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Ben 10 Alien X

#Powers_and_Abilities #1. Alien X is omnipotent, being able to warp reality, time, and space with ease and at any level he wishes. Even his thoughts can become real. #2. Alien X can create time waves to reverse events. #3. Alien X can create and recreate an entire universe at will. He is also nearly invulnerable, as he was completely unharmed when the Anihilaarg destroyed the universe around him. #4. Alien X can self-duplicate and create galaxies to suck in other beings. He is also capable of high speed travel, superhuman strength, and the ability to grow to a gigantic size. He appears to be skilled at hand-to-hand combat. #5.Alien X possesses telekinesis and is capable of deflecting energy attacks. #6.Alien X can destroy a multiverse, but it would take six thoughts.
Alien X was so op in OV
Imagine if Ben got alien x at age 10
Gaming Gear
You know what I just realized; what if the Ben 10 reboot was made so the creators can secretly work on the story for Ben becoming 10k
I really like that line in the video game: "Motion denied! We will not be destroyed!"
And they say superman can even challenge alien X
Elemental Jedi
Bet the only reason they made Alien X freeze is so it wouldn’t be considered a DBZ ripoff with all that power.
Martin Ruvalcaba
New alien X looks like crimson chin from fairy odd parents
Ultimate power, at the cost of debating with a sweet, motherly voice... and with the voice of Batman.
Kontrol Zee
I like how Ben's most powerful transformation has Batman's voice in his head :D
Violet Null
I really wish they didn’t go turning Alien X into the Crimson Chin in Omniverse...
Bakali Ali
5:34 goku and superman fanboys , i'm sorry.
Bk Lkshy
Greatest series cartoon network and artists ever made.
Which Series do you think handled Alien X the best? Make sure to vote in the poles! Thank you guys for 142,000 Subscribers!!
I just realized that the two faces within Alien X act as a superego and an ID, and Ben is supposed to be the ego, so basically Alien X Is supposed to be a brain, possibly the brain of the universe
Nice NinjaBoy
At 10:32 he didn't asked Belicus and Selena for allowing him to use Alien X.Anyone noticed that? 😊
For those that don't know why Ben was changing constantly at the end Was because the omnitrix had a fail safe for when Ben is near death,it will cycle through the aliens to keep him alive
jake mitchell
Alien x is basically god
Pat Daddy
We need a video of all the times Ben gets the wrong alien. From the original to the reboot, they never get old.
Red Warden 19
So let me get this straight, Alien X can only do something if you get 2 completely different parts of its conscience to cooperate with your commands, and both consciences are always disagreeing so you can barely get it to do anything...
Zachary Lehman
People need to remember that the omnitrix has the prime dna of a species, so Alien X is the prime version of a celestiosapien
That battle of the celestialsapiens really did show just how OP alien x is, seriously, even superman would lose
blue phenix101
basiclly ben Has jesus in his watch
Elemental Jedi
8:40 Ultra Instinct Ben 10
Tobias Iarossi
8:41 smile, sweet sister sadistic....
Egg Benedict
So how did Azmuth get a DNA sample for Alien X?
Arnid Music
When did Alien X get the time Stone?
A Noob Dinosaur
OP please nerf.
When Ben recreated the universe, it would have been a nice little detail if the Omnitrix was smoking or sparking from the huge power release.
Ubdertale [AMV]
Do you agree alien x is the powerfull...
Puinte Puinte
Nintendo._Pokemon/ PS4 Fan
Listen have common sense, in the Final Battle Part 1 Albedo has access to Alien X as everyone saw whilst he was finishing off the Ultimatrix. But it wasn’t locked then by Kevin and Gwen so there’s no reason for everyone to like be so surprised
most powerful alien, and ben has little time to use it, wastes 4 seconds saying its name
I would like to give a big thank you to WishingTikal for letting me use a clip from a cutscene from Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks
Karol Spaziani
Super good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mordred 『???』
Omniverse really didn’t portray Ben’s character well. In a time of distress like this, the CLIMAX of the season, Ben would’ve never played around like this. Especially since Manny and the plumbers helpers were his friends. Having them shoot each other was a stupid decision that Ben wouldn’t have made in UAF. Alien X has the ability to revert them to a normal state of mind and incapacitate the villain. It’s something insignificant that Ben could do without the help of Serena and Bellicus. I have watched all episodes of Omniverse, and I still enjoyed it. This scene in particular just really bugged me.
Arturo Robles
He looks like american dad
JustSnake X
Alien x can destroy Goku and Superman (not cosmic armor.)
Franco Impollino
6:35 Man, Omniverse had a great soundtrack
Alien X is so OP he had to be removed from the trash reboot
Greenherring 10
Alien X is awesome
Psychic Jellyfish
Alien force: has omnipotent being, only uses it to fix a dam Omniverse: has omnipotent being, uses it to fight rouge brainwashed aliens, do battle with another of its species, and *recreate the entire universe.*
Herpiderp Vlogs!
Alien X could beat Thanos’ ass
8:50 more iconic fight than Goku vs Jiren.
Blaze Cannon
That was awesome I love alien x tear one of my favorite Aliens thanks for making a video dude😁
Bobby ahmad
Rook: Alien x is awesome Ben: Told ya
Asa Noturna Dick Grayson
Albedo Alien X in Vilgax attacks
very good video, you deserve my like...
andre allen
Omniverse treated him better but he looks cooler in ultimate alien
michael de santa GTA V
All lodestar transformation
5:13 there goes the keys
FeaR MySwarMz_-
Ben 10 with alien X stronger than Thanos
Jocons Jariol
I Love Alien X
apple seed
ben 10 is perhaps the most underlooked characters when it comes to fictional character fights, this dude is the epitome of the bear grylls meme "adapt.improvise.overcome" if we treat the ben 10 cartoon as a whole as canon it is safe to assume, as he age, his prowes with the watch is just limitless, during that bit from ben 10,000 his realtive ease with the watch was almost instantaneous, imagine using alien x a split second, he could wipe every marvel and dc character all the while taking a huge dump in the toilet.
Ayush Patel
Alien X is my best
Xxatomic Plays
10:32 is my favorite hes attacking maturely
concept in movies
Forgot the comparison and power, no character from any universe has match of alien X looks and body.
Adrik Gangopadhyay
did anyone notice how ben slammed the dial *ON* the keys????
Itchai Uchiha
Alien x is stronger than goku and Superman fun fact cannon :EDIT cannon wise in the comics super man may be stronger
The hunter striker Flames
Cool I like alien x
Kavin 103
12:40 that doesent look like ten aliens
Allenochi Paredes
alien x in omniverse looks like stan from American dad
Fioletowy Aligator Nikodem
Imagine ultimate alien X
*》Michael Stephano《*
Even tho the battle against GG was badass... It was too damn short. And the way AX defeated GG was lame af.
Nate Adams
The DC and Marvel Universe have nothing on Alien X.
Ana Paula Rocha Campos
Nice. I got a idea: Ben 10- All movie transformations (You don't need to Include secret of the Omnitrix)
Maria Idoliza Fuentes Garza
When do a movie the emoji the movie 2 11:35
master of shadows 1032
The best alien x
Maestrul Gamer
13:17-Why is Ben's left hand like this??
David Harrington
Why are the most dangerous bombs in Ben ten shaped like cheeseburger boxes?
double drago
Does anyone question why anyone would merge a nuke with basically god
Syed Ilhan
Alien X is my most favourite alien ever.....
Guy That Games
ben literally went big bang kamehameha on a guy at 13:05
Mohammed Talal
0:47 missing Omnitrix 😐
Ermac Macro
Alien X: the strongest transformation yet the most useless transformation....god I hate jim
M3GATom _Gamer
More more more, Cannonbolt please
starrex saver
omniverse and atomicX
in all honesty this version of alien x looks cooler the omniverse one looks ugly with his bigass chin
8:40 That's Ben's voice in Alien X, not the normal Ben, the transformed ben
Fortnite Player
Hey did anyone notice ben's arm at 13:14
Pz Ahsan
Alein X is mind-blowing
Why did he go from looking like a supreme Galactic Overlord to the Crimson Chin?
Guy Al
I swear he’s just for plot convenience
See Super Be Super
I love your channel and Alien X
Alien X is literally Eternity from Marvel Comics and those two floating heads were Chaos and Order...
This part it kind of reminds me of dragon Ball 8:52
Dari Xenon
Alien x eh..
boris star wars
Thanks for letting me burrowing Alien X
lol 9:48 that toilet flushing sound
nimo nimo
I think alien x is the most powerful alien in the world
Ari Augustine
Can someone tell me what happens after Ben 10 ultimate alien? I stopped watching when I was kid because this new Ben looked younger and I didn’t want to get into but Is this new young Ben any good? The series looked like it went backwards instead of continuing from ultimate alien
Mr Ben I don't feel so good...
bluzer awesome
10:35 Wow they let him use the alien X’s powers that fast
Who wants a good ben 10 episodes again but we all know it can't happen :(
Nasir Glaudé
Can I just say this now? I love the Ben 10 music tracks.
Mugiwara Darwin
The most OP Stand in JoJo EVER.
Prince Zuko
He needed that in 2005 against vilgax
Gustavo vazquez
Instead of going alien x on Ben 10 omnivers he could have gone he should have gone jury rig
Kieran Almazan
Thanos vs alien x
13:16 look at ben 's left hand