Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever (1977) - Full Album

Tracklist: 01) Cat Scratch Fever 00:00 02) Wang Dang Sweet Poontang 03:40 03) Death by Misadventure 06:56 04) Live It Up 10:28 05) Home Bound 14:30 06) Workin' Hard, Playin' Hard 19:15 07) Sweet Sally 25:00 08) A Thousand Knives 27:34 09) Fist Fightin' Son of a Gun 32:22 10) Out of Control 35:13 Bonus Track: 11) Cat Scratch Fever (Live) 38:50 12) Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (Live) 43:43

Paul Gureghian
122 dislikes? wtf ? May you be impaled by a thousand knives.
Derek St. Holmes deserves much more credits in Ted Nugent band!!! He is a fantastic vocalist and guitarist!!
"Home Bound (Instrumental)" is a cool track...
Steve Oconnor
I’m a liberal and I love this song
Roger Temple
Ted Nugent. "Cat Scratch Fever." Released: 5/13/77. Genre: Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. Producers: Tom Werman, Lew Futterman, and: Cliff Davies. Ted Nugent:Lead Vocals("Cat Scratch Fever","Wang Dang Sweet Poontang",&"Sweet Sally"),Lead&Rhythm Guitar); Derek St. Holmes:(Rhythm Guitar,Lead("Death by Misadventure","Live it Up","Workin' Hard,Playin' Hard","A Thousand Knives","Fist Fightin' Son of a Gun",&"Out of Control".). & Backing Vocals; Rob Grange:(Bass Guitar,& Backing Vocals); Cliff Davies:(Drums,& Backing Vocals). Guest Musicians: Montego Joe:(Percussion,& Backing Vocals).); Tom Werman:(Percussion,& Backing Vocals). Alan Spanner: Boz Burrell: & Rory Dodd:(Backing Vocals).
fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass
I remember buying this album while visiting my grandparents. Their cat scratched the album cover right across the top where it says "Cat Scratch Fever".
He looks like James Hetfield
Capitão Punhal23
Como assim porra!? Como um bando de filhos da puta ,vem aqui da deslike no album do tio Ted?
Chris H
The first and only Nugent album I ever bought. Absolutely his best when he was at his peak.
Oh man the first real rock album I ever bought. Cover scared my parents lol. Uh, that's the point!
Professor Pat Pending
Bought this great album in 1977. Still have it 40 years on. Got to Live It Up!
Pete Loomis
Should say extended music because I had this vinyl album back in the day & there is stuff that is live at the end that was NOT on the original vinyl but great besides !
His Overlord Upon High
"Live it up", still sounds great.
scratch fat beaver
a killer guitarist... just play stranglehold .....you will see why hes a legend
Ray Wright
wang dang sweet poontang!!!!
The ripper 4
Real energy........no overdubs!!!!
Diamond Institute
YEAH, UNCLE TED!!! Made in Detroit!
The Fabulous Master Bats
LOVE the live tracks! Absolutely stellar musicianship all across the fruckin board!
Ruben Felix
you just got to love Ted Nugent he was one rocking dude in his time I grew up listening to this guy with my older cousins got some good memories with old ted
George Gray
Terri Jaeger
Nugent Rocks!!!!!!!!!!
Keith Kinnel
Olecranon Rebellion
Got to live it up!
billy barkly
WANG DANG Ted Nugent knows how to rock it.
Underrated guitarist as hell. Didnt even make rolling stone's top 100 list, what a shame
smithdsmit hendrix91870
"A thousand knives". What a great song.I bet that one has never been played on the radio.They just want to play "Strangle Hold" over and over and over and over and over and over for 40+ years
Herman Helmich
Cat scratch ... dance music
Jerry Broughton
Motor.city mad man
Zal Moxis
Hunt it, kill it , skin it, gut it, cook it, eat it.... just like Ted does.... all with bows and arrows.
Paulo Cesar
é assim que se usa uma guitarra meu povo
James Hetield could be the non-recognized son of Ted Nugent...
Jimmy K
just double checking, but Ted sings the first 3 tracks, right? Favorite Nugent album by the way. Rock on, my friends!
John Wing
the classic cat scratch
Wasn't Ted president in1977.? pretty sure he was..
Derrick Cunliffe
great album got this wen it first came out working hard great track
Zha Zha Binks
Ludmila Kokk
His third solo album, listenable. Ted can play and Ted can sing also.
Great album done by the biggest ass hole who does love guns than people.
Keith Leeuwen
Brunella Taylor
Ted rocken
Jonathan Spiers
uncle ted :)
Gary Weaver
reminds me of 77 what a great year
Valeriy Blinov
Super Legend!!!!!!
Dave Holland-Hensley
William Wright
this was breakfast...1979
Doug Nichols
Motor City Madman - Ted always did things his way - great album - the dude really put on a great show too. Loved his short-lived reality show as well - hilarious.
Matthew W
I wanted to hear what racists call music.
Bernie Madoff
I came to see what racists like to listen to.
D TheBassman
I'd guess that the 166 thumbs-down folks were not alive in 1977. Ted kept the world rocking. He was the main anti-disco rocker and he was quite vocal about it. I believe he first yelled DISCO SUCKS!!
Vladimir Romaniuc
Спасибо,дорогой Вы выдающийся гитарист,так держать!Люблю,уважаю!
Good musician but I hate fascists like him.
Ludmila Kokk
Home Bound works still fine. Great instrumental!!!
Vanei Pontes
Great Álbum /Great 🎸/ Great Singer 🎤😎👊
Jose Arguello
Geniial!! habran cido buenas epocas por este Rock🔥💀
Steve Oconnor
However, like most conservatives he is an idiot
Jeff Porcaro Groove
DRUMMING is insanely perfect...
Mike Lowrie
Hell yeah
Greg McClelland
I was eight years old in 1977 when "Cat Scratch Fever" came out. It was on the Rock stations and played in the mall at least a dozen times a week! I love this song and it NEVER gets old!
Colin Wescott
Im all hopped up on testosterone .. Columbian Gold and black beauties
Paul Richards
God. gave. Rock. N. Roll to. You
Daniel Padilla
He is the uncle of rock and roll
Freedom Fighter
The 3rd song on this album Death By Misadventure has some head boppin moments in it. It shows how a little disco move can be utilized by Terrible Ted.
Motor City Madman....in his prime: just so badass
Al Mac
Before this guy got into politics...man could he make a guitar scream...Love this early Nuge.
Ever had Cat Scratch Fever ??
Chet K
uncle ted is still rocking
Colin Wescott
Wang dang well a sweet poontang
Paul A Sh9up
o my soul it's rock n rock it's out of control!
Craig Summers
Ted can rock that guitar
Top Top selling album.. Can't be beat!!
I'm so glad I grew up when I did . late seventies thru the eighties. No better music.
my older bro got me hooked on this album played it alot in64/ 85 a t my high school parking lot smoking the good old clay pocket pipe man what memories unbeatable
Luis Garcia
Siempre e escuhado a ted+nugent...lpbcs.
fern Haloo
Ted Nugent, fought in 'Nam like the true patriot he s. Bless you Sir.
Roy Poud
I cant stand "the nuge". But his music rocks like hell. If he was more"Pro 2nd amendment" maybe i wouldnt think he was full of shit.
Grendale Beowulf
Today is the day I discovered I love Ted Nugent's music.
Marla Singer
"..they was puttin' on the squeeze." Classic.
Steve Curtis
117 college freshman listened to their sociology professors.
Anders Söderström
never forget this album. it?s so good
James Larkins
Got. To live it up sweet sally
the devil cried
the very first time I heard cat scratch fever I thought it was some old judas priest not that fucking goof here,
Thomas McSweeney
cant never turn teds music up loud enough to please me but i have been listening to him since when tell me please tell me true blue listen
Aries Gemini Pisces
Never heard this whole album. . Teddy had tons of awesome tunes n hot in that loin cloth!
J Bonner
I remember buying this album at a local Meijers when it came out and the checkout clerk lady shaking her head in pure disgust. Times have changed.
stefan persson
Thanks, like it
homebound is the best song to play on your way home after a long roadtrip
Brian Kerr
I saw Ted in concert in Toronto when I was a teenager I'm 55 now.
Amish deviant with Herpes
His indicates that he has crabs. Not cat scratch fever
Bob Abooey
Ted would soon bring in Meatloaf to work with Derek St Holm who was battling laryngitis at the recording of Free For All
Mario Lafuente
Mr. Nugent rocks!!
Very good hard rock album! Ted Nugent plays very well his guitar! He never appears in the top guitar players list! Very underrated! In some songs,his voice is diferent! It seems another guy singing!
Simon Broberg
A spit of frontline should kill those fleas
live it up a great Bo Diddley grovin tone.
Desert Bear
Wild Man
bill collagan
Even Liberals like TN..when he's rocking and not being a douche
Sanford Graham
Chris Paneesh