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How switching games kills channels. Get Better At Fortnite: />ALL NEACE Fortnite:

You act like you've been betrayed, we're not your friends, we're consumers. We subbed for content then you changed the product. It's not that I hate you, you just don't provide what I'm wanting to watch anymore.
Mohammed El Kahtaoui
you cant really expect anything else, they subbed to see more of the same content made by you. Not to see you making content about an entirely different game they're most likely not interested in, especially since you were more of an educational youtuber rather than just gameplay.
Paris Oplop
What did you expect though? I stayed as a sub for your personality but you can't expect the majority to like you no matter what changes you make. It's not personal, some people are just not entertained by Fortnite, it's their right to unsub.
Luke E
I mean... yeah
david alvarez
I staying subbed because I enjoy your personality and I'm hoping I enjoy whatever comes after fortnite. But these videos are killing me. You changed the product, I'm not interested and I'm the bad guy?
Timothy Miller
Unfortunately dude you not only switched games, you switched genres. The L****e community and the Fortnite community don't have a ton of crossover. I'm still subbed, but I don't really enjoy the new game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You're a cool dude and I like watching you, but I'm an RTS/RPG gamer not an FPS gamer.
Hashim Rafiq
You yourself said to unsub lmao stop complaining and live with your choices.
Jay Chester
I think a big problem is that Neace isn't hyper enough for the kids who search for Fortnite videos on YouTube
Robin Meier
Honestly I really miss educational content. Sucks that Fortnite has almost to none strategic values. Just shows how insane casual it really is.
Kasper Koskenvirta
At the beginning I just didnt like the fortnite content as I didnt like the game. Now when the topics have been interesting I dont really care what game is on the background.
El Rincón de Sandrillo
For me you could play Banjo Kazooie and I'd be here anyway. Neace's fan foreva.
IR JeyJey
It’s not that they like the game you used to play, they just don’t like the game you’ve swapped to.
Well just without the Yep
If you played something besides fornite I would more than likely be interested in watching your videos (I watch your commentary stuff on stories that interest me however) Maybe rainbow 6siege warframe or any other shooter i can probably get behind but fornite is a boring game to watch rather than play for me personally
Neace is too smart for the average gaming community. Unfortunately that's why he doesn't get as much recognition and respect as he deserves imo
Alika Ostermiller
I think the "talk show" format is great but I think because he had to resort to doing so is a sign that Fortnite is a bad game and won't​ have longevity unless it changes.
People are dumb? Idk but videogames for 99% of the audience is about fun and people play it in their free time. It's not all about getting better at the game it's about entertainment. That's why montages of outplays and channels like SivHD were popping off. Videogames for 99% of players are not the core of their life they play it because they enjoy it. They don't watch these 'garbage' channels for high quality content, they watch it to get entertained...
Owen Greengo
I like you for you! But the fans that left didn’t like you just for the game you played, they liked you for what YOU brought to the game they play. And that’s what’s gone. I think Fortnite players aren’t at that point yet of wanting to see what you can bring to their game because most of them are ten years old
Neace, you can't be salty that u lost viewers if they aren't interested in the content ur making now.
I'm still subbed because you're an interesting personality. I couldn't care less about fortnite but some of your videos are still entertaining <3
Old Arubato
I still miss TryndaNeace :'( But Neace is Good
Chatoic Chaos
I stay b/c NEACE is one of those gamers who have real content
Michael Buzas
9:50 Hashshinshin? XD
Fixer ?
The idea of like a podcast type of thing while you play sounds cool to me. Like don’t feel forced to talk about other stuff but you can even get like 4 people in a squad game and discuss anything you want to live and upload it
Hatepack Hatepack
To be fair you didn't up your production quality at all, never really changed up your formula to keep up with the times. Plenty of people like Pewdiepie, Pokimane, Tyler1, have completely switched up their content have survived and grown because they change things up and add new things.
I feel like everyone who watches you watches you because they like YOU as a person. That"s why i love these videos where you talk about yourself and things that directly apply to your life. THATS what im really interested in and THATS what will keep me coming back. Keep it up man <3
It isn't that we don't watch you because of the person that you are, it is that we find fortnite boring. I'm not going to put a fortnite video on in the background just to hear your voice. I love your content and wish that you would expand further than fortnite, because if you keep just playing fortnite the same exact thing is going to happen when you quit that. I will watch one of your fortnite videos every once in a while, but I just do not like the game. If you expanded, I'm sure many more people would enjoy the content.
Wait so people watch for your videos?
i dont usually comment on your videos but i really want to show support as much as i can. Neace the fact is that the only reason you feel dumb is because you perceive potential intellect which is greater than what you have. Dummies don't perceive this and that's why they stay dumb. It's the Dunning-Kruger Effect. We live in a world populated by an idiot majority, which is why the world is and has always been such a dark and twisted place where people with cunning and connections can literally get away with murder.
Jalen VanHoeven
I love your coining of the "dummy mobilization" here. It's not just gaming though, it's everything. Hollywood is pumping out terrible reboots, political talking heads are dumbing discourse down, people like Alex Jones have a huge audience, verifiably incorrect things are said by our President daily, yet not enough people are pushing back. Critical thinking is a rare attribute apparently.
Kenzo Steinmetz
of course it does
HeavyFooT OffRoaD
Look at Ninja, yeah he is good but most his viewers watch because the goofiness of his content.
pain killer
ya don't say
Chris Soto
Neace spits facts. Haters don't wanna hear it. I've always supported your content and I'm here to stay.
Layth Ahmed
Honestly I like serious, well thought out content over those crap montages that get millions of views. Theres just no heart in those. And tbh, right now thats what people like. It sucks but keep puttin in the work neace. Youll get there <3
Santiago Gonzàlez Morales
I mean, neace needs to slowly get viewers that are interested in fortnite and himself, wich is hard, but he will get there, lets just hope the ride its not excessively hard, go neace.
Bronze 5 Redneck
I could see you being good at a podcast / talkshow / episode type content creator. Hit me up if you need a guest!
King Batch
Join the FGC if you want to be competitive. You are not gonna find competitiveness in Fortnite.
papa pingas pizzaria
I just like watching you talk, but i cant stand fortnite so i dont watch those
As long as it's educational I don't care what game you play
Juan Montoya
What did you expect man
Plamen Ilchev
I don't play fortnite or have anything to do with it, but I still watch almost all your vids. Keep up the good work doesn't matter the game, you rock.
"Shake it off" I died
Maxim Baychev
Neace can you try Rainbow Six Siege?
Alberto Oliboni
Grats on the +7
This is exactly why I'm still here Neace. Now, I honestly don't watch a lot of your Fortnite videos, I'm just not into that game (yet?). But back in the day I subbed to you, because you were such a genuine Creator. And that's been something really unique in my YouTube experience. People are fkin stupid. Over my lifetime the shows that air on TV have been getting dumber and dumber, year after year. And why? Coz people are fking stupid man. So eventually I pretty much quit watching TV all together. And you can't even blame the industry for doing what works best. The problem is the general population. We'd probably need to change our education system as a whole, to focus on teaching people actually use their brain instead of just teaching facts (or even non-facts in some cases). Great minds didn't make new discoveries just from reading books. They made them, because they knew how to process and make use of the information and the knowledge that was available to them in these books. And I honestly get the feeling people nowadays would rather just pick up the first opinion they hear and like than to make a single google search and come to their own conclusions based on the given information and it's validity. Anyway, I kinda went off on my own little rant there. Sorry bout that. xD Coming to an end I wanted to say: Even though your main game ain't my thing, imma stick around for time you make some good content that's unrelated to Fortnite. :) And maybe now and then I'll watch me some Fortnite stuff too. :P
It's celebrity fortnite
Im sorry it had to be that way but...thats how it works for everyone sadly.
i have stayed subbed to you because i want to support you, but i havent watched more than 20 minutes of your content after you switched to fortnite because i just dont like it. its not fun to watch.
Joe Cannavino
I think you gotta find a new game man. Fortnite is super skilled and everything but the community seems to want "non-competitive stuff" and funny memes
Anon Amously
Play whatever you want man. I listen to the commentary while I do other things. Also, not every YouTube famous person just delivered to the least common denominator. Totalbiscuit was intelligent and all that jazz for most of his career and that's what carried him as a critic. You have to figure out how to mesh your personality with what you're doing in a way thats gonna get people to watch. But if you want the big views, you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator, that's how it works tbh
Wish there was more people real like Neace, good video
I loved when the donations played you actually had subtitles no one does that and its so annoying
ecLipse -
serves you right for jumping on that trash tier game train
I justdont like Fortinite if u would do other content i had stayed, i am sorry i know its hard but bye
Mike Dean
I still support ya bud
God forbid a man like Neace can make content on more than one game Oh wait, its actually a successful formula. His viewer base is just questionable
TryndaNeace was the most entertaining time I had on Twitch :/
Sean T
yea most people are stupid. that's what i've learned in the 24 years i've been alive.
Pokemon Hifriend
im with neace(n3ac3y) all the way his story make me want to do something with my life xD
jhonny lacksville
I want your style videos. Training is important to me though. Bettering ones self is most important
Isaiah Lark
Another 20 minute video wining about whatever the hell you're wining about. Nice vid.
Always Liked how real you were also. Hope you go to the top friend!
King Batch
Knowledgeable is different from smart. You are very smart NEACE.
People are shills.
The SJW movements in our society combined with the increase in social media in the last decade has allowed people not only to be/act dumb, but to be proud for doing so.
Also dunkey switched to variety and doing way better so it’s not everyone you ignorant idiot.
Tears of Shadow
Giving a Strong dislike
What do you expect
Ken Asakura
You are absolutely right. Most people are dumb, why do you think trump gets elected? I unsigned because I don’t okay Fortnite any more. But I respect your no BS stance more than any other Youtubers
Ethan Roberts
I think the main thing is that your content is much more educational and in depth than most, I watch all of your videos, but if im between games for a few minutes, or bored or something, ill throw up a garbage montage. Your videos require more attention and thought and so i make sure to watch them when i can watch them fully. I think the average viewer isnt all that interested in tons of lengthy educational content and just want some garbage to half watch while they do something else.
Great video, i agree with most everything you said, especially about realizing as i get older just how dumb the average person is. I will say though that at the very least this week's summer skirmish was a step kinda in the right direction at least. They seem to have invited a lot more competitive teams, although there were definitely tons of content creators who couldn't really compete. I think as time goes on and the scene more properly develops it may move away more from just content creators hopefully. In the end though we can only hope that the way the money runs aligns with what we'd like to see happen, cause in the end thats all that ever really matters.
For other youtubers I’m subbed to when they switched games that I did not enjoy I just stopped watching them, but for you since I also got into Fortnite I still enjoy your content. I think a problem Is a lot of the Fortnite community doesn’t know about you. Like I’ve never seen a NEACE clip on BCC or any other highlight videos. And this game for some reason appeals to a lot of younger people, so you need to get yourself out there so they will notice you. Obviously, once that happens you’ll gain back subs
Arturo Picazo
Hey neace, I subbed before fortnite. Greatly enjoyed your content, i think it is wat better than most. Then, well, I still like your content, it's just I dislike Fortnite. I get is a really nice game, but just not my kind of game. Sometimes I come just to hear from you but as long as it's 100% fortnite I wont sub again. I would prefer you playing random stuff or whatever cause you are great at making content. Maybe that's just me...
Razvan Margineanu
Maybe it's because you chose a game that isn't that complex. I mean fortnite is fun and all but not really fit for your style of streaming . I used to watch you because you were informative. I liked your guides and overall game knowledge. I felt I had something to learn. Your fortnite content is totally different from that. Fortnite is meant for the likes of PewDiePie. I still watch some of your content but not for the game. Good luck. Keep trying.
Crook Fire
I love your style of content and who you are. I just loathe fortnite and cant stand watching it. I will remained subbed. I will watch other games you post for sure because of who you are. You do you bro and keep up the great work.
Underground Sounds
most of fortnite players are small kids, usually small kids doesnt like information, most people likes to sit down and enjoy super outplay highlights poppin off kills exploding 1v5s, little of them likes information about the game or its mechanics, me personally dont like fortnite, but i enjoy a company of neace talking on my screen :^)
Gabriel Bak
i agree with what u mean, like i like your content i barely play fortnite, but i like you as a streamer so i still watch
Christoffer Rasmussen
Of course it does, especially for you. Since, let's be real, you're a toxic self centered ass (i actually like that about you), but that's not really the type of creator most Fortnite players would wanna watch, you're the farthest from family-friendly as possible, and that just doesn't promote growth.
I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a fan of Fortnite.
Naalein Grohiik
I like hearing you talk but I can't get into Fortnite. I hate the game and the culture around it, and especially when everyone wants a piece of the battle royal genre. It feels like everyone is in it for the money(I'm talking about the devs)
Ash Ray
I'm only subbed because u making me feel bad Neace, i hate fortnite but you're a good guy trying to make it work :)
sim hanssens
Thought this would happen. But i'm still here bud. I really don't like fortnite. Just not my cup of tea, but I come here for you man. No other reason.
Scott Adams came up with the best way to measure intelligence(imo). There are people who don't know any facts = they are dumb. Then there are people who know alllll the facts = they are average. Then there are people who know which facts matter more than other facts = they are smart. You know what facts matter when it comes to fortnite and games in general. Smart gamer. All the pros are smart gamers because they know which things work, and which things don't work, in other words, which facts work, and which facts don't. Most people cannot discern which facts matter.
I do like you for you, but I never played Fortnite and after watching some of it I'm not interested in watching it or facts about it either.
survival dude
Fortnite is gonna die soon anyways
Bigtd 95
Can you do some videos of in depth gun damage comparisons? Just short videos going over damage, a visible range drop of zones and figures like shots at each range to kill players/break buildings. A short video covering exclusively rift use as well would be dope. I think that style of video would be popular and could be a mini series as i have seen almost 0 of that content on yt
Airi Otake
Yo Neace I'm not sure that I understand why you are saying people are dumb although I do get the notion. Here me out. Yea on average your average viewer isn't the brightest by any means, but I think the point of content such as Siv HD's was purely as a source of entertainment. What I'm trying to say is that people have different tastes and maybe they just enjoyed that type of content better. But I do agree with you on the point that that type of content isn't a thought provocative piece of work, but once again it is purely for recreational purposes.
dude i'll be honest, i don't watch you cos you play good, i like listening to you. because you make sense and i like listening to you discussing either a reason for why ppl like stuff or hate stuff or how mechanics work and etc. or if i watch you on twitch is because i like you as a chill guy who brings out good feelings in my head ( no homo) so yea this is my 2 cents about the topic
nothing to see here move along
i don't hate you dude and i respect your personality but i am not going to watch fortnite because i dislike the game
Mario Mancione
I'll never unsub dude. I watch a few of your vids when I'm bored but I'm not a fortnite player. Your an awesome dude and I wish ya the best homie. keep your head up
Silence Nightsky
He's not wrong. And the things he's saying are true to all aspects of life. We're living in an idiocracy under the tyranny of a brainless zombie horde.
Oskar Lidström
Most people are watching for leassure. In music, movies, YouTube etc. most people won't care wether the content is quality content or not. They just wanna relax. But a lot of people have specific areas where they are very aware of quality. Sadly they don't add up to a susstainable audience most of the time.
Kieran Hostetter
Neace, I love you and I think you are hilarious but I’m not really a fan of fortnite (Personal preference) however If you do more of these “talk to the viewers” type videos I will always tune in regardless of what is in the background. Keep doing what you love regardless of the naysayers.
Evil Spoon
This vid is like listening to all the leauge players asking "Why am i in bronze" Questions. Pull you self together bro and use you're head, you been doing same type of vids for years. A little square in lower left corner showing a guy talking about whatever, did it ever cross you're mind that this might not be what people wan't to watch ?
oh i get it now, epic games want's to make fortnite the WWE of esports.
I liked this video at the point where you was saying "people are incredibly stupid. Because it's true to say the least. And about the age thing, Neace, let me tell you personally if you read this. In all honesty I have intellectually felt the same in literally any age of my life.
Red Panda
A thought I just had is maybe try to look into networking more. I follow a few streamers that hit the 1-100ish numbers and if you did some collabs with them you might be able to help each other out. The big one that comes to mind is APlatypuss, I think he is about your same age and while he is a bit more on the laid back side I think you two could compliment each other and he is pretty decent at fortnite.
These metaphors are the reason I’m still subbed even though Fortnite is boring
Drew Ollice
Jump ship for some RTS games! I'd love to see some AOE2 with NEACE. Microsoft is working on reviving the franchise too with AOE4 is the works as we speak, so it potentially will be a good head start in the series if it blows up!