Chris Brown ft. 2Pac - Enemies (Official Video)

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Chris Brown Family
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Chris Brown better than your favorite mumble rapper tho
Eddie KANE
Much Respect to Brezzy real fan for life Thug In Peace To The Goat in my eyes Tupac Shakur
Tysha Spencer
R.I.P. him....I keep a photo up in my house of him since 96 #thebest
play boi
R.I.P 2pac
Stevie Breezy
Tupac and Breezy 😍🤤
TAZ Harris
Who's ready for that 2pac movie coming out in June
Baby Boy
2pac is raw
Arthur Williams
put this together really good!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Envyi CJ
Hardest shit I've heard in a while
Chris Brown Family
LMFAO y'all so bothered in these comments
Aye dis lit.....R.I.P 2Pac love u
Cris Fagins
Chris brown + 2Pac + 🎵= LIT 💯💯
Ooom Goom
2 of my GOAT!
Big Ark
Damn I miss PAC so much. He came in stronger than 80s Schwarzenegger!💪💪👈👑
Juanie B
This song from something else the soldier boy diss
I am Jungshooketh atm
Whos Here Before !00,000
this song 🔥
xavier toppon
Look up LyricalGenes! His flow and message is insane!
La'Syah's vid's
early squad where you at
jay zilla
it was good until chris Brown started "rapping" RIP TUPAC
DeAndre' Flyboi
Josue Bustamante
Chris the best....
Isaac Loredo
a little different but to be honest anything with tupac I'll listen to and most likely like. So yeah
Alexandre Otello
Well done!
Daniel,The Dancer Moss
Here before 1k🙏🏾🔥
daryl alexander
Slam dunk.
David King
TRASH. R.I.P dare he think he can collaborate with a legend with his awful lyrics and synthed voice. nah brahh
Hm one
Hella late squad where you at doe
Kenny Knox
breezy voice in this video😍💙
Ruimteschip K
2pac is the best #1
Walt White
this is dope
Adrian lewis
I can't be the only one that has pac verse on repeat
Israel Morales
pac will never do a track with this clown
Og Jody Breezy Legend
Nice Work Dawg
ik tupac was still alive
Water Buttchug
Bro just imagine if PAC was still here making bangers he'd have everyone hype with his lyrics and beats like these
Westley Martin
dont make enemies with me
I knew 2pac was still alive!!
Yoprincess Hues
Dope 🤓
tim thurman
2pac would approve of the movie because of his legacy and how he tried to change the world. He wants his message to live.
Keyonia Williams
Amazing Amy Roser
I give it two thumbs up and my two big toes is up bc it's the only closest thing to thumbs I got because it's that great
All These Rappers Jumping On Tupac Now That His Movie Is Releasing Lol
Tupac has a legacy that should be respected.
Johnny Anderson
RIP tpac😞😘😥😥
Malachi Mitchell
WhenYoDickExplode and she still slobbin the chode
I respect 2pac, but this was wack af DAMN hold this L
Evette Brown
I LOVE CHRIS' part, 2pac was Good but Bree Bree all the tyme
Charrise Larez
yessss!!...btw this is my mommas account....this is her daughter...i repeat this is her daughter😂 lit lit lit🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hamza Faison
Tupac rolling in his grave. . . . Well in the river
Selina Pace
🔥 🔥 the best both my guys on a track 🙏🙌
Fazo Jay
Omm he spazzed
Kevin Robinson
And the dummy got Mercd by areal gangster! FACTS!
Daniel Vásquez
:D brutal muy bueno
The Greatest Ever
breezy not even a rapper and he better than most in this generation
this is lit af
Billy and Rachel
2-Pac's music is timeless.....that's what Legends do.
Erreona Manuel
I 😍😍😍it
Shout out DJ Savage can you spare some subscribers reaching out to all
Preety Gossal
My man coming up with fire every day and night breakfast lunche dinner snacks all on him enjoy
Austin Combs
All baped out 🔥🔥
Marvin Houston
The way pac comes in to this beat gives me goose bumps
maya jones
William Clark
Pac would never have fuked with u. no nothing about struggles lil youngin
Traslen Patterson
I absolutely love that interview with Pac everytime I see it!!!....CLASSIC SHIT!!!
King Richard
Fire Dawg.....TX
Noob Saibot
Nice song Pac was killing it
Robin DaBank
I ain't never seen some of these 2pac images. Or the lyrics.
Jay Mizzy
iam Lee
how do you ft someone, that don't even know they're being ft'd...df maaan. I wish 2pac was still alive, I wonder how the Rap Game would be.
Thodoris Nomikos
nutt locc
100k im here lol
Gilbert Evans
2017 this will be popping
this is dope keep it up
west Brown 123456
Tupac the Greatest Rap ever
Nighttime Jackoff
Yo this mix is fire 🔥🔥🔥 Pac sounds like a beast on this instrumental
Christine Davis
YaaaSsssss Chris ...💦💦💦 💯
Tempt Me
realist shit in 2017
serious king
Rafael CB Breezy Savage
Tupac And Chris 🎶👍
Xxxtentacion bih
Xaviera Cruise
Riki Masbraz
Here before 1million
Suh Blaminal
he know he ain't no way near pac lmao😂
Myla2 Khold
imma need y'all 17 people to stop hating
Patrick Martin
damn i miss 2pac😔!!!
darick smalls
rip to the homie pac
Chasyn Dreer
this shit fire🔥
lil Ant Obeezy
2 pacs verse still better
mykell gibson
gaaaawwwwwwddddddddd Daaaaaaaaayyyyuuuuuummmmmmm this GO FR🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marcus Fernandez
He's just called himself a Mitch lmao im done!!!
Violet Blue
Did 2pac just mentioned Jay z name?
Johanna Bell
the legend is dead omg
caliboy viln