2012 NBA Finals - Oklahoma City vs Miami - Game 5 Best Plays

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Got a request? Leave a comment here. />The best plays from the 2012 NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat. LeBron James wins his first title, and I haven't completed my Finals clinching games yet, so here's a start.

Carl Lawan
Sad that after this finals, OKC never reached the finals since then
Superior Man
OKC had a super team ...westbrook, durant, harden , ibaka.... they still couldn't beat miami
Eynoux Adjoumani
That OKC core would have been better than GS core
Live From The Grave
OKC blew up a dynasty they had 3 MVP's smh
Throwback to when 3-1 leads weren't blown
By todays standards I'd say this is a fair and exciting finals match up. Back then I just hated the Big 3 of Miami, now I don't know what I was complaining about anymore. - Compared to the GSW Miami games this was pretty suspenseful.
Kevin Perez
Such a well coached team by Spolestra. If only Lebron had that kind of Coach this year. He primed Lebron to his most efficient he can be. Efficiently designed plays.
that one handed alley oop by Wade at 1:10 is very underrated
I'm glad that NBA moved from to 2-3-2 format and change to 2-2-1-1-1..even you're team down from 3-1 you still have a chance to win a championship
back when lebron always tried to cover that hairline with a sweatband
The One IamAwesome
20:12 the respect between KD and Lebron. Lebron told him he'll get his ring soon. That same hug would occur in the 2017 nba finals, with KD finally having his own ring
back when kendrick perkins was a starter lol
Lazee Llama
anybody else forget that Harden was on OKC
Jaime Garcia
Lebron wade bosh battier miller Chalmers had a super team easily can beat Oklahoma city thunder
Da Sports Fan
I love Lebron James and I'll always will! Thats why I cavaliers fan!
Harden>Westbrick. OKC better drafted Westbrick to Houston and kept Harden with Durant
Bill Huang
bronnies first champ
Samuel Canaan
Back when Harden was decent on defense
Yuepheng Darbonnier
low key seems like no one cared about that game😂😂
Bitoy Pangit
Wow that's very nice team Miami heat team that's my team
Ramel sings pierce
Bosh we will miss him
Mark Ponsal
What a game for Miami I miss this moment
christian rash
every thing went right for the heat in this game. they were good but so rarely did everyone in their rotation play well. up until this game everyone was close and could've hone either way
Ramel sings pierce
Kd joined the warriors and this is why championship hungry im a lebron fan I always been when ur guy dont win a chip.than u get mad so when u think about it it all comes out
Dan Han
dawg this game was over by the 3rd qtr wtf. what a blowout. 4-1 and almost 25 pt blowout by 3rd qtr. KD ain't LBJ in elimination games thats for sure
Andy Raphael
i see why kd left because the ball ended up in westbrook hands and it would stop no ball movement
15:44 🤔🤔🤔 did the ref just pat Erik ?
Arjay Magboo
Miami and Refs vs Okc 💔
Antoine Meeks
Refs helped this heat team in Game 2 and 3 Lebron got soo many fouls which leads to key shots killing a young team heart fckd up they never recovered. Hate sports at times no lie men being robbed for money or a certain player.
Pmf Lawrence
Damien Bermudez
Did anyone see my boi Mike Miller lock down harden on that one play
Did KD join the Warriors for pay back for 2012?
Lebron will embarrass Durant again in the 2017 finals
John La Madrid
now imagine if melo was on this team with lebron wade and bosh.
Savanna Henry
James harden wouldn't of reached his full potential if he stayed here
Ligaya Parado
I miss james n maimi
Uncharted Galaxy
15:43 Eric high fives refs hand. I smell rigged
Faithful Collections
God Damn that OKC "team" was f**king good. They are the 3rd best NBA team ever assembled. (Behind a 90's and 70/80's team). They were better than these Miami Heat. So why didn't they win? They did not have quality team relationships with one another. They struggled to share that spotlight both on and off the court. You had 4 guys, roughly the same age, same skill level, same background, same "star" status. Salary disputes. No body wanted to be the "Scottie Pippen". These okc teammates were actually competing against each other, rather than the other team as a whole. This team could have won 4 championships, if they just did things as a team
Marco Padilla
this okc team is young they are not in their prime yet and durant was the the only star . and now they are in their prime but not together
Patrick Silangcruz
this is my question and answer to MINE im not a fan of heat but if GS NOW AND HEAT 2012-2013 FINALS i GO TO HEAT BECUZ HEAT 2012-2013 IS SO OP so this is my answer if heat 2012 vs gs 2017-2018 4-3 win heat :P i guess BUT THIS IS 2011-2012 XD
and now, Durant did this to Lebron.
Sangkee Jang
Isn't that a super team? KD James Harden and Westbrook?
Jason Yang
when durant westbrook harden ibaka are on the same team they lose because they were just too young
If you think about it, this game probably defined the modern NBA.
Marc Valdez
Tho would've been the greatest finals ever if russ and harden were in their primes
Its okay to come back to watch this and cry just a bit right 😭
Patrick Silangcruz
2012-2013 heat is stronger than 2011-2012
I forgot Chris bosh was a person
Woody Magic
thnx so much for this vid I actually remember requesting this game on another one of your videos. I can't wait for the next one
dude where is my car
18:15 that’s ball smoovement
Samuel Attias
Thunder eliminated by heat 12
Hrjrodldl Kfkdnkddkkdkd
Too bad KD became a snake/ the public enemy. Lmao. I feel like lebron goin back home to CLE and winning the chip won some peoples affection
Basta king james
2012 Miami was the BEST!
I wish it was Mavs going back to the Finals again to face Heat or Spurs over OKC. I'm happy though James got his 1st ring & maybe it's going to be KD revenge with Warriors beating James in Finals next yr
20:48 KD walks away with NO F's towards good sportsmanship 😂
I miss 2012 ;(
Christopher Emmons
back when there were no snakes
Donnie Meekins
Why did okc trade everyone
How I wish Nick was traded with KD
Lakerfansince July 1,2018
Back when the finals were exciting
6 from Views
You guys see the common thing here. The supporting cast Lebron has isn't as talented in these heat years as today but the guys from the heat team made big time shots and were very productive. If you look at the numbers of the cavs bench last year in the finals, they were just awful. Even guys like Korver were shooting poorly. But in Miami these guys were big time players. This cavs bench is nowhere near the heat. The bench shot 30% last year in the finals while golden states bench shot 51%. Cavs bench averaged 18 ppg and the warriors bench averaged 30... The bench lost them that series not Kyrie or Lebron.
Could u do Knicks-Celtics game 1 of the 2013 playoffs? Melo went off in that game
Took a lockout and refs to give lechoke his first title
Miami was really the Warriors before the warriors. Rabid home crowd, 3 point snipers, All Stars.
Saj Plaus
Durants about to get him some good revenge!
Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez
Lebron Miami>Lebron Cleveland
Byan Johnson
Should of kept Harden these guys were on the come up
Mike Miller destroys this game.
Julian Shipp J.R.
I love both teams but I'm more of a miami fan
gilbert malindog
@15:44 Referee : Don't forget to thank me -_-
Nuno Caetano
this Miami heat was OP
thanks gear
Pyara Singh
Westbrook would never leave the Thunder.
FaZe OffWhite
We will miss you lebron from miAmi
Maximilian Feldhoff
my fariote nba finals
Who's here after game 3 of the nba finals 2017 haha
Kobe Not Top 100
Penny 31 vs 2000 Lakers in Game 3 please
que partidazo menores
Jay Agustar
And nowadays lebron was trash
Beltner Gon
Durant, Westbrook,ibaka and harden? All of them are great player and consider big 4 but unable to win a championship.
Lebron hugged the best OKC players in order at the end: KD, Harden, then Westbrook
Gunk MasterFlex
shit this makes me happy to see lebron win his first championship,...... fastfoward 6 yrs later hes only won 2 more times. and has been slap around by the Almighty Warriors.
ayush garg
If you try to remake okc team today its not impossible cause harden and westbrook were not allstars back then but they are now and all was on kd so its kinda like lakers situation right now where we might see these lakers young gunners be potential all stars in coming years So all im sayin is lakers should not sell their young core
randy martinez
Miami Heat doesn't look the same anymore nobody goes to the games
OKC Should of kept Harden, they would of been a dynasty
Sam Presti, the man known for breaking up a team that had 3 future MVP's
SanctumGaming Q
If OKC stayed the same and gave away ibaka to keep harden Westbrook,harden,durant then Adams comes along in the draft would change the NBA forever ,Lebron would stay on the heat because this team would be too good lol, and CP3 would have never joined the rockets , warriors wouldnt be able to beat the thunder so they would never win a chip curry, could be traded what if CP3 or Curry landed on with Lebron in order to take on this OKC team
Mook Mookie
KIA keeton
Budik Lagrata
Mike Miller exposed OKC lmfao
harden:who am i?
The King
#Heatnation #TheBig3
Alex G
21:50 Westbrook holdin the mic
GOKU ssj
Now KDurant won Two. Back to bak championships on lebron an swept him
Arvi Acunin
from then on.. durant owns lebron
True YC99
2012-Miami was the third quarter team 2017-GSW was the third quarter team
Sharp Peng
KD, Westbrook, Harden 3 mvps..what can you say OKC
G-Dub 85
Dan Gilbert must’ve broken every piece of furniture in his mansion that night....rip Stuart Scott
No Direction
This DUO Wade & Lebron is really The BEST 🔥