International Doritos Taste Test

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Do international Doritos also come half empty?
Lexy Walters
Went to bed at 11, couldn't sleep right away, decided to watch a few buzzfeed videos. It's now past 3 a.m.
They NEED to try Mexico's Takis Fuego. 👌
In the comment section someone said they hate Mexican chips and they only like takis. 😂😂😐
Trevor Philips
Doritos? Haha more like illuminachos!
Jacqueline Carvajal
Quien es de México? 👌💪❤️
Limey Figdet
I find the name intense pickle to be pretty funny.
Turkey Leg
We have ketchup doritos in canada
Ana Salgado
mexico's doritos rules!!!
Rikard Von
that mexican guy trying to don't sound like Mexican given an accent to "pizzarolas" was lame, he should be ashamed.
Gaby: "Nope, not participating in that" HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER
Se me antojaron esos Doritos Hardcore, soy de Mexico y nunca los eh probado, que decepción.
Molly Kawaii
Pause at 1:11, and turn on subtitles XD
Chato Arreguin
What happened to Doritos Diablo from Mexico
Doritos incognita <3 los mejores
Mexican chips are the shit
Grace Torrance
Can I go to Zach's dinner party or?
Modimus Prime
The production music used here is called "Rhino"? HAHAHA. It sounds like a cheap ripoff of "Elephant" by Tame Impala.
I've only had the mexican dorritos. but the japanese ones sounded like good flavours. I'm sure id like em. i got low standards.
Ana Nicole
Jeez, you thought that was HARDCORE spicy? You should try my abuela's salsa!
The music is like "Elephant" of Tame Impala but backwards in a weird way...
MoonDreamofA (Duchess)
I'm Canadian and I have never seen nor eaten, Pickle flavoured Doritos...
Rebeca L
They should've tried the Incognita Doritos. They are amazing.
William A
the background music sounds like tame impala's elephant
Sarcastic Idiot
buzz feedblue, buzz feed yellow, buzz feed. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY
josue avellaneda
Pizza Doritos in Mexico are the best only 7 pesos so cheap
Snobler :D
Mexico has the prettiest color chip bag
Not nearly enough Andrew in this video.
allison is just so done with that guy
Rebeca Di Angelo
Y comentario salvaje en español aparece... Este video me recordó a la niña dorilocos, y sus doritos nacho preparados xD No se ustedes pero las frituras más picantes que he probado son las sabritas habanero :p Viva México!!!
Archie Blake
Idk if they're trying to be funny while doing this, but they all seem like assholes regardless....they just keep comparing it all to dog food and vomit. Really inconsiderate of them.
Aaron Dela Cruz
allison soooo pretty.
David Devas
0:22 racist guy does a chinese jingle for japanese chips
Sandra Morgan
I am Canadian and I have never seen intense pickle before in any supermarket where I live.
Atomic Spike
I love pizza. I hate pizza flavored snacks. They never taste anything like pizza. Ever.
Terence Liao
.... japanese doritos and the guy automatically starts doing the robot to kung fu fighting.
Küss Juriette
I think they should have picked Mexican's Doritos Incognita We don't even know what they taste like!
3:10 15 minutes into Doritos and Chill and she gives you this look..
Ángel García Armenta
the American people always like sweet snacks !! and they're close mind !!
do a spicy chip taste test like takes and hot cheetos, etc
The Best Doritos ever are the "Incognita" ones, Mexican doritos really you all should taste them! Awesomeeee!!!!!!
Faizan Janjua
lmfao!!! When he said "GOAAAAAAAAAA.....AAAAAAL"
Dieu Duong
Japan take the American stuff and talk it to another new level and some is better than Americans like the kik kat.
0:24 wow man just wow
I'm a canadian and I have never seen dill pickle Doritos
"Gooooooooooaaalllll" had me dying lol
Silver Rabbit
First of all pickles are not a big thing in canada also when did we have pickle flavored doritos?
egg flavored chips = awesomeness
Torrie Lashae
The Chesse and Pepper bag was BEAUTIFUL!
Aaryan Ary
I'm eating Doritos spicy nachos
ryan harris
the mexican chipotle picante is illuminati confirmd
Anyone else on a random BuzzFeed video streak??
Tyler Charnoki
At 0:25 tryna be all PC 😒😷😂
Kahlan Tooke
I love how they only bleep out half of the bad words. XD
Alen Parker
the dude at 2:32 should become an actor.
Rag Na
Penny Flores
Mexico si hizo regla Doritos
I'm Special
Ily cheddar cheese flavour
Ilse van de Vin
"International" there are 3 countries..
gtfoitsallen [Kyrtex]
The fat guy annoyed me, he kept hogging the chips.
outro: her supremacist
the only negative thing about Mexican chips is that sometimes they put TOO MUCH seasoning. not every chip needs limón y 3 tipos de chile!!!!! just tone it down a little guys. do it lightly. sometimes it feels like I'm getting punched in the face with this sour/spicy mix.
Peridot The Clod
We have cheeseburger and salsa flavour in uk
Iridian Robles
I think that Mexican version of the nacho cheese Doritos is way better than the American one.
Juan Jacobo Guzman
About the Doritos Pizzerolas: Pizzerolas used to be a Snack made from the mexican Lay's franchise, ( here is named Sabritas) and used to be sell in the 80's and mid 90's. Also they used to sell Crunch Tators and Onion rings chips.
Emanuel Murguía
Mexican food and snacks are great! that's why we're fat :( hahaha
*It's been 3 days since I've slept. Must keep watching buzzfeed videos. MUST. KEEP. WATCHING.*
American Doritos V S British Doritos 👍👍👍 Who do you think it's better??? 👌👌👌 🤔
Spill The Tea
I'm so with the girl in the red top just because she said "it looks like deathly hallows" it does I love hp
DOS Flash
Mexican nacho cheese doritos and american ones taste different
Carlie Muñoz
Why the hell I have never seen the spacy ones anywhere?! D: (I am mexican) I WANT THEM NOW!!!
Aurora Cervantes
if andrew was on the thumbnail this video would have gotten hella more views
Danna Garza
I'm mexican and i eat that doritos like candys 😂
You should of given them zesty cheese Doritos from Canada. Those are so good.
Guys please do international Pringles flavours!
Kepli Junior
When I went to Mexico (about one year ago), I tried every single flavor of chips that I could find... and let me tell you that all of them were fucking amazing. My favorite one was from Doritos and it was called "Incongnita" flavor, but all of them were fantastic. I miss Mexico and its good food.
Mr. Turner
Who else eats a sandwich with chips inside them.
2:32 reminds me of Seth Rogan
I live in Mexico and Doritos here taste awesome... and got a lot of crazy flavors
Mehnaz B
In the uk we got burger and salsa flavour
I would eat Sarah's booty with taco bells fire sauce
Sarah English
The pickle doritos are my favourite! Thank goodness I live in Canada <3 
Uri Uriostegui
if it ain't spicy it ain't good
Julianna Namiskis
Japan definetly combines things interestingly. That is kind of the point tho
no era penal e.o esperen,que hago aqui D:
Angela Aragon
The mexican doritos look yummy
Waltman T
80% of the comments: People dropping their bag of Doritos
Roni Elali
wish we had half of these flavours in australia
They curse a lot so you guys should bleep out the bad words😳😳😳
NEO Quickdraw Taiki,The False Digimon Emperor
But Lays Is Still Better Than Cheetos...
i'd love to be invited to zach's dinner party haha
La Bambina Mista
In Canada we have ketchup Doritos and they are so good😃
Tedward Billium
hope that greasy mexican gets aids
j.0.s3. V
Mexico: Mole Doritos Lol (I hope they make some)
Karina Infantino
Drew Morin
There is Canadian pizza doritos, the bag is gold.
Pris Ruiz
I am canadian and i never ever seen intense pickle
Pilar Dibbles
Mexican Doritos are Amazing!
The True Canadian
I'm from Canada and the intense pickle sucks why did they ever made it !! Am I right my Canadians ?
zach is so adorable... id date tf outta him even w all that chest hair lmao