Krzysztof Komeda - Lullaby - (Rosemary's Baby - 1968)

Rosemary's Baby (1968) Sung by Mia Farrow

Éder Corrêa
My mother used to sing this song to me when I was little. #TrueStory
Manuel Peru
This movie is an absolute masterpiece, I hope they don't remake it
sigmund grizli
Creepy fact is that Sharon Tate almost got the role of Rosemary,so this could have been her singing voice.
This is Dan Bell.
Hands down...the most brilliant film ever produced.
nigel Caicedo
"What's that, Baby Button Eyes? You want me to kill Mummy?"
Krash face
so beutiful... and so scary.
I feel melancholic listening to this thinking about how young I was when this movie first came out and how quickly time has passed. It's a lovely, haunting tune.
Is it bad I sleep to this?
Andromeda Fletcher
Great, now I want to kill myself.
Scary Mother's day everyone!
Melvin Shaw
I watched this movie for the first time over the summer and have been obsessed with it ever since. This song rivals the Pan's Labyrinth lullaby and the Cloud Atlas Sextet in terms of being the most haunting and beautiful thing in movie history
Nathan C.
"where's my baby?"
k í k í
Its hauntingly beautiful
K Pryce
So beautifully haunting
ADhd Betty
Let's be PC here, it's NOT just Rosemary's baby is it? Gotta give the dad some credit! he traveled a fair bit of distance to impregnate her!! Lol
that;s Mia Farrow singing
1968...This is 2014, and hearing this still makes the back of my neck tingle, just like the first time, when I saw the movie...
It's neither creepy or scary but this theme kind of makes me wanna cry for some reason... masterpiece
GodsBiggest Mistake
One of the greatest horror movies ever made
Even tho i have no respect for the director i think this is a brilliant horror film with some amazing suspense and atmosphere and characters just an all together amazing film very eerie events happened after the film was released just an all together eerie and creepy movie
Rose M.A
Soothing yet Creepy. I love it :)
kadi diwup
Roman Polanski, what a genius Artist.
I begged my mother to take me to this movie premier in Worcester MA. She gave in and and right in the middle of it four nuns in the back of the theater got up and left in a huff.
Jake Rutigliano
After listening to this, I'm gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy, like paxil.
Rupert Tmls
Bebe ojos de boton?? Que haces poseído a esta hora??! Le dire a la institutriz!!!.... aaahhh
cawboy from Norway
Krzysztof is the best. He created his own style. Nothing more to say. :)
Despair, just despair :'(
jan kowalski
Polish film music has reached unprecedented heights. Maybe that's why the Poles do not share the music on film music or serious, but good and bad. Polish music is little known, but very characteristic and recognizable by the Poles. Better known are the names such as: Komeda, Kilar, Lorenz, Preisner, Debski. Music composed by the musicians for the film is magnetic and exists outside the film. She is also a dramatic and dangerous, because you can be in this music to forget. Characteristically attachment Polish film directors to a particular composer. Polanski was inseparable from Komeda (actually Krzysztof Trzcinski), until the tragic death of Komeda, Wajda with Kilar, Konwicki with Preisner.
Kerri Louise Henderson
Hauntingly beautiful
Monster Master Gojira
This music is so beautiful that you never expect anything horrifying to happen.
So I bought a box of 45s at a yard sale today. This was on one of the records. I'm very excited to see how creepy it sounds coming from a record player. (if it isn't scratched)
Zbigniew Mazurek
Nie da się nie powiedzieć : genialne ! Szkoda , że tak wcześnie odszedł... genialny Krzysztof Komeda...
Mike Patton's version of this on Fantomas' The Directors Cut album is amazing!
Tony Negron
🤔 A classic piece of music. 50 yrs ago this yr. 🎼 1968-2018
All hail Blomgrun!
Nicolas Dozo
amo este tema
Milena Kwiatkowska
Genialne... serce rośnie, gdy wie się, że to dzieło Polaka. Szkoda, że pana Komedy już z nami nie ma :(
Patrik Öhrström
Recently saw the film, scary as hell.10/10
Nilton Renna Artista Plástico
Is a Mia Farrow with sung?
This was sorely missed from the remake, amongst other things.. Sadly, horror movies mostly don't have theme melodies anymore :(
Pedro _pavan2405984444
quem veio pelo Rafael ferpa
Vital Signz
Ceci Lins
The beautiful and the scary ever!!!
Nando Vlogs
I got chills with this, because my mother is dead
Léa Belanger
The Simpson "The Re-Deadening" thanks !
JD Sem
Here for Ms. Grundy.
From a time when they knew how to do Horror movies....
Lois Anne Barin
Sounds like the theme for Baby button eyes
Kismesis channel
this song connects to the beauty of loss beyond regain and ruin beyond repair.
harri hiltunen
polanski,s best movie...
Zehra Erkan
film çok güzeldi bravo Roman 👏👏👏
Oh Lord Blomgrun, give me the power to defeat Juggernauts!!!
Carrie White
I love the theme song and I LOVE the ending of the movie. Worth sitting through some of the boring parts.
Anel Virgen
Song would of been disturbing if sharon tate had sang this seen she almost got the role
Mehmet Akif Çalışkan
Old movie posters <3
eu mesmo
Como essa música pode ser tão bonita triste e aterrorizante ao mesmo tempo?
esther caldeira
Que medo ;-;
mf wolf
Truly chilling
rosemaryyyyyyy😢😢😢 i love you rose... dont be sad... everythings gonna be fine... im in love with devils in love with you ::(((( im in love with you türk yok muuuu ??
Saúl Boss Méndez A-Z
Lyrics? xD
Easily creepiest lullaby ever sung, would traumatize your child for life. Such a shame this guy died in such a stupid drunken accident, could have lived on to produce so many more amazing scores like this one.
Meddugnatos Cynewulf Agenarich Silius
Magnificent, absolutely love it. Well done, Krzysztof and nicely performed, Mia! Damned, I just read on wikipedia that Krzysztof Komeda died in the year after this film's release at age 37. Scary!
Amooooo ❤
Constantine Soteriou
AAAAAHHHH... Polish composers... Giving you the feels since Fryderyk Chopin.
88 88
im playing this on my wedding day.
Edgar Aguirre
George Keskeny
I saw it yesterday at the Egyptian Theater for Mother's Day part of the American Cinematheque. it was great to see it on a large screen i never have. Mia farrow's performance is truly stunning.
All hail Blomgrun.
Qlakatmandu M
Mike Hadji
This and the Omen theme is so scary! GOOSEBUMPS!
creepy AF, that voice always gives me the chills.. then again, I love this soundtrack for some strange reason
Pamela Valdez
Bebé ojos de botón ¿Qué haces poseído a esta hora? Tendré que decirle a la institutriz Los botones no están realmente cosidos están pegados con cera caliente :V
Natan Barboza
Eu so quero dizer q eu amo meu pai minha mãe aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
vincent orellana
creepy but beautiful <3
I first heard a version of this in a Simpsons episode as a soundtrack of "The Re-Deadening". Finally I found this original song. I'm happy about this. It's beautiful.
Alex Muller
DaShawn Monik Green
Scariest lullaby to date....#Spookey
W-Explicit / Worm
Necro - Sharon's Fetus
Dino Mario
Chilling, melancholic but still motherly and soothing. Truly one of the bestest horror films in this genre.
This skins the walls in my brain.
Le nagaliste
The begining of the song seems like the theme of metroid...
Jose Reyes
I'm here because of magikarpusedfly Poppy spotlight
Slicky Kid
That background creepy noise reminds me of Nico's solo music off her 2nd album? Such a creepy movie and perfect soundtrack of this masterpiece movie.
Zosia Nowicka
Komeda - such a talented musician that graduated from the same high school as I did, but died too early, there was a lot of great music to do for him
Shio-Ha 42
Es hermoso
quem veio pelo ferpa
Debra Lynn Layaguen
kakakilabot naman ting lullaby na to 😱👻
Militia Dei
Ambient track at its best.
Laeticia Clarence
I Don't like this doll , Don't put it in my recommandation !!! x (
Meddugnatos Cynewulf Agenarich Silius
I don't believe in the devil, but I find him scary as hell. For sure more than your ordinary psychopathic slasher with a knife and a mask!
Jerzy Puchajda nie Mia Farrow skomponowała ten wspaniały utwór, lecz Krzysztof Komeda, wielki talent
Saw this during the weekend, been singing the theme ever since.
daniel .N.
I always listen to it at 3 A.M.!
Waltz Norost
All Hail Blumgron
Antoine Strouzas
Genius composition! 🎶
Damo 007
And everyone said the AntiChrisrts name was Damien...?