KISS July 3rd 1996 KANSAS CITY Deuce & King of the Night Time World

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Fan Shot video (NOT BY ME) of the July 3rd 1996 Alive worldwide Reunion concert so the video quality isn't the greatest but hey you can see it! This is the first two songs off the video Deuce & King of the Night Time world. I was at the same show directly on the other side of the arena in approximately the same area.

I was there! 5th row with my cousin!!! Amazing show!!! Can't believe it's been almost 20 years ago!!!
Eric Martin Smith
Who else is here after seeing Alice in Chains drummer rant about Kiss and KC?
Sacha's Toy Chest
 I was 17 years old. First concert. It rocked!
Morgan Storey
I was there! Meant everything to me to see the original Kiss after being a die hard fan all through the 70s, but never got to see them till this show. Saw them in Topeka Kansas about a year later!
Phillip Giglio
i was there! still have the ticket stub, and t shirt.
TMH McPherson
My first KISS Concert right there... SUCH EXCITEMENT!!! I was only 15..
Tyler Thomas
A lot of my family was there.
How funny, I bought this on vhs tape very shortly after the show, out of the classifieds in the local Did you videotape this???
Joey McComb
I was there!!!!!!! 22nd row!!!!!!!!!
John Wilson
What a memory.  I was there and took the kids
This was Layne's last gig with AiC opening for KISS in KC. Honestly I was a lot more hyped about KISS than AiC, who I had seen before at the Clash of the Titans at Sandstone in Bonner Springs, KS, in 1991. This era of my life was so fun that it's mostly a blur now. Too bad it's in the past.
I was there! 5th row, infront of Gene! Sweet! Thanks for posting!
Cj Silva
i was born this day :)
ron moman
Was there,great band.
@01po01po I was at the H.I.T.S show at Bonner springs also, They never disappoint do they!
@dragonah2000 I was at that show also at kemper arena. First time to see kiss with make up. Have been a fan since the 70', but didnt get to see them untill 83" after they took their make up off. I also seen them twice on the hot in the shade tour. At Bonner springs ks & then in Topeka ks. Great times!!!
@DemonCatSpaceStar The highlight of the Dynasty show was Gene flying to the top of the stage to do God of Thunder. That was the first time that he had done that. On the Alive 35 Tour, the cables wouldn't lift at one of the shows so he had to perform it on the stage.
Very cool! That's a great song (but all of them are! lol) . I hope you get to see'em again. The best seats I ever had was front row for the second Reunion tour in 97, I'll never forget it.
King of the Night Time World was the first KISS hit that I heard live. It was June 1979 on the Dynasty Tour when they played at the Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC. I also caught them on the Reunion Tour at the same place. They last came to Cola in April 2000. I hope that they come back, though they did come to Greenville in October on the Sonic Boom Tour.
Cool, we we're at the same shows that is really cool! If you want check out the (short) interview video I have of me at that '96 show & I also won front row to the Topeka show (I have video on my channel of that as well). Thanks for the comment, Phil
I was at the opening show in Detroit (I lived in Michigan at the time) then flew to KCMO to go to the show at Kemper with my friends....did the makeup and wigs and took a limo to the show. Was the most fun I ever had that a concert! EVER!!!! Also saw them in Topeka in 1997.
No, I'm gng to order it next week! We blew the wad with Merch & then remembered we need gas to get home just had enough to get it or we would've gotten it then! lol Can't wait to hear though! I've got the 1 from the Rock the nation tour & they did a really good job on that one. I'm rendering a Vid of the Dead Girls (the opening band members are friends) & it's going sloooooww! So if I want to get a KISS vid up it's gng to be a LONG nite! lol I'll try to keep u updated! l8tr
Jason Lee
sweet, I'll keep checking for it. Did you get the live album? I did, the first half came out very clear. I couldn't believe how clear the sound was, especially for how loud it was!
@ the show last night 12/10/09.
It was a great show wasn't it! I was there also & got some video ( unfortunately my seats where at the back & my camera is only a 4x digital zoom) it's kinda sad when a woman in front of me had a phone that zoomed in better then I could! lol I'm gng to try to get the video up sometime soon! Thx!
Jason Lee
This was Kiss at thier finest for sure. I missed out on seeing any of their rreunion tour, but I did see them live in KC last night. Wow amazing for sure.
Thx I'm glad you like it! I'll be trying to get more from this show up later if I can!
I'm glad to share! I've got the whole show on tape so I've been trying to find time to get all it uploaded,soon I hope! Thx 4 the comment!