monkey king The Lost Empire 2001

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American journalist Nick Orton is caught up in the world of Chinese gods and monsters while on a search for the long lost manuscript to 'Hsi Yu Chi' (The Journey to the West) by Wu Ch'eng En. He is accompanied on his journey by a humanoid ape with incredible strength and magical powers, a humanoid pig-man, and his brother-in-arms, an ex-cannibal. Based on one of the greatest stories in Chinese history. - Written by Lawrence De Meza

I love this movie, when I was a kid it got me interested in reading older books and the preservation of classic literature. It also taught me the difference between being shown, and being taught. I don't think I would have become interested in writing without it either. it may not be the most accurate, but what I as a young child took away from it was a life time of creativity, respect for knowledge, and curiosity and respect for other cultures and religions.
this movie is great i remember it from when i was a teen soo great and respectful to the monkey king legend. for a low budget direct to tv mini series from like 2000 it has a lot of heart and shows the monkey king to a western audience. oddly enough years later they make a almost identical rip off version but higher budget
Kongmeng Thao
Holy crap ever since I was... 9 years old in 2001... ive been looking for this movie lol.
Ruben Gonzalez
they should go back to producing this fantasy epic stories, I used to love them, the lost empire, the 10th kingdom...
Ntongo Breaker
I have been looking for this movie since 2008 and now i get it in 2018
I know a lot people don't like this movie but when I first watched this when I was a kid, it made me want to know more about Chinese history and mythology and so I went on to study it myself.
Colin Wood
I remember the TV series Monkey been shown in the UK dubbed in English back in the late 1970s and i liked it a lot . I have just finished watching Stephen Chow's Journey the the west and as i relay can not stand watching movies that are subtitled i relay like it a lot and the same for monkey king the lost Empire So as a westerner all i can say is long live Monkey :)
Mena Angelfire
Okay soooo this is based on a Chinese fairy tale.  Or a Mythology.  This movie the way I see it is nothing more then a way to introduce a little bit of chines culture to as some would put it Western culture.  The Virgin Mary would fall in love with a human because she is a human and always has been.  Let us not forget the Demi gods of Greek Mythology.  Point is, this is a Movie trying to share a little bit of the Chinese culture.  With any luck people will get curious and look deeper into the story that inspired the creation of this movie.  Though a little more research into the culture would have been a good thing.
It is very strange weird movie. The background is china but the languages is only english. The story is not same as mr. son's story. My feeling is really worst of it. Is that only me?
I love this movie. I love every moment of it since I was a kid. But since it is so "terrible" please help me find a good story about Monkey. The only other one I saw was (I believe the name is) Havoc In Heaven's Palace which I also loved.
DeeDee Dailey
Marc Haas a.k.a. Tyrannex, The Destroyer of Minds
Most people don't realize that this movie was made to show what the world would be like if Journey to the West never existed. And it got a lot of us American kids to study more Chinese literature.
Herson Ramirez
Good grief what bad movie about a great tale. Waste of every thing, actor real forced into characters, bad script, worst movie stunts and tricks. Hollywood stay away from Chinese movies make!
Aristicia Makalapi
je voulais en français moi
What a freaking good movie
judith cruz
never seem this movie before but I enjoyed very much
james mcmillan
Excellent movie this !!! Enjoyed it pretty much.. Thanks for upload
Scott H
It's me again I can get enough of the magical time I get by watching theses butt kicking movies I can not thank you enough for the great video upload and for taking the time for us thanks again
Ajiboye Johnson
Perfect movie. Kudos!
Sugar Bubble
Remembering seeing this in the past it wasn't a good story at all.. If they wanted the American white guy to fall in Love, at least Not the Beautiful Goddess, at least made him fall in love with a Fairy from Heaven. So yeah that's just my opinion of Journey to the West. I've seen many Monkey King Dramas in the past. But American people don't have good imagination like the Chinese ppl do.
Scott H
Ok thanks for the great video upload
Dimitris-Dionysis Vennes
I Love very much that Movie since i was a kid. And also I Love the Chinese Civilization and Culture. Salute from Greece. My Country Greece is the creator of the White Western World and China is the Creator of the Yellow Asian World. And also my Country Greece and China are the Most Ancient Nations who still exist.
Azrael Fernandes
i love the comments you fight saying than the goddess cant fall in love with a human but how can you know that? none of your are gods so you now say than fall in love is wrong besides is just a movie they want to show some values from chinese culture and the clothes i think they are fine, i have watched a lot of ancient doramas and they use similar cloth.
Ander Abraham Yewi
if if this happened to me, I'll hit the face priminister to shreds, and I also will hit the shattered face of master zu ... Ceiling court is also very stupid. how is it possible in the middle of this story, he chose to justify the devil ??? Yag should sesutau sacred, must destroy unholy as well as the power of the devil. kekuattan demons must be destroyed. watch this movie, made me feel annoyed .... stupid movie
I'm wondering why love would disenpower the Gods. It creates a contradiction for anyone to believe in Quan Yin for a start let alone Buddha. If love is the most selfish emotion then is it a Sin ? If the world is destroyed & nobody worships any Gods or Goddesses, then what is their purpose for existing ? 🤔
Gregorio de la Cruz
It's just for entertainment, don't take it seriously...
Bill Salvey
this was actually really good
Emily Emma
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i was in this movie, 9:07 the guy holding poridge
Geovanny Benavides
y en español la pùeden subir o donde la consigo amigos diganmelo por favor
Erlangshen king
Kimberly Salim
Omg her nails look like pornstar nails
Shane Blankenship
i always loved this tacky movie
mrklimop jou
when the rocks started bouncing like bouncing balls a stoped watching..
jimmy montanari
Donde puedo conseguir esta película subtitulada o en español Latino para descargarla, me gusta mucho pero no la encuentro, favor si alguien me pudiera ayudar...Gracias...
Wolfgang Tiefbrunner
Sort of goes well with his role in Dharma & Greg.
This movie is so offensive to everything Chinese and pure left in this word, China should van this seudo American mokery. I'm from the Caribbean and can,t finish watching this joke.
edgar david Diaz Gamarra
como se puede traducir a español (How can you translate it into Spanish?)
terry hendley
one of the best monkey kings i have ever watched.Thanks a million for the up load.
From now on this movie will be called "The M-Word King."
Cristos Palabras
Bai Ling! Nothing more needs said.
Emma Graves
I dunno, its an all-over-the-place sort of film but it makes me happy, I feel like a little kid again, rooting for the good guys and laughing at their antics. Also - Thomas Gibson <3 :3
Confucius say "Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day"...😊
Wayne Jackson
love this movie
Elizabeth O'Brien
I enjoyed watching this movie ....
Thank you for uploading this film!
Mengdi Lin
Linda Lee
This is for kids. So funny how people are complaining.
Not Adingle
this is what you get when it's yankyfide stupid !!
Elizabeth O'Brien
Thanks ...
I like this movie.
Dennis Adom
Nice movie, much love from Ghana
Angel May
I LOVE this film. Low budget or not I've Definitely seen much, MUCH worse. And a lot of them were American or English. I'm English by the way so you don't have to start banging on about that. The characters were fun, the effects weren't really that crappy at all and it's a film I really get into and still smile at parts of not have a little giggle. It's just a fun film everyone can watch and I know you all have your opinions and they are all valid in some way. But why do you have to rip and tear down everything in front of people who clearly love or even just like the film. Just say " It's not for me, I didn't like it and the effects (or whatever ) are poorly done" then just move on an find a film you love and enjoy it. But please stop ruining or trying to start fights about it in the comments. We all just wanna like what we like without being judged or having something we enjoy torn up with nasty words. That just bings people down or makes them react. Not all films are great... some are downright rediculas and that can make them great! So blessed Be to all and I hope you can all find moves you don't feel the need to insult and can enjoy. Xxxxxxxx
lex servus
journey to the west has been produced in many different versions; so, far, this is one of the best. i love the sultry & sexiness exuded by Bai Ling, portraying the role of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy; she rocks :)
King and Queen Fitness Productions
Loving it....
I found the series of called monkey magic was the best by far. I mean no offense when I say in this movie they made Confucius a complete A hole, and the Boddhi Sattva Kwan yin is 1000's of years old and to achieve her status she has uprooted all ill will, delusion and clinging (or craving) the idea that a being of such magnitude would "fall in love" after meeting some mortal for 10 minutes is completely ridiculous and only takes away from the actual nature of the story. They were all whimsical melodramatic fools, and it came across thrown together like a cheap romance adventure... soooo not in line with the original story. If you are interesting in studying journey to the west. I would read online copies or go and watch the Japanese series monkey magic.
Bruce Kenoly
Very corny but awesome movie.👍🏾 Stay true to thyself with love and honor so that yen and yang will be true to you in this life or the after life. There must be good and bad in order for existence to move forward. Keep love in your heart.
Guy Valentine
Not too bad of a movie, found first hour and 45 minutes to two hours a little hard to get through, but not that hard. I hate subtitles, they distract from the action and the storyline, which is why I liked having it in English, what can I say, I'm an American. if I remember correctly there's another movie that came out a few years ago it had Jackie Chan and Jet Li in it, better movie in many ways. I'd like to see it again just to compare. And I don't believe it had any nonChinese or Asians. I believe that's part of the reason I didn't like this one quite as well, an American in it just didn't seem right.
Theo Gustavas
l like the movie but ey should reproduce it and give it a better version ... more like the monkey king 2 ...or the forbidden kingdom ....l guess it would be more enjoyable that way
Ten Eoneon777
goddess looked like a harlot. and the white guy totally ruins asian movies. it's like giving the lead role to an asian actor in hollywood produced ancient europe set up. they are better in their own setup.
Psych Man
This is in response to those complaining about how "Westernized" this movie is because they portrayed Kuan Yin falling in love with a human. Let me set the facts straight with what knowledge I have. I personally enjoyed the drama in the movie, found it entertaining to the end. But Kuan Yin being a Bodhisattva (or the Western version of an ascended master) would never have any urges for romantic love. A Bodhisattva has spent hundreds of thousands of years experiencing and living out the dramas of being a human. Finally when they perceive the liberation, freedom, peace, joy and unconditional love that is attained from being "enlightened", they have no further interest in suffering through all the turmoils of being a human. They realize and identify with their higher soul qualities and become completely detached from all worldly desires and are only concerned for the well-being and enlightenment of all other sentient beings. To go back to worldly, carnal desires would be like being in heaven and then jumping off a cliff into a living hell. They just wouldn't do it. So I can empathize with those who are personally insulted (most likely those of Oriental descent) seeing Kuan Yin falling in love with a human. It is an insult to their heritage and beliefs. This movie is greatly Westernized but of course it is the Westerners that it was designed to attract and entertain.
Jam Master Jayy
I remember seeing this briefly when I was 2 or 3. And last time I watch it was witch one of my great uncle’s when I was 9. Now watching it again
Hyperborean Son
So the Chinese gods are Marxists trying to push for their one-directional progress in history? Knew those ching-chongs had it in their blood.
marites saura fernandez-roces
Nice fantasy
Blue Raven Tales
Eleven minutes into it and it is already fantastic. Thanks for showing this movie.
S Dew
hahahaha the first 3 minutes are so horrible bad, i cant take it anymore!!!!!!.. the acting is so...cheeeeeesy!!!!!!!!!!
Tiona Linda Nguyen
The farmer bartered an old knife for me when I was but a calf. I soon got my strength and began to earn a living for him. I pulled his hunting cart while he tasted the joys of hunting...; when he tilled the soil, I pulled the plough. I gave my strength freely.
smo Some thing like this is makeking the PERFECT PC GAME 4 EVER! Consider this and MAKE THE ULTIMATIVE PC ROLE PLAY EVER!!! DARN IT!!! NiceMovie ;-) (MonkeyKing 2 is also fantastick ;-)
Saif ur Rehman
Before agent Hotch joined the FBI
and believe me @all, Chinese especially the people of Xian still do not know how to speak English, hahaha , it is just a movie. i love the story, but that producer did his best to worse the original story. please do watch original monkey king journey to west by Chinese directors, chinese actors, etc
Lol this movie is hilarious
Pamela Dipzinski
An interesting tale and a pretty good way to introduce people to other cultures. Since I was about 12, I have been interested in the legends and mythology of many cultures. This interest helped me to learn about other cultures and in turn helped me to be respectful in other counties during my long enlistment in the USAF. I have met many wonderful people in other places.
Carol Goldberg
my son an I really saw the terracotta warriors on display at Epcots China on loan from China the monkey King is there to ,beautiful dissplay at Epcot an I always loved the character monkey King storyteller ,my son has passed away now ;but we both enjoyed the display together this movie brought back some really nice memories of our time together ,green tea ice cream in China pavilion good to ⛩️♨️🎊🎎🏯🐲🐉
James Nicholas West
Thank you so much for the upload. Great fan of the Monkey King series would love to buy the whole series on dvd anyone know if it is available?
The terracotta army is not modelled after individual people. It's even cooler than that. They made a whole range of parts and put them together in different ways, so that each soldier is slightly different. It was personalised mass production.
americanised garbage, go find the proper version with subtitles because it is far superior
Georgette Dee
bit long, but very nice :)
stupid movie !
Charles Peter
Excellent movie I have yet to see a monkey King movie then I didn't truly enjoy and learn from I hope there's more to come
Klaus Trieb
Schöner Film bitte mehr davon !
Michelle Currier
I only clicked when I saw Arron Hotchner!
Richard Jones
great movie. loved the ending.
Zoey Chang
This movie freak me out。Very disrespect to Chinese culture. GuanYin Bodhisattva is like Madonna (Virgin Mary ) in our culture! Would Virgin Mary fall in love with a human???serious??
Frank Davignon
This was better than most Youtube stuff( to put it politely) A bit long but well done And one honey of a goddess to boot
Goku's inspiration
Wali Al Amin
Marian D. Cañon
I really love this movie, as i know that people civilized by two things, the book of generation and ofcorse the Pen. Thank you so much for the owner of this movie.
Constantin Amoussou
Please i need french version.
Charmain LaReau
Great lesson for children to understand about oppression and freedom of expression
Raymond Pickering
great familly film ,, has it all ,, action story line few jokes and comidy, well hiden ,, just a great film for me thank you..
Laila Nieborg
what are powers if you cannot love. Then the loss of power is a price i would be happy to pay, for the power of love.
Rick Miller Every item $10 or less!
Charmain LaReau
To bad China is regressing backward
DeLinda Williams
Can royalty not find love among the royals? Well,if she can do without lowering her standards and he can rise to hers,then I guess it's ok. Just thinking out loud. I didn't like the start but I love the ending.😊
Robert Archambault
They should have got jet li
Cat Girl
I always loved this movie when I was a teenager. I loved monkey king mythology.
JoNer Canlan
Nice moviee
20th century man
This is the East's answer to the Wizard of Oz ! Beautifully done!