monkey king The Lost Empire 2001

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American journalist Nick Orton is caught up in the world of Chinese gods and monsters while on a search for the long lost manuscript to 'Hsi Yu Chi' (The Journey to the West) by Wu Ch'eng En. He is accompanied on his journey by a humanoid ape with incredible strength and magical powers, a humanoid pig-man, and his brother-in-arms, an ex-cannibal. Based on one of the greatest stories in Chinese history. - Written by Lawrence De Meza

Kongmeng Thao
Holy crap ever since I was... 9 years old in 2001... ive been looking for this movie lol.
Ruben Gonzalez
they should go back to producing this fantasy epic stories, I used to love them, the lost empire, the 10th kingdom...
Mena Angelfire
Okay soooo this is based on a Chinese fairy tale.  Or a Mythology.  This movie the way I see it is nothing more then a way to introduce a little bit of chines culture to as some would put it Western culture.  The Virgin Mary would fall in love with a human because she is a human and always has been.  Let us not forget the Demi gods of Greek Mythology.  Point is, this is a Movie trying to share a little bit of the Chinese culture.  With any luck people will get curious and look deeper into the story that inspired the creation of this movie.  Though a little more research into the culture would have been a good thing.
I love this movie. I love every moment of it since I was a kid. But since it is so "terrible" please help me find a good story about Monkey. The only other one I saw was (I believe the name is) Havoc In Heaven's Palace which I also loved.
I love this movie, when I was a kid it got me interested in reading older books and the preservation of classic literature. It also taught me the difference between being shown, and being taught. I don't think I would have become interested in writing without it either. it may not be the most accurate, but what I as a young child took away from it was a life time of creativity, respect for knowledge, and curiosity and respect for other cultures and religions.
I know a lot people don't like this movie but when I first watched this when I was a kid, it made me want to know more about Chinese history and mythology and so I went on to study it myself.
Colin Wood
I remember the TV series Monkey been shown in the UK dubbed in English back in the late 1970s and i liked it a lot . I have just finished watching Stephen Chow's Journey the the west and as i relay can not stand watching movies that are subtitled i relay like it a lot and the same for monkey king the lost Empire So as a westerner all i can say is long live Monkey :)
I'm wondering why love would disenpower the Gods. It creates a contradiction for anyone to believe in Quan Yin for a start let alone Buddha. If love is the most selfish emotion then is it a Sin ? If the world is destroyed & nobody worships any Gods or Goddesses, then what is their purpose for existing ? 🤔
Confucius say "Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day"...😊
judith cruz
never seem this movie before but I enjoyed very much
needs more monkey
Bill Salvey
this was actually really good
terry hendley
one of the best monkey kings i have ever watched.Thanks a million for the up load.
The best movie monkey king
Wayne Jackson
love this movie
Thank you for uploading this film!
Kimberly Salim
Omg her nails look like pornstar nails
this movie is great i remember it from when i was a teen soo great and respectful to the monkey king legend. for a low budget direct to tv mini series from like 2000 it has a lot of heart and shows the monkey king to a western audience. oddly enough years later they make a almost identical rip off version but higher budget
Sugar Bubble
Remembering seeing this in the past it wasn't a good story at all.. If they wanted the American white guy to fall in Love, at least Not the Beautiful Goddess, at least made him fall in love with a Fairy from Heaven. So yeah that's just my opinion of Journey to the West. I've seen many Monkey King Dramas in the past. But American people don't have good imagination like the Chinese ppl do.
Elizabeth O'Brien
I enjoyed watching this movie ....
Elizabeth O'Brien
Thanks ...
Emma Graves
I dunno, its an all-over-the-place sort of film but it makes me happy, I feel like a little kid again, rooting for the good guys and laughing at their antics. Also - Thomas Gibson <3 :3
jimmy montanari
Donde puedo conseguir esta película subtitulada o en español Latino para descargarla, me gusta mucho pero no la encuentro, favor si alguien me pudiera ayudar...Gracias...
james mcmillan
Excellent movie this !!! Enjoyed it pretty much.. Thanks for upload
edgar david Diaz Gamarra
como se puede traducir a español (How can you translate it into Spanish?)
Mengdi Lin
Wolfgang Tiefbrunner
Sort of goes well with his role in Dharma & Greg.
mrklimop jou
when the rocks started bouncing like bouncing balls a stoped watching..
Gregorio de la Cruz
It's just for entertainment, don't take it seriously...
Erlangshen king
Tyrannex, the Destroyer of Minds
Most people don't realize that this movie was made to show what the world would be like if Journey to the West never existed. And it got a lot of us American kids to study more Chinese literature.
Ander Abraham Yewi
if if this happened to me, I'll hit the face priminister to shreds, and I also will hit the shattered face of master zu ... Ceiling court is also very stupid. how is it possible in the middle of this story, he chose to justify the devil ??? Yag should sesutau sacred, must destroy unholy as well as the power of the devil. kekuattan demons must be destroyed. watch this movie, made me feel annoyed .... stupid movie
Dimitris-Dionysis Vennes
I Love very much that Movie since i was a kid. And also I Love the Chinese Civilization and Culture. Salute from Greece. My Country Greece is the creator of the White Western World and China is the Creator of the Yellow Asian World. And also my Country Greece and China are the Most Ancient Nations who still exist.
I like this movie.
This movie is so offensive to everything Chinese and pure left in this word, China should van this seudo American mokery. I'm from the Caribbean and can,t finish watching this joke.
Azrael Fernandes
i love the comments you fight saying than the goddess cant fall in love with a human but how can you know that? none of your are gods so you now say than fall in love is wrong besides is just a movie they want to show some values from chinese culture and the clothes i think they are fine, i have watched a lot of ancient doramas and they use similar cloth.
Linda Lee
This is for kids. So funny how people are complaining.
Aristicia Makalapi
je voulais en français moi
Ntongo Breaker
I have been looking for this movie since 2008 and now i get it in 2018
Geovanny Benavides
y en español la pùeden subir o donde la consigo amigos diganmelo por favor
Ajiboye Johnson
Perfect movie. Kudos!
Not Adingle
this is what you get when it's yankyfide stupid !!
Zoey Chang
This movie freak me out。Very disrespect to Chinese culture. GuanYin Bodhisattva is like Madonna (Virgin Mary ) in our culture! Would Virgin Mary fall in love with a human???serious??
stupid movie !
DeeDee Dailey
Emily Emma
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What a freaking good movie
Shane Blankenship
i always loved this tacky movie
King and Queen Fitness Productions
Loving it....
DeLinda Williams
Can royalty not find love among the royals? Well,if she can do without lowering her standards and he can rise to hers,then I guess it's ok. Just thinking out loud. I didn't like the start but I love the ending.😊
Layla Nahar
a w k w a a r r d d
Josh Dews
Man the goddess of mercy is a beautiful women ever
Tamara Chaos
I totally love this movie.
I can never get used to seeing Thomas Gibson play another character besides Agent Aaron Hotchner.
This is a great movie, I've also seen the one with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but I like this one better, probably because I love Russell Wong, he is soooo good looking! I used to watch him in the vanishing son, I've always been surprised that he hasn't been in more movies.
Are they Stella alive yes or no
Raymond Pickering
great familly film ,, has it all ,, action story line few jokes and comidy, well hiden ,, just a great film for me thank you..
LM Klyne
Totally Enjoying It Epic 6 10 2018. Just Finished Watching Season 4 On Netflix ❤❤💕💕😃😃💯💯⭐⭐😘😘
Cowboy Doc
Cheers, pig ears.
Faustina Egoian
This is great 👍 thank you for posting the monkey king and in English 🇺🇸💃🏻this is actually history and not myth,but most people don’t know the truth.😞So sad, please find other mythical movie 🎥 because I have become tired of reading history. Thanks to the leaders of the world our whole life has been a lie.😎🤫🤥
Crew named the lead actor "the plank" in honour of his acting skills. The director was NUTS. I was not happy about how this piece of culture had been abused. Cast & crew screening was MEGA ARKWARD as the audience sat silent & open mouthed in horror at how bad it was!
Mr. Y
Bill Mayhew
At first, I thought this movie was really "hokie" for about maybe 10-20 minutes but if you watch the thing, it becomes somewhat captivating. It still has some B movie characteristics and semi-lame special effects but it has a great story peppered with plenty of action.
Brilliant Film. Thank You for the Up-Load.
Bill Greenough
excellent movie, loved it <3
D Brace
Thank you everyone for comments. I did not realize this was a bad movie. I am glad to learn about different cultures. I remember this from my childhood.
Black Lions Roar
It was over a decade ago since I last watched this movie. I am so glad I found it. Still a masterpiece to me.
and believe me @all, Chinese especially the people of Xian still do not know how to speak English, hahaha , it is just a movie. i love the story, but that producer did his best to worse the original story. please do watch original monkey king journey to west by Chinese directors, chinese actors, etc
Thuto Manganyi
Checking the comments before watching
Love the cloud riding... just imagine a giant Buddha show up to greet them.
Nikki Seven
I love this story and Bai Ling is most beautiful!
agbo kkc
Psych Man
This is in response to those complaining about how "Westernized" this movie is because they portrayed Kuan Yin falling in love with a human. Let me set the facts straight with what knowledge I have. I personally enjoyed the drama in the movie, found it entertaining to the end. But Kuan Yin being a Bodhisattva (or the Western version of an ascended master) would never have any urges for romantic love. A Bodhisattva has spent hundreds of thousands of years experiencing and living out the dramas of being a human. Finally when they perceive the liberation, freedom, peace, joy and unconditional love that is attained from being "enlightened", they have no further interest in suffering through all the turmoils of being a human. They realize and identify with their higher soul qualities and become completely detached from all worldly desires and are only concerned for the well-being and enlightenment of all other sentient beings. To go back to worldly, carnal desires would be like being in heaven and then jumping off a cliff into a living hell. They just wouldn't do it. So I can empathize with those who are personally insulted (most likely those of Oriental descent) seeing Kuan Yin falling in love with a human. It is an insult to their heritage and beliefs. This movie is greatly Westernized but of course it is the Westerners that it was designed to attract and entertain.
Tai Le
phim phá vỡ hình tượng quan âm không thể chấp nhận được
Livin The Life
Is this a real book?...I would love to read it.
John T.
this is part two,, part two is all most the movie in hole so why have both? there both are screwed up with parts missing both part one & two, otherwise it would be worth watching if corrected, go figure!
iiEpicNubs Hua
Thanks :D
可以, 就是被老湿吐槽过的观音自主接受牛鬼蛇神审判的电影.
phillip Rush
criminal minds guy meet Chinese movie. win :)
Phoienix Nocktimus
Thank you!
phillip Rush
omg geico cavemen got a movie 32:00
Alegre Sissom
Thanks for such a fun version of this classic tale!
Shine Zin
1:19 - 1:27 "Each one modelled after some real person 2000 years ago" "Mmm, well there certainly dead now"..... Thats when you stop watching But seriously, great upload
side karn
balte upotitlous re mounia to spiti mou malakes
smo Some thing like this is makeking the PERFECT PC GAME 4 EVER! Consider this and MAKE THE ULTIMATIVE PC ROLE PLAY EVER!!! DARN IT!!! NiceMovie ;-) (MonkeyKing 2 is also fantastick ;-)
onoriodealexzander livingson
Awesome, Please I need offline version of this movie Thanks
Laila Nieborg
what are powers if you cannot love. Then the loss of power is a price i would be happy to pay, for the power of love.
Cubikeyz.kull Cubikeyz.kull
ai có bản viet sub k ?
Amberly Sonsiadek
why have i never seen this movie!? its my new favorite EVER!! tysm for sharing it!
Richard Jones
great movie. loved the ending.
saemus hailstorm
vastly under-rated film ; like 'Forbidden Kingdom' w/Jackie Chan/Jet Li ( who does ULTIMATE 'Monkey' )
Atea Rongo-Raea
Law Enforcement
I just came here because of thomas gibson XD
Livin The Life
Awesome movie
Sandra Daigneault
The Buddahvista of Mercy a flirty, belching, drunk "Obnoxious Buricrate" Oooookaaaaay!😅
Sandra Daigneault
Hodge! lol Agent Hodgner from Criminal Minds! I want this as a part of my Monkey King collection❤😄
milana Iskenderova
It's unrespect to goodness Guan Inn.
manzoor bhat
Ñiçe movie
Melanie Way
good film. thank you
Windrazor 8403
wow this is really stupid