Rick Ross - I Love my Bitches

Rick Ross - I Love my Bitches Rick Ross - I Love my Bitches Rick Ross - I Love my Bitches Clear for Take0ff @ www.facebook.com/Take0ff All right reserved for Maybach Music & Rick Ross

joseph gambrell
This here is a banger!!! Damn Blaze🔥🔥🔥....and Rick was spittin!! I miss this hip hop....wtf happened???
Elle Noina
This mmmyyyyy SHIIIIIITTTTT!
sandros montana
Just blaze made this for the Baws Rickey Rozay.
Welcome to Rick Ross Resorts where i love mah Beaches!
Nahh they just mad cuz they aint got any bitches to love
Paul Perrone
The beginning though > any one know where he got it from ?
Iz you seyi Iz?
i love my chickens!!!
"taking notes as i taking tokes" yep, Dead Wrong verse
No we dont love bitches... Bitches Like Officer Ross
thats an old sound effect from the 90s but yeah haha
"Love My Twinkies" "aww mann i love my fishsticks" "I love my biscuits" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH looked up this song on YT just to read the Rick Ross jokes; I have not been disappointed. Thank you.
Jakeyla Reed
lol funny
Simnikiwe Ntingi
He was photographed by two photographers, like a boss!
Lol see the photographer in rick ross shades takin the pic.!
Anybody notice the temple run sound after he say jungle.!
calvin miller
Awwww Man I Love Big Titties LOL
Antwuan Stinson
Love my benzezz!!!!
TSean Powell
aww man I love this songgg
I love my biscuits
Brian Tang
Kipras Kaukenas
have i heard temple run sounds in 00:47 ?
Tiphany Hamm
haw many oph yaLl c the ni99a in his glaSses
i love my cheesebrgers
moustafa rock
rick ross i love u too much yes but where are your bitches?
Preferred Guest
i love my b!+ches
1 person doesnt love his bitches
Ahemed Kebbab
love the mercedes benzes
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