18 Year OLD | ALL Natural INSANE Teen Body Transformation | Skinny to Muscular | Motivational !

Heyy there. This is my transformation video, from skinny to shredded. It took me alot of hardwork, pain, dedication, time & money to see the results. BUT you know what the results were worth it. I am happy with myself. I am proud of my transformation, tho still I am looking to better myself as I know its not perfect. Let me clear you one thing too, that I did not take any single supplements. Not even a protein shake. I did it all naturally with eggs, milkshakes and meat. If a regular person like me can do it, then you can also do it. Its not IMPOSSIBLE. Nothing is. Anyhow if you enjoyed this & if it motivated you, I would request you all sincerely to leave a like and subscribe to my channel. It will mean a world to me ') Also leave a comment and I ll reply to every single one of you and help you guys out. THANKS ") Come talk to me here anytime : ✔ Facebook : />✔ Twitter : />✔ Instagram : />✔ Snapchat : shanzarrr 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME.. 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁 Tags : _______________________________________________________________ 2016 natural transformation teen body transformation new body Body Transformation from skinny to shredded! ,Bodybuilding motivation transformation,Bodybuilding transformation, Bar Brothers transformation Fitness Transformation, Caestlethics Transformation, LazarAngelov Transformation1 Year Transformation, Body Transformation, 14 Year Old Body transformation, bodybuilding transformation, 16 Year Old incridible body transformation, Body Transformation, Teenage body Transformation, Teenage body transformation, icridible body transformation, Body Transformation, Bodybuilding motivation16 Year Old boldy Transformation, Body Transformation, Incridible Body Transformation, 15 year old body builder, bodytransformation amazing, Skinny to muscleMuscle bodybuilding fitness fit shredded bodybuilder fit lifting bench press flexing motivation workout abs teen fitness model protein creatine inspiration calisthenics barbrothers muscle worship muscle alpha gains teen muscle chest training gym workout zyzz jeff seif ronnie coleman light weight jay cutler aesthetics ifbb pro card kai greene inspirational video fitness motivation music how to gain muscle lean muscle flex how to fitness transformation ifbb kai greene luimarco synthol jeff seid photoshop is zyzz alive? squatting one ton deadlift benchpress 1 ton 16 years old fitness model teen body transformation teenage bodybuilding teenage bodybuilding transformation teenage bodybuilding motivation teenage body transformation teenage girl body transformation amazing teen body transformations teenage fitness body transformation Teen Transformation teenage body transformation from fat to fit teenage body transformation from skinny to fit teenage body transformation from skinny to muscular teenage body transformation before and after photos teenage body transformation from chubby fat to fit teenage body transformation from fat to fit teenage fitness before and after pictures teenage fat to muscular body teenage body transformation from fat to ripped teen body transformation fat to six pack girl female teen body transformation best teenage fitness body transformation motivation teen body transformation inspirational teenage fitness bodybuilding body transformation inspirational teenage fitness bodybuilding body transformation from skinny / fat to fit muscular inspirational teenage fitness body transformation before and after amazing teenage body transformation great teen body transformation __________________________________________________________________ Heyy there ? Are you still reading ? If you'hve made it this far, I just want to tell you that you are the BEST. Have the nicest day ahead. Be positive and just never ever give up on life 😘😍

Hey guys! I finally released my eBook which contains both the diet plan and the workout plan I followed during my transformation. GET YOUR PERSONAL COPY OF eBOOK here : www.shanzarrr.wordpress.com ! GOOD LUCK. Looking forward to your guys transformation :)
Lyrikz HD
Am I the only person who got happy after he shaved that stupid mustache
Don't visit my channel
*His transformation started with shaving that mustache*
Josh Briggs
Did my man forget that he had legs?
The Golden Nugget
Finally an actual natural transformation. Congratulations man.
Bley Bley
Actually I watch more of those Videos than go in Gym xD
It was all because the mostache
That's not a mustache that's his *power limiter*
Sergio Xeneize
congratulations! legs???
Tilak Raj Sharma
7:00 65kg on curls I don't think so
MC Pavelić
YOU MOTIVATED ME BRO THANK YOU ❤❤ from Croatia 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷
c oc
Bro you were looking like nerd. But now you look like hero. 😨😨😨😨 Cool transformation
Way to much motivation, 3am in the morning Im running to the gym right now :D
Am brose
best part of the transformation was wen he shaved his moustache
Zunaira Saleem
I only saw transformation of having mustaches to having no mustaches😂❤️hehe just kidding but your transformation is lit dude ❤️😍
Imran Maniar
You should post your story on r/gainit would help a lot of people
Harfull Singh Rathod
Abhi tak ki sabse simple aur best video hai bhai ye mza aaya dekhkr
One of my favourite videos, most inspirational bro, I am soo thin and coward , due to my physic, I want some motivation like this to become fat as you do, thank you for this video.
Dm your questions about diet and tips on : Instagram @shanzarr Snapchat @shanzarrr Helping out every single one of you !
justsucitup 5
I am so proud of your accomplishments. If this makes you happy then more power to you. But I think you are already a great person not because of your muscles but what is in your heart. You come across as a humble and modest person and that image is your best reflection.
Shehram khan
Shubham Chauhan
really awesome spirit bro,you really filled me with inspiration
Anon Is Here
Transformation is Awesome but Before and After Face not matching
Dawood Chatha
six months before my weight was 233 pounds now my weights 165 pounds i know no one cares but it really feel proud to myself
Freddie Alberto
Thanks , I recently started going to the gym , and thought my progress was a bit off , but this video clearly showed me that it’s takes time to build the physic that I want
Sadaqat Ahmadzai
in what time duration you made it possible ..?
Christopher Jones
Glad you lost the mustache.....but be careful about thinking too much of yourself (I suffer from that). :)
Tenzin Yega
I don’t know why this video motivates every time when I watch it..am gonna start soon👍👍 inspirational ..thanks buddy for sharing
Ritik Jaat
This motivates me a lot bro and after 4 months of gym I see a lot of transformation in my body ❤
Daniel Vindas
I weigh 47 kg and I can lift 50kg
Kenneth Meador
Wow man congrats on a mind blowing transformation. You look awesome. I was skinny like that and finally muscled up. It feels good.
Well done boy Tumhari video se itna to pta lga ki all we need is believe and patient
Dishant Mehta
Bro great job but u forget main part your body to train them. LEGS!!
So lovely and truly inspiring, any newbie can relate this :)
so after one year of pullups instead of improving your form, it got worse? Go all the way up and down.
Yo Noid
Your 100% natural man... Keep it up... Respect...!!!
Christian Johann
congratulations mate!,, I-m struggling to gain weight and get ripped but I won-t stop either I gotta keep going. Your video was very inspiring
Ansh Saxena
i appreciate ur motivation bro and its all works
Blue Max
First realistic natural transformation on YT
Unknown Wolf
This video is very inspiring
Zeeshan Hassan
Bro ap askari ground main training kar rahey ho na range road
Joxiel Romero
Went from Indian to Turkish white lol
Aj Bangcuyo
nicely done bruv. I'm motivated. want to do it all the way up .
all around the world
Wow bro amezing
Clara Ann Nelson
Congratulations!! True. As long as u happy with urself, that is more important than anything. All the best!!
Saiprasad Padalkar
Hey, Shanzarr...you are such an inspiration....Thanks a lot for this and keep growing...all the best ! 👍
Thankyou soo much everyone who commented and showed respect and love. Thanks for taking time out of your life to watch my video and make me smile. I respect every single one of you. If you need any help hmu in my socials (link in descp) I would love to help all of you. ❤️😌.
Meowth !
Nice one brah. Inspired me. Keep it up.
ranjit kumar
Loved the transformation...felt I was watching myself go through the same
Tabshir Ismail
I'm a skinny girl but i got motivated from this😍
Jivert 1
Thank for the motivation man 💪👍
Nirmal kalimuthu
U proved man hard work never fails ..😊 tanq bro for u r motivational video. .💪💪💪💪
pranav deshmukh
Superb bro....! Start from small....and look at you now! Grt inspiration....who lose hope!... keep it up. I'm impressed by ur hard work,Determination!
Yeshwant Desai
Bro u should have gone for the legs too....oh God why am i talking like Thanos
Jean Michel
Nice upper body transformation ! Although the lower part is very undevelopped, you should make sure to train your core a lot more and legs/butt as well bro otherwise you will start developping imbalances
James O'Hanlon
It's so awesome to see so many positive people supporting the natural physiques! I just uploaded my recent 10 day transformation vid on my channel.
Well done bro.... I love this .... I've started just like you but because of work I lost passion but you've motivate me once again ..... thanks A lot mon😄😄😄
Franklyn R. Ben-Khaled
Congratulations boy!!! You inspire me...
Omer yarka
Props to you my friend, you’ve came a long way, never stop succeeding!
I used to hate myself. So much i would literally hide myself under a hoodie everyday in school. I used to walk around in baggy jeans and some really bad tshirt and jacket and i didn't really care about it back then. I was pretty depressed so i just couldn't care. But one day it hit me. I told myself that i could actually look good, feel good and have a good life. I could get better in school and get better grades. BUT only if i really wanted to, which i did. *Because there was still time.* I started working out, eating better, sitting less infront of the computer everyday and went from a introvert to and extrovert. *Because i gained my confidence* and i started talking more to people and being alot more friendly*. And here i am today. And i couldn't ask for more. And i'm still improving.
Fitness Syndicate
Well done, keep up the good work man. Congratulations!
FJG 93
Great video mate, i watch these to keep myself going ive started working out 2 months ago (5-7 times a week) and have already made incredible gains (from 30kg to 45 kg benchpress, 20kg curls to 30, not being able to dip to 5 dips and many more gains). i was always very skinny similar to you, now im at a decent weight for my size (187 cm, 76 kg and 11% bodyfat) when i started i weighed 68 kg at the same size with 13% bodyfat. its insane how much discipline can do for you. not only do i play at max 2 hrs of pc a day (6-8 hrs before) but ive also started studying and getting better grades at school. soon i want to start doing muay thai. its all in the will guys, and fitness is a way for you to obtain that will and apply it to every field of life. good luck guys!
PistolR AM
This is amazing, man.
Villo Awomi
Amazing transformation dude. Inspirational
All love for this guy. He set a goal for himself and never gave up. That's passion.
unun hoe
you forgot leg day my friend
Kartik Tyagi
You motivated me dude!(^^)
keep it up man, you are doing great things
Caleb Park
Love this bro... Respect ✌🙏
OMG...Today is the day guys, we finally hit 1MILLION views on this video. Have been waiting for this moment for so long. Never ever thought about this when I clicked that upload button 9 months ago. 1MILLION people from all around the world 🌎 clicked on this video out of their busy life to watch my video, this means so so much. To everyone who is reading this and who viewed my journey, I have no words to thank you all. I respect each and everyone of you from my heart ❤️ You guys made it possible. GOOD LUCK in your life and may God bless you all with happiness 😌 Once again THANKYOU SO MUCH 😊 My Instagram if any queries : @shanzarr -luv u all 🎈
malithi wasana
Hi, I hardly comment on any video I see. But this video of yours is very motivating and great for people who want to get into shape but don't know exactly where to start or what to do. You have included everything anyone must know into the video. I wanna thank you and I'm gonna start from today. You just changed someone's life for the good.
Gaurav ArYa Singh
What is your hight? Pls reply
Ladla Jutt
Bhai salute hai apkOo From Pakistan
Pedro Giménez
Omg that pullup technique xd
Heyy guys, I am so thankful to every single one of you who took time out of their lives to watch my video, like it and leave a positive response. I respect all of you guys alot. This video has crossed 200k + views and i am so grateful to all of you. I have made a new motivational workout video, make sure you watch that too here : https://youtu.be/iZZFRHZNTMY Love you all. Take care and Good luck. ❤️.
Renu Bala
Keep working brother
The mucool vlogger
It's really very inspiring workout for the beginners...👈👌
Jessei Mae Sy
Now your Handsome sir 😍😘
Ержан Насанов
from 3 to 9. great results, man.
you are truly an inspiration bro.🙏
Tung Vuong Thanh
Wow! Your story is so inspried! It gives me so much motivation
Dude, this is one of the best transformation videos I have seen! And trust me, I’ve seen quite a lot. Props to you man!
Tristan Malabana
Thanks to this video dude!
srirangam sri
Hi buddy how many month you transmission for your body because same the lean body me. And diet
Pranoy Bank
Great video bro...it inspired me
Onkar Jagtap
Saw your video in march 18 and decided to join the gym.... gained 15kg till now feb 19 ....wish i could show my transformation photo ...thankyou for uploading this video.
Chelsea Fc
Good keep it up..Never satisfy💪
Sambhav Kumar
Bro I m truely inspired
insane? jaja el tipo subio cuanto 10 kg? y nisiquiera esta musculoso xdd
intrinzik Gaming
Good Job brother keep going
Sam Redact
Wow really a good inspiration video for those who start to became fitness
Lola Tara
Lol 2:57 prbly hitting on a girl across the gym.
You video inspire me, not to lose hope 😎
Christopher Jones
You're a cool looking guy, with the "chicken arms" and all....you didn't need to work out....I've paused at 30 seconds, but I'll watch the rest. :)
Shivam Shukla
Appreciate all the hard work mate. :) Suggestion - Working on chest before abs would be great.
Levi Carlo Espino
I was just looking around Google searching for arm flex ripped sleeves for my drawings, and then I end up here. Lol Thank you for sharing this man. Your video actually motivates me to do workouts! My job as a graphic artist, sitting all day long in front of the computer is NOT healthy. I really better start moving now.
Basil Elgizoli
Brooo this video is really AMAZINGGGG !! I'm really happy for you because you achieved what you wanted . You really motivated me so thank youuuu , your channel also seems very interesting so I will definitely Subscribe ! Keep it up bro !
gj bro that's crazy im doing the same thing right now i started workout at the gym 3 month ago im thin i wish i will do it like you:D
Prithwis Pal
dude u did it!!! I'm really way way motivated from u!! I know I'll be able to do it...coz it's a kind of journey to me👌😊and I'm very thankful to u..I know u had many ups and downs but u never gave up..I also won't I promise ^_^
Watching this man work out in jeans was intense🤕