10 things you didn't know about orgasm | Mary Roach

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Автор монографии «Трах» Мэри Роуч обращается к малоизвестным научным исследованиям, в том числе многовековой давности, чтобы сделать десять неожиданных, иногда странных, а иногда гомерически смешных заявлений о высшей точке в сексе. (Это выступление предназначено только для взрослых).

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had to step outside for a cigarette after the pig segment
She has a very open, down to earth, playful personality and shows intellection curiosity. It makes her very likable and attractive.
Estela Escalante
I brushed my teeth just in case but nope. nothing
Mike Blodgett
11:25 that's enough internet for today...
YiFang Wooh
i like her confidence, makes her speech so fascinating
Luke Dillon
TED is so random, one minute ago I was watching a TED talk about photo manipulation and now...now I'm watching this
...I thought the title said "organisms" but I watched this anyway
Embracing The Madness
my favorite part  "Now you have an evolutionary excuse" hahaha 
Justin Torres
The most useful piece of information I got out of this was that the current record for distance ejaculated is 8 feet.
Banana Noodle
from finding tutorials on calculus to watching a man fist a pig. ._.
11:43. Would gloves have KILLED YOU?? Seriously?? I'm done.
K. G.
Sick people laughing at animals being held captured by human beings.... and normalizing animals being sexually stimulated and inseminated by humans as if it was their job in the first place to do so. And for what?......... more pigs to be slaughtered for all the bacon no one really needs. It's just so sick!
Ste Dunn
I'm not the only person here that developed a crush on this woman? At first I didn't really think much of her, but as she spoke and her jokes, facts, intelligence shown, I thought wow she's really lovely, she's a true geek, that obscure thoughts, always the best type!
Alison Lwin
'All animals are equal but some are more equal than others'. George Orwell. What that person is doing to the pig is unnatural and very wrong.
This is what Ellie Goulding will look when she grows old.
She's amazingly interesting and a brilliant presenter. I enjoyed that ;)
Monica Havemann
I like the term " A brain dead expert"...
lol who else accessed this video expecting to see that nightmare from American Idol a few years ago?? The one who wanted to be called Mary Guilbeaux???
Ryan P
I had no idea that farming brushed up so closely with beastiality.
Pink Panda
That would be a great Colgate ad
Kenneth See
This woman handled this so well. The audience needed to lighten up a bit...
Brenda R
Let's discuss what's important: those are ugly shoes and look very uncomfortable, but she does a good job of walking around in them. I would, at the least, step out of one and go flying.
BooBoo Bear
12:00 And I thought my job sucked.
cezar t
If all that .. intercourse makes the sow give birth to ten piglets instead of nine, does that means the guy is the father of the 10th piglet?
Looking For A Name
She was very cool! You can feel her amusement at what she's talking about and it's contagious.
this is like science stand up
joseph reen
This lady is so beautiful
12:15 i'll never complain about my job ever again
Jonathan Cy
She's a real Annie Hall type -- endearing, intelligent and a fantastic sense of humor.
She has such a stoner laugh
Thank you for this great, entertaining and "unusual" lecture - very interesting facts especially for a society that has been so repressed (prude and Victorian) in its acceptance of sexuality as a normal human function (I am talking about the American society of "don't ask - don't tell, "... but I did not inhale", "... I do not have a sexual relationship with Ms. L...".  Great lecture, great video, great delivery style, thank you, Ciao, L
Brad Neitsch
6% increase in pig production. Its not worth all that
Hi, I'm Hot Rod
Why did I click this???
Chris Carr
masters and johnson. lol. could they have had better names!
Firth Laist
Toothbrush Lady obviously had an Oral Fixation ....causing her "over think" the whole process ....I hope she Spits, rather than Swallows that dirty Toothpaste ; ) )
Palo Kan
lol, about the range of ejaculation, a huge factor is when you did it last time. hit the wall once (~1,5m from my pc) after not masturbating for over a week xD if the wall wasn't there, it would have been farther than 1,5 meters. what i want to say with that is that the guy who made the study back then probably didn't let them all ejaculate a day before testing, and those dudes were saving up for a different amount of time.
Lynn Gazal
Horrendous to make light of abuse of pigs like this. Heart breaking and truely sick.
Scott Wheeler
Cheese crumbs will distract the female but not the male! This sort of sums up all human relationships!
Alejo Quesada
Very entertaining but i really didn't learn shit lol It's basically a standup at Ted haha
Mary Roach is the most amazing author. Unique, brilliant, and interesting; everything she writes is so funny and informative. Love her
When mom walks in on 12th minute mark
saud abalkhail
I was eating when she showed the pig video. Nightmare
Brynn McNeill
I was enjoying this video until the part about the pig. Not funny at all. The fact that everyone in the audience was laughing is so disappointing.
Bob Bobson
Clever, funny, open minded, rigouress and charming. I think I am in love !
Beautiful Siren
Don't watch the whole thing unless you wanna see a pig get fisted
Shelby Thompson
Off topic, that's not okay to do to an animal??
i feel the earth moooove....
Alistair Drennan
She really reminds me of the actress and ex-SNL star Molly Shannon
Bhagyashree Namwade
Why did it feel like just 5 minutes
ok but while everyone is laughing at that guy arousing the pig, does nobody else feel sad and a little disgusted that the pig is being used just to be exploited :(
Carlotta Lanzani
great talk but why was everyone laughing at the video of the pig being abused - so messed up
Luke Yntema
All I've learned from this is how to get a pig off... I'm on the dark and creepy side of youtube.
Danny Gorealla
Sittin in a cyber cafe watcihn the clip in Full screen Mode to avoid pple from finding out I'm a Perv(just like evryone else) :) Only for the pig scene to come In and blow my Cover.Had to fast forward it amidst "Sunday stares" and thats not the half of it:Muslims in the building ! !
Nancy Eves
I just don't know how the she and that entire audience can react so humorously to the sexual assult of an animal. Yes, that's what it is. "Artifical insemination" of farm animals is rape because humans should not be "pleasuring" or inserting parts of themselves into female animals' reproductive organs.
Smid Dieus
if you ever need a research subject....I will make myself available...
Other than perversion, titillation, and juvenile "jokes", there really was no point in this.
Noah Williams
The whole "stimulate the pigs for better fertility" strikes as something that might seem kind of unethical (or at least too weird to consider).
I just remembered i have to brush my teeth
Majid Hakak
The most funniest was upsuck theory...
Joseph Davila
Like how she made an awkward talk fun and kinda hilarious.
Sumaiya Zaman
11:50 Ok. Enough. I'm out. Too much internet for a day.
God, I love this woman. I really need to read more of her books
NOW I understand what was the lazarus project in mass effect series!
she was great! i really enjoyed this
But-but... what about eargasm 😕
Yes, Mary Roach is slightly demented.  She exhaustively researches really odd topics, and ends up writing fascinating books that go where few dare to go.  Nice to see her live, with a healthy sense of humor about all this strangeness.
Ramdas Iyer
One of the most humorous and endearing persons I have ever seen lecturing.
Play at 1.25x speed. ;-)
What a wonderful speaker Mary Roach is!
she's really awkward and doesn't speak well. what was the point of the masturbating fetus? she didn't elaborate on that at all. also it says "2. You don't need genitals" but there was no #1.
I thought it was the Mary Roach from American Idol... I shuddered at the thought.
Vijay K
Am shocked that this video is on the TEd top shows. Nothing to learn and plain random talk. Very disappointing and a waste of time.
*ṠḧḀṆ ḉḀṁṖ*
omg i went to a party once that had an "artsy" theme to it (as the owners referred to it) where a chick was riding one of those machines that Mary Roach said has been dismantled n we could see her insides while weird music was playing and ravey lights were going off
Iqbal Dinho
Considering the rather raunchy topic, Her delivery and presentation is excellent
This is sickening. Are we just supposed to be ok with this bestiality? Like seriously wtf? Not ok, not for breeding, not for anything.
CupcakeCult93 CupcakeCult93
Her face is adorable omg she's like the most entertaining person ever
Stephen Wilkins
5:00 insert necrophiliac joke here...
She nailed this... Get it? "Nailed"
Abhishek Singh
this video is so funny, made me laugh so much.
This is sickening. Are we just supposed to be ok with this bestiality? Like seriously wtf? Not ok, not for breeding, not for anything.
this video really wasn't what it was advertised as
PoCanDo _
imagine having her as your research guide. lol! hard to find people like her who don't suck the fun out of everything academic.
Bruceann Yellowega
The pig video, all in the name of science. Yuck!
well, that was thoroughly entertaining.
Vyas Prab P
she looks like Nicholas Cage
David Cameron got a woody at the 12 minute mark.
Marble Grimes
I think she has a future in stand up
Stanley Plock
So FUNNY! Especially at 11:20 Unbelievable.
A bunch of random off-color sexual topics with no real conclusion or full explanation of any of them.. just basic shock value.. Yay.
A Cappella Trudbol
I love Mary Roach!
I really didn't learn anything from this talk......disappointing.
Kellan Evergreen
This is the last subject I expected a TED talk to be on but I love it
The fact that this has 5 million views says everything
Wow, shes great and funny! This was informative!
Angelina Gefjun
I clicked to see if this was the America's got talent contestor, and found she was better than that xD
Remind me never ever to visit that country Denmark again.
That sow video is absolutely appalling :(
8:30. Ms Roach mentions pre-intercourse activity pertaining to the female. This we could presume has to do with the fact that usually, under "normal" circumstances, if left to their own devices and if both the male and female in a heterosexual situation do whatever they want to do to try to achieve orgasm, that he'll come first. Which is to say, if he goes to town and she goes to town, his orgasm will happen sooner. Could there be an evolutionary answer or explanation as to why this seems to be a universal truth? Noted anthropologist and sociobiologist Sarah Blaffer Hardy thinks there is. Or at least she did think so back in the early 80s when she penned "The Woman Than Never Evolved." In that seminal research, Hrdy followed and interviewed so-called ladies of the night and Australian Aboriginals, noting that there is a cumulative "stockpiling," as it were, of sexual pleasure in women, and that if a given woman jumps from one bed to the next to the next in rapid enough succession, that after four or five "normal" boinkings*, that she'll reach sexual climax; both female Aboriginals and female prostitutes were seen and admitted to lining up a series of men to do just that, making sure to not let too much time elapse between sexual encounters. So if Darwin's theory of evolution is not just a good theory, but it's a great theory, wouldn't it be able to explain more than the length of a giraffe's neck? Like it could also explain behaviors? Could evolution also explain why it almost always takes longer and more stimulation for a woman to come than for a man to come? Professor Hrdy thinks evolution can explain this sexual timing difference. At one point in our development the need for all women to reproduce as much as possible must have become a critical necessity. Say a woman was monogamously tied to one man only, and then her daughter was similarly monogamously tied, because of cultural customs or for whatever reason, and then her granddaughter, same thing, and then her great granddaughter, same same, etc. etc. Now as Nature would have it sometimes some of us are infertile. And without modern science our early ancestors couldn't tell who was fertile and who was infertile. Many a man can come like a fountain, but his sperm are either dead or nonexistent. If that infertile man were monogamously tied to one woman only, and she's fertile, well, she wouldn't reproduce. Nature had to eliminate that kind of monogamy way back when. Here's how Nature did it: all those women who were satisfied with what one man could give her in the bedroom eventually went extinct; leaving us with only those extra horny women. And how do you create these extra horny women? Make it so they can't come so quick. Light a fire under their hinder that makes them seek out multiple partners. What I'm trying to say is all those not very horny women who were satisfied with monogamy died off a long time ago; leaving us with only women who take a long time to come. LSS, men can be but don't necessarily have to be polygamous; women OTOH are SUPPOSED to be polygamous. It is a crime against our nature for us to be monogamously chained to each other. *by "normal boinking," in this sentence, I mean he just goes to town, like he paid for it, and he doesn't really have to please her, necessarily, and by doing something extra that allegedly helps her achieve orgasm, but neither speeds nor enhances his orgasm
TR Poole
Kinsey was a sexual predator himself hiding under the guise of "scientific discovery".
the audience very much lack sense of humor.