Heroes of Might and Magic III: Horn of the Abyss gameplay

Please switch to 480p for good quality! Horn of the Abyss v1.3 has been finally released! It's a new add-on for our loved HoMM3 series made by nonprofit HotA-crew! This add-on includes a new town called Cove, new heroes, new artifacts, some changes in the old feature (i.e the Necropolis has been bit balanced due to its superiority). Read more here and get the add-on: /> Btw, this is just a little gameplay video which shows the new town :) as a veteran HoMM3 player, I would never have believed that this kind of project could be released! Amazing!

This team (Cove) feel JUST like it was made by the real developers. Is there any other mod, just as well polished and nice like this?
"recruit seamen" Ok.... ooooook!
Nice gameplay footage. :)
niklas bäcklund
hm. very gud strategi, but i wuld change startup army! GL HF
Nemanja Zujic
where can i find this game and dowload it and what do i need to play it
Well I dloaded the hota1.3_eng_setup.exe to my 'Download' folder then I moved it to my HoMM3 folder and then I installed the add-on :)
Nemanja Zujic
where can i download this game i cant find it on pirate bay
Hey guys I have a problem, hope you can help me.  I download the game but I can't find it on my computer. Even if I download it into the original Complete Heroes 3 map.   Help?!
can somebody tell me how to make a new town :) Heroes need a viking town with Azure as 7th unit!!