10 things you didn't know about orgasm | Mary Roach

"Bonk" author Mary Roach delves into obscure scientific research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax, ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious. (This talk is aimed at adults. Viewer discretion advised.) Get TED Talks recommended just for you! Learn more at /> The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: />Like TED on Facebook: /> Subscribe to our channel:

Estela Escalante
I brushed my teeth just in case but nope. nothing
Pink Panda
That would be a great Colgate ad
Khay ThePharaoh
It's like watching a stand up comedian do an informational lecture lol she's awesome
Cookie's are good to eat
Totally off topic, did anyone notice her shoes?
Mark B
How much longer you gonna be in the bathroom. I'm brushing my TEEEEEEEEEEEEETH!
She has a very open, down to earth, playful personality and shows intellection curiosity. It makes her very likable and attractive.
Penny Tennermann
Nice to see that she is as entertaining a speaker as she is a writer.
Moi S
If you can watch the pig scene without keeling over laughing ...good on you! :)
prabakaran boopal
This is true upsuck theory for fertility is true I had experienced more than once with my partner. .I had felt the cervical lips try to suck just before ejaculation.
Dmitri Kozlowsky
Pig sow vulva stimulator. Quite possibly the worst job in the world. Or the best depending on how e'ffed up you are.
Luke Dillon
TED is so random, one minute ago I was watching a TED talk about photo manipulation and now...now I'm watching this
Dmitri Kozlowsky
Isn't Vulva a car from Sweden?
Tim Kerman
this video made me experience arousal nonconcordance
Mike 1462
she looks like Brandi Love.
Andrew Clark
Oh, my God. You know what part I'm talking about.
...I thought the title said "organisms" but I watched this anyway
Alison Lwin
'All animals are equal but some are more equal than others'. George Orwell. What that person is doing to the pig is unnatural and very wrong.
Jedi Lady
The spinal she talked about is The Kundalini Awakening!!
avayeh vasch
I don't know what i learned, but it definitely was fun.
Lamar Deal
I just finished reading  "Stiff", her fascinating, often hilarious book about the dead. She's a treasure, that one...
YiFang Wooh
i like her confidence, makes her speech so fascinating
Debra Bennett
Everyone is so upset about the pig being "sexually assaulted"🙄... I'm upset that the guy didn't have a glove on!!! Lol🤢🤢
Julio Orantes
She is gorgeous.
Justyce L
Watching this video brings to mind the song "Hot for teacher". She is the sexiest and most engaging professor-type speaker I have ever seen. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Would love to see more from her.
*She's the same lady from Conjuring 2!*
Mike Blodgett
11:25 that's enough internet for today...
When I saw the pig video, I thought of Bricktop; "They will go through bones...like BUTTER!!"
eduardo razo
She is so funny and informative
Lorea Bonaparte
Amazing orgasmic news! Thanks😇🤩♥️
Dmitri Kozlowsky
So mom, what do you do at work anyway?
Joseph Davila
Like how she made an awkward talk fun and kinda hilarious.
Carol Coates
I'm getting a mains powered electric toothbrush!
1:55 Now I know where, they got the idea of that Anime making brushing teeth SEXY😂😂😂 (Forgot the name of the Anime!)
Breaker Morant
Where does one purchase that Sow vibrator? Just askin'....
Andrew Whitworth
"The stuff just kind of slopped out" This might be one of my new favorite youtube videos.
Embracing The Madness
my favorite part  "Now you have an evolutionary excuse" hahaha 
Nawid Adelyar
This is almost like the very first episode of Black Mirror with the Prime Minister and the pig. The worst thing is hearing people in the crowd laugh at such cruelty towards the helpless pig... Very disturbing and disappointing to see, especially from a Ted talk
Jimi Hendrix once asked, "Are you near death experienced?"
Many questions here about why the audience wasn't laughing louder. Maybe same reason I wasn't - I was afraid I'd miss something. Great talk, Mary Roach!
Honey Rosè
I feel like im close when im cleaning my ear lol
Banana Noodle
from finding tutorials on calculus to watching a man fist a pig. ._.
Sandra Winkler
Welcome To PBS..... Where It's February All Year Round!
Joey Harris
"Sadly, this divise was dismantled..." She says of the dildo with a camera attached. "Not because i wanted to use it....*awkward giggle* but because i wanted to see it...." 😂😂😂😂 Shes hysterical!
Klara Filha
Como isso estava nos meus recomendado ?
Animesh Ani
Nisemonogatari Toothbrush scene concept came from this, makes sense now :3
At 13:21 you can see her hair over the microphone... I had to look twice. Anyway: Extra points if the recommended videos now include porky pig pron.
This crowd was uptight, this lady is a great speaker
1st TED talk, where the hall is packed and standing room outside !
Tiger Claw
WOW This girl is exceptionally crazy! -- Wish more females were like that. Crazy and beautiful!
this is like science stand up
Could this be one of the best TEDs ever?
"Ejaculation face" LMAO
Leslie Deana
This has definitely been one of the funniest, yet informative Ted talks that I have ever seen! Cudos to a very smart and entertaining instructor.
Christopher Gruenwald
All that work for a 6% increase on piglets? Maybe we should just let the boar do the job instead of jacking off the boar then “stimulating” the sow while inseminating her.
Ste Dunn
I'm not the only person here that developed a crush on this woman? At first I didn't really think much of her, but as she spoke and her jokes, facts, intelligence shown, I thought wow she's really lovely, she's a true geek, that obscure thoughts, always the best type!
Michelle Bastiani
This was frickin great! Lmfao!
Lilly Sol
Ive just googled her and she was born in 1959, WHAT???!! She is 49 years old here?? circa 2009.. wow stylish, intelligent, funny and lovely hair..
Jason M
absolutely amazing, compelling, and educational!!! love it!!
🌿👀 Excellent, thank you! 😸
dan buell
Funniest Ted talk ever, still informative 👍👍👍
Dale Sandretzky
Science knocking at the door of ignorance. But but butt it's all so dirty, don't cha know ! And the children of the whole wide world are watching
Dan Knight
2:30 Yup! That's Mary Roach, alright! LOVE her.
How did I end up here???
Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran
Funny lady. And informative! These are the kinds of TedTalks I absolutely enjoy.
Gail Coleman
I grew up on a pig farm but yeah-we never got all into that breeding stuff! They were on their own!
Just taking care of your happiness.
Shelby Thompson
Off topic, that's not okay to do to an animal??
11:43. Would gloves have KILLED YOU?? Seriously?? I'm done.
No God
Wow. I actually did not know about those 10 things. Now I learned new things.
Manu Jr
I feel like spending one day with her.. "not a night" just a day :) take her out n stuff.. it'll be so much fun to hear all this again :) Btw.. 8 feet omg he must be a long jumper lol x
William Hunter
I assure you, human sexuality being what it is, someone, somewhere, has reassembled that artificial coetion machine. Count on it.
Deniz Y
What a girl! Date me and we laugh all night...And of course.
had to step outside for a cigarette after the pig segment
Cathie Austin
Hilarious video! The lady was delightful!
PoCanDo _
imagine having her as your research guide. lol! hard to find people like her who don't suck the fun out of everything academic.
Pretty Mommy
That was hilarious! And quite informative thank you for sharing
Raquel Gomez
The Happy result? You guys r sick.
Ken Frank
Thanks Mary for all the laughs and giggles. I needed that.
Bruce Jefferson
Stand up comedy for intellectuals. TED has finally found itself after being aquired by Builderburg.
Adam Coleman
I really should try to brush my teeth in a different way
yup her personality shone thru and made her very cute and playfull and no im not forgetting wicked intelligent. and yes it is good to have an 'excuse'..
Justin Torres
The most useful piece of information I got out of this was that the current record for distance ejaculated is 8 feet.
Black Light
Against conventional wisdom, it seems like a nice set of earrings would have improved the sow's experience.
Bam Bam
10 minute area I'm unsure if it was a proven theory about week old sperm being less effective. or is it unproven?
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Cherah Lindo
This is amazing. I would love to meet her :)
BooBoo Bear
12:00 And I thought my job sucked.
Blazenka Tkalcevic
Kensey, the "scientist" who encouraged paedophile. Sick!
William Burke
When you hickup it means you are chocking
I will NEVER complain about MY Job ever again !
Ron Ruddick
If the toothbrush was... Her myofacial anatomy might represent something else aswell... Like a Hozier song? Or a flashlight...
Kenneth See
This woman handled this so well. The audience needed to lighten up a bit...
Id volunteer to participate in any of her further research Shes just super yumm
Omg this she is so cool. What an amazing public speaker besides being a fantastic researcher!!!!!
Luke Pachabel
So well spoken! You’re great!
Rounak Dubey
I think her set was way better than all of amy schumer's 😁😁😁.
Ryan P
I had no idea that farming brushed up so closely with beastiality.
William Guy Thilgen Jr.
Ah, Master and Johnson, the original mythbusters.
Dudley Do-Right
Im trying to brush my teeth right now. No gloves
James TheDoctor Duncan
@ 1:50 - Ms Roach states: "I think the most curious one I came across was a case..." No pun intended, Mary? *snicker... Then later, at around 2:10... "She went to see a neurologist..." Hmmmm...would a dentist have been a better choice...? :-D