Morgan
that was scary about at church possessing Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Phantom Maximum
I don't know why, but I found the part where the church statues come to life the creepiest.
0:32 this kid has some amazing strength
Harry Green
just hiding in the comments lol
Caffeinated Critic
wow, this is laughably terrible
ivan martin martinez
The beginning of video hahahaha
This was supposed to be a comedy, right? - Roulette Prediction
This is one weird movie
Pov Pranks
May God Himself Banish these movie creators to hell for using his face and creation in vain. This movie could have dealt without that.